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Amsterdam Mamas group

Building a group means always having somewhere to turn to with people who understand what you're going through.

Emmy McCarthy

The YesTribe group

This group has made me believe in myself and helped me find the family I didn't even know I needed.

Dave Cornthwaite

Girl Gone International group

Groups give me a sense of belonging no matter where I am in the world.

Anne Scott

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Law School Memes for Edgy T14s
Law Memes for 3Ls, 2Ls, and those filthy 1Ls. ---------------------------------------------------- The Model Rules of LSMFET14s Professional Responsibility: (i) Definition(s): Meme: What is a meme? who the hell knows. We’re flexible on what a meme is or is not: Generally, we will keep a nonmemey post IF (a) the post is funny and law related then that’s ok or (b) if the post isn’t funny but it leads to hilarious comments or it spawns meta memes, then we are likely keeping it up. Edgy: Dank memes. (1) Don't be unreasonably assholish. It’s an internet meme group; snark comes with the territory. Just don’t be unreasonable about it. What’s unreasonable? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ figure it out. (2) Be culturally / socially aware. This means not making racist/sexist/ableist/etc memes/comments. Please report any offensive memes/comments. (a) Know your context and know your audience. This is the age of BLM and #MeToo. Sometimes even seemingly benign jokes can reinforce harmful stereotypes or attitudes / prejudices / actions, or they can be particularly hurtful in a given time period. For example, posting This Is America memes that make light of killing black people (even if this is not the explicit goal of the joke) or posting 2nd Amendment jokes after a mass shooting might not go over well. (b) Punch up, not down. In addition to being generally aware of your context, try to punch up (eg do make fun of Harvard for being elitist, don’t make fun of a school for being lower ranked). Not everyone in this group is in a T14 school, and being in a T14 doesn't mean shit. This group’s name is meant to be funny, not exclusive. All law students are welcome here (but Texas is on thin ice). All people are welcome here. (3) Admins and mods reserve the right to delete a post or ban anyone for any reason. (4) We r here 2 promote gay space communism. (5) Toilet humor is strictly prohibited unless it’s from Sadie Hillier (6) Be excellent to each other (7) Reposts from other pages/groups and posts with hyperlinks will generally not be accepted. Why? Because they tend to be low effort. Screenshot the article or post if you really want to share it. Notes of Meme Committee on Rules— 1 - 2 Note to Subdivision (b) This clause does not include jellyfish people. Even tho we said all people are welcome here that does not include jellyfish people. We do not want the medusozoa agenda on this meme page. ---------------------------------------------------- Fabulous Law Memes for Unsuppressible Fruity Queens [ ] is an offshoot meme group of LSMFET14S, and any law student/lawyer who identifies as LGBTQ is welcome! ---------------------------------------------------- Law School Housing Bank:
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Sounds weirdly specific but ok
RULES: 1. NSFW/CW/TW: ENTIRE GROUP. You may see bad things here. You probably will. BE PREPARED. If you find a post too offensive, report it to The Administration and consider blocking the member who posted it. Do not block The Administration. Any further use of warning on posts is at the discretion of the member posting. 2. NO QUESTION POSTS/AMAs/SELFIES HERE. Ask your weirdly specific questions/discourses/poll options to our spinoff group "@Sounds like a weirdly specific question but ok" or some other spinoff group in the “sounds like a weirdly specific… ” universe, or create your own group. 3. BE NICE & NO HATE SPEECH: While generally left-leaning in membership, this is primarily a humor group and has no explicit political affiliations. It will not necessarily be an echo chamber for any particular view (see Rule #3). Keep the politics out of it and the discourse at a minimum whenever possible. Posts, bait, and comments of a political nature will be deleted at the discretion of The Administration. HOWEVER being an blatant sexist, racist, alt-right nazi, MRA, or other such garbage in this group will still get you banned on sight. 4.DON'T BE A JERK: Disagreements are going to occur. Don't be a jerk. Consider walking away when possible. If you feel harassed/bullied or are bothered by someone not following the rules, tag The Administration and block the offending member(s) if need be. Tag the page or the mod team, or report the problematic posts/comments to the mods. 5. You may see good things here. Not every post is intended to be mocked/devalued for it's weirdly-specifiness. If you think your post may cause confusion, add context or be prepared to explain. You may see satire, and that is OK, as long as that satire is weirdly specific. 6. The Administration may delete frequent reposts, obvious bait, posts in explicit violation of Facebook rules, irrelevant stuff that are deemed not weirdly specific enough, or just really really bad. The Administration may decline posts, close commenting on threads (or dumpsterfires), or ban any member who spams, consistently breaks rules and also just because. 6. (invalid) T SHIRT TUESDAY (although we are quite bored of them) Please post your weirdly specific t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs on Tuesdays only. This way we don't get flooded with products, and the folks who enjoy them get a whole day of them! Weirdly specific question/survey/fact/poll/x posts, please go to the question group. 7. This is NOT: a selfie group, a serious support/advice group, a place to air your complaints or stir up drama regarding other groups, Ask Reddit, or a place to discuss your totally normal/boring personal habits. We do not care about your livestream, youtube channel, or music unless it is clearly weirdly specific.
