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DVD Review: Sinbad and the Minotaur

Sinbad And The Minotaur

Stars: Manu Bennett, Steven Grives, Pacharo Mzembe, Holly Brisley, Jared Robinson | Written by Jim Noble | Directed by Karl Zwicky

Intrigued by rumours of the existence of ancient hidden treasure concealed on an island once ruled by King Minos, Sinbad infiltrates the camp of the evil sorcerer Al-Jibar to steal an ancient relic, the “King Minos Chronicles”, that will lead him to the location of the golden head of the Colossus of Rhodes. During the raid, the alarm is raised and Sinbad escapes not only with the the treasure he desires but also with a kidnapped princess, Tara.

Rounding up his crew, and with Tara in tow, Sinbad sets sail for the island unaware that Al-Jibar and his henchman are hot on his tail. Arriving at the island, Sinbad and his crew make their way to the location of the treasure – a vast, booby-trapped labyrinth guarded by the mythical Minotaur
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Bennett and Brisley: "Sinbad And The Minotaur"

Syfy has picked up TV rights to air "Sinbad And The Minotaur", a sword 'n sorcery feature starring Manu Bennett ("Spartacus: Blood And Sand") in 2011 as part of Syfy's 'Saturday Original Movies' series.

The action fantasy follows 'Sinbad' and his shipmates as they battle against the vicious 'minotaur' of Greek mythology, a hybrid of man and bull that stalks a labyrinth on the isle of Minos.

"...'Sinbad', armed with rumors of ancient gold, finds himself sneaking into the desert camp of the evil sorcerer 'Al-Jibar'. Hidden among the many relics is an ivory scroll case containing the logs of the pirate 'Captain Minos', which will lead Sinbad to the golden head of the 'Colossus of Rhodes'..."

American World Pictures, producers of Syfy's "Pterodactyl" and "Yeti", is producing "Sinbad," with Karl Zwicky directing from a screenplay by Jim Noble.

Australian actress Holly Brisley co-stars in "Minotaur" as 'Tara'.

The film's action involves sword fighting for Bennett,
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