Kat Von D is arguably the most sought after tattoo artist in the world. Her waiting list at her own tattoo shop, High Voltage Tattoo, is so long she stopped taking appointments altogether just to get through her client list as it stands.

That's why she recommends, if you're just DYING to get tattooed at High Voltage, you should see one the shop's other talented artists. "I promise you won't regret it!" she writes in the shop's FAQ section.

But every artist has their own unique style, and that especially goes for the staff at this shop. Here's a rundown of every tattoo artist at Kat Von D's High Voltage Tattoo.

Carlos Aguilar

Styles & specialties: Black-and-gray, horror, hyperrealism
Instagram: @blackshadowstattoos
How to book: High Voltage profile

Khoi Nguyen

Styles & specialties: Anything and everything
Instagram: @saigonkicker
How to book: High Voltage profile

Pony Wave

Styles & specialties: Florals, geometrics, pointillism/stippling
Instagram: @ponywave
How to book: Contact ponywavetattoo@gmail.com

Nate Fierro

Styles & specialties: Traditional Japanese, neo-traditional American
Instagram: @natefierro
How to book: High Voltage profile

Kevin Lewis

Styles & specialties: Realism, portraits, sci-fi and horror
Instagram: @artofkevinlewis
How to book: Contact factory81@yahoo.com

Mikey Carrasco

Styles & specialties: Hyperrealism, portraits, black-and-gray, horror
Instagram: @mikeyctattoo
How to book: High Voltage profile

Adrian Gallegos

Styles & specialties: Realism, portraits, black-and-gray
Instagram: @sinister_apples
How to book: High Voltage profile

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