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Science and Tech
Wild Plant & Mushroom Identification & Discussion
This group is a place where anything related to plants trees and mushrooms can be discussed with the exception of medicinal and active/hallucinogenic mushrooms and plants. It is not limited to just identification and edibility. Read the post pinned at the top of the group for more detail description. - Group Guidelines - -Please read previous comments before helping ID and avoid guessing. -Please include your location when making ID requests, as we have group members from all over the world. -Avoid posting images of dead animals without content warnings. -No advertising or selling. -Personal insults, belittling, excessive shaming, or making fun of people will not be tolerated, members who feel the need to personally insult other members will be removed without notice. -Posts that are obviously spam, contain unsubstantiated health claims, graphic photos not hidden in comments, or that are completely off topic will be removed as well. -DO NOT JOKE about eating something especially if something is poisonous or suggest that people take potentially fatal risks. -This is not a group for the general or specific discussion of the production or consumption of hallucinogens. There are many other forums for this. - DO NOT BLOCK GROUP MODS OR ADMINS! Doing so will result in being removed from the group If you see something that does not belong please "report to admin" this works for both posts and individual comments. It requires a group effort to keep this community friendly, helpful and supportive. Thanks and enjoy
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Black Travel Movement
Black Travel Movement is a community of friends and family who share an interest in cultivating new friendships and epic experiences through international worldwide travel. As a member of the BTM family you have a connection to a wide range of new and seasoned travelers who are anxious to join and share travel experiences. Although we are a new online community many of our members have decades of experience as world-class travelers. We also have experienced travel professional who are committed to helping create and organize the best values on the market for our travel and vacation experiences. We welcome members to share their photos, videos, and stories as they travel the globe and create new friendships and memories. Please invite your crew, your friends, and your family to join our group. ** Rules for Posting to the BTM Group Page. (These rules are also listed in the group files) Here are the rules and suggestions for posting to the group: 1. Please post your travel photos and share interesting stories and experiences. 2. Feel free to ask questions or start a discussion related to travel and travel experiences. Please use hashtags to help with searches. 3. PLEASE DO NOT POST ANYTHING NOT RELATED TO TRAVEL. 4. Please do not post anything that promotes a business or non BTM trips or events 5. Please do not post anything related to MLM and network marketing opportunities. You will be removed and blocked. 6. Please do not post anything related to travel clubs or discount cards. 7. Please do not post any offers or free giveaways 8. Please do a search in the group before asking for advice or recommendations. Chances are your question has already been asked and answered. 9. Please do not post anything that request members to email or call you. 10. Please do not post links to other Facebook pages or groups, Instagram pages, or Twitter pages. 11. Please do not post pictures with "You Should Be Here" signs. 12. Please do not post introductions resembling dating page bios 13. If your pictures are more about you than the destination, location, or experience please post them to your personal page. 14. Please do not post sexually suggestive bikini and bathing suit pictures (backshots) 15. Please be respectful of others and refrain from posting inappropriate language or images. 16. BTM reserves the right to use any picture posted to the group page for display, marketing and/or promotion on the group page, our Instagram page, Twitter page, or website. 17. Please do not make uninvited advances toward other members of the group. 18. Please do not make comments or post that could be construed as "Travel Shaming". 19. Travel agents may reply to request for "travel agents" 20. Each of these rules apply to comment threads and inboxes ** Violating any of the posting rules is grounds for removal from the group** Thank you and welcome to the BTM Family Reggie Cummings Founder Black Travel Movement
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Women Who Travel
Welcome to Conde Nast Traveler's Women Who Travel group, a place where all self-identifying female travel lovers can join in conversation about what it means to travel as a woman today. Community Guidelines: DO engage with the community, share and comment on posts, and tag your friends! DO ask questions and give answers to other group members—but please be respectful of our differing opinions on the world. DO stay on topic: This is a group about travel, so let's talk all things travel! DO use the ‘search’ bar on the left before asking for travel tips: duplicate threads may be deleted! DO lift other women up––we encourage positivity! NO spam. NO advertisements: all posts advertising items for sale, personal businesses, and travel agencies will be deleted and posters will be removed.* NO soliciting. NO hate speech: Bullying other group members will not be tolerated and offenders will be removed from the group. Harassment of a group moderator or member, even outside of the group, will lead to being blocked. If you experience bullying, please contact Facebook directly. *The ONLY two exceptions to no advertisements: 1. As Condé Nast Traveler, the admin account for this group, we will sometimes post about Women Who Travel meetups, trips, and podcast episodes. We have developed these for this group, and will share them here. 2.) There are three dedicated threads in this group that will act as our community bulletin boards. One is for sharing volunteer opportunities, one is for sharing your social media handles (personal only), and one is for sharing your travel blogs (travel only, please!). These are the only places you may promote these items in the group. Use the search bar to locate them. Please help us keep this space safe: report any posts that violate these community guidelines using the 'report' feature alongside comments and posts. Direct messages to moderators will not be responded to. If you start a thread, you will always have the power to turn off comments, hide responses, and delete the post if need be. If something violates Facebook's community guidelines, you should report posts directly to Facebook. (Please keep in mind that the moderators are only online during normal business hours from 10am-5pm EST, Monday-Friday. Please use self-moderating tips above during on and off hours.) Continue the conversation with us every week on our Women Who Travel Podcast, hosted by moderators Meredith and Lale: Read more stories about female travelers on our site: By joining this group, you agree to these community guidelines.
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Travel Community
This travel community is a place for like-minded people to engage with others that love to discuss travel. GUIDELINES: ____________ 1. NO advertising or selling anything on this page: ► NO external links to groups/FB pages/websites/businesses with an aim of advertising ► NO spamming ► DO NOT privately DM anyone unsolicited to promote ANYTHING whatsoever. ► 1st OFFENSE: you will be removed from the group 2. DO NOT go live via video in the group without asking an admin first. 3. Please DO: ► Share uploaded pictures & videos, experiences, tips, & questions for all members to learn from. This is your community. Jump in and engage often! ► Report harassment and spamming. Click the “report to admin” and admins will assist ASAP. ► Use the search bar before asking a question – it’s located at the top of the group page. This avoids multiple posts about the same topic & is also often a quicker way to get an answer to your question. ► Be as specific as possible with your questions. No “I’m going to Hawaii. Where should I eat?” or “I’m visiting Amsterdam, where should I stay?” That’s what Google is for. Include your preferences, age group(s) of travelers, budget, etc. 4. Photos/videos: ► Post your own photos or give credit ► Include the location(s) ► NO photos of children unless part of your travel group ► If posting with wildlife, include specific location (zoo, sanctuary, reserve, etc.) ► Admins have final say on approval for any photo/video 4. Etiquette: Be courteous & respectful. This isn’t a place to share your political views or bully someone with a different opinion. If you disagree, act like an adult and either don’t respond or kindly disagree and move on. We MUST value each other’s input in this community! 5. Travel agents and marketers: ► DO NOT post/comment to promote your travel agency and/or company. ► DO NOT privately DM group members unsolicited. ► DO NOT leave your contact info or promotional campaign info in any comments. You may provide such information ONLY when specifically asked for your direct contact info. 6. Bloggers/Media/Influencers: ► You may share uploaded photos & videos from your travels. ► NO linking to your website/blog or social media channels. ► If someone comments asking for more info, you can THEN reply with a link in the comments. 7. DO NOT ask for or share medical advice. Medical professionals should be consulted outside of this group. 8. NO posts asking for travel companions. 9. Any content or a member disrupting the community can be removed without any communication on the personal discretion of the admin of the group. 10. DO NOT post questions about your Scott’s Cheap Flights account. Please email 11. See something negative report it. 12. Admins observe the right to decline topics and turn off comments or delete posts.
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Buy and Sell
Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared
This group was created as a place for the founders to share the wacky things they find with friends and family, so we’d have a place to archive them, like some sort of strange museum. We expected to have a grand total of about a dozen members, but we welcome all you party crashers too! Share the odd, unusual, and wonderful pieces that you come across whilst thrifting, visiting yard sales, estate sales, antique stores, etc. We even accept items you inherited or found while renovating! But, this group is not for posting good deals. In fact you do not have to have purchased the items you post at all, they just need to be weird secondhand things you feel others in the group would enjoy seeing. If we feel your item is a good fit to the content we’re curating, we’ll approve it. If your post isn’t approved, just keep hunting for something new to post in the future. We review a thousand post submissions every day and simply not everything can or will be approved. Don’t get discouraged! This is a place for lighthearted fun and shenanigans. We expect you to err on the side of kindness in all of your interactions within the group. If you can’t play nice with the other kids, then you don’t get to play in our sandbox. That being said, the group is actually geared towards adults and as such you will see things like swearing, items made from animal parts, items with death themes, etc. If you find these things upsetting then this group may not be a good fit for you. Guidelines for posting: All posts must be approved by an admin. As of January 2019 admin will no longer be answering questions about why posts were not approved. The posting guidelines can be found pinned in the announcements section and following them will help to get your post approved, but there is never a guarantee. May the odds be ever in your favor!
