Extermination Development – PS2 (DeepSpace)

extmp20bExtermination is a Playstation 2 survival horror video game developed by long defunct developer, DeepSpace Entertainment. Extermination was released to mixed to average reviews on the PS2, but originally, DeepSpace and Sony Computer Entertainment had entirely different hopes for the game, its direction, sales and had hoped it would spawn a franchise.


A few years ago, there was an article posted by the lead producer of the game on GameSpy, which has long since vanished. I did however save it, and would love to share a little bit about the Development of Extermination, and some little known facts.

Starting development as a Sega Dreamcast game in 1998, DeepSpace had intentions to start a franchise. After a rough patch around early 1999, DeepSpace starting shopping the game as a pitch to several different companies. The first pitch was to Sega as a “Sequel” to DeepFear, a Sega Saturn game that Sega had released a couple years prior. Sega turned the idea down, not only because DeepSpace was an unknown developer at the time, but also because of the games major difference in storyline, gameplay and content than the original DeepFear.


Somewhere along the line in very early 1999, DeepSpace pitched the game to Capcom as a Resident Evil game. Not only was it turned down (Similar to why Sega did) because of its major departure from the series its trying to join, it was ironically turned down because of its action combat rather than traditional survival horror game play. Ironic, because a few years later Resident Evil 4 would have Action Combat as well.


Finally, a breakthrough happened in mid 1999. Sony Computer Entertainment decided to publish the game, not only that, they saw major franchise potential. They showed the game off during previews for the PS2 in 1999 in Japan, and originally wanted a launch release for the game. However, the game was delayed due to problems with porting and other budget issues. This delay also removed a complete subplot where Cindy would encounter a teenage boy and try to save him. They would get separated sometime between Dennis arrival to Building B but before Sonya gets killed. Cindy would ask Dennis to go find him, which he does, and he brings him back. However, while coming back with the kid, they discover Sonya dead in the stairwell of building B. This entire subplot was removed before release. Additionally, the reporter would have been showed to get killed and infected, and would have been one of the bosses Dennis would fight. All of these models and left over strings from the game subtitles still exist in the game files.

Franchise potential so high it had alot of pre order bonuses.

They finally released the game in March 2001, about a full year after the PS2 launched. Despite this, it was the Playstation 2’s very first survival horror game. Despite the very high pre release hype and many preorders, the game wasn’t reviewed highly. It received mixed reviews, mostly at its game play, but unfortunately unfairly comparing it to Resident Evil and other survival horror games.


Despite the game having been considered a “Failure” by Sony Computer Entertainment, a sequel was reportedly green-lit in 2004 and was intended to be a PS3 launch title for the then estimated 2006 (later changed to 2007) PS3 release. The game was only mentioned on a resume for a defunct Sony studio, Factor5, as “Extermination: World Plague”. This was later confirmed to have been infact a sequel to the game, but was never released due to the closure of Factor5. No screenshots or images were ever released, and nobody from Factor5 is ever willing to confirm its existence. The only confirmation was the resume, and the former producer of the original PS2 extermination.


If anyone else has more information about Extermination: World Plague”, feel free to let me know!