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Jackass 3D
The Jackass skull and crossbones (crutches) wearing blue and red 3D glasses
Theatrical release poster
Directed byJeff Tremaine
Written byJeff Tremaine
Johnny Knoxville
Bam Margera
Chris Pontius
Ryan Dunn
Jason "Wee Man" Acuña
Preston Lacy[1]
"Danger Ehren" McGhehey
Dave England
Spike Jonze
Loomis Fall
Barry Owen Smoler
The Dudesons
Dave Carnie
Mike Kassak
Madison Clapp
Knate Gwaltney
Derek Freda
Trip Taylor
Sean Cliver
Dimitry Elyashkevich
J.P. Blackmon
Rick Kosick
Based onJackass
by Johnny Knoxville
Spike Jonze
Jeff Tremaine
Produced by
  • Jeff Tremaine[1]
  • Johnny Knoxville[1]
  • Spike Jonze[1]
  • Johnny Knoxville
  • Bam Margera
  • Steve-O
  • Chris Pontius
  • Ryan Dunn
  • Wee Man
  • Preston Lacy
  • Dave England
  • "Danger Ehren" McGhehey
CinematographyDimitry Elyashkevich
Lance Bangs[1]
Edited by
  • Seth Casriel
  • Matthew Probst
  • Matthew Kosinski
Music bySam Spiegel
Distributed byParamount Pictures[1]
Release date
  • October 15, 2010 (2010-10-15)
Running time
94 minutes[1]
CountryUnited States[1]
Budget$20 million[2][3]
Box office$171.7 million[3]

Jackass 3D (known as Jackass 3 on home media) is a 2010 American 3D reality slapstick comedy film and the third film in the Jackass film series. It was directed by Jeff Tremaine, who produced with Johnny Knoxville and Spike Jonze. The film stars Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Steve-O, Jason "Wee Man" Acuña, Preston Lacy, Ehren McGhehey, Dave England, and Chris Pontius. This is the last Jackass film to feature Dunn before his death in 2011 and Margera before his departure in 2021. This is also the last Jackass film to feature a guest appearance by Rip Taylor, who died in October 2019.

Paramount Pictures released the film on October 15, 2010, to American theaters and marked the 10th anniversary of the franchise, which started in 2000. Jackass 3D earned $171.7 million on a $20 million budget. The DVD and Blu-ray versions of Jackass 3D were released on March 8, 2011, in three different versions.

A separate movie titled Jackass 3.5 was released on June 14, 2011. A fourth film, titled Jackass Forever, is scheduled to be released on February 4, 2022.[4]


Beavis and Butt-Head open the film by explaining 3D technology. The opening sequence features the members lining up, standing in each color of the rainbow while an opera version of the Jackass theme song "Corona" plays. Then each member does small stunts by various objects in slow-motion. The opening sequence, as well as many of the stunts, were filmed with Phantom high speed cameras which shoot at 1,000 frames per second.

List of stunts:

  1. The High Five - Johnny Knoxville and Wee-Man prank Ryan Dunn, Ehren McGhehey and Bam Margera as they are walking through a doorway with a huge spring-loaded hand knocking them down.
  2. The Jet Ski - Johnny Knoxville rides a jet-ski onto a ramp and flies up in the air, landing on a grass field.
  3. Tee Ball - Steve-O gets hit in the genitals by a baseball.
  4. Bungee Boogie - Dave England, Bam Margera, Ehren McGhehey and Ryan Dunn slingshot themselves into a pool while riding surfboards, roller skates, skateboards and wheelbarrows.
  5. Rocky - Bam Margera throws water and punches Brandon Novak in the face.
  6. Beehive Tetherball - Steve-O and Dave England play tether ball with an hive of Africanized bees as a ball.
  7. Jet Engine - Members catch footballs, serve food and urinate among other stunts in front of a jet plane engine.
  8. Would You Mind Watching My Dog? - Preston Lacy walks into a convenience store after asking a man on the street to watch his dog. Wee-Man walks out of the convenience store with the same clothes and walks off with the dog.
  9. Roller Buffalo - Johnny Knoxville roller skates through a buffalo ranch.
  10. Poo Volcano - Dave England's butt is in the center of a miniature forest and is shooting up feces symbolizing a volcano.
  11. Midget Bar Fight - Wee-Man has a bar fight with other characters the same size as him, such as gangsters, policemen and paramedics.
  12. Porta Potty Cleanser Bomb - Ryan Dunn walks into a porta potty and gets covered by a blue odor-cleansing biocide.
  13. Electric Avenue - The members dress as prisoners and sprint through a gauntlet of stun guns to get to freedom.
  14. The Field Goal - Josh Brown kicks a football towards Preston Lacy's face.
  15. Super Mighty Glue - Bam Margera glues his hands to his dad Phil's chest and Preston Lacy's chest and rips off their chest hairs. Ryan Dunn glues his butt to Phil's back while Bam Margera's glued hand is holding Ryan's beard. Wee-Man and Preston Lacy glue their bodies together in a 69 position.
  16. Dildo Bazooka - A dildo is shot from a gun and filmed in slow motion.
  17. Boom Boom Pow - Johnny Knoxville's grandpa character Irving Zisman has a public prank/dance montage featuring other cast members.
  18. Scooter Shop - Irving Zisman is in a scooter shop with his grandson (played by Jack Polick) and rides one for display out the window, breaking it.
  19. Pontius the Barbarian - Chris Pontius' chin (dressed up as a barbarian) faces off against scorpions.
  20. Pilates Sling Shot - Johnny Knoxville gets hit by an exercise ball flung by a slingshot.
  21. Sweatsuit Cocktail - Preston Lacy is exercising while covered in a bag that is connected to a tube pouring down the sweat into a cup. When Preston is finished, Steve-O drinks the cup.
  22. The Christmas Tree - Johnny Knoxville and Jukka Hildén are on the top of a large spruce as it is being chopped down by Jarppi Leppälä.
  23. Pin The Tail on the Donkey - Ehren McGhehey plays the game with a real donkey.
  24. Rocky 2 - Bam Margera throws water and punches Preston Lacy in the face.
  25. The Blindside - Erik Ainge and Jared Allen play football against Johnny Knoxville, Wee Man and Preston Lacy.
  26. Will the Farter - Fart party tricks.
  27. Bad Dog - A dog bites Johnny Knoxville's butt.
  28. Helicockter - An RC helicopter is tied to Chris Pontius' penis.
  29. "Yo Novak" - Bam Margera surprises Brandon Novak with a slingshotted ball to the face.
  30. Snake River Redemption - Ryan Dunn jumps a motorcycle over a river for the first time.
  31. Apple of My Ass - A pig eats an apple out of Preston Lacy's anus.
  32. Porta Potty Cleanser Bomb 2 - Dave England walks into a porta-potty and gets covered by a blue odor-cleansing biocide.
  33. Duck Hunting - Andy Bell and Street Bike Tommy fall onto an inflatable water mat while "ducks" Steve-O, Parks Bonifay and Ryan Dunn lie on it, getting high up in the air and landing in the water. Meanwhile, the other members have paintball guns shooting at them.
  34. Shopping Cart Snow Ramp - Ehren McGhehey rides an enhanced shopping cart with skis down a snow hill while in a fat suit.
  35. Really Bad Grandpa - Street prank where Irving Zisman and his granddaughter (played by Angie Simms) are kissing on the street until his wife confronts him.
  36. Rocky 3 - Bam Margera throws water and punches Rick Kosick in the face.
  37. The Ram Jam - Steve-O and Ryan Dunn play brass instruments while a male sheep rams into them.
  38. Buckethead Golf - Johnny Knoxville putts a golf ball to the wall making it bounce back and hit his adam's apple.
  39. Lamborghini Tooth Pull - Ehren McGhehey's tooth is tied to Bam Margera's Lamborghini as it speeds away.
  40. Pissed On - Bam Margera stealthily urinates on Preston Lacy, Steve-O, executive producer Trip Taylor, Wee Man, Ehren McGhehey, cameraman Lance Bangs and director Jeff Tremaine.
  41. Hotel Gorilla - Bam Margera's parents April and Phil check into their hotel room to find a gorilla (Chris Pontius) and the trainer (Will Oldham) trying to calm him down.
  42. Will the Farter's Soap Bubble - Wee Man licks a soap bubble blown from a rectum.
  43. The Invisible Man - Johnny Knoxville is camouflage-painted to match the background of a drawing while a bull is attacking him.
  44. Snake Pit - Bam Margera is about to do Rocky 4 on Jeff Tremaine but falls into a covered trap pit with rubber snakes. The crew later throws real snakes into the pit.
  45. Baseball Dick - Chris Pontius' penis swings at a mini baseball and hits.
  46. Poo Cocktail Supreme - Steve-O is inside a feces-filled porta-potty that's hooked to two tall cranes with bungee cords making the porta-potty fly up and down.