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Buy and Sell
Gainesville/VintHill/Bristow/Haymarket YARD SALE
This group is for people who are buying, selling or trading. By participating, you agree to sell/buy in or have a mutual agreement with a buyer/seller to meet at another location. Remember to use safe buying practices when purchasing items. Always meet in a crowded place. Get notaries involved, meeting at your local notary or AAA is always good. If you purchase online, always use a platform like PayPal, and select goods and services so your covered. Be safe out there. COMING SOON SHOWCASING BUSINESS OWNERS IN GROUP!!!!!! -Do not cause drama or you will be removed. -No Nude or explicit pictures, lets keep it clean. -No Politics , Race, or Religion post. -We all like a good debate, however, let's keep it respectful. ( Can we all just get along ) -No links to external sites. -Limit 'bumping' your post to once every 24 hours. -List your prices when you create the listing. -No 'Make Offers.' OBO is OK. -Use the 'Report' button or tag me on the listing if a post is harassing or otherwise -No sale of drugs or cannabis/cannabis related articles. (that's marijuana fyi) -No sale of stolen materials or other illegal items. -No links to external sites. If you want to post an external link - send me a message -Please respect your place in line. If you respond to a post before anyone else you should be considered 1st in line. -Only post ONE photo of your item, or create album. -Please delete your items as they are sold. -Please post only one picture of your items. No need to upload new pictures unless you delete the previous photo. This is the same for people who offer services as well. Enjoy! Cheers, Admin Group
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Buy and Sell
Fairfax County Yardsale
Welcome to the Fairfax County Yardsale Group! The purpose of this group is to provide the community a safer and more efficient way to sell their items. This group is a PRIVILEGE, not a “right”. Please abide by the rules and regulations of this group as follows: -Discrimination of any type regardless of race, sex, gender, religion, etc, will not be tolerated -It is up to the parties within the transaction to follow all local, state, and federal laws when it comes to sales. Admins/Mods are not responsible for any transactions that take place here. -Do not sell items that are illegal or prohibited by Facebook(duh) -There will be NO BUSINESS POSTS, businesses selling an item is ok -NO Multi-level marketing (MLM) posts -Off-topic, non-sale related, posts of any kind are prohibited (sorry, no meme sharing). -Pay it forward (for free) posts are allowed -Landlords who wish to rent out their property may do so, but no real-estate agents or agencies -All ads must include picture, price, and location -Do not bump your post more than once every 24 hours, do not post duplicate post of the same item -Once an item sells, it is up to you to remove it -If you see anything that goes against these rules, report it to the admin/mod team For any other concerns, contact an admin or mod. **Flaking rule** The purpose of this group is to offer a better alternative to Craigslist, so the goal Is to provide better info on the parties and to set up good transactions. The flaking rule is here to ensure that parties do not renege on meetings. If a price, time, and location have been agreed to by both parties, not showing up is considered a flake. If this is the case, you may post the person’s name and the situation to the feedback post that will be pinned up top.
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(Guidelines the members have voted on) Welcome this is your group. * Closed group (addicts only) * Members must ask to join themselves (no adding members) because of spammers. * 2 Picture max (please dress appropriately) this includes collages. * No advertising, fundraising, self promotion of any kind. * No name calling, bashing or calling addicts Nazi's will be tolerated. * No blocking administrators. * No drug replacement treatments will be discussed (outside issue) NA isn't about taking a drug to get off another drug. * No posting videos, hashtags, or any outside links. * If someone shares your post and you feel your anonymity is at risk block the person who shared your post and it will automatically disappear from their possession. We are not affiliated with NA. We are members of Narcotics Anonymous, we plus you equals the fellowship. Here we follow the program of NA. Any disputes will be settled with "our" literature, we are here to recover not argue opinions. Here we follow the NA language "clean n serene" we ask that you attach that to your clean time so that it doesn't give the impression there are two disease's. Please refrain from using drug specific language because, NA is about addiction not substances and that's what makes us different from other 12 step programs. * if you feel like hurting yourself call (1-800-273-8255) suicide prevention or contact Sean Hardin. *MEETINGS; daily meetings (7 A.M. Pacific standard--11 A.M. Eastern) & (6 P.M. Pacific standard--9 P.M. Eastern) group purpose meeting is once a month , first Saturday of the month (12 noon Pacific standard time)
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Keto Recipes for Beginners
Keto Recipes for Beginners is a group for those interested in learning to cook for the Ketogenic Diet. We call it a diet but it is a WOE - way of eating for life. Together, we will become experts in Cooking and living KETO. You can get daily recipes at or via Facebook messenger at https:/ WE WANT YOUR RECIPES, HOWEVER, please check your recipe ingredients. If all ingredients are not Keto friendly, recipe will be DELETED. If you post a product and an admin or moderator tells you it's not Keto do not argue with them. It will lead to an immediate ban. Similarly the answer of "but it works for me" is not acceptable. This is a zero spam or selling zone for members. Please do not post links to your own blogs or other Facebook groups. We DO NOT use or support Exogenous Ketone products. PLEASE DO NOT post or try to sell or encourage these products. You will be banned IMMEDIATELY from the site. We just don't think they are healthy. THESE ARE THE RULES FOR OUR GROUP. 1. USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION to the left of the posts. Common questions and concerns may already have been discussed at length. We won't accept posts that you can find the answer with a simple search. 2. Please do not post ANY articles or links. There is so much mis-information out there we just delete them. 3. Please do not post links other websites. We delete them because we do not have the time to check each link. 4. Please be kind. Rudeness won't be tolerated. Foul language, bullying or bashing of others will get you banned. 5. Cheat posts of any kind will be deleted and you will be banned. Take responsibility for what you eat. If you cheat, move forward without posting about it.. 6. Please DO post recipes. Make sure they are 100% Keto friendly before posting. Do NOT post Non-keto recipes with suggested substitutions. Non-keto recipes will be deleted. We do not accept video recipes or Facebook live videos. 7. IF YOU ARE BEING PRIVATELY MESSAGED, offering to sell you something, block them and LET US KNOW. 8. To follow a post please go up to the right side of the post and click the three dots and select get notifications. Do not type F, following a . or anything similar. You will be muted and unable to comment for 24 hours. 9. Our admins and moderators are here to help you. Arguing with them, disrespecting them, referring to them as "Keto police" or "Keto Nazis" will result in an immediate removal from the group. 10. From time to time, Admin, may post links to products we think are of value. You may assume that some of these links are affiliate links. We only recommend products we believe in. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Learn, share, and grow, and lets SHARE RECIPES.
