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Legend of the Candy Cane : Free Printable

The Legend of the Candy Can began as a story of a candy maker in Indiana who created the candy cane to help children remember what Christmas is really all about. This printable is a beautiful way to share the poem about Jesus with others. The candy cane is a symbol of Christmas. Sharing this poem with others is a beautiful way to celebrate the season. Print off several copies for your classroom or bible study group.

Legend of the Candy Cane Printable

There are two different cards that you can print from this post. The folding card allows you to write a holiday greeting inside a 5 1/4″ x 6″ card. The card prints one per page. The open card prints two poems per page and the candy cane can be attached on the same page as the poem (see example above).

What You’ll Need

Start by selecting the free printable card of you choice, either the Legend