Sep 6, 2016

Volume 12 Chapter 4

Part 1
—— 「Mines of Raging Seas」 Hot spring town hotel.

In the center of the mining town where natural hot springs spewed out, an area was developed for sightseeing. The largest building amongst them, the hotel that highly raised the “Twin Goddess facing each other” – 「Thousand Eyes」flag.

The hotel that was being built from the refined ores mined from the mine was not luxurious enough yet, but it had already reserved a very large piece of land, and planned to become the landmark after completion. It was probably preparing for hosting some crafting Gift Games now.

By then the middle hall and outer appearance of the hotel would become splendorous immediately.

As an early investment they only bought the land. However 「No Name」 had also received a hefty sum because of that, so both sides profited.

Despite not having a name yet, it wouldn’t be long when the day tourists use this hotel as the center of their trip would not be long.

Izayoi was led by the shop assistant as he advanced towards 「Thousand Eyes」 hotel’s natural hot spring. Izayoi teased the shop assistant while laughing for meeting her after quite some time.

“Yo, long time no see. Are you doing well in the new place?”

“No need to worry. I did not receive the education to lower my hospitality after changing location.”

“That’s good. Speaking of which, I heard that you have been promoted from shop assistant to shop owner?”

“...Still as rude as ever. The reason I was assigned as Shiroyasha-sama’s assistant, was because I had received education for being a shop owner. So it could not be considered a promotion.”

The female shop assistant —— correction, female shop owner (temporary) hurriedly ended the topic.

According to rumors, she seemed to have transferred from the East Floor shop to North Floor new shop. 「Thousand Eyes」 opened many new shops to help with North Floor’s recovery, it was decided that she would be in charge of one of the shops.

Towards her that was promoted to female shop owner (temporary), Izayoi congratulated her with a carefree smile.

“Mah, congratulations anyway. With this a new path within 「No Name」 and 「Thousand Eyes」 opened. Let’s make a name for ourselves following this pace.”

“I am not interested in making a name for myself, but if it helps with the income of the shop, my Community’s name will probably rise further. If you want to be a good customer, then bring some profitable business over.”

She calmly rebutted Izayoi’s teasing. She had always rejected them with “「No Name」is not welcomed”, but they were already familiar now.

That was because of the previous battle achievement was recognized by 「Thousand Eyes」, they finally put 「No Name」 into their customer list.

This meant that the humongous Community 「Thousand Eyes」 had ensured their identity in Little Garden. There would probably be nobody that would call them 「No Name」 with a nameless meaning.

“That said, but why would the North Floor shop owner go to the East Floor?”

“As this time is for reception of Indra-sama, so as an acquaintance I was assigned here. After all that person will become a big pervert after getting drunk and has many strange fetishes, there must be someone to hold his reigns.”

“Eh? You are his acquaintance?”

“Umu. We met once when 「Heaven Army」 was holding a meeting in my shop, that guy once went after me.”

Female shop owner(temporary) spoke without a change in her expression, Izayoi shrugged his shoulders in amazement.

“Laying his hands even on an iron lady such as you, as expected of the God of perverts.”

“That’s right. But, I think once that guy gets drunk and wasted, it doesn’t matter who it is…Then, what comes afterwards is the problem. After meeting the similarly drunk Shiroyasha-sama, following Shiroyasha’s sentence ‘What is the meaning of laying your hands on my people!!!’, the two of them started quarreling. Since then, he seemed to be unable to handle me, Indra-sama did not even make eye contact with me.”

Hng hng, female shop owner (temporary) puffed out her chest. This might also be a reason she treated Kuro Usagi with a strict attitude.

Although he wanted to hear about the result of the quarrel between the War God and the Sun God, he felt that it would make her mood worse, so he gave up.

“But 「Thousand Eyes」 has a really wide influence, even need to take care of 「Heaven Army」 meetings.”

“You might as well say that only our Community can handle this task. Since there isn’t any other Communities that don’t belong to 「Heaven Army」 while at the same remain neutral.”

“Is that so?”

“En. Speaking of which, do you know the formal name of 「Heaven Army」?”

Izayoi thought for a while, then shook his head. Although Izayoi had never heard about the formal name, he could more or less sense the true face of 「Heaven Army」.

「Heaven Army」—— known as the Community Alliance with the strongest war gods gathered. It was said that not only Buddha, even Olympians and Angels and other various races were included.

In the world Izayoi was from, there existed a similar concept.

That name was 「Deva」.

It referred to various gods in 「Indian Pantheon」, the main god in 「Greek Pantheon」, the sole god in 「Old Testament」, evil god in 「Zoroastrianism」. This was 「Deva」.

It was probably named 「Heaven Army」 after 「Slavic Pantheon」 and 「Celtic Pantheon」 joined.

“Originally, 「Heaven Army」 was a mixed Pantheon group that was formed to resist Dystopia. After that responsibility was over it was managed by 「Twelve Devas」 that originally belonged to 「Heaven」, Olympian and Angels would only sortie if they could not make a move...This is the structure of the current 「Heaven Army」.”