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Sports and Fitness
Gym Workout Chart ☑️
Gym workout charts are a great way for beginners to learn a wide range of different gym and bodybuilding techniques that will help to build the body that you've always wanted. While pro bodybuilders have had years to hone their techniques and put together the perfect workouts, many new weight lifters don't have the same experience, and many may not know more than the absolute most basic of workout methods. This is a group where you can share pics of gym workout, charts, training tips, your lifting records, training routine, what inspires you, pics and anything concerning weight training workout, gym. Post which are not helpful, motivational,inspiring to others wont be approved! Not related post wont be approved. PICS WITH NO DESCRIPTION WONT BE APPROVED!!!!!! 90% are deleted due to no info about pic. Don't post if you can't response to questions in comments or at least like comment in your post. Post with kids or anyone under 18 on the pic won't be approved! If the pic or video is not yours and doesn't contain any 'educational ' or motivation value...please don't post it won't be approved. If you post progress pic saying 'after one month' please make sure there is before pic or post won't be approved. Post like 'I need help to cut', ' what to eat to gain muscles', 'what do you think about me' + pic, 'In gym' + pic, 'How do i look' + pic wont be approved. Selfies in bed 'flexing biceps' are not counted as gym Pic have to be clear, high resolution with face shown (so we know it you) and not blurred, covered with all possible Instagram filters and snapchat 'whiskers'. In focus GROUP RULES: Advertising is not allowed and post will be deleted without notification. YouTube videos and any links to other web sites or FB pages are not allowed. No full nudity allowed ...... No racist remarks or bullying in any shape or form on this site. Sexual remarks found to be over the line will result in getting you removed. If you see anything within post comment specified within rules above - PLEASE REPORT TO ADMIN and we will deal with it! Most importantly please respect each member as then you gain that respect back to ..... Simple rules nothing mad or over the top .... Novice to the sport or experienced in the sport show each other respect and motivate. Laughter and banter is of course allowed through posts as makes people normal not boring and allows the group to be comfortable with each other / but sexual innuendos not to be used as this puts the serous posters from using the page If you don't like comment on the post for any reason please report to a admin and comment will be removed / issues can all ways be resolved !
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Sports and Fitness
Official Peloton Member Page
Welcome to the Official Peloton Member Page! In this group, you can connect with fellow Peloton Bike, Tread, and Digital Members and stay up to date on Peloton announcements and features. For support info and FAQs please go to Please carefully read our guidelines below, so that we all can continue to foster a supportive, positive and safe community. Know that by joining this group you are expected to follow these guidelines and help us maintain a respectful environment. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in removal from the Group. This group's content restrictions and code of conduct are governed by our terms of service found here: Peloton is not responsible for the content of any post to the Group not made on its own account. When interacting with other Group members, you should exercise caution and common sense to protect your privacy, just as you would when interacting with other people you don’t know. Your participation, correspondence or dealings with any third party in or through the Group are solely between you and such third party. You agree that Peloton is not responsible or liable for any loss, damage, injury, or other matters of any sort incurred as the result of such dealings. SUPPORT: For any support related questions or issues that require our attention and immediate response, please contact our Support team at RESPECT: Please be respectful and courteous to the Members of this group. Spam posts and harassment toward other Members or any other person will not be tolerated and will be removed. SOLICITATION: Offering products and services for sale is prohibited. You are not permitted to share your Peloton referral code within the Group. Other than with respect to sales or fundraisers posted directly by an administrator of this page, Peloton does not sponsor or endorse any charitable or other fundraising efforts on this page, and participation in any such efforts is at each Member's discretion/risk. Peloton reserves the right to remove any post that violates this rule or is otherwise inappropriate or objectionable in Peloton's sole discretion. AGE REQUIREMENT: Due to the age requirements detailed in the Peloton Terms of Service, posts of children who appear to be under the age of 16 using or playing on the Peloton Bike or Tread will be removed. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: As a friendly reminder, Peloton and the “P” logo are registered trademarks and photos, videos and other images posted by Peloton are copyrighted assets of Peloton or its third party licensors. These marks and assets cannot be used by anyone except for Peloton. REPORT POST: If you notice any content that you believe to be in violation of the above guidelines, please report it to the administrators by using the “Report post” drop down menu at the top right corner of the post or email
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Sports and Fitness
Peloton Buy Sell Trade (BST)
Unofficial Buy Sell Trade of Peloton Cycling Accessories Closed Facebook Group Moderators for this BST page are Austin Kish #ChickenNWaffles and Kristin Marie #KristinBee. DESCRIPTION Use this page to list new and used Peloton accessories, apparel, and Peloton bikes, tread, and other Peloton-branded workout gear. Compatible accessories and apparel may also be listed. Boutique credits are not permitted to be listed. WHAT TO LIST All listings should include a photo of the item, condition, any known issues, and price. Don't forget to include size and shipping charge when posting apparel and accessories. We support listing Peloton bikes for sale but we recommend only local pickup, as shipping costs would be very high. Do not use PayPal for local pickups, as there isn't seller protection. Please mark posts as sold once your item has been paid for. BUY, SELL, AND TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK. We recommend using PayPal for seller and buyer protection and always shipping with a tracking number. Do not send or request funds as "Friends and Family" as this method lacks buyer protection. PayPal is not recommend for local pickups. IN SEARCH OF PELOTON POSTS If you are looking for a Peloton bike, please don't post to the wall. Instead, go to Photos and choose the Album tab. Post that you're looking for a bike under the state(s) that you are looking in, and we'll try to tag you if a bike in your location is posted for sale. PRICING COMMENTS No snarky pricing comments. If you're interested in purchasing but want to offer a lower price, then send the person a private message and tag them on their post to let them know you sent a private message. But keep in mind bikes tend to go fast! Negative pricing comments will be deleted. PELOTON WARRANTY Peloton warranty only applies to the original owner of the bike and is nontransferable. TRANSFERRING AN EXISTING SUBSCRIPTION Subscriptions are easy to transfer with the previous owner's email address, just contact Peloton directly via phone, email, or chat. Get the seller's email address when purchasing a used bike, as Peloton uses the original email when transferring bike ownership.
