Leonora @ Pt England School: March 2021


Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Draw an reptile


Silver Math - Tuesday W8


Tue: Research - Participation


Tue: Response to Text

 PARTICIPATIONPotion for Dreamless Sleep | Harry Potter Wiki | Fandom


Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1. What skills can be developed from participating in a team?

a) communication and collaboration skills

b) empathy and self=confidence

c)  sets individuals for success in the future

d) all of the above.

2. What does it mean to “improve self-confidence”?

a) purchase a dress from a store

b) think about what you’re good at and develop on it

c) take courage and work on it

3.  To develop self-confidence what is part of the self-sustaining cycle:

  1. participation in team activities teaches you how to be better communicators, 

  2. which in turn helps every member of the team feel valued and respected.

  3. Drive through to MacDonalds

  4. Being part of a team that will care for you

4. What are the 4 benefits of teamwork? 

Answer:  confidence communication working together participation 

4 Facts - Teamwork


Monday, 22 March 2021

Mon: Response to Text

 GOAL SETTING THEORYPotion for Dreamless Sleep | Harry Potter Wiki | Fandom


Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1. “How motivated are you?”  What does motivated mean?

a) inspired                                       b) healthy

 c) hungry             d) City in Las Vegas

2. What is willpower?

a) strength               b) quit

c) Mr Hughes middle name    d) determination

3.According to American Psychological Association (APA) which one is NOT a factor to achieve goals: 

  1. Willingness to monitor behaviour b) Willingness to make it happen

      c)   Earn more money                    d) Motivation to change


4. What does the acronym ‘SMART’ stand for? 

Answer:  Specific Measurable  Achievable Realistic Timely

5. By achieving your goals which of the following works?

  1. Make your goal specific          b) Is your goal achievable

      c)  is the goal realistic         d) All of the above

6. ‘Timely and Tangible is one of the ‘SMART’ markers.  What does ‘tangible’ mean? 

  1. A type of orange b) When you can experience it by seeing, tasting, hearing it 

      c) When you can transport d) When your goal is not achievable

7. Brainstorm some ideas that excites you.  What does this mean? 

Answer:pretty smart amazing good  fast. It means me being good smart pretty and amazing.

8. To be successful in life, applying the ‘SMARK’ goals will help achieve this ?

  1.  True b) falst

5 Facts - Goal Setting Monday


Friday, 19 March 2021

Team 4 Term 1 Task - Cherish our Treasures


Friday Response to Text (America's Cup 2021)

  America’s Cup 


Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1. True or False? Team NZ won the America’s Cup in 2021.

a) True                                                   b) False

2. Team NZ won against a team called 

a)  Luna Rose                                           b) America

c) Luna Rossa                                          d) Luna Roster

3. True or False? NZ made history by becoming the first team to defend the Cup three times outside of the U.S. 

  1. False          b) True


4. True or False? Peter Burling sailed with the Team New Zealand Crew. 

  1. True                 b) False

5.  This years America’s Cup event was the 

  1. 2nd America’s Cup                        b) 50th America’s Cup

      c) 10th America’s Cup                                       d) 36th America’s Cup

6.. True or false? Team NZ’s boat is called ‘Te Rehutai’. 

  1. True                                    b) False

7. What has already been issued and accepted after the 36th America’s Cup? 

  1. Rules                                b) A new captain

      c)  Money                               d) Another challenge

8. True or False? Jimmy Spithill (from Team Luna Rossa) did not congratulate Team NZ on their win. 

  1. True                    b) False


9. True or False? The ‘Auld Mug’ is another name for the America’s Cup. 

a) True                                         b) False 

10) What was the article about? Which fact interested you the most? Why? 

→i was most interested in this years americas even was the 36th america’s cup ever.