“Haha. Although I have heard many revelations regarding Dystopia, but such an exaggerated organization was created to defeat a single Demon Lord.”

“I also thought so. But even so they were at deadlock, the Demon Lord did live up to its name. —— But, you had also defeated a Demon Lord with a similar calibre, your luck is really fearsome.”

Female shop owner (temporary) giggled sarcastically. It was a roundabout way of saying “It was just a coincidence that you defeated the Demon Lord”.

But Izayoi did not deny that sarcasm, and received it with a smile.

“Ah ah, I also thought so.”

“Being self-aware is good. Please remember it to heart. —— We’re here.”

They reached a room deep in the hotel.

The entrance of the natural hot spring hung a “Reserved” plate.

That’s how it was, if it’s here even the stripping maniac would be able to provide reception without any problem. This was very thoughtful.

Izayoi bid farewell to the female shop owner (temporary) after taking the wooden bucket and towel.

At this moment, she left a sentence.

“But —— regardless of the heroism, defeating Great Demon Lords was closely related to fortune since ancient times. So I feel that you do not need to suspect your victory, Izayoi-sama.”

Hearing his name called, Izayoi sent the female shop owner (temporary) off with surprised eyes.

Watching her upright leaving figure closely, Izayoi shrugged his shoulders and commented.

“...I really lost to her. Didn’t think that my name would be called for the first time, and seeing through me at the same time.”

He just got lectured. And the other side ran away right after winning. He totally lost his face.

Izayoi thought that he would ask for her name card next time they meet, then flipped up the curtain of the male bathhouse.

Part 2
—— 「Thousand Eyes」 hotel famous 「Sukunabikona Hot Spring」.

Izayoi took off his clothes, wound the towel around his waist, picked up the wooden bucket with one hand and walked into the bathhouse.

Once he opened the door, Izayoi let out an exclamation.

“Oh oh, this is excellent.”

Cypress wood fragrance mixed in with the hot air stimulated his nose.

Just entering from the door, it created a hallucination of being lost in the forest.

As an open air bath, it was still covered in steam, the reason was because of the many walls in its structure. Taking away the field of sight in an instant, inhaling the hot air which carried cypress wood fragrance, the hallucination of being lost in the forest was born.

Walking into the bathhouse covered by marble, he randomly noticed the big tree used as a decoration.

That tree seemed to be cut from a branch of the giant water tree in 「Underwood」 and transplanted over, it not only complemented the scenery of the bathhouse, the warm water overflowed from the top of the tree trunk also transformed into a mini waterfall.

Just closing his eyes, the sound of flowing water and falling water chimed together, relieving his body and heart.

Sight, hearing, even smell received the highest satisfaction up to now. The design was also meticulous. Despite being slightly frustrated, it was as expected of the prestigious 「Thousand Eyes」 Community.

Once the sense of touch was satisfied by the most important hot spring, then he would have no complaints.

After Izayoi used the spring water to wash away the dust stuck onto his body during the mine Gift Game, he stretched his leg into the long awaited hot spring.

At this moment, a loud voice came from the other side of the steam.

“Good — Good good good, quite hardworking! You can drink more than you look, young man of Greece! Hurry up, the service girls also clap your hands!”

“Iya — So impressive♪”

“The young man of Greece is so impressive♪”

“Greece…Ugh, what was the name?”

“So forgetful. It’s the young leader Lugii-sama from 「Perseus」.”


Iya — Lugii-sama is so great!

—— The screams of girls called over for the sake of reception echoed throughout the bathhouse. There was only a thick towel covering the skin of the girls, such generosity.

Luilui whose name was mistaken until only the “Lu” was correct, seemed to be so drunk he didn’t even have the energy to correct it.

The slim him could be considered very hardworking.

Hot spring, women, good wine, although it was a common reception in the Outer World, it was a mismatch against the quiet bathhouse, the good mood Izayoi had was swept away, he hung his shoulder disgustingly. He was a healthy seventeen-year-old, so he did not dislike playing with flowers. It could be said he loved it. But he hoped to choose the type of girls based on time place situation.

Since the bathhouse emitted a forest atmosphere, and was able to satisfy all five senses, this was enough enjoyment, so in this situation, the quiet type of girls that could show off the other party’s manliness should be chosen to serve.

Although the nightclub girls from Kabukichō[1] were not bad, the more suitable choice was no doubt the former. Since it was a quiet bathhouse, wouldn’t it be enough to just smile gently and sip a few cups?

(Really. That nekomimi ochibi didn’t study well on this part huh.)

He must give him a good lecture later on, Izayoi thought as such, and added one into his reflection list. Next time when he visits the red-light district, the expense would be tabbed under 「Six Scars」 then.

As Izayoi was dazing at the door entrance, another man noticed him, Gry talked to him.

“Oh oh, Izayoi has come. Don’t just stand there, come over. You want a drink?”

“Alright. Gry also seems to enjoy it?”

“En. Rum is good, but this sake is also not bad.”

The gryphon Gry that transformed into human with Therianthropy Technique answered while holding a one litre bottle in one hand.