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F1 Visa, OPT, STEM OPT, H1B Visa & H4 Visa
Welcome to the Largest F1 Visa Group on Facebook! This group is part of (you may see some promotional products and offers in the group from Happy Schools). If you are a veteran member of the group, you know that most of our conversation is related to Career, Education and Lifestyle of International Students in the USA and Visa Holders (F1 Visa, OPT, STEM OPT, H1B Visa, Green Card, H4 Visa, etc) and even occasional jokes might be included :) We encourage all of our members to participate; start conversations, add to conversations, and even lurk-- you might be able to help someone out or learn something yourself. Please read the Group Guidelines below.... 1. Read the details guidelines here - 2. We may collect your email as while asking to Join the Group and added to Newsletter from Happy Schools (that you can unsubscribe anytime). 3. No blatant advertising or marketing allowed. Anyone who drops in out of nowhere and posts an advertisement to the community may be removed at the discretion of the Community Admins. If you want to promote, reach out to Admin's. 4. At all times be authentic, honest, act in good faith, and post-high-value high content and solutions. Do your best to build a strong reputation, provide actionable insight, and keep it inside the group. 5. We hate fake profiles! If we find one (from comments, posts, new members request), we may Block the Account from this group (and other related groups of Happy Schools). 6. Search for solutions before posting your questions. And Read the Comments for Valuable Insights and Answers. 7. You retain the rights to your work, except that your contributions may be re-purposed and redistributed. You grant Happy Schools a perpetual license to republish the material at its sole discretion. 8. Before you publish a post, take the time to proof and edit. Remember, you are being published and your participation paints a picture of your character to other members of the group. 9. Please don't use special characters to follow the post (like F, Follow, #, Following). Instead, Turn on Post Notifications. 10. Please don't TAG the Admins, Moderators, Attorney's to get answers to your questions. 11. We often get "Sorry, I didn't know the polices", will not get you back into the group once an account is removed. So, please, please read the guidelines and get yourself familiar with our guidelines. 12. In short - Be Good. Be Helpful or Be Gone! Blog: Attorney:
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Education -- IEP assistance, support, parenting & more
Please read before you ask to join: This is only for families who are eligible for an IEP--USA, American territories, American military bases overseas. This is a place for special needs parents to connect for IEP advice, special needs parenting tips and more. This group is an off-shoot of my blog This is a group for those who have a vested interest in the special needs community and wish to be kept informed about policies and legislation that affect our kids, and act upon it by contacting our legislators. If you were not approved, read this: Please look here to see if your question is answered, including looking for an advocate: Please do a search (on left hand side) before asking your question, and feel free to add to that thread or bump it up. We get a large amount of duplicate questions. Please refrain from giving or asking for medical advice (including Rx), using words like legal/illegal/sue/against the law, as we do not allow medical or legal advice in here. Vaccine chat is discouraged and usually deleted (because it always goes negative!) as are most threads talking about cures or alternative treatments. Let the buyer beware: it is the internet. We try to correct misinformation when we see it, but we don't see it all. Always double check before proceeding. Refrain from posting information that is not requested. This group is mainly for parents to ask questions and get advice on handling situations. If you have a link that is helpful, post it as a response. There is a monthly thread where you can post links to articles, videos and even your own website or fundraiser. It is pinned to the top of the group and changes monthly. Reasons your post may have been deleted: • Pictures/videos of children • Recommending advice that is against the law/IDEA • You posted another thread saying, “hey why was it deleted?” • The thread spiraled out of control (or was headed that way) into a cesspool of negativity or extremely off topic • giving medical advice It is Facebook and no one should assume 100% privacy. Solicitation is not allowed. Do not start more than 1 thread per day. I may include some of your questions as part of the Q&A I do on my blog, as a resource for other parents. I NEVER use names, school districts or any other personal information. I try to remain laid back and positive, as do the other admins. However, my name and website and business name is attached to this, so I take it seriously.
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Art Opportunities, Jobs, and Advice
**Rules: This group is for sharing VISUAL ART opportunities, jobs, and advice. Because of the very high numbers of requests to join the group, members will only be added if their FB profiles show their involvement in art. They will be accepted once a month. When posting: - state the location of the opportunity or job (this group is international) - include any location requirements or restrictions and any fees involved - verify all links (URLs) Posts Allowed: - opportunities for studio space - opportunities for jobs in the arts - opportunities for jobs that may help visual artists - opportunities for awards for visual artists: grants, residencies, fellowships, etc. - educational events, like workshops or seminars, that specifically offer artists opportunities, jobs, or advice - requests for advice on visual-arts materials, techniques, methods, approaches - requests for advice on business and career strategies and protocols in the art world, particularly for visual artists Posts Not Allowed: - general announcements for art exhibitions and events - announcements that publicize or promote your or someone else’s art, website, exhibitions, performances, screenings, blogs, events, etc. - requests for donations to crowd-funding campaigns, for votes in contests, for signatures on petitions, for FB page “likes”, or for participation in surveys - announcements of unpaid internships. Any posted internship opportunity must state the compensation for the intern (e.g., studio space, stipend, transit expenses---“experience" is not sufficient). If you have a business that offers services to artists, please share but clearly state your connection to that business. If you are being harassed: Take a screenshot of the offending post; do not respond to it; flag any harassing comments to alert the administrators (Click the three dots at the top right of the post and select Report Post to Group Admins.) If a post doesn't apply to this group, it will be deleted. If you do not follow the rules, you will be removed from the group. If you are unsure about anything, send a message to ask an administrator. Disagreements are fine, but mutual respect is essential. Members who display negativity or are deemed offensive will be removed from the group.
