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  • As Emily and Victoria grieve, David springs into action to protect his loved ones.

  • Daniel was fatally shot by Kate, shielding Emily, who dragged her down in a fatal fall. David warns her mob father Malcolm Black won't rest until everybody present and their loved-ones are savagely slaughtered, so Jack and Nolan work out how to stage Daniel being shot in self-defense by Emily, while David dumps the corpse. Victoria plays along reluctantly, rather then joining Margaux's quest for vengeance except by banning Emily from the funeral, but despite Ben's professional interest, Emily is officially cleared. Nolan thinks he erased all clues while David set up arrival cartel in Miami, but his guest Louise snooped in Kate's evacuated belongings, for Victoria. Malcolm arrives posing as FBI agent and kills police chief Edward Alvarez who found him out.


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  • We pick up where we left off before the holiday break: The aftermath of Daniel being shot. Very quickly David convinces everyone that if Taylor's father Malcolm Black discovers Jack was responsible for her death they will all be tortured and killed. Therefore the plan is to manipulate the crime scene.

    Hunter and the police arrive and examine the evidence. Emily's story for investigators is that Daniel attacked her and she shot him. Taylor is removed from the scene. Emily makes a glaring mistake in her recounting of what happened and Hunter notices.

    The grieving Victoria isn't happy about the way her just-deceased son is being portrayed. David convinces her that if they tell the truth they'll all be killed by Black.

    Hunter makes it clear to Jack he suspects something's fishy with Emily's story.

    Nolan was given Taylor's phone and has been able to get the FAA locater info for Black's private planes. Nolan then sent the phone to Florida. He's also managed to fudge some of the electronic data to make it appear she was texting her father from Miami. One of Black's planes is being prepped for takeoff.

    Victoria continues to threaten that she'll make the truth of Daniel's death public. To protect all involved he brings her to Emily's place so she can keep an eye Victoria.

    Nolan and Jack clean up Taylor's hotel room. He's struggling with having had to kill someone with whom he had a relationship.

    Margot drops by to see Victoria. She's convinced Emily killed Daniel and is going to the police. She thinks Daniel was far too happy to have attacked her. Victoria manages not to spill the beans.

    Alvarez pulls over David. The chief is suspicious, but David's already disposed of Taylor's body.

    Louise brings Victoria some food and has kind words to say about Daniel. Victoria perks up when she learns Louise is staying with Nolan. Later, while Nolan is occupied on the phone, she goes into one of his files and takes a card.

    Against Jack's wishes Emily goes to the police station to answer more questions. He's worried her story will fall apart. But Emily performs well during Hunter's questioning.

    To everyone's relief Black's plane appears to be headed for Miami. David says he's informed some of Black's enemies in the drug trafficking world that he's headed down there.

    Margot confronts Emily, furious that Emily will not be named a suspect. Daniel's death is officially being ruled self-defense. She doesn't buy it and vows to dedicate her life to get revenge. Her first step is refusing to allow Emily to attend Daniel's funeral.

    David reveals to Emily that he'd been planning to kill Victoria.

    Jack is asking for some time off. He tells Hunter he hasn't been doing well recently after Taylor's death and needs a few days.

    Emily's forced to observe Daniel's funeral from afar. Afterwards Victoria tells Louise to destroy the envelope she found. "That we can hope for more funerals." Nolan has heard that an "unidentified arms dealer" was killed down in Miami.

    The episode ends with an FBI agent approaching Alvarez. He says he's looking into Taylor, who has disappeared. When Alvarez notices that the agent's vehicle doesn't have government tags, the man sticks a knife in Alvarez' throat. Black has arrived.

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