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Chapter 1 ~ She Changed My Life

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**4 Years Later**

[Balz's POV]

I stood there, all covered in sweat and black paint, the bruise on my forehead from headbanging against my keyboard starting to become visible, and my hood hanging down my back as I admired my little Snowflake.

Quite the scare she gave everyone, especially me. Show finishes and I find out she wandered off from backstage. I rushed to the bus and found her fast asleep on the couch of the lounge room, Casper knocked out in her arms like a teddy bear and Toronto curled up in a black puffy ball under her head like a little pillow as she slept.

She was small for her age, so he didn't have a big problem being used as a pillow.

Me and Ryan Ashley raised her for four years, her birthday being the day we found her. We legally named her Snow Ruby Balz Malarkey.

She isn't a big talker, and can be shy, but she's a sweet girl who's presence always lighten up the room when she walks in.

The band, the employees, and the crew just love her to pieces. But me and Ryan Ashley just love our little girl.

The first time I heard her say Daddy, I felt this warm feeling in my heart fill up and just felt so happy.

Ryan Ashley was a little nervous at first being mom, but she soon got the hang of it and she loves Snow as much as Snow loves her.

She will be turning 4 soon and I want to make it something special for her.

I never thought of myself as a father, but the minute I laid eyes on those big blue eyes after finding her in the snow, I couldn't help but fall in love, and couldn't stand the thought of her being taken away from me.

She isn't much of a handful, though she is pretty curious and persistent.

I then heard Ricky run in and looked as he had a towel over his shoulders.

He looked over at Snow and sighed with relief.

"Thank goodness," he said. "Chris was about to run out of the venue area."

I chuckled as he tossed me a towel to dry off before picking her up, Toronto and Casper waking up.

"You can go tell everyone that she's okay. I'll go tuck her in," I said.

He nodded and hurried out as I carried her to the bunk rooms.

As I laid her down she murmured and her big blue eyes opened sleepily as she smiled at me.

"Hi Daddy,"she yawned cutely.

I smiled. "Hello my little Snowflake. I can see you made it here on your own," I smirked.

"I wanted to make sure Cassie didn't hurt himself, since he can't see," she said as Casper sniffed at my feet, Toronto not far behind.

I smiled. She's too sweet.

"Okay. But next time just let Uncle Josh know so you don't scare us, okay?" I asked. "There can be a lot of crazy people at my shows and we don't want you to get hurt."

She nodded. "Okay."

I smiled and kissed her cheek.

"Uncle Josh is coming by later to watch over you while Daddy goes to the meet and greet. Be good, okay?" I asked.

She nodded. "Okay. Good night, Daddy."

"Good night, baby girl," I smiled as I then walked out and see Josh walk in.

"She's woke up just now. Just make sure she's asleep," I said.

He nodded as I headed back out behind Ghost to the meet and greet.

Life is pretty good since I found Snow. I can still never forget how I found her and her poor mother. She was never identified, but it was proven that she had suffered severe abuse before her death. Remodeled bones, bruises, a lot of stuff.

We buried her properly, though I still wish the poor woman had her name instead of 'Jane Doe' on her name.

I swore then and there to her that I would take care of Snow.

I'm still surprised that I hold close a little human who calls me "Daddy." I never expected to be a father, to be honest. Me and Ryan Ashley planned to have a future, get married and soon when MIW and her tattoo career went bigger, and the shop became more successful, then we have kids.

But nonetheless, I'm glad Snow is in our lives. Guys like Ronnie, Kellin and Mitch or any other rockstar dad we know are right.

When you're given an opportunity like this, it changes your view in everything around you, changes your life.

And this little girl has definitely changed my life a lot.


Picture: Snow as a growing child.

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