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The New York Times Podcast Club
The NYT Podcast Club is a community of podcast lovers who discuss one episode of one podcast every week — basically, a book club for podcasts. It's a forum for conversation, analysis and spreading the love of podcasts. (It's also an online extension of a club started among NYT employees.) Every Monday, we’ll post this week's episode for discussion, and we'll keep it up throughout the week with daily discussion posts. A few rules: 1. Keep your criticism constructive and your disagreements respectful. We encourage lively debate and discussion! But be nice. 2. We've designated Self-Promotion Saturdays as a chance for your to share your work underneath our Saturday post. But otherwise, this isn't the place for that. (And no PR pitches meant for NYT reporters, please. They'll be deleted immediately.) 3. No personal attacks. Comments that stray from a tone that fosters productive dialogue will be removed. Rude behavior and insults (including calling someone who disagrees with you a "troll") won't be tolerated. 4. We're here to discuss podcasts. Off-topic posts and comments won't be allowed here. 5. If there's an episode or show you want to share with the group, please wait until we ask for your recommendations on Suggestion Sunday. This is a crowd-sourced idea to keep the group's timeline more focused on discussions. Just joining us? Want to see how we chatted about a past episode? This album is a round-up of all past episode discussions. Jump in if you've still got something to add: To learn about our privacy practices, please read our Privacy Policy at:
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Relationships and Identity
WELCOME, Obituaries can be extremely helpful in genealogy and we look forward to helping you locate your requests :) (THIS GROUP SERVES TWO PURPOSES) 1) IT IS FOR PERSONAL OBITUARY REQUESTS TO ASSIST YOU IN FURTHERING YOUR GENEALOGY RESEARCH 2) IT IS ALSO FOR GROUP MEMBERS TO HELP OTHERS WITH HIS/HER REQUESTS IF AND WHEN POSSIBLE) What makes this group unique???? 1) There is not another one like it. :) 2) Each request is viewed by admin and all volunteers within the state requested. If a request can be located through online resources, it is usually posted within a couple days. :) 3) Each state has it's own volunteers and people that are willing to assist. (including accessing papers not available to the public online, going to the local library in the area the death took place, and using other resources in the state the death took place which are not accessible online) 4) There are times an Admin will place a library request for a member if all information is provided and an online library form is available. However, it is best if you are given a library referral to follow the link and make the request as Admins can often get extremely busy. 5) There are several helpful links provided to assist everyone in every state with research. 6) Obituaries are saved so the search is not duplicated and to assist others researching the same family/person. These can be found on the following Facebook page. 7) This group is very structured and monitored daily and we respond to every request. Once you become a member, please read The top "pinned" post in this group. It will provide a full explanation of the group, rules, etc. We ONLY cover the United States. We no longer cover Canada as there is a group dedicated for that. Always remember to be patient and be kind as it takes time to locate obituaries. Enjoy!!! Thank you :) If you want to join/share the group use hashtag #FreeObituaryLookups Please consider a donation for site services which includes unlimited obituary requests and access to all group information/etc. You can do this by following the link below and hit the "Shop Now" button to donate) Every donation helps :) Thank you Thank you in advance :)
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Parenting in a Tech World
Welcome to Parenting in a Tech World! This group helps parents navigate the ever-changing landscape of raising kids in the digital age. It provides a much needed space for parents to support each other, get the scoop on cool apps, latest trends, and all things tech-related. The group is brought to you by Bark, a whole home internet safety solution that provides screen time management, web filtering, and monitoring for potential concerns. Bark's monitoring uses advanced algorithms to alert parents to issues like cyberbullying, sexting, drug-related content, and signs of depression. But this community isn’t just for parents who use Bark -- it’s for ANY parent raising kids/tweens/teens in a tech world. We’re the first generation of parents to have kids with smartphones and unsurpassed access to technology. Supporting them while also keeping them safe isn’t easy. Reach out, learn, and feel confident that you’re helping them navigate through uncharted territory. It takes a village, and we’re happy to be part of yours. Our website: Bark is free for schools: Our blog to help keep you up to date: Our private online community for parents: Users should exercise common sense and courtesy in submitting comments or materials for posting on the Parenting in a Tech World Facebook Group ("Submissions"). Inappropriate Submissions would include, for example, comments or materials that: make false or defamatory statements about others; are obscene, include profanity, vulgar, abusive, hateful or threatening; harass or discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or other factors; are invasive of the privacy rights of others (e.g., by including addresses, phone numbers or other personal information about third persons without their consent.) Parenting in a Tech world is meant to be a safe place for caregivers to come and learn about the tech that is in our children's lives. We encourage you to seek help and to give helpful responses in return when you are able to. We ask that you respect each poster's unique situation and remain open-minded and helpful. If you are not kind to one another, or spammy, you will be removed from the group swiftly and without warning. Posts, comments, content, behavior, or members that break the rules or guidelines are subject to deletion and/or removal. To report a comment or post to our Facebook group admins, use Facebook's "Report to admins" tools with these steps: Your community managers: - Jodie Sherrill - Jasmine Willman - Brynn-Marie Kloster - Leslie Rogers Users may not use or attempt to use the Parenting in a Tech World Facebook Group for commercial or promotional purposes without consent of Bark Technologies Inc. Thank you for keeping this group awesome!
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Tongue Tie Babies Support Group
Please answer all 3 questions to be admitted to this group. Once you are in, please look for your local group. You can find this information in the pinned post. Local groups have the most up to date information on quality care teams and providers. This is a support group for parents who have babies and children with tongue ties and lip ties, run by moms who have been through or are going through the tongue tie journey. We intend it to be a safe, caring forum where moms and dads can share their experiences, their concerns and derive support from others parents' experiences and problem-solving skills. We frequently have input from some of the professionals working in this area who volunteer their time to provide support and we are very grateful for their input. We ask that you bring your love, understanding and compassion to the forum and respect the confidentiality of other forum users by keeping their names and issues private because everyone needs to feel safe participating. If you lift posts or photos/videos from the page without permission of the author, you will be banned from the page. We have also have a page that we maintain largely to provide a gateway for this group from search engines external to Facebook such as Google. You can find it here: We are also on Twitter here: @ttbsg This is our website: Please understand that the support you receive here from the volunteers is not intended to replace the care of a knowledgeable health care provider, such as a pediatrician, dentist, IBCLC, chiropractor, or CST. We are not medical providers and cannot give you medical advice, diagnose or prescribe treatment. We can ask questions, provide support and endeavor to provide information that may be helpful in making your choices. While some volunteers are medical providers, only your own providers are responsible for your child's medical care. It is not our role to offer medical advice, diagnose or prescribe treatment. Some of our providers offer their protocols as guidelines for you to use in consultation with your own providers. You will notice this is a VERY busy board and posts get buried very quickly. If you do not have a response from someone within a day or so, please be sure to bump your post back to the top so it will be seen. If you wish to contact the admin team privately please send one of the named admins a DM.
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Hobbies and Interests
Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared
This group was created as a place for the founders to share the wacky things they find with friends and family, so we’d have a place to archive them, like some sort of strange museum. We expected to have a grand total of about a dozen members, but we welcome all you party crashers too! Share the odd, unusual, and wonderful pieces that you come across whilst thrifting, visiting yard sales, estate sales, antique stores, etc. We even accept items you inherited or found while renovating! But, this group is not for posting good deals. In fact you do not have to have purchased the items you post at all, they just need to be weird secondhand things you feel others in the group would enjoy seeing. If we feel your item is a good fit to the content we’re curating, we’ll approve it. If your post isn’t approved, just keep hunting for something new to post in the future. We review a thousand post submissions every day and simply not everything can or will be approved. Don’t get discouraged! This is a place for lighthearted fun and shenanigans. We expect you to err on the side of kindness in all of your interactions within the group. If you can’t play nice with the other kids, then you don’t get to play in our sandbox. That being said, the group is actually geared towards adults and as such you will see things like swearing, items made from animal parts, items with death themes, etc. If you find these things upsetting then this group may not be a good fit for you. Guidelines for posting: All posts must be approved by an admin. As of January 2019 admin will no longer be answering questions about why posts were not approved. The posting guidelines can be found pinned in the announcements section and following them will help to get your post approved, but there is never a guarantee. May the odds be ever in your favor!