He re-evaluated his appearance, he looked like a tall and sturdy handsome man. Showing a hearty and noble smile was exactly the royal attitude. If he kept quiet and groom up, he would probably attract many women.

That’s why it was such a pity when he walked around in just a T-shirt and shorts. It was just like straw hiding the pearl.

(There is such a good man but they didn’t even look at him, it seems that these women are all business-minded.)

He changed his evaluation towards those servicing girls.

To avoid being detected by Mikado Tokuteru, Izayoi sat next to Gry, shook his head in grief.

“However, even though it’s Shuchinikurin[2], isn’t there any better place to hold the feast? The objective of hot spring hotel is to relax right?”

“I say, Izayoi. You just spoke something shallow. The usage of land varies. Some Hippocamp and Unicorn chose to build their nest in far away deep mountain hot springs due to their preferences. Compared to this, having a grand feast in a hot spring hotel is nothing strange.”

The value of land and choice varied from people to people. You could just hold a feast based on your own preference, the generous king of beast explained this way.

Izayoi also nodded in agreement and held up his cup. Gry poured wine without a word.

Gulping down the filled cup in one mouthful, the taste of sake lingered in his chest.

The sake should have been delivered immediately after pouring into the bottle from a newly opened barrel. The fragrance was stronger than those sold in the market.

Including sense of taste, all his five senses were satisfied, Izayoi soaked in the hot spring with a relaxed body.

“And then? It seems to be quite lively, are they playing a game?”

“Umu. Drinking a bottle, Mikado-dono started playing a game of telling bravery tales. Laus-dono lost after the third one.”

“Oh? Laius lasted quite long. Or rather, he doesn’t intend to hide his Divinity at all, huh. Then, which bravery tale was it? The duel against the Sun God? The war against the Asura clan?”

“Those are already finished. Right now he is telling the story of conquering 「Seven Great Demon Lords」.”

Izayoi shook his cup, showing a bitter face.

“...That topic is dangerous enough. Absolutely don’t let Kouryuu or Karyou-chan hear it. Speaking of which, do they know who is Mikado Tokuteru?”

“How could they know? To them the Buddha is their nemesis. If they know Mikado-dono appears at the Lower Floor ——”

“No, the 「Seven Great Sages」sworn siblings already know.”

The two looked towards the voice. What they saw was Mikado Tokuteru with a red face standing before them.

Izayoi watched him in shocked.

It seemed to be an easily approachable behavior in a glance, but Izayoi did not let his guard down. Ultimately, he did not understand the reason for this man to come down to Lower Floor.

—— 「War God」 Indra. Despite the many Military Gods, if asked who was the strongest and most famous, asking a thousand people and all would say his name. He was called Thunder God, War God, Hero God, King of Gods, about one third of the oldest Indian sacred text, 「Rigveda」[3], was praising him. Although later on he converted to Buddhism, most people knew about his Buddha God side better, his spirit status could rival Greek Chief God and the Sole God who were the most ancient gods.

If this man was not a double, but the real Indra, then it was hard to think that he just came for the reception. Indra was a main god that possessed such strong authority and power.


—— A god that needed to add three “super” in the title like him.

To actually fool around in the hot spring, letting nightclub girls to service him, the behavior that was like an evil boss trying to fuddle the new employee of a rival company, what exactly was the case?

(...No, thinking carefully, Indra from the legend was such a useless god. An alcoholic and womanizer, even being criticized as “doing only things that did not require him to move”.)

Izayoi lowered his evaluation of Indra in his head.

Tokuteru seemed not to notice anything, one hand holding the bottle, one hand wiping the corner of his mouth, fearlessly laughed.

“What is it? If there is something just ask me straight. Don’t need to be polite because I am the sponsor. It’s a naked feast right now. No need for formalities!”

“Oh oh, much obliged.”

Gry walked to the front as if protecting Izayoi. Even if formalities were not needed, Izayoi had that kind of personality. He was worried if the other side would get angry.

“I heard about the 「Seven Great Demon Lords」conquering story just now, but the current East 「Floor Master」 as you know, is the 「Great Sage who Devastate Seas」 who had fought against you. So my humble self is thinking if the other side will come and provoke you.”

“Ah, it’s about this. Mah, although there were some quarrels in the past, I have met the sworn siblings of the Sage[4]. They agreed to the 「Spirit Train」 matter based on this foundation. So there is nothing to worry.”

“...Heh? You managed to meet that Buddha-hating Karyou-chan so easily.”

Izayoi commented behind Gry. Gry used his eyes to warn Izayoi to have some self-control, but Tokuteru continued without minding it at all.

“How can it be so simple. Putting aside the grandson of Yellow Dragon, Garuda princess almost killed me after meeting. She didn’t change at all after so many year, that tomboy princess.”

“...Almost killed? You?”

“Yeah. After all the current me is in the state that will be blown away easily. Some time ago, I unreasonably saved my follower, and my spirit status was exhausted as a result. Thanks to that, I tasted five near-death experiences before coming here. Aiya, being popular is so exhausting.”

Huhuhu, the drunk Mikado Tokuteru laughed.

