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Movie #34
1963, Universal-International

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Summary: In a small Mexican border town, two cowboy wranglers Chris Foster, played by Audie Murphy, and Bert Pickett, played byCharles Drake, are put in irons and chained to a stake with other prisoners for fighting. The "iron maypole" has an iron collar at the end of each chain for the prisoners. The prisoners manage to get loose from the maypole but remain prisoners of the killer Lavalle, played by Harold Stone. Lavalle steals $12,000 in securities and holds Foster hostage while sending Pickett into town to cash securities. Pickett and Foster have other plans and devise a scheme which prevents Lavelle from getting money. Pickett gives the loot to a former girlfriend, Estelle, played by Kathleen Crowley. Eventually, Foster and Pickett are confronted by Lavelle who wants his money back and a final showdown ensues between the villan Lavelle and the two men who are both interested in protecting the girl.
Studio ... Universal International
Released ... 1963
Genre ... Western
Length ... 79 minutes
Directed By ... R.G. Springsteen
Written By ... Bronson Howitzer
Produced By ... Gordon Kay
Cinematography By ... Ellis W. Carter
Audie Murphy ... Chris Foster
Kathleen Crowley ... Estelle
Charles Drake ... Bert Pickett
Harold J. Stone ... Lavelle
Skip Homier ... Carlson
L.Q. Jones ... Foray
Strother Martin ... Charlie Reeder
Charles Horvath ... Hebron
John McKee ... Marshal
Henry Wills ... Chaca
Joe Haworth ... Guard
Kevin Brodie ... Buster
Carol Thurston ... Smithy's Wife
Dabbs Greer ... Express Man
E.J. André ... Station Master
Harry Lauter ... Bartender
Norman Leavitt ... Uncredited
William Phipps ... Uncredited
Other Crew:
Art Director ... Alexander Golitzen
Alfred Sweeney
Assistant Director ... Carl Berringer
Terrence Nelson
Assistant Producer ... Willard Willingham
Costume Design by ... Rosemary Odell
Film Editing ... Jerome Thoms
Hair Stylist ... Larry Germain
Lead Man ... Robert M. Anderson
Makeup ... Bud Westmore
Musical Director ... Joseph Gershenson
Original Music by ... Hans J. Salter
Irving Getz
Henry Mancini
Milton Rosen
Music Supervisor ... Joseph Gershenson
Set Decorator ... Oliver Emert
Sound ... Waldon O. Watson
Frank H. Wilkinson
Unit Production Manager ... Robert Larson
Audie Murphy's US Army formal medals
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