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Hobbies and Interests
Jewelry Makers and Bead Lovers hosted by Magpie Gemstones
***Please read before joining*** click on see more.... Welcome to Jewelry Makers and Bead Lovers hosted by Magpie Gemstones JMBL group's purpose is to explore jewelry making techniques, share free tutorials and ideas, and offer support to people who have run into issues or snags in something they have been working on. We propose ideas as a group on issues as diverse as selling jewelry, presentation, organization, how to stay motivated, and many, many more aspects of the jewelry trade. This is an ad free group see further below for more information. We show off our eye candy for inspiration and to get feedback. If you are comfortable sharing what techniques you used or helping people learn how to make the jewelry you post, please say so. If you are not, that is ok, too! Unlike other groups we do stray off topic! Feel free to use the "stop Notification" button to remove yourself from topics that go astray if you want. Once you have been accepted into the group please pull up a seat, grab a cup of coffee, and have some chocolate. Browse our Picture albums under “Photos” and if you like, create your own album so we can see your great work, too! This is an Ad free group! By definition, an advertisement is anything you post that you could potentially profit from. We all love seeing beautiful creations! But if any information regarding purchasing such as availability, pricing, or soliciting others to message you for pricing/availability, it will be considered advertising, and the post/picture will be removed. We do also ask that you kindly refrain from listing other online direct competition sellers of beads. Just as you would not like someone else to recommend another jewelry seller who sells items like yours. With this in mind we will not be allowing posts that ask for other bead sellers unless it is for a very specific item. Thanks for your understanding. Magpie Gemstones has a wonderful resource page that offers everything from tutorials, how-to in jewelry making, and even tips on marketing and selling and everything beady in between: Additionally, in our group under Files, you can find Documents that you might find useful, such as - Introduce Yourself - list your links - Tutorials - link love, a thread to show support for our member’s Facebook Biz/fan pages Check out our Pinterest board for you to share your eye candy Due to Facebook's settings fewer and fewer people are seeing the Magpie Gemstones announcements of new beads and sales. So we made a group where we will post about 10 times a week getting the information out about those events to those who want to know. We will be announcing all new beads that go in and are on sale, announce our weekly sales and our SUPER SALES. Thanks! Your fearless moderators Wendy, Szarka, Connie, Debora, and Linda.
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Hobbies and Interests
SCUBA gear Swap & Shop
This Group was founded to give personal USED SCUBA gear a second life. ONLY personal SCUBA gear and accessories allowed. No dive shop gear, including independent instructor student gear inventory is allowed. No cascade systems, bank bottles, compressors, bench test equipment, service part kits, no inventory clearance, shop closeouts or rental gear liquidation. No boats, kayaks, campers, vehicles, anchors, trips, clothing, jewelry, shark teeth, coffee mugs, etc. No shared posts, no eBay links, no screenshots. Post directly in this group. NOT a discussion forum Group. Posts asking for recommendations, comments not related to buying posted item, and posts or comments with links to businesses (other than a link to a size chart) will be removed. NO COMMENTS ON PRICES, OR ABOUT ITEMS. Members can ask whatever price they want. Items will sell, or not. Each post will be assigned to a TOPIC, to help with searches and sales. Posts with diverse items will be put into the Packages / Bundles / Lots Topic. Sale posts are removed after 1 year. ISO's invite discussion and commenting will be turned off. Use the TOPICS to search for what you're looking for! ISO's are removed after 30 days. No duplicate posts. Delete your old posts before you re-post an item English language and US Dollars No auction-style posts. Take buyers in order of posted comments. Gear and Tank Post Requirements: Gear posts MUST include make, model, size, thickness, condition, location, asking price, known flaws, photos of the gear for sale, if you are willing to ship, whether shipping and/or PayPal fees are included in your price No stock photos allowed! Electronics photos should show the unit works If you are selling a lot of items in one post, you should list each item in the Description of your post showing required info and price for each item. If selling only as a package, please state “no separation”. Tank posts must include: metal composition (steel or aluminum) High or Low pressure on steel tanks (HP or LP) tank volume 80cf, 120cf, etc Date of Manufacture Date of last hydro test Date of last VIP inspection DIN or Yoke valve If you're willing to ship or not Put in the description, or post photos of the markings on the neck of the tank Use PayPal “Pay for Goods and Services” method of payment, as it protects the Buyer and the Seller. There is a fee, price accordingly. We DO NOT recommend the “Send Money to Friends and Family” method.
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Food and Drink
smoking meat low and slow
If you love to smoke, then you're in the right place! Hello, and welcome to our group! This is a common-interest group, based on a community of folks who love to Smoke, BBQ and grill, showing off their talents in the art of cooking. We have a “Files” section that is stuffed full of great recipes and Ideas! This is for you to use and add to if you like. Please peruse the photo page and see all the great artistry that all the members have shared with us. Everyone is welcome in this group; however as with any group or forum there are simple guidelines that we enforce. There are fourteen administrators in this group and pretty much anytime of the day, one of us is either on the page or at least will drop in soon.The Admins on this page at your service are: Don Owen (Owner and Proprietor),Christopher C. Carter, Ken-Patti Fisher,Launa Virgo, Mike Hurley, Brad Woods, Brad Pittman,Maureen Margo,Dave Eicher,Larry Porter and Howard Goldstein If, at any time, you need to contact one of us for whatever reason, whether it is a problem with a post, a member, or just a question, please feel free to do so on the page or if you’d like, private message any one of us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We have a few simple guidelines we expect from our members: • First and foremost this group is maintained as a family friendly environment. Please show respect to all members at all times. • No abusive or inappropriate language (F bombs or elaborate use of profanity is prohibited). • At no time will ridicule be tolerated towards another member or admin. • Illegal drug comments and pictures are not allowed. •No political post or memes. • Although this is primarily a BBQ and smoking group, food is food and if you have some sides to go with the brisket, pork, fish etc. don’t be shy to post other food-related topics or grilling ideas. • There are many types and ways to smoke and BBQ; no one person is right or wrong. Pellet, gas, charcoal, lump charcoal are all various ways to achieve the same end result: Good Q. They are all welcome here and we look forward to seeing and learning about your technique and choice in smokers/grills. • We don't have a problem with someone mentioning that they make and sell rubs, sauces, smokers, etc., but please don't spam us, keep it reasonable. Once every few weeks at best please. • No GoFundMe or other fund rasing sites will be allowed. Best for last! If you are deemed in offense to any of the simple guidelines above, we admins have our code of ethics in line with one another and will make a judgment call at the time we see the offense or it is reported to us. Consequences can include deleting the post entirely, deleting comments within a post, up to and including the mentioned “illegal” post and/or poster being removed from the page or banned permanently from the page. Thank you Kindly and smoke on! SMLAS