However, Izayoi opened his eyes wide, spoke with surprise.

“Saving the follower… could it be?”

“But that kind of thing isn’t important. Since I was destined to descend to the Outer World and reincarnate as a human. —— Then getting back to the main topic, if 「Queen Halloween」 and 「Seven Great Sages」 did not help in the recent war, we probably could not have won. Queen, with Saurian Demon Lord and Roc Demon Lord that rushed over to help, Shuten Dōji[5] and Bull Demon Lord that helped to repel the clones. I plan to provide rewards worthy of their names.”

“...Fumu. But would that Buddha-hating Karyou-chan honestly receive it?”

“Probably will. Because I indicated my intention to reward her from the start. As long as I say that we will release the souls of her sworn siblings that was imprisoned in hell, she would receive it no matter how reluctant she is.”

Mikado Tokuteru’s words caused an uproar to the people present.

Although he just finished talking about 「War of Seven Sages」 tale, the fact that he just offered the negotiations that was like a plea bargaining for Buddhism was met with a shock.

No matter what, the other side were Demon Lords. Once they were released into the world, they would become natural disaster level monsters. If it was about releasing them from hell, it would definitely raise objection.

Worse comes to worse, it would very likely ignite another 「War of Seven Sages」.

“...Hah. That is such a generous treatment. You have thought about the what if right?”

“Do you mean, when history repeats itself?”

“Ah ah. I am unsure about Kōryū, but doesn’t Karyō hate it to the bones? Won’t Little Garden fall into chaos again?”

“It should not happen. That time their objective was to save 「Great Sage Equalling Heaven」. And they had accomplished their objective. Although the Garuda tomboy princess is slightly dangerous...Well, when the time comes just let 「Twelve Devas」 run an errand. No need to worry.”

Mikado Tokuteru sipped his cup, happily letting himself be drunk. Daring to say “There is no problem when I’m here” in a roundabout way, it seems that he was indeed the War God.

“Hmm. I don’t hate big words, but let me witness how 「Twelve Devas」 can be useful.”

“Hahaha! That really poked my sore spot, you bastard!”

“Don’t try to muddle through. Didn’t you guys think about defeating Aži Dakāha?”

Izayoi strengthened his tone and asked. It was a rare sarcastic comment from him, but it was unexpectedly effective.

Mikado Tokuteru reined in his emotion, shook his head in denial.

“Putting aside the past, I have never considered it for even a bit now.”

“...What did you say?”

“He became a monster for the sake of pioneering the future of humanity, shouldering the sins of humans on his shoulders alone. Hence humans had the obligation to defeat him. — Hmph, shouldn’t you who fought him be clear? In that countless years, always hoping for the moment that a brave human would defeat him.”

Hearing Indra’s words, Izayoi could not help but started to think. That wish should have only been known to Izayoi and Jack who fought with Aži Dakāha  with their lives on the line.

“You...fought with him?”

“Yeah. Because before that guy became the 「Last Embryo」, I am the one who sealed him.”

It’s not something I want to do again, Mikado Tokuteru cursed. That intimate tone, was probably because they were both born from the pus of the world.

“...Hmm. That is saying, the first one to beat that guy in 「Zoroastrianism」 is...”

“Ah ah, that was the time when I just descended as a human. My spirit status was stronger than now. There was a saying, Vritra’s extermination in the Indian pantheon had the same origin as Aži Dakāha’s extermination, hence it was more or less related, but it is another matter when I, who was involved, talk about it. At that time Vritra was definitely stronger by a lot.”[6]

Eh, Izayoi let out an unexpected voice. Izayoi had not heard about the story regarding that. It seemed that Aži Dakāha did not possess such enormous power from the start.

Mikado Tokuteru carefreely dipped his cup into the wine barrel, pulling out a full cup of sake, and continued his bravery tales(?).

“The question is when Aži Dakāha came out from the cave of seal. He only discovered that he became unbelievably strong after another fight. The 「Heaven」 members back then was routed by just a single Demon Lord, that was such a shocking event.”

“...That is indeed impressive. Totally deviating from common sense.”

“That’s right. And Yamata no Orochi, Death Eye of Balor, Fenrir, Heavenly Ox[7], End of Maya, King of Ending Century also returned following that tide, we who thought ‘That won’t do, what happened here’ went to investigate, we discovered that if there was no humans who could solve the 「Eschatology」[8] mystery of their spirit status, even the Almighty Floor (Little Garden three digit) could not win. God Pantheons annihilated by that rule breaking power were countless.”

It was not a metaphor, rumor had it that the oldest Demon Lord had vanquished millions of God Pantheons. It was probably a painful memory to Indra who was familiar with that past.

“「Host Master」 was created for the sake of sealing that guy… Have you heard about this?”

“Mah, I more or less understand.”

“Then it makes explanation easier, the key point is that. ‘Giving humans all kinds of trials (Games) during the sealing period, nurturing heroes and bravery!’ This matter, although it was related to the spreading of Gift Game, only Demon Lords up to year 1999 were successfully settled. We also had most of our authorities sealed by 「Omnipotent Paradox」 and 「End Emptiness」 when the Game became widespread, really, trouble comes in pairs. Mah, although using this as the chance, we opened the path towards the Full Authority Floor (Little Garden two digit).”