The closing skit is done in a similar fashion as the introduction, but uses explosions as objects are thrown at the cast to the tune of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. After the explosions are finished, the cast members are flushed away by a wave pool. As in the past two Jackass films, comedian Rip Taylor makes an appearance before the credits roll, celebrating the end of the film in overly dramatic fashion. As the ending credits play, a retrospective is shown with clips from the original show along with old photographs of cast and crew set to Weezer's "Memories", the film's single. Knoxville's daughter, Madison, is also seen in the ending credits, joining in on the prank fun.


The entire cast from the previous movies returned for the third movie, with the notable exceptions of former Jackass mainstays Brandon DiCamillo and Raab Himself.

Guest appearances:

As in the past films and the show, crew members Jeff Tremaine, Spike Jonze, Rick Kosick, Lance Bangs, Dimitry Elyashkevich, Sean Cliver, Greg Iguchi and Trip Taylor along with Seth Meisterman, make an appearance in the movie. Knoxville's daughter Madison and son Rocko are shown in the credits.


In December 2009, director Jeff Tremaine began doing camera tests with the 3D equipment.[7] In that same month, Johnny Knoxville announced the return of the entire cast of the previous two movies.[8] According to Deadline Hollywood, a stunt called "The Heli-cockter" was filmed and shown to Paramount executives in its 3D format to greenlight the project.[9] Chris Pontius tethered a remote control-operated helicopter to his penis, and grinned while he swung it around.[9]

Filming of the stunts began on January 25, 2010,[10][11][12] Tremaine filmed the crew on private property unlike the traditional Jackass fashion of filming in the streets (although in the film, several skits/pranks were shot in public),[13] and it includes "occasional forays to foreign countries."[14] Bam Margera told the Artisan News Service that the movie was 70% done and half the crew had been to the hospital with Margera having "three broken ribs and a broken shoulder and a twisted ankle as we speak."[15] During filming, recurring guest cast member Loomis Fall suffered a compound fracture of his clavicle after an improper landing during a stunt involving an umbrella and a jet engine.

On the subject of the stunts, director Jeff Tremaine said he was aiming to revamp most of the old stunts from the original show into the movie (example: the "Poo Cocktail Supreme" is based on a stunt originally done by Knoxville on the television show).[16] The stunt, "The Lamborghini Tooth Pull" was originally shot for Jackass Number Two with Margera's uncle, Vincent Margera (also known as Don Vito) but after Margera's arrest back in 2006, the stunt was pulled from the final cut of the movie and was not shown in Jackass 2.5, so it was re-shot with Ehren McGhehey for this film, and the elder Margera was declared persona non grata among the cast and crew for a time.

