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Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Biffa's Top Ten Mods for Cities Skylines (December 2020)
Biffa's Top Ten Mods for Cities Skylines (December 2020)
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JP Light Pole
Created by suginoko
・Japanese light pole.
・The strut is buried 55cm.
・This asset giows.
・The following 14 types are included.
JP Office (株式会社コムコシステム)
Created by curr66
JP Office (株式会社コムコシステム) by curr66

这是一座位于东京JR 品川駅附近的办公楼,你可以通过“find it” 输入“JP Office”或者其他关键词来找到它。同样的它也是可自长的办公建筑。

Basic description:

This is an office building near JR Shinagawa Station, Tokyo. You can find it by entering "JP O...
Council terrace row
Created by Starshall
Council Terraces - UK by Starshall

A level 1 low level residential building
Model includes a colour map to change the hanging tile colour to add a bit of variety
D, N, S, C, A and I maps

No custom props – decoration at your discretion.
Refer to th...
JP Commercial Corner Building
Created by kostas667
I wanted to make some Japanese building, so I found a completely random one on Google maps and made it. This is how this building looks in reality:,139.7772422,3a,75y,224.26h,111.52t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sd-CvAkEywgntrv...
The Portugese synagogue in Amsterdam
Created by Lyylikki
In the video which I've linked, to see the part which concerns the Synagogue skip to 02.15 there you can see the detailing of my beautiful synagogue.

The first three screenshots are taken by Jeremy Thunder.

The Portuguese Synagogue is a late 17th-ce...
Colonial House: Corner House 2 - Cienfuegos, Cuba
Created by MarleEvans
Cienfuegos (American Spanish: [sjeɱˈfweɣos]), capital of Cienfuegos Province, is a city on the southern coast of Cuba. It is located about 250 km (160 mi) from Havana and has a population of 150,000. Since the late 1960s, Cienfuegos has be...
Rauma Large Courthouse
Created by Ionwind
A contemporary court house representing 1990's classical modernism. You can combine this asset with Rauma police station (large or [url=
Flower Department Store (花のデパート)
Created by christinayan
Flower Department Store by christinayan01.
Lovely flower facade commercial building.

**Top 10 Mods and Assets December 2020 with Biffa | Mods of the Month [3rd]**

Lavalle 1790 Clinic
Created by Mons
This asset was inspired by a building situated between Avenida Callao and Calle Lavalle in Buenos Aires. It is an example of Argentinian neoclassical and eclectic architectural style.

Built during 1920s as residential building, it now hosts a clinic.
FPS Booster
Created by Krzychu1245
Increases in-game frame rate, but... results may vary because there are many factors like CPU/GPU speed, RAM usage, current in-game scene complexity etc.

Disclaimer: you need good and efficient GPU cooling, because this mod may