“...There was no one in the two digit before?”

“No, there are four. They are the originals that held the existence of Brahman[9] since birth. Their structure were completely different from us. Even now, including Gau****[10], there were about seventeen inside?”

It meant that most of the place were still empty. So many gods and buddhas were gathered, but only seventeen spots were filled in the two digits.

“Returning to topic. —— The only remaining 「Last Embryo」 was only Demon Lord Aži Dakāha  but no matter what he could not be defeated… Understand? Even if we descend as human, we can’t beat him no matter how hard we try.”

The meaning held in those words, Izayoi frowned in shock.

“...That is saying, even piercing the heart also won’t do?”

“That’s right. The seal stakes on its heads and shoulders were applied by us 「Heaven」 when we descended. And we pierced his heart as well, but that guy still revived. 200 years ago Canaria and her companions also sealed him once —— Even so, it didn’t kill him.”

Tokuteru shook his head, stared at Izayoi with narrowed eyes.

“The three months after that, we also racked our brains. Sakamaki Izayoi. We interpreted the conditions necessary for defeating 「Aži Dakāha」.

①A human hero that possess the ability to defeat Aži Dakāha’s power.
②A wise person that solved the 「Eschatology X」 mystery contained within Aži Dakāha
③A foreign world hero who will challenge bravely knowing he can’t defeat Aži Dakāha.
—— Theses three conditions, didn’t you possess all of them?”

Mikado Tokuteru kept his hearty attitude, questioned Izayoi. The foreign world he referred to probably meant the Outer World Izayoi and gang lived. If Aži Dakāha’s spirit status was something along the line of ending human history, then Outer World humans had the duty to resolve that themselves, that was how he thought.

Then before Izayoi’s fight, they theorized something that could point out Aži Dakāha’s spirit status. His meaning was that the answer was within it.

But Izayoi returned the question with a suspicious stare.

“I understand what you are trying to say, but we didn’t examine into it deeply you know? At most we were suspecting if Aži Dakāha’s spirit status is that of a NBCR weapon.”

“...Fumu. Weapon of mass destruction huh. It’s similar in direction, but contrary to my theory.”

Eh?, Izayoi once again let out a voice of admiration. Simply mentioning NBCR weapon allowed him to understand the content of their theory, proving that this man was considerably reliable.

Izayoi picked up the bottle lying on the floor, spoke with an interested grin.

“Then, please allow me to listen to Indra-sama’s theory.”

“It’s Mikado Tokuteru. I am not that handsome god.”

“Ok ok. Then allow me to listen to Mikado-something-dono’s theory. In your opinion, what kind of natural disaster is Aži Dakāha’s...「eschatology X」?”

Fumu, he nodded exaggeratedly, received the wine poured by Izayoi, and took out a Gift Card from the wooden bucket.

“Alright. Originally this is not something that can be told to anyone living below four digits… but you are special. Little Garden and Outer World, and also regarding 「Paradigm Shift」, it’s better for you to know them. I will use a pseudo Geass Roll to explain from the beginning, listen carefully.”

He took out a Geass Roll after finishing his speech, and started to explain slowly.

Part 3
Human history’s convergent point —— known as 「Paradigm Shift」, has three types.
①Convergence from discovery of supernatural phenomenon, concept.
②Convergence from country, religion etc. organization movement.
③Convergence from the ability, judgement of a single person.

In these convergences, the closer to the front the bigger the scale, the closer to the back the smaller the scale. Considering the impact to human who weaved the history, this was a matter of course. The reason humans began to walk on twos was also deduced as an influence from a major earthquake from somewhere.

Country, religion needless to say, the higher the quantity would mean the bigger the influence in the History. The king or the leader of the organization should also be counted in it. The condition for the trial (Game) to promote to divine beings was to collect ‘a certain amount of faith’, was because it would bring about a huge influence in history.

Compared to the first two, a single person’s ability, judgement would only influence much less. The strange tale of 「Jack the Ripper」 was only spreaded to the extent of documentary.

But everything had an exception.

To inspire that exception, Mikado Tokuteru mentioned a Game.

— Nobunaga’s Ambition —

Precondition: Oda Nobunaga was one of the huge 「Paradigm Shift」 in Japan’s history.
        Answer the following questions with this as the foundation.

   Question①: Is the birth of Oda Nobunaga included in the 「Paradigm Shift」?
   Question②: Is the trend of Owari Province included in the 「Paradigm Shift」?
   Question③: Is Oda Nobunaga losing his sanity and life in Honnō-ji included in the 「Paradigm Shift」.
   Question④: Please explain the reason for Question③.

「Mikado Tokuteru」Seal


Izayoi pondered while holding his chin.

Using Oda Nobunaga as topic was probably for Izayoi as a Japanese to understand easier. If not Oda Nobunaga, even if the conditions were the same, he needed to accept some explanations.

In order not to shake the historical fact viewpoints of the country, Question① and Question② were inevitable phenomenon.

