WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus joined Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette to talk about everything from her wrestling career to her personal life. Stratus revealed that her husband, Ron Fisico, was also a lifelong wrestling fan and that the couple, who have been together since high school, bonded over that similarity. Stratus also talked about her husband was knowledgeable enough to offer her pointers during her career.

“Forget that I was going to end up being a wrestler, he was a wrestling fan,” Stratus said. “So we related. We were around that, remember Toronto was like a hotbed for wrestling when we were children. When we started dating, and you know this, there wasn’t many females that liked wrestling, or maybe said they didn’t. So the fact that I liked wrestling, we’d take trips I’ll never forget. We’d go to Florida, we’d drive to Florida and we’d base it around going to an event. Like a Nitro, we went to a WCW Nitro. Like it was part of our trip thing. So we always related from the very beginning on stuff.

“And then we had our high school connection, and when we went to university I wanted to become a doctor. So I was like laser focused on what I was doing, he was laser focused on doing his own thing, his business. And we wanted to know for sure. We wanted to establish ourselves as separate entities in our rights. And then the wrestling thing came up. So I had to make the transition from school full time to my fitness career and then to wrestling. And so I always say, because Ron and I were fans for so long, he gives me that insight. He gets the business. I’d go ‘I have to kiss The Rock tonight.’ He’s like ‘cool. That’s going to be great for your character.’ Amazing right? As opposed to what maybe another husband might say.

“When I would work with the girls, I remember Victoria and I’d be like ‘okay let’s get the Ron Report.’ He would watch, he would tell us straight up. Because he just had that insight. It’s important to how we’re still together after almost thirty years.”

Stratus’ husband reminds her of her rival and close friend Amy Dumas, best known as WWE Hall of Famer Lita. The six time WWE Women’s Champion talked about her connection with Lita, which developed due to the two being the only major female stars during their era.

“The connection, if you can imagine, there was really no women who were doing their thing,” Stratus said. “But then there’s two women who are both in training, and they’ve both been signed at the same time, we’re the same age. I remember talking, she was in developmental at the time and I was in Canada waiting for my visa. And we were like ‘oh my gosh, we’re going to be doing this.’ We communicated a little bit and when we finally started, we were the new girls on the roster and really, the storylines were ‘okay we’ve got these new girls, new characters.’ So the storylines were about us. Of course we started initially together too, so we’ve always been either nemesis’ (partners). Obviously our rivalry is like decades long. We have that dynamic because we talk about the yin and the yang of us. That’s what I think fans loved about us. They dug that. Dare I say it was a Rock-Austin dynamic in the ring. When the two of us got in there, they were like ‘oh we’re going to get something good.’

“We had the opportunity to develop as characters through being valets as well,” Stratus said. “It’s sort of a forgotten art, valeting, because it’s such a great way to establish characters. We got the opportunity to do the intergender stuff as well, which was huge. We had that match with her and Rock vs. me and Triple H, you know, things like that in the main event. Things like that that really spoke to the audience. I think a lot of that stuff helped establish us as characters, but also we’re going through this.  So we’re getting these fantastic opportunities and these chances to change history, not that we knew it at the time. But like we were together. We were riding together, we were on this journey together. To share that is super special obviously and yeah, we just kept in touch. She became my son’s godmother, I made him Max’ godmother just to like say ‘you’re really part of the family.’ Cause there was a point, especially when I had Max, I had to bring him on our Team Bestie tour. And we would bring him on the tour, so she got to know him. So then it was like that’s making her part of the family. So yeah. We still chat, we chatted before this call. We talk pretty much every day I say.”

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