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Chapter 2 ~ Family Love

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[Ricky's POV]

I woke up surprisingly pretty early, and went to make myself some coffee.

As I got the coffee machine started, the bunk room doors opened and Snow emerged, matted bed head and vintage white night gown she was gifted for her 3rd birthday reaching up to her ankles.

I smiled. "Good morning there, Snowball," I said.

She smiled and hugged my leg. "Hi, Uncle Ricky."

I smiled and ruffled her hair. I figured Dad would want some sleep, so I grabbed the box of Fruit Loops and some milk and pour it in a bowl for her.

We sat in the lounge once my coffee was done and watched some television. I put on Courage the Cowardly Dog since she likes that show and she laughed a lot since it was the King Ramsey episode she likes.

I laughed along with her as Chris walked in.

"You guys are up pretty early," he chuckled.

"Yeah I woke up to make some coffee and she just followed," I said as he noticed. "Hope you like your coffee black."

"Yes, I do. Its like my soul," He proclaimed as he poured himself a cup.

I chuckled as Snow ate and Chris joining us, frowning as he saw the television, and Courage the dog screamed and lost some organs.

"You sure its okay for her to see shows like that?" He asked as she laughed at the TV.

I shrugged. "It looks like she likes it."

Chris shrugged and soon everyone was up.

"Daddy!" Snow cheered, getting up and rushing to Balz, who caught her and hoisted her up, hugging her as she hugged him.

"Hey baby girl, how did you sleep?" he asked.

"Good," she said. "But I miss Mommy."

"Aww. Don't worry, we'll be home in a few days and we can go out to eat anywhere you want," Balz said.

Snow smiled and hugged Balz, then frowned a little when she looked at him, climbing down, and rushed over to the bunk room.

Balz looked back weirdly before shrugging.

To be honest, I never expected to see Balz as a father. If anything, this band isn't really full of players considering we all pretty much have girlfriends, except me and Vinny. But Balz saw the orphan that Snow was, and he just couldn't leave her alone like that, especially after her real mom was beaten and ended up frozen to death trying to keep her kid from meeting the same sad fate.

He did the right thing adopting her. Snow grew up a lovable and kind little girl. Everyone loves her and think Balz is a total angel for saving her.

Of course he appointed Ghost and Kylie as godparents. Ghost loves her and always spoils her like crazy, and when it comes to playing DressUp, its obvious  and safe to say that Ghost is her partner in crime there.

Balz got his breakfast and was about to get coffee before Snow ran back in, something in her hand as she raised her hands up to Balz so he can pick her up, which he did.

Snow is really small for her age. Doctors confirmed she was born a premature baby after they examined her, but was still pretty healthy.

I saw as Snow ripped something open and I realized was a Hello Kitty band-aid.

She stuck it on Balz's forehead, the bruise from hitting his head kind of small but slightly purple, before kissing it.

"What's that for, Snow?" Balz laughed softly.

"You're boo-boo," she smiled.

"Awwwww!!!!" Chris, Vinny, Ryan and me laughed, making Balz blush.

"Ah, shut up, guys," Balz laughed as he hugged Snow and she hugged him back.

"Hey guys, we're almost at the hotel!!" Korel called.

"FINALLY!!" Ghost said with relief.

"What's wrong, Ghost, can't stand us?" I asked, moving onto his lap and laughing.

"GAH!! GET OFF ME, YOU LITTLE ASSHOLE!!!" He screamed as he kept trying to push me off but I kept myself on

"Dog pile of Ghost!!" Chris shouted and then Ryan threw himself on top of me, followed by Vinny and Chris and Balz, Snow climbing on top as Ghost kept screaming.

Korel then laughed as he walked in. "Alright guys, you know it isn't easy to get a new bassist," he laughed.

We laughed as we all got off and Ghost shot up.

"Savages!" he said as we all laughed and he ran off.

Snow, you weren't found by a normal family. Hehe.


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