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Vehicles and Commutes
Motorcycles and Parts for Sale
Post anything that you have motorcycle related in this group. (Bikes, gear, parts, etc...) Please invite anyone that you know to join this group. *You can change your notifications at the top. Click "Edit Settings" and change it so it only notifies you when you subscribe to a post. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS, YOU WILL KEEP ON GETTING NOTIFICATIONS. It only takes 2 seconds. **The "Search This Group" bar on the top right works ***SELL AND BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK** ****YOU CANNOT HOLD THE GROUP CREATOR LIABLE FOR ANY TRANSACTIONS THAT DO NOT GO AS PLANNED** ** PAGE RULES!! PAGE RULES!! PAGE RULES!! ** ARE YOU NEW HERE?! **** READ THIS FIRST! ***** By posting to this page you are assuming all risks in any transaction you make. We are not responsible for any sales gone wrong. **NO CARS for SALE/ TRADE!****NO CARS for SALE/TRADE!****NO CARS for SALE/TRADE!** Motorcycles and Parts (including anything else motorcycle related) to be bought or sold here ONLY! SELLERS MUST PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING (no exceptions): ALL INFO MUST BE PROVIDED IN YOUR POST! A photo, Location, Year/Make/Model of your motorcycle, mileage, if you have a clean or salvage title in hand (If you do not have a title you are REQUIRED to list the VIN# in your post, purchase at your own risk), ALL mods (include brand name/model if applicable), any damage/in an accident, and ASKING PRICE.Any individual item please be as detailed in your description as possible (size, how old, what part fits what bike, etc.). If you are selling individual parts for sale they must have a description and price. This IS NOT THE PLACE TO "TEST THE WATERS" on whether your bike will sell or not. Either you want to sell it or you don't. Your post will get deleted and you will be banned. If your ad doesn't get approved, its because you do not have ALL the REQUIRED information listed in your ad. Please edit your ad and resubmit. BUYERS: If you are looking for something be specific as possible. If your post reads something like "I have $2K looking for a starter bike. Lemmie know watchu got" you will be laughed at and banned. Don't be fucking lazy, and use the search feature at the top right of this page. YOU WILL BE BANNED FOR: Not complying with the page rules, arguing, being abusive or being a smart-ass on other people's post, looking to trade your piece of shit car for a bike stolen bike alerts, asking for advice, asking for value assessment, event flyers, asking to "like" your page, or anything else non-motorcycle related. There are 11 Admins for this page and none of us are getting paid to babysit every post. We do it because we love motorcycles. ***BUY & SELL AT YOUR OWN RISK** PRICE POLICE = posting on someones thread that the price is to high, posting a link to Kelly Blue Book or NADA regarding what the price should be or how you would Read the rest on the page sticky.
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Civics and Community
SOS Global Indians (Official Page)
USA TO INDIA EVACUATION FLIGHTS (Official Page) IS PART OF SOS GLOBAL INDIANS (Official Page). PLEASE READ FULL GROUP DESCRIPTION BELOW TO UNDERSTAND & ACCEPT RULES BEFORE JOINING. ONLY AUTHORIZED TEAM VOLUNTEERS ARE APPROVED TO OFFER POLLS, EXPERT GUIDANCE, ADVICE & SERVICES. "NO" EXTERNAL PETITIONS, PARALLEL CAMPAIGNS & AGENDAS, WHATSAPP OR TELEGRAM LINKS, PROMOTIONAL LINKS, SELF OR CO. PROMOTIONS. SPAMMING, UNRELATED FORWARDS, OBSCENITIES, RACIAL OR ABUSIVE REMARKS ETC. WILL BE ALLOWED. SEARCH & TAG FOLLOWING VOLUNTEERS FOR HELP: Medical Advice - Dr. Richa Jain Bansal / Dr. Amit Dorkar / Dr. Sugandha Tijoriwala Mental Health Advice - Ankita Guchait Immigration & Legal USA - Bhakti Shah Rupani / Annesha Ray Visitors Insurance USA - Arathi Rajkumar Taxation & Investments USA - Dipti Aggarwal "Emergency Only" Flight Queries - Chandna Shroti Crisis & Distress Queries - Archana Krishnamurthy / Bhargavi Sashidhar Om Visagha Ravindran - Updates & Trending News Rajpriya Venkatramnath - Non-USA Updates Media Inquiries & Tie Ups - Michael Khanna This private group was founded to assist on critical issues faced by overseas Indians living across the world, and to petition the govt. of the country they reside in or the govt. of India towards providing solutions on such matters. The group is helping its members on important issues like the current international ban on flights from overseas to India, immigration status, visas & passports, medicare, traveler's insurance, medication counseling, taxation, mental health, proclamations & policy updates, education & job opportunities etc. through a team of volunteers. This group is NOT for Indian Citizens permanently residing in India (except those who are already overseas visitors currently), visiting India & its territories or settled in India temporarily or otherwise. SOS Global Indians is focused ONLY on helping Indians living, settled or visiting overseas countries and thus doesn't cater to concerns, grievances & issues faced by Indians permanently or temporarily residing in India. Please take note of these facts prior to joining this group 🙏. Also note, the task force of this group is not responsible for any data or info. sharing scams that come about due to hacking, phishing emails, spammers, malicious content or one to one info. exchange between group members or miscreants within this group or outside of it. We will try our best to filter fraudulent activity/ transactions/conversations/posts etc., and members can report such issues to the group task force at anytime. It is the personal responsibility of every individual member on this group to choose & verify to talk/connect/engage with people/posts/links mentioned in/outside the group before hand. The group task force is not responsible for the same or any potential issues arising out of such personal choices of group members. Let's come together & work with each other to solve problems. Thanks, Michael Khanna (Founder & Group Admin)
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Civics and Community
Royal Arch Masons of England & Wales
This group is for Royal Arch Masons only - if you have not been exalted, then this group is not for you at the moment. This is NOT the correct group if you want to know about becoming a Freemason. This group concentrates on Royal Arch Masonry as governed by the Supreme Grand Chapter of England (which also covers the provinces of Wales, the Channel Islands and the Districts overseas). It is an information exchange for news, views and points of interest. It is CLOSED group which means that anyone can find the group and see who’s in it. But only members can read posts. If this level of privacy is insufficient for any individual it is NOT the group for you. All are welcome but make sure you are happy with the Group's status. It is hoped the Groups existence will encourage masonic debate across a varied and wide range of topics. It is important that debate and discussion is cordial and friendly and cannot be construed as aggressive or confrontational in any way. Posts in this group will range from discussions on the esoteric aspects of Royal Arch Masonry to members announcing they are being appointed to a particular role, or have received promotion. All posts are equally valid, and if you cannot accept the breadth of posts and discussions within the group, then you should probably leave. Members are asked to bear in mind that: 1) Not every member of this group has passed through the Principals chairs, so be mindful when discussing topics related to the R.A. exaltation/installation ceremonies 2) If seeking clarification/discussion on a point of ritual, please do not spell out any of the passwords found in any degree ceremony. The simple alternative is to use the abbreviated form found in ritual books. (For example, the Aldersgate ritual book contains the following when describing the passwords of the Degree: A..i R…..h) It is a prerequisite of membership of the Group that members conduct themselves in a masonic manner at all times. Should it be decided a member’s behaviour is inappropriate it may result in post deletion and ultimately membership removal if such behaviour proves consistent. Any questions, please contact the Admins of this group.
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