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777 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver, BC V6B 4Y8

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  • Beeryani Indian Bistro & Bar

    (604) 609-9999

    1184 Denman Street

    West End

    Vegetarian friendly
    Happy hour specials
    • Delivery


      Outdoor Seating

    “I've tried a lot of Indian restaurants in Vancouver, but this might be my favorite! Beeryani is a new Indian spot on Denman. It's a bit tricky to find since it's located upstairs,…” more

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  • MILA Plant-Based

    185 Keefer Street


    • Opened 4 weeks ago

    • 0.9 km

    Offers reservations

  • Do Chay Saigon Vegetarian

    (778) 379-2939

    1269 Hamilton Street


    • Opened 5 weeks ago

    • 0.9 km

  • Tokyo Katsu-Sand

    725 W Georgia St


    • Opened 3 weeks ago

    • 0.8 km

  • Phnom Penh

    (604) 682-5777

    244 E Georgia Street


    • 1.0 km

    • Takeout

    “A must try if you are ever in Vancouver and craving for some Vietnamese/Cambodian food. Parking is metered and be a bit difficult during peak hours. I got here around 11AM on a Monday and waited about 15 minutes for a table for two. We shared the butter beef and small fried chicken wings with a…” more

  • Fritz European Fry House

    (604) 684-0811

    718 Davie Street

    Granville Entertainment District

    • 1.1 km

    “Best Poutine in all of Vancouver. If you are a tourist visiting Vancouver from outside the country, then this is where I would send you for an authentic taste of Canadian Poutine. Not to mention, the vegan and dairy free options somehow still taste phenomenal. On top of that all, you are given a…” more

  • Sashimiya

    (604) 689-0088

    1348 Hornby Street


    • Opened 4 weeks ago

    • 1.4 km

  • Manoush’eh

    (604) 440-4402

    620 Davie Street

    Granville Entertainment District

    • 1.0 km

    • Delivery


    “Love their pies ! My fav is the sjouk and labneh! Staff is very friendly and helpful.” more

  • Calabash Bistro

    (604) 568-5882

    428 Carrall Street

    Downtown Eastside

    • 0.7 km

    • Delivery

    “Calabash Bistro's slogan is, "Not just the place to eat, but the place to be", and I couldn't have said it better myself. Calabash ticks all the boxes to a spectacular dining experience: the food delivers on bold flavours and stuns in presentation; the staff are exceptionally warm, attentive, and…” more

  • Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba

    (604) 559-8872

    551 Seymour Street


    • 0.8 km

    • Takeout

    “It's a pretty spacious establishment with tons of seating but it was still packed on a Saturday afternoon. We were seated within 10 minutes. Ordered the tonkotsu ramen and it took another 10 minutes before we got our order. Very delicious bowl of ramen. I rarely finish the broth because things get…” more

  • Pastificio Di Luigi

    (604) 687-9887

    1049 W Cordova Street


    • 1.3 km

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