In April 2010, JackassWorld.com was closed, leaving a posting that said "gone filmin'," and "Thanks for the support the past two years. To keep abreast and adick of all things related to the world of jackass and Dickhouse (including the currently in production flick jackass 3D), follow us on Facebook and Twitter."[17] In an interview with Rick Kosick, he revealed that JackassWorld.com will no longer be a web site after the movie releases.[18] Despite this, it was relaunched as the main website for Dickhouse Productions.

Cameraman Lance Bangs explains the transition from television to cinema screen: "It's utterly crazy. Everything in 3-D looks as brightly colored as candy. I'm a cameraman on it, and it's amazing to watch the footage being turned 3-D, like watching everything through a viewfinder." He later went on to say, "I thought I was above peer pressure, but there's such camaraderie. I took part in a few stunts and ended up humiliated and hurt — me, the poetic film-maker friend of Spike Jonze."[14]

In late May 2010, Knoxville stated that Steve-O's sobriety was at its best and, "[t]here is no beer on set this time around even if some of us wish there was." He also said, "And to be honest it's going great. Everyone has had different injuries throughout which is a good sign and Steve-O is probably getting the best footage out of everybody. He is really going for it. He wants to prove to everyone he can do these stunts sober. It's been two years since he had a drink now. Everyone has been real supportive of him."[19]

At the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, Tremaine said filming was nearly finished but they had not shot internationally yet but intended to shoot "a couple of bits".[20]

An injury to cast member Bam Margera forced a rewrite for the beginning of the movie.[21] On June 12, 2010, Margera was beaten on the head with a bat by a 59-year-old African-American woman outside of his bar, The Note. The woman alleged Bam called her a "nigger" and that she was offended, but did not hit him. When Margera was approached by TMZ two days after the incident, he told them he "never used the n-word" and that "[the lady] attacked me times before". He explained:

I was internally bleeding in the brain for two days and they wouldn't let me leave the hospital. I was like, 'I need to go to Los Angeles in six hours to go finish Jackass.' We start tomorrow and I'm supposed to get hit in the head and now I can't because of her.[22]

Margera added in the same interview that the opening sequence is being shot with Phantom high speed cameras, which record at 1,000 frames per second to produce hyper-slow motion, similar to the opening sequence of Zombieland.[22] Appropriately, make-up effects designer Tony Gardner, creator of the zombie hordes for Zombieland, was a designer for all of the Jackass films.


Critical response[edit]

Rotten Tomatoes gives the film an approval rating of 65% based on 110 reviews, and an average rating of 5.9/10. The website's critical consensus reads: "The Jackass gang might be running out of gross-out stunts, but this installment contains plenty of brilliantly brain-dead comedy – and the 3-D adds a pungent new dimension."[23] Metacritic gives the film a weighted average score of 56 out of 100, based on 23 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[24] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B+" on an A+ to F scale.[25]

Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a B grade. He notes that the audience wants to see Knoxville and the boys top themselves, and ultimately they achieve that. Gleiberman described the 3D as "the usual big nothing" and fails entirely to make the film any more disgusting.[26] Washington Post critic Dan Kois described the film as "a touching ode to male friendship at its most primal" and describes the atmosphere as one of "infectious bonhomie". He sarcastically asks viewers if they are "highbrow" enough for Jackass 3D. He notes the apprehension of the performers before the stunts is nearly as exciting as the stunts themselves. Kois shows his appreciation not just for the stunts but also the way in which they are repeated in slow motion. He gives the film 3/4 stars.[27] Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune criticizes the film describing it as "reductive, insanely violent slapstick" but he accepts that is the idea.[28] Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel complains that the performers "aren't getting better, they're getting older" and the stunts that were cute ten years ago now seem forced and a little desperate.[29]

Box office[edit]

Jackass 3D earned $117.2 million in North America, and $53.1 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $170.3 million.[3] It is the highest-grossing film of the series worldwide and separately in North America and overseas.[30]

