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Anonymous asked in SportsMartial Arts · 1 decade ago

Koga cold steel question?

I have been thinking about buying a koga from cold steel. I was wondering which one would be more effective the sd1 has a blunt bottom to each side but the sd2 has the somewhat sharper side. My question is between these two which one could do more damage. Please no legal advice of how I could get in trouble for using them. I already looked up local laws in my area.


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    These are nothing but fancy Yawara sticks. You don't need points on them. In fact these will be immediately recognized as weapons. which instantly makes them illegal if concealed in any way. If out in sight then as I said they are recognized as a weapon. I teach the yawara. We use a 6" long hardwood dowel cut from 1/2" diameter stock. They are very effective without any modifications. They can be sued fro striking, trapping, and raking motions. Easy to learn and deadly if used correctly. Personally I would not buy any of the ones you mention for the reasons I gave. A short piece of 1/2" wood dowel on the other hand would not be recognized as a weapon unless you use it as such.

    NOTE: I had a wall covered with traditional Japanese weapons. People used to ask which weapon was the most dangerous. i would tell them the yawara was. They would be surprised. I would explain that all the other weapons looked like weapons. The yawara looks like nothing special. That is why it is so dangerous. People will underestimate it.

    Source(s): Over 41 years of martial arts training and research (since 1967) Over 35 years of teaching martial arts (since 1973)
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  • 1 decade ago

    For stealth reasons I agree that the blunt bottom would present more opportunity for use. But the spike would cause more structural damage.

    Really you need to figure out what you want it for.

    If you wish to use it to surprise people use the blunt weapon. If you want it to cause more damage and be recognized as a weapon get the spiked model.

    As far as self-defense goes I would think that walking with a double edged spike would deter more criminals than walking with something that is not considered threatening.

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