As for Question③, it seemed to be an inevitable phenomenon. But if it was the same as the previous two questions, then asking Question④ would be pointless.

(...He is asking me to think huh.)

Izayoi was slightly impressed at the contents of the questions. As a guidance explanation this Game was just brilliant. The intention of the question giver was easily understandable, and also induce the answerer to think.

(For example, if Oda Nobunaga survived from the Honnō-ji incident. What would happen? Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Akechi Mitsuhide would not have initiated the battle of Yamazaki[11]. Toyotomi’s era would of course not happen. —— In that case, Oda Nobunaga must die in Honnō-ji?)

The history of Japan afterwards would be severely altered. The life of a king of the country was such an important event. The majority of the main active countries after the Honnō-ji incident would have huge relationships with Oda Nobunaga.

If Oda Nobunaga did not step down from the stage, it would be impossible to maintain the history —— thinking up to this point, Izayoi seemed to notice something, and looked at the questions again.

“Question③: If Oda Nobunaga losing his sanity and life in Honnō-ji was included in the
「Paradigm Shift」... Ah ah, that’s what it’s about. So this is how it is.”

“Understand something?”

“Ah ah. The answer to Question① and Question② is YES, Question③ is NO. The death of Oda Nobunaga ≈[12] 「Paradigm Shift」 is the final answer.”

Oh, Mikado Tokuteru and Gry responded.

Gry tilted his head and reread the questions repeatedly.

“But, Izayoi. If that’s the case won’t it contradict to the history later on? I am unfamiliar with the history of your birth country, but I have also heard stories about Nobunaga the Demon Lord. If the life of such an important character was shaken, it would be problematic to the later generations, right?”

“That’s correct. Oda Nobunaga was treated as a public criticism target after his death. But the death of Oda Nobunaga was a little special. This daimyō’s corpse was not witnessed by anyone.”

Yes... Similar to 「Pied Piper of Hamelin」, the end of Oda Nobunaga existed multiple interpretation. The theory of surviving from the Honnō-ji incident, even till now was one of the very powerful interpretation.

Not confirming the corpse = not confirming death.

“Hence the correct 「Paradigm Shift」 was not 「Death of Oda Nobunaga」, but 「Oda Nobunaga retiring from history」. Mah, although it was an abnormal case. If he survived from the Honnō-ji incident, and had not extinguished his ambition, would he be summoned to the Little Garden?”

“Correct. Nobunaga had been summoned as a Demon Lord for three times in the past, they were all ‘Nobunaga who survived from the Honnō-ji incident’. In this situation, giving Akechi Mitsuhide Gift would ensure him[13] to be killed originally, and also achieve history balance, but with this, a stronger Gift must be given to Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Hence in order to correct history, we summoned the survived Nobunaga into Little Garden… But to be summoned three times, and becoming Demon Lord three times, he was probably the only human.”

As expected of the Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven[14]. To shock the War God to this extent, his calibre must be unusual.

“Such kinds of ‘phenomenons existing in historical facts but cannot be observed’ were also restricted to browsing content only in Little Garden. The territory that could not be observed even with 「Laplace Demons」, these were called 「Black Box」... Alright, next is the main topic.”

Mikado Tokuteru stood up from the bathtub, sat down at the edge.

“Sakamaki Izayoi. Regarding the spirit status of Aži Dakāha being a weapon of mass destruction, us 「Heavenly Army」 can decisively deny. Because the inventor of that weapon of mass destruction had already left the authority with me.”


“In this Little Garden, authorities of phenomenon or conception could be exchanged into power above the Gifts —— 「Right」 and be transferred. The authorities of stars were transferred around, you should have seen it right? Just consider this as something similar.”

Sun Authority and Binary Star Algol’s Authority. It was possible to transfer as a physical item. The Izayoi now had also received a Sun Authority from the youth who called himself His Highness.

“If those inventors belonged to a dedicated God Pantheon, then the God Pantheon can safekeep for them, or monitor them. Hence I can assert. NBCR weapon is unrelated to Aži Dakāha.”

—— Sakamaki Izayoi’s theory was wrong.

Hearing the words with that hidden meaning, Izayoi drew a cold breath.

“Wait a moment. Then Aži Dakāha is still alive.”

“No. He is dead. There is no mistake.”

Mikado Tokuteru’s words made Izayoi slightly worried. Then he realized, this was a wish he unconsciously held since that day, he anxiously clicked his tongue.

“Sakamaki Izayoi. For me. I believe the final two 「Last Embryo」 , 「Aži Dakāha 」 (Eschatology X) and 「Demon Lord Dystopia」 (Eschatology Y) were Demon Lords born from the Black Box.”

“What do you mean?”

“Those two are different from natural disasters, they are definitely man-made disasters. But after year 2000, the man-made disaster and discovery of technology of that scale actually happened two times, is it possible?”


“Hence our conclusion is like this. 「Eschatology X」 and 「Eschatology Y」 are two sides of a coin, the core technology, concept are the same thing. And the character that caused their birth is the same person. —— However, that person’s identity is a historical mystery, could it be like this?”