In the United States, the film had a record opening day for a fall release movie ($22 million), and posted a record October midnight opening ($2.5 million).[31] It then held the record for the highest opening weekend gross in the month of October as well as the Fall season ($50.4 million) for one year until Paranormal Activity 3 claimed it in 2011 with a weekend gross of $52.6 million.[32] Based on early outperforming predictions it would earn $30 million.[2] It marked the highest-grossing opening weekend of the franchise, ahead of Jackass: The Movie ($22.8 million) and Jackass Number Two ($29 million). 3D accounted for a whopping 90% of its opening weekend gross; however, it still improved on the attendance of its predecessors.[33] It then earned $65.6 million in its first week, which marked the largest Fall opening week of all time.[34] It closed in theaters on January 20, 2011, with $117.2 million.[35] The film made more overseas than both its predecessors combined.[30] Its highest-grossing country, outside North America, was Australia ($9.9 million).[36]

Home media[edit]

The DVD and Blu-ray versions of Jackass 3D were released on March 8, 2011 in three different versions. The first version is a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack with a digital copy; the second is a limited-edition two-disc DVD pack, and the third copy is a single-disc DVD. The special features on the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack include 11 deleted scenes and 29 outtakes, while the DVD versions include 2 deleted scenes and 5 outtakes. All versions include the MTV making-of special and a trailer.[37] With the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and the limited edition two-disc DVD pack, the second disc includes an anaglyphic 3D version of the movie (four pairs of glasses were provided). No true Blu-ray 3D version has been made available to date.[38] Jackass 3D is exclusively available for rent on 3DTVs which support the 3DGO! streaming app.

Jackass 3.5[edit]

Jackass 3.5
Directed byJeff Tremaine
Written byJeff Tremaine
Johnny Knoxville
Bam Margera
Chris Pontius
Ryan Dunn
Jason "Wee Man" Acuña
Preston Lacy[1]
Danger Ehren McGhehey
Dave England
Spike Jonze
Loomis Fall
Barry Owen Smoler
The Dudesons
Dave Carnie
Mike Kassak
Madison Clapp
Knate Gwaltney
Derek Freda
Trip Taylor
Sean Cliver
Dimitry Elyashkevich
Lance Bangs
J.P. Blackmon
Rick Kosick
Based onJackass
by Johnny Knoxville
Spike Jonze
Jeff Tremaine
Produced byJeff Tremaine
Spike Jonze
Johnny Knoxville
StarringJohnny Knoxville
Bam Margera
Preston Lacy
Danger Ehren
Wee Man
Ryan Dunn
Chris Pontius
Dave England
CinematographyLance Bangs
Dimitry Elyashkevich
Rick Kosick
Edited bySeth Casriel
Matthew Kosinski
Matthew Probst
Music byPlastic Bertrand
Sam Spiegel
Dickhouse Productions
Distributed byParamount Home Entertainment
Release date
  • June 9, 2011 (2011-06-09)
Running time
84 minutes
CountryUnited States

Jackass 3.5 is a 2011 sequel to Jackass 3D, composed of unused footage shot during the filming of Jackass 3D and interviews from cast and crew (similar to Jackass 2.5).[39] The film was compiled from outtakes shot during the making of the third film and released in weekly installments on Joost from April 1 through June 13, 2011.[40] The first trailer was originally released online on January 27, 2011 and the feature-length movie was released on Blu-ray and DVD on June 14, 2011, nearly a week before Ryan Dunn's death.[41]

Added stunts include:

  1. Alligator Snapping Turtle - Steve-O gets bit on his ass by an alligator snapping turtle.
  2. Fat Fuck Fall Down - Bam Margera hangs on to a branch on a tree in a fat suit, he lets go of the branch and falls crotch-first onto a lower branch into the snow.
  3. Barrel Surfing - Chris Pontius, Steve-O, Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn take turns surfing on barrels downhill.
  4. Chair Kick - Bam Margera kicks the hind leg of the chair Ryan Dunn is sitting on, cinematographer Dimitry Elyashkevich then does the same to Bam.
  5. Snapping Turtle on a Stick - Johnny Knoxville has a snapping turtle taped on a stick and he tries to get it to bite Ehren McGhehey.
  6. Ghetto Defibrillators - Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn wake up Ehren McGhehey by shocking him with defibrillators.
  7. Fight - Ehren McGhehey tries to get even with Bam Margera, but he fails and they end up fighting each other.
  8. Miniature Cannon - Johnny Knoxville shoots Loomis Fall and Ehren McGhehey on their ass with a miniature cannon.
  9. Slip N' Bowl - Street Bike Tommy goes down a slide dressed as a bowling ball while the rest of the guys, excluding Johnny Knoxville, stand in his way dressed pins. Meanwhile, Knoxville shoots the guys with paintballs from an RC helicopter.
  10. Rocket Ass - Bam Margera gets hit on his ass by a dildo rocket.
  11. Magna Goggles - The guys attempt various stunts while wearing binoculars, such as hammering a nail, trying to catch a football and running on chairs.
  12. Snow Tubing - The guys perform various stunts in the snow with The Dudesons.
  13. The Blowback - Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn run into a wooden pole while holding a long stick on either side. Dunn later attempts this with Johnny Knoxville.
  14. Doo Doo Falls - Brandon Novak goes down a ramp on a toilet.
  15. Kissing Booth - Preston Lacy gets hit on his head with a ball attached to bungee cord by Mark Zupan.
  16. Tennis Balls - Johnny Knoxville throws a tennis ball at Wee Man's testicles from behind in super slow-motion.
  17. Paint Balloons - Dave England gets balloons filled with paint thrown at him in super slow-motion.
  18. Going Fishing - Johnny Knoxville hits Ehren McGhehey on his head and genitals with a fish.
  19. Drywall Drop In - Bam Margera drops in on a ramp with a skateboard and smashes through four drywalls.
  20. Bareback Base Jump - Dave England jumps off the back of a sprinting horse with Judd Leffew.
  21. Tennis Ball Nut Shot - Bam Margera hits a tennis ball on Ryan Dunn's genitals.
  22. Bombs Away - The guys mix cola and peppermint candies together, they throw the bottles on the ground creating cola explosions and causing the bottles to fly in all directions at high speed.
  23. Invisible Wee - Wee Man scares Branon Novak as he is camouflage-painted in the hallway. Ryan Dunn proceeds to shock Wee Man with a cattle prod.
  24. Belt Sander Skates - Branon Novak uses belt sanders to try to roller skate with them.
  25. Fat Kathy - Spike Jonze is dressed as a fat old lady named Kathy, he goes on to pull pranks in public.
  26. Double Flying Head Kick - Bam Margera kicks Dave England in his left shoulder with both feet, later Dave gets his revenge by kicking Bam in the head with two feet.
  27. Enema Long Jump - Ehren McGhehey, Chris Pontius, Steve-O and Dave England insert two enemas each and then they go long jumping.
  28. Treadmill Shit Show - The guys perform various stunts with skateboards and treadmills.
  29. Human Cheetah - Wee Man gets shot on his body by paintballs, with the bruises leaving spots everywhere resembling a cheetah.
  30. Winter Fat Fucks - Ryan Dunn, Dave England, Bam Margera and Erik Roner go snowboarding, skiing and tubing while in a fat suit.
  31. The Yoga Ball - Wee Man goes inside a bullring with a yoga ball as a bull charges towards him.
  32. Flaming Gauntlet - Steve-O walks on a balance beam above fire while lit sandbags are swinging at him.
  33. Woodpecker - Chris Pontius gets pecked on his penis by a woodpecker.
  34. Dildo Bazooka - Brandon Novak gets shot on his ass by a dildo bazooka.
  35. Flying Nut High Five - Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn attempt to knock their nuts together in mid air.
  36. Moto Base Jump - Dave England and Andy Bell base jump off of a high speed motorbike while airborne.
  37. Ball Way - The guys attempt to surf in a hallway full of balls.
  38. Electric Limbo - Johnny Knoxville, Wee Man, Loomis Fall and Dave England attempt to go under a charged limbo bar. Steve-O later licks the bar.
  39. Penis Costume - Chris Pontius performs stunts which involve his penis dressed in a mouse costume, such as putting his penis in a rat trap and having a cat "play" with it.
  40. Triple Train Horn - Johnny Knoxville scares Priya Swaminathan with a hidden triple train horn in her office.
  41. Rat Zapper - Steve-O gets his testicles electrocuted by an electric rat trap.
  42. Changed Sunscreen - Ryan Dunn and Bam Margera prank Johnny Knoxville by putting horse semen in his prescription lotion.
  43. Fart Darts - Will the Farter farts darts out of his ass with a dart gun at Steve-O's face.
  44. Basketball Nut Shots - The guys throw basketballs at each other's genitals from a great distance.