4 Facts - America's Cup


Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Bronze Math - Tuesday W7


Silver Math - Tuesday W7


Tues: Response to Text (The Animal Kingdom)

 The Animal Kingdom


Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1. How many species of animals are there in the Animal Kingdom?

a) One Thousand                                                     b) One Hundred 

 c) Over a Million                                                     d) Over a Billion

2. How many different Kingdoms are there in the Natural World?

a) three             b) five

c) ten   d) six

3.True or False? The word ‘classification’ means grouping things together that are alike. 

  1. False          b) True


4. True or False? The Animal Kingdom is the third largest Kingdom in the Natural World. 

  1. True                 b) False

5. ‘Invertebrates’ are animals that don’t have 

  1. a tail                 b) an exoskeleton

      c)  any eyes                         d) a backbone

6.. An example of an ‘invertebrate’ are

  1. worms                                       b) slugs

      c) spiders                                       d) All of the above

7. What does the word ‘exoskeleton’ mean? 

  1. A human skeleton                    b) a hard outer casing or shell

      c)   Halloween                                  d) a type of animal

8. ‘Vertebrates’ are animals that

  1. Have a Backbone      b) live in outer space

      c)   Have an exoskeleton              d) are actually plants

9. An example of a ‘vertebrate’ is 

a) a slug                                       b) a spider

c) an insect                                           d) a human

10) What was the article about? Which fact interested you the most? Why? 

→The fact i was  most interested in was  the example of  an invertebrate  are spiders.

4 Facts - The Animal Kingdom


Friday, 12 March 2021

Friday: Research


Monday: Response to Text

 The Pyramids of Giza

Highlight the correct answers or write down the correct answer.

1. The Great Pyramid is one of the … wonders of the world.

a) Nine b) Eight

c) Seven d) Six

2. Why was the Great Pyramid of Giza given its name?

a) To emphasize its shape b) To emphasize its importance

c) To emphasize its age d) To emphasize its size

3. Which of the following are NOT an Egyptian King?

a) Cleopatra b) Khufu

c) Chephren d) Menkaure

4. What would the labourers NOT HAVE used to build the Pyramids?

a) Their hands b) Mechanical Cranes

c) Sticks and ropes d) No technology

5. How long does it say the pyramids took to make?

a) 10 years b) 25 years

c) 15 years d) 20 years

6. What type of white rock covered the pyramids making it look beautiful?

a) Lemonstone b) Diamonds

c) Limestone d) Crystals

7. Why do you think the people who designed the pyramids made passageways difficult?

→they made difficult passageways to protect special stuff they might have gold in there of probably more stuff.

8. Why do you think it may be hard for historians to say how the Pyramids were built?

→It may be hard  to say because they have been doing it for hard and long years.

Seven Facts - The Seven Wonders of the World


Thursday, 11 March 2021

Thursday: Research


Thursday: Response to Text

 The Amazon Rainforest

Highlight the correct answers or write down the correct answer.

1. List all of the countries that the Amazon Rainforest covers.

→peru Venezuela,Ecuador,colombia,Guyana,Bolivia,Suriname,French Guiana,

2. How big is the Amazon Rainforest?

a) 2 million square feet b) 4 million square feet

c) 5 million square feet d) No exact measurement

3. How many of the world’s bird population can be found in the Amazon Rainforest?

a) 30% b) 10%

c) 20% d) 40%

4. Which of the following species CANNOT be found in the Amazon Rainforest?

a) Humans b) Dogs

c) Cats d) Reptiles

5. True or false: All of the plants and trees in the Amazon Rainforest have been discovered.

a) True b) False

6. What type of technique was used to create farmland and grazing pastures?

a) Clash-and-curve b) Slash-and-curve

c) Clash-and-burn d) Slash-and-burn

7. Why might the indigenous people who live in the Amazon not like interacting with humans that don’t live their lifestyle?

→probably they don’t like interacting with people, not their lifestyle because they might do stuff necessary. 

8. Why is it important that the Amazon Rainforest has protection laws?

→As mentioned above,from an international climate protection perspective,the Amazon rainforest is a vital resource for everyone by helping absorb CO2.