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Meaning of respect in English

Examples of respect

Qualitative and quantitative measures of the business environment are statistically strongly and significantly correlated with respect to their effects on business performance (ibid.).
Thus, there is a qualitative difference between the outcome of language contact with respect to at least one point: the past participles.
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This implies that a weak solution is physically relevant with respect to both models at the same time.
The generating extension takes the values classified as static as parameters and returns the source program specialized with respect to these values.
Note that (2.19)is trivially satisfied a t i = 1, and thus it must be replaced with its derivative with respect to arclength.
The problem remains with respect to (6b) though.
The opposite direction of this implication, that is, the completeness of the logical relations with respect to contextual equivalence remains future work.
The stress of the developmental transition to young adulthood may, in par t, be defined with respect to new roles.
In this respect the building's technical failings have disappointed the client and many users.
The authors' grading scheme is telling in this respect.
Patients assigned to the ' generalized eating disorder ' cluster were rated as having more severe symptoms in almost every respect except weight.
If they are reasons to respect one's children, then they apply only to people who have children.
In other respects, however, the data are less than convincing and do not allow a straightforward inter pretation.
According to this view one tends to perceive selfmotion primarily with respect to a visual reference frame.
They all gained some position of status, never mind how, sufficient to win the respect of the general public.
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Translations of respect

in Chinese (Traditional)
欽佩, 敬重, 尊重…
in Chinese (Simplified)
钦佩, 敬重, 尊重…
in Spanish
respeto, admiración, admirar…
in Portuguese
respeito, respeitar…
in more languages
in Japanese
in French
in Catalan
in Arabic
in Czech
in Danish
in Indonesian
in Thai
in Vietnamese
in Malay
in German
in Norwegian
in Korean
in Italian
礼儀正しさ, 丁寧さ, 尊敬…
respect [masculine], estime [feminine], respecter…
respecte, admiració, admirar…
اِحْتِرام, احتِرام, يَحْتَرِم…
obdiv, respekt, úcta…
agtelse, respekt, henseende…
rasa hormat, segi, mengagumi…
ความนับถือ, ความเคารพ, ประเด็น…
sự kính trọng, sự lưu tâm, khía cạnh…
rasa hormat, hormat, sifat…
die Achtung, der Respekt, die Hinsicht…
respekt [masculine], respektere, ta hensyn…
존경, 정중, 존경하다…
rispetto, rispettare, aspetto…
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