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"Quack Pack (2020 TV Series)" is a TV Show that's the prequel of the 2017 "DuckTales" and a reboot of the original "Quack Pack" It airs on Disney XD and Disney Channel time to time.


Main Characters

  • Huey Duck voiced by Danny Pudi
  • Louie Duck voiced by Bobby Moynihan
  • Dewey Duck voiced by Ben Schwartz
  • Donald Duck voiced by Tony Anselmo


  • Scrooge McDuck voiced by David Tennant
  • Webby Vanderquack voiced by Kate Micucci
  • Mrs. Beakley voiced by Toks Olagundoye
  • Duckburg Civilians voiced by anyone


Main Locations

  • Duckburg
  • Donald's Houseboat
  • McDuck Manor
  • Spoonerville (mentioned)
  • Cape Suzette (mentioned)

Theme Song

The same one used for the Quack Pack episode in DuckTales.

Quack Pack (2020 TV Series) Theme Song!


Season Air Date Prod.


Episode Premiere
Season 1 4/8/2020 S1 "The Quack Is Back!"

Season 1 Episodes

Series # Season # Episode Title Air Date Prod.


1 1 "The Quack Is Back!" 4/8/2020 101
2 2 "The Strange Secret of the Super Duper Washing Machine!" 4/11/2020 102
3 3 "Duckburg's Got Talent!" TBA 103
4 4 "The Dream of a Lifetime!" TBA 104
5 5 "The Masked Ducks of the Mallard!" TBA 105
6 6 "The Repeated Revenge of the Late Nighttime Howlers!" TBA 106
7 7 "Scrooge McDuck in The Webbed Foot Terrors!" TBA 107
TBA TBA "Untitled Halloween Special" TBA TBA
TBA TBA "Untitled Christmas Special" TBA TBA


Other Names

  • Japanese: "The Quack Pack"
  • UK: "Triple Trouble Donald Duck"
  • Hispanic: "The Adventures Of Donald Duck!"
  • England: "Mixed-Up Ducks!"
  • Canada: "Disney's Duck Squad"


  • This series is a prequel to DuckTales 2017.
  • Also, Donald wears his original blue sailor getup.
  • This is also the prequel to the Duck Family moving into Duck Manor, as

there are several episodes that feature Scrooge, Beakley, Webby, and Launchpad.

  • Despite the theme song, Della doesn't appear in the series and her scenes are cut and replaced with Launchpad.
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