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Eyes of Mercy from the EP The Beast out July 17th 2020 on all platforms.

This is a short sampler from the show I played on my tour of Western Canada in January/February 2020. The Calgary Folk Club is probably the biggest and the best folk club I have ever come across, and with a great audience too.

Here is my Valentine’s Day song played to an audience in Elkford, British Columbia on my tour of Western Canada in February 2020.

The forest in Sweden is a dangerous place, it always has been. Not just because you can get lost, robbed or murdered, but because it is a place of temptation. Many tales were told about a beautiful woman you might meet on a lonely path, beware, it could be the spirit called Skogsrå who has seduced many a willing victim.

Live in Roskilde 2016: Ray Cooper live at Gimle, Roskilde. Trailer 2016. With MC Hansen and Jacob Chano. Filming By Jens Th


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