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Promising Young Woman Soundtrack

Promising Young Woman Soundtrack

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Official Trailer.
Business-men dance at a nightclub.
Jerry approaches Cassie who cannot find her phone.
Jerry and Cassie ride in Uber.
Cassie walks down the street after her evening with Jerry.
Gail and Cassie chat at work about Cassie going out to clubs.
Damsels - men are heard hitting on women. Good Guys - Cassie is confronting Neil.
Neil tells Cassie about his novel, which sounds terrible by the way.
Gail and Cassie discuss Cassie's living arrangement.
Official Trailer; Ryan walks into the coffee shop and asks Cassie for a coffee.
Cassie and Ryan have lunch.
Ryan and Cassie walk home after their date.
Gail and Cassie talk about and with Ryan.
Ryan mentions Al's upcoming wedding.
Cassie and Madison discuss Nina.
Cassie waits in front of the high school for Amber Walker.
Dean Walker and Cassie discuss Nina and Al.
Cassie uses a tire-iron on a pickup truck.
Cassie and Paul run into Ryan outside the Blue Star.
Cassie and Paul argue, he runs away.
Cassie and Jordan Green, Esq. discuss Al and Nina.
Cassie visits Nina's mother.
Ryan and Cassie talk of trying again.
Ryan and Cassie visit the pharmacy for the first time.
Cassie watches the infamous video.
Cassie, distraught after the disturbing video, wanders among trees.
Cassie walks through the woods to the bachelor party.
Cassie distributes shots to the bachelor partiers.
"Candy" and Al get to know each other (song plays at party in background).
Cassie and Al Monroe commiserate about Nina at his bachelor party.
Al and Joe set a fire.
Detective Waller speak to Ryan about Cassie.
Al and Anastasia's wedding.
End credits.
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Add scene description
What’s the name of the classical music played when Cassie messed up a car?
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Have the same question?
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Please, what's the song on the uber car's radio at the beginning of the movie?
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What’s the name of the acapella tune playing during what I think is the scene after Cassie leaves Nina’s mom’s house and she’s walking alone outside in broad daylight. I remember her being up against a tree maybe. It’s nowhere on the soundtrack or score.
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What's the score/instrumental when ponytail Cassie is leaving the club with fedora Paul, bumpes into Ryan. Then Cassie scares Paul off and he runs away crying?
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Have the same question?
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I'm interesting what is song which part play from 01:24:43:887 to 01:25:27:831 in movie. He isn't in list!
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