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Resident Evil 5 on Wii "possible"

"Capcom had an online Q&A for their upcoming Wii exclusive Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Product manager Matt Dahlgren took questions by fans of the title looking for more information. This eventually led to the question of whether or not the Wii would see a Resident Evil 5 port.

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Product3962d ago

Although this would be great for Wii owners and fans of the series, a RE4 style game made from the ground up on Wii would be even better.

O2_Addict3962d ago

If there is any they'll do it.

buckethead_9113962d ago

Capcom said that the Wii couldn't even handle the menu screen of RE5 so It'll be interesting to see how the menus look like.

n4f3962d ago

it easy no menu
off topic: i didnt like re5 so im one the few that wont buy if there is a port sorry

sikbeta3962d ago

If Ativision make a port MW2, Capcom can gimped down the game to make it run on the wii, so it's possible

ZoidsRaven3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Same here. -_-
I mean.......... "Weasker children"!?
In my opinion. Capcom F'd up big time, with Resident evil.... They turned Resident Evil into Gears of war..


BTW: What the f##k happened to Chris? Was he workig out TOO much for his own good, or did Capcom give him some fresh hot steroids? 7_7

EDIT: @Beta: I believe Resident Evil 4 is longer than Resident evil 5, if Capcom is talking about graphics. Then the Wii should pull it off without a problem.

Activision are just lazy hypercrits for B!tching about making games on the weakest console this gen, when they had no problem making games for last gen's weakest console. (PS2)

matey3961d ago

if a ground up re on the gamecube was the best re to date u would think they wouldnt even dream of doing the game on anything other than wii thats where they made there mistake there talking of doing re5 port they should be talking about re6 on wii exclusive the game flopped on the 360 full stop the game got bad reviews if they expanded on every aspect of the gamecube engine totally rebuilt the engine for the more powerful wii they would have made a classic RE game but this is a pure example of devs prefer to make the games in HD when RE4 wasnt HD and had some of the best graphics to date if u ask me so imagine WHAT THEY COULD HAVE DONE ON THE WII THEY DIDNT NEED CAVIA TO DO THEM GRAPHICS ON DARKSIDE CHRONICLES TO KNOW THAT THE WII COULD HANDLE RE5 THEY JUST HAD TO LOOK AT RE4 ON THE GAMECUBE AS FACTOR 5 WOULD SAY LOOK AT THE BEST GAMECUBE OFFERED AND AT LEAST DOUBLE THAT OR TRIPLE IT IN TERMS OF GRAPHICS GAMEPLAY EASY CPCOM NEW ALL ALONG SAME WITH ALL DEVS THEY KNOW WII CAN HANDLE HIGH HIGH END GRAPHICS JUST DONT WANT TO CONFUSE ALL THEM SAD 360 OWNERS

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SpoonyRedMage3962d ago

Well they are adapting the MT Frameworks engine to run on the Wii as well so the Wii could get the multiplatforms games from now on.

YLOD Service Tech3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

With all the visual settings turned way down. Heck, sound quality too.

ChickeyCantor3962d ago

YLOD as that may be, the controls go up in quality.
And really Re4:Wii kicks the sh/t out of both GCN and Ps2 version.

Goomba123962d ago

I don't even care if it's a port at this point. RE4 on Wii was so good to control. Makes you wonder why there hasn't been a third person shooter made for Wii yet outside of this title.

Smacktard3962d ago

Keep RE5, thanks. It was bad and I don't want it.

ape0073962d ago

but still nothing compared to the legend that is resi4

mikami team need to get back and do a resi6,a true sequel to the legendary GC\ps2 classics

Jun Takeuchi team isn't as skillful,it has that bland lost planet design feel to it,it wasn't memorable,while my heart just pump everytime I remember the breath taking places,humor and adventures of resi4

game design is a gift,you have to be born with it

ico923962d ago

re5 wasnt terrible it just didn't have the "HOLY SH!T WOW” factor that re4 had it wasnt even scary , the game was missing the creepy atmosphere that re4 had, it was easier (i found re4 on easy to be harder than re5 on normal ) and this is where i get controversial ..i really wasnt amazed by the graphics , the story sucked as well really goofy dialogue.

PS360WII3962d ago

0.o that's an about face for Capcom. Didn't they say before RE5 came out that the Wii couldn't even run the title screen? Well if it does come to the Wii then we can at least confirm it'll be the best controlling version :)

LittleBigSackBoy3962d ago

IF it does get released on the Wii, it'll be a worse graphics version of the PS3 version with PS Wand.

EvilTwin3962d ago

RE4 was so much better with IR/pointer that I'd at least consider playing RE5 again with overhauled controls. Still would prefer a ground-up Wii game, but any good TPS would be nice. The system is starved for them.

PS360WII3962d ago

The odd thing with the wand is that you'd still have to use the dualshock but with one hand. Unless Sony makes a nunchuck addon as well. Still I'd take the better controls over the less jaggy version. Still own it on the PS3 though so I'd have to rebuy it lol

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