2022 Los Angeles mayoral election

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2022 Los Angeles mayoral election

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Incumbent Mayor

Eric Garcetti

The 2022 Los Angeles mayoral election will take place on November 8, 2022, to elect the Mayor of Los Angeles. The primary for this election, a top-two primary by California law, will take place on June 7, 2022.[1] Incumbent Mayor Eric Garcetti will be ineligible to seek a third term due to term limits, but is serving an extended second term due to a law moving election dates.[2]


Major declared candidates[edit]

The following candidates (listed alphabetically) have held office, have been included in polls, or have been the subject of significant media coverage.

Candidate Experience Announced Ref
Joe Buscaino 2011.jpg
Joe Buscaino
President pro tempore of the Los Angeles City Council
Member of the Los Angeles City Council from the 15th district
Former Los Angeles Police Department officer
March 15, 2021
Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer.png
Mike Feuer
18th Los Angeles City Attorney
Former member of the California State Assembly from the 42nd district
Former member of the Los Angeles City Council from the 5th district
March 9, 2020


Other declared candidates[edit]

  • Eden Cristo, grassroots founder of We Humyns (a group intending to get humans to Mars)[7]
  • Kevin Dalton, populist candidate[8]
  • YJ Draiman, perennial candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles and father of Disturbed lead singer David Draiman[9][unreliable source?]
  • Sean Enright, construction worker[10]
  • Alex Gruenenfelder, social justice advocate[11]
  • Evan Jasek, web developer[12]
  • G. Juan Johnson, legal advocate[13]
  • Joseph May, engineer[14]
  • Helan Mahmood, co-founder of fashion brand Don Kaka[15]
  • William Rodriguez Morrison, community organizer and perennial candidate[1]



  • Alestar Van Mater, real estate agent[21]



Alex Gruenenfelder

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