• The introduction of the health pass has made wearing a mask optional in the places concerned.

  • In the North, the rule is therefore to go to a bistro or restaurant with your face uncovered.

  • However, the prefect can decide otherwise, as can the heads of the establishments.

While no one is supposed to ignore the law, it is clear that it is not always easy to be up to date with the latest directives concerning protective measures against the coronavirus epidemic in the North.

And as it is not very clear,

20 Minutes

 takes stock of the most emblematic: wearing a mask.

We will not make you languish any longer: wearing a mask is no longer compulsory for the staff and customers of cafes, bars and restaurants in the North.

Indeed, for this type of establishment, the health pass has been compulsory for customers since early August, and since early September for staff.

This also applies to “places, services and events” only accessible with the health pass.

Therefore, the rule at the national level allows the mask to be dropped.

So that is what is currently in effect in the North.

No mask except against order of the prefect

However, there are some subtleties.

According to the prefecture of the North, contacted by

20 Minutes

, "the wearing of the mask can however be made compulsory by the prefect of the department when the local circumstances justify it", it is specified to us.

Moreover, the obligation to wear a mask in public space has effectively been extended in the North, in particular around schools, in shopping centers, in transport or even at fairgrounds.

Finally, even if the government and the prefect allow access to bars and restaurants with their faces uncovered, the managers of the establishments can decide otherwise.

The prefecture thus confirms that the operator of a place or the organizer of an event subject to the health pass can impose the wearing of masks on customers and staff.


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