Oh, Izayoi let out a surprised voice. So that’s what it meant.

Mikado Tokuteru’s explanation was as follow.

The super technology that could ignite 「Eschatology X/Y」in the near future definitely exists, but “who created it” is the root question which is still an unknown.

Putting it in another way, as long as they know who created that super technology at where, it could be managed by the God Pantheon. That’s probably how he thought.

(Personally I feel that the 「Third Perpetual Machine」 is very suspicious… but it’s not because of building the 「Third Perpetual Machine」 and clearing the Game.)

Izayoi was definitely not the human that could build 「Third Perpetual Machine」. He only cleared by cheating a little.

Even if he wanted to ask Coppelia, since the fight against Aži Dakāha, she had been in deep sleep as if she lost her consciousness. It might be possible that she was waiting for the “True creator” that Mikado Tokuteru mentioned to appear.

“En I understand your explanation, but. Why can I defeat Aži Dakāha? I feel that if I didn’t solve that historical mystery it would be impossible.”

“That’s it, this is what we can’t figure out. I firmly believed that you had solved the mystery in the 「Black Box」, but in reality it seems you didn’t. —— Sakamaki Izayoi. Why can you defeat Aži Dakāha?”

Hearing that serious words from Mikado Tokuteru, Izayoi tsukkomi in his heart I wanted to ask you that, idiot.

“If even the Gods don’t know, how would I know. Since there is no harm in beating him, just treat it as an unexpected fortune.”

“How can this do? If we can’t determine that character, a new eschatology might happen. I even suspected that you are the inventor.”

“That’s impossible.”

“I also thought so too. But since that’s the case, the only possibility is that you indirectly ——”

Mikado Tokuteru seemed to suddenly thought of something and looked at Izayoi. His eyes were dyed with color of astonishment, as if seeing an unbelievable truth.

He bit his teeth with a bitter expression, muttered in a voice that could not be heard.

“—— Or. They met in a situation where both sides did not know?”

Mikado Tokuteru’s words did not reach anybody’s ears, only carried away by the wind.

The voice of the female receptionists, also came at this moment.

“Mikado-sama. Dinner preparation is almost ready…”

“En… Ah ah, it’s already this time huh. Call someone to carry that youth out, he is almost well-done.”

Mikado Tokuteru pointed towards Laius who was floating in the bathtub with a red face. Still soaking in the hot spring after getting drunk for a long time, it would be dangerous to let it continue.

“The rest will be saved for later, Sakamaki Izayoi. You still have other questions to ask right?”

“Hn? Can I?”

“Of course. I came for vacation this time. Chat with you after dinner.”

Mikado Tokuteru changed back to his original attitude at this time. It seemed that the God moment was already over.

Gry who was listening quietly to the two picked up Laius.

“Then let’s get out. But how about these reception girls?”

“Are you a fool, of course we are bringing them over! There isn’t many chances to play like this in Heaven. Even I seldomly… Uh, that’s right. I forgot to ask an important matter.”

Important matter? The two tilted their heads.

Mikado Tokuteru stood akimbo and proudly announced.

“I can’t just give rewards to Shichiten and Queen. You are the main contributor to the Demon Lord extermination. It would not be fair to not give you the corresponding reward right?”

“Reward? For me?”

“Oh oh, this is really great. Actually this man has no desires. I often thought, he should have many achievements that could be reported since coming to Little Garden.”

Gry slapped Izayoi’s back, laughed heartily.

Before Izayoi wanted to say something, Mikado Tokuteru interrupted first.

“That’s how it is! Sakamaki Izayoi! Now let me, Indr-”


“Let me, Mikado Tokuteru, directly give you your reward!”

Mikado Tokuteru repeated himself as if nothing. If he could control this shameless behavior, he could probably gain more faith as a God.

(...No. Maybe, it’s better to be similar to humans.)

Although he was not the one talked about in the morning, the Indra was a God whose scandals was widespread everywhere that could be comparable to other God Pantheons. Roc Demon Lord’s father Vinama Garda, was originally a God born to lower Indra’s spirit status.

As a strongest God, he was a womanizer, and also an alcoholic.

Arrogant, generous, shedding tears for rabbit’s death, the God that contained most emotions amongst the Gods.

Indra might be a God that contained humans’ good and evil as well as emotions.

“...Uu. You seemed like you have something to say. Ok, just name it. Now most of the wishes can be granted by me, Mikado Tokuteru.”

“That sure is generous.”

“Oh. I had been planning to give you reward long ago anyway. Just request me for anything.”

Mikado Tokuteru laughed with a drunken face. Seeing that laughter, Izayoi relaxed his body. At first he thought it was an act, but this appearance seemed to be really drunk.

Although he was thinking what’s the deal with this War God, speaking too much would only bring the mood down.

“Reward… Reward huh. But I don’t really have any specific things I want.”

“What, you really have no desires huh. So boring. I, Ind —— No, I, Mikado Tokuteru has already announced to give you reward. Right now I can help you achieve most of your wishes you know?”

As expected of the 「King of Gods」. Not a single trace of reluctance.

But even so it couldn’t be helped. He wanted to find faults and provoke him before coming here, but he didn’t have that mood anymore. Speaking of other wishes ——

“...Ah, right. There is one.”

“En. Just name it.”

Mikado Tokuteru stood akimbo and said.

Izayoi held his chin, showed an expression of being in thought.

That was a bit different from reward, but it was something Izayoi had been pursuing. He actually wanted to find it with his own power, but he had no expectations to find that Gift.

If this man was truly Indra, then it would probably be a piece of cake.

Then I won’t hold back, as Izayoi finished, he pointed at Gry.

“Give this man —— Hero of Gryphon, the 「Beast King Wings」 that matched its name.”

—— The moment his wish was spoken.

「Thousand Eyes」 bathhouse, was surrounded by dazzling aurora.

1 Kabukichō - Entertainment or red-light district. With a lot of host-clubs, love hotel, nightclubs etc. It’s called the Sleepless Town.
2 Shuchi nikurin(酒池肉林) - Pool made from wine and forest made from meat. An idiom that refers to extreme luxury.
3 Rigveda : one of the 4 vedas. It’s a collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns about Rigvedic deities, Indra is their chief. There are around 250 hymns dedicated to him for a total of 1028, so it’s actually almost one quarter.
Indra is mostly known for having slain the serpent/dragon Vṛtra (वृत्र) a.k.a Ahi (अहि) in others Vedic texts. Note that it cognate to the Avestan aži (serpent).
4 Sage - Refers to Great Sage Equalling Heaven, Sun Wukong.
5 Shuten Dōji (litt. Drunken Demon) is one of the most famous oni (demon/ogre). He’s also said to be one of the “3 great evil yōkai”. He basically kidnaps, enslaves, and cannibalizes young Kyoto maidens. If you can and are interested read the article on Jstor Shuten Dōji: "Drunken Demon" (Noriko Reider), it’s a translation of the actual story.
6 See also note 3. Vṛtra (वृत्र) is known as Ahi (अहि) in others Vedic texts. Ahi cognate to the Avestan aži (serpent). About the origin stated here, it's as always complicated. Aži Dakāha was killed by Traitaunas (Θraētaona) know as Fereydun in Middle Persian which is a human. Vṛtra was killed by Indra.
The difference is thus that in Vedic it was a God who killed the dragon, whereas in Avesta it's a Human. Hence it's probably why in Mondaiji Indra said he descended as a human to seal Aži, and as a god to kill Vṛtra.
7 Yamata no Orochi (八岐の大蛇, litt. 8-branched giant snake) killed by Susano-o. Balor, a.k.a Balor Birugderc (the piercing eye) he was killed by Lugh, he's said to be a cyclop, his eye could destroy everything. Fenrir a monstrous wolf son of Loki, who will kill Odin during Ragnarök, but will be killed by Odin's son Víðarr. Heanvely Ox send by the Yù Huáng (Jade Emperor) on Earth to give a message to Humanity, he mixed things and was forever banned on Earth to work with humans /// Gugalanna ("Great Bull of Heaven") was killed by Gilgamesh and Enkidu.
You must have understood that all this figures are the “enemies of Humanity”.
8 Theology about the final events of Humanity and Earth. The "end of the world".
9 It’ll be impossible to explain that in a note. I’ll just quote wiktionary : “Brahman is the unchanging, infinite, immanent, and transcendent reality which is the Divine Ground of all matter, energy, time, space, being, and everything beyond in this Universe. The nature of Brahman is described as transpersonal, personal and impersonal by different philosophical schools.”
10 Gautama The Buddha.
11 The battle of Yamazaki is the aftermath of Mitsuhide betraying. Hideyoshi battled him to avenge his lord Nobunaga. BTW until today, the reasons of Mitsuhide’s coup is still unknown for sure.
12 ≈ - Approximately equals to.
13 him - refers to Oda Nobunaga
14 This name refer to how Oda Nobunaga called himself. Dairokuten-maō is in Buddhism the personification of evil and desilusion. Nobunaga used this title to taunt Shingen who said he was “the Protector of Buddhism, here to avenge what you did a Mt Hiei”, Oda said “If you’re the protector, I’m the Dairokuten-maō”. Oda himself was pretty violent (for a good or bad reason) hence why he’s usually see as a Demon. If you want to learn more Answer #3 & #4 in this forum, and Dairokuten Maou with some explanation about Nobunaga..


  1. Found some errors on the part talking about the four original 2-Digit.

    “No, there are four. They are the originals that held the existence of Brahma since birth.

    This does not match the original Japanese. I think it is supposed to be read like this.

    "No, there are four (of them). They are beings who are at birth exist as the prototypes/archetypes of Universal Truth (Brahman).

    The rest are fine.

    1. I think its fine the way it is. Same meaning.

  2. I think Brahman[9] here refers too
    'a member of the highest Hindu caste, originally that of the priesthood.' - source Google
    Considering it is a reference to a person and probably not ultimate truth

    1. Nope, in this case, Brahman is referring to the Ultimate Truth. The Kanji meaning is that.