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When is Snowpiercer season 2 released on Netflix? What will happen?

Everything we know so far about the second run of the post-apocalyptic sci-fi series.

Snowpiercer - Netflix

Post-apocalyptic sci-fi series Snowpiercer has now finished its first season, with the show’s first run ending in spectacular fashion and with wholly unexpected twists.


This means that fans of the series – which is inspired by Bong Joon-ho’s 2013 film of the same name and the French graphic novel, Le Transperceneige, on which that film was based – will be desperate for new episodes, and the good news is that a second season was shot before the first had even aired.

The first season expanded the scope of the film by taking us into various sections of the eponymous train, and with a famous face joining the action next time out it’s safe to say that the second run should hold plenty of excitement – read on for everything we know so far.

When is Snowpiercer season 2 on Netflix?

There’s good news for fans of the series – Snowpiercer is one show that we know definitely hasn’t been affected by the coronavirus, with filming on season two having all but finished before the lockdown saw TV and film production around the world shut down.

Series star Annalise Basso told “I’m really excited because we were just finishing season 2 when everything got shut down because of the pandemic.”

Meanwhile in July 2020 another star of the series, Lena Hall, told ScreenRant that there was actually still a small amount of filming still to do on the show – claiming, “We were actually filming the last block, episodes 9 and 10. So we’re very close to the end, we were already almost there” – but it does seem like production will not take too much longer to complete.

That’s not to say there won’t be some delays to the post-production process, of course, but it certainly puts the show in a better position than many other series which have had to put filming on hold pretty much indefinitely.

So when will the new season air? Well, there’s nothing official at this stage, but it seems reasonable to assume that it could arrive at a similar time of year to the first season – in which case a good bet seems that we can expect new episodes in May 2021.

And in even better news it appears that a third season of the show is also already in the works – with Basso telling Inverse, “We were almost done with season 2 and then we got shut down, but, I got a call from the executive producer the other day.

“I can’t give too many details, but I’ll just say it’s good news,” she went on.

“We’re just waiting on an official start date for season 3 and hoping to find some time to go back and finish season 2.”

Who will be in the cast of Snowpiercer season 2?

Snowpiercer - Netflix
Snowpiercer – Netflix

We know for sure that the two main stars of the series, Daveed Diggs (playing Andre Layton) and Jennifer Connolly (Melanie Cavill), will be returning for another outing – and other stars from the first time round including Annalise Basso (Lilah “LJ” Folger Jr.), Alison Wright (Lilah Anderson), Mickey Sumner (Bess Francis Till), Susan Park (Jinju Seong), and Iddo Goldberg (Bennett Knox) are also set to reprise their roles.

Meanwhile Steven Ogg and Rowan Blanchard, both of whom appeared in season one, will see their roles expanded in the second run – with both having been given series regular status.

As for new arrivals, Sakina Jaffrey and Damian Young have joined the second season’s recurring cast as Mrs. and Mr. Headwood, respectively, while Chelsea Harris will play the recurring role of Sykes and Tom Lipinski will play new character Kevin.

There’s also the small matter of Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) joining the cast as Mr. Wilford – and given his rather unfortunate reputation for often suffering an early demise, it’s probably just as well he sat the first run out!

There’s bound to be several more new faces in the second season as well – and so we’ll keep this page updated when we hear confirmation of further casting news.

What will happen in Snowpiercer season 2?

It’s difficult to say exactly at this stage – with plot details kept under wraps – but one thing that we do know is that the season will see the introduction of Mr Wilford, the original leader of the train who it turned out hadn’t actually been on board during the first season, but who also wasn’t dead, as we had been led to believe for much of the series.

And showrunner Graeme Manson has revealed a little about how this development will impact on the show’s major characters, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “The real, real challenge for Layton is to reconcile the revolutionary with what he may have to be as a politician.

“And then there is an equal struggle for Melanie, which is her desire to step down, to be an engineer, to go back to the science of survival without the politics.

“And then who is on the horizon, but it could be the great Mr. Wilford to throw all of that into disarray. So already this nascent democracy is under threat.”

It’s also clear that we’ll be sticking on the train for the time being – although star Annalise Basso has claimed that she hopes one day the series will explore life outside Snowpiercer, telling, ““I hope one day we’ll be able to take viewers off of the train.

“And I don’t know if that will happen and what the budget for that would be like, but maybe we could go to Iceland or Greenland or somewhere like that to film the exterior shots, who knows!”

She added that there were many stories yet to be told when it comes to the train’s passengers, saying, “the great thing about Snowpiercer is there are so many stories to tell about the people on the train and about survival”.

When we catch wind of more details regarding which of those stories might be told in season two we’ll add the info to this page – so keep checking back for the latest developments.

Snowpiercer season 2 trailer

In July 2020, shortly after the last two episodes of the first series dropped, a short 30-second teaser for the second run was released – offering a first look at what looks set to be an even more dramatic run, not to mention a glimpse of Sean Bean as Mr Wilford. You can watch the clip below:


In terms of a full trailer there’s nothing available just yet – and if the schedule for season one is anything to go by it could be a rather long wait: the trailer for the first run, which you can watch below, arrived just two weeks before the series premiere.

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