In describing the sequel in an interview conducted prior to Jackass 3D's theatrical release, Johnny Knoxville said, "We shot two movies worth of material."[42][43] Originally, Knoxville said the film might be ready for a Christmas 2010 DVD release,[44] but it was reported in late October that the film would not be released until after Christmas.[45]

The television premiere for Jackass 3.5 was June 9 on MTV, which was followed by an encore on MTV2 on June 10. Notably, it was shown on November 28, 2011 after the Tribute to Ryan Dunn on MTV.[46]

The DVD was released in Australia on August 3 as part of an eight-disc box-set which also includes the other movies, all three volumes of the television series and the Lost Tapes. The film was released as a separate disc on September 1. The set was also published in the United States & Canada


In March 2012, Johnny Knoxville discussed the possibility of a fourth film, saying "we're keeping our mind open" and "I've got 50–60 ideas on top of all the stuff we didn't get to shoot."[47] Then in June 2012, it was reported Paramount "registered several domains for a film that would be called Bad Grandpa."[48]

During Bam Margera's September 18, 2012 interview on The Howard Stern Show about Jackass he said: "There's going to be a whole movie about Knoxville's grandpa character."

Bad Grandpa was officially announced in July 2013 and released on October 25, 2013,[49] exactly 11 years after the release of the first film. The film was dedicated to cast member Ryan Dunn who died in 2011 following a fatal car crash.


Jackass 3D: Music from the Motion Picture
Soundtrack album by
various artists
ReleasedOctober 25, 2010 (2010-10-25)
GenrePunk, metal, country, folk
Jackass soundtrack chronology
Jackass Number Two: Music from the Motion Picture
Jackass 3D: Music from the Motion Picture
Singles from Jackass 3D: Music from the Motion Picture
  1. "Memories"
    Released: August 10, 2010
  2. "Afterworld"
    Released: September 29, 2010

Jackass 3D: Music from the Motion Picture was released via a link to Punknews.org on the official Jackass Facebook page. Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs returns again to contribute toward the soundtrack (like Jackass Number Two).[50]

In August 2010, Rivers Cuomo confirmed that the song "Memories" performed by Weezer will be featured in the film.[51]

CKY also announced that they created an exclusive track for the movie titled, "Afterworld". The single was released on September 30, 2010.[52]

  1. "Corona" (Jackass Opera Mix) by Squeak E. Clean
  2. "The Kids Are Back" by Twisted Sister
  3. "If You're Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough" by Karen O
  4. "Memories" by Weezer
  5. "Party in My Pants" by Roger Alan Wade
  6. "Invisible Man" by Smut Peddlers
  7. "I'm Shakin'" by The Blasters
  8. "I Got Your Number" by Cock Sparrer
  9. "You Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd" by Roger Miller
  10. "Been Blown to Shreds" by Sassafras
  11. "Brand New Key" by Melanie
  12. "Alcohol" by Gang Green
  13. "Afterworld" by CKY


  1. ^ Stevie Lee, 54, American professional wrestler and actor (Puppet the Psycho Dwarf, The Babe, Oz the Great and Powerful ) who died on September 12, 2020.[5][6]


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