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Planning a trip to Orlando? Select your trip dates and get a customized calendar for your trip!

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How to Skip the Lines with Our Crowd Calendar

What is a crowd calendar?

The Crowd Calendar is the easiest way to see how busy the theme parks are on any given day of the year. When you are starting to plan your Universal and Disney vacations, you can use it to pick the least busy times of year to visit. You can also see historical weather, holidays and special events.

As you get closer to your Universal and Disney vacations, you can use the Crowd Calendar to plan which park (or parks) to visit on any given day. You can also see park opening hours and key show times.

How do we determine crowd levels?

We use wait time data that we’ve collected for more than 10 years in predicting crowd levels—taking into consideration seasonality, holidays, special events, opening hours and other factors that go into planning Disney vacations. We also have unique insight into crowds based on hotel reservations and ticket trends.

Our Crowd Calendar is easy, accurate and helpful in planning Disney vacations — our customer feedback speaks for itself!

  • "We booked our trip based on the crowd calendar and it was spot on! The longest attraction line we waited in was 20 minutes." - SPettiette
  • "You guys have, hands down, the best crowd calendar!" - T.H.
  • "I'd just like to say a thank you in the time you have taken to produce your 'Crowd Calendar'. It is the only one on the net in my eyes that has any form of user friendliness (and I'm a web developer so I appreciate it even more). So far we have planned all or our fast passes etc. in advance using your calendar, and I'm not sure if we'd be anywhere near as organized if it didn't exist." - Steve


  • Most Important! - THE DAY CROWD LEVEL (1-10; NOTED BY COLOR)
  • Lowest Crowds
  • Average Crowds
  • Highest Crowds
  • Park Key:
  • Recommended Park on This Day
  • Busy day for this park Busy Day for This Park
  1. START WITH THE DAY CROWD LEVEL: Most families should only rely on the daily crowd level, ranging from a 1-10. This shows the expected overall crowd level for the theme parks on that day.
    Day Crowd Ratings

    OVERALL Orlando theme park crowds are higher on the 11th than on the 12th.

  2. Compare Park Recommendations (optional): Park recommendations should only be used when comparing the same park on days with the same crowd level.
    Day Crowd Ratings

    For example, if two days are both a 6/10 (Average Crowds) but Magic Kingdom is a recommended park on one of those days (the 12th in this example), then we suggest visiting Magic Kingdom on the 12th instead of the 11th.
    Otherwise, a lower crowd level day is always the recommended day to visit any park.

  3. VIEW HOURS, EVENTS & MORE: You can use the toggles to filter by hours, events, holidays and more for planning your Disney vacation.
  • Crowd Key (1 - 10):
  • Lowest Crowds
    1 - 3
  • Average Crowds
    4 - 6
  • Highest Crowds
    7 - 10
  • Park Key:
  • Recommended Park on This Day
  • Busy day for this park Busy Day for This Park
Monthly Average 54° (high) / 42° (low)
5 6/10
78°  /  55° (Historical)
6 6/10
74°  /  67° (Historical)
7 5/10
78°  /  57° (Historical)
8 5/10
72°  /  66° (Historical)
9 5/10
84°  /  65° (Historical)
10 5/10
84°  /  64° (Historical)
11 6/10
83°  /  64° (Historical)
12 7/10
83°  /  67° (Historical)
13 6/10
82°  /  67° (Historical)
14 6/10
82°  /  67° (Historical)
15 6/10
84°  /  63° (Historical)
16 6/10
72°  /  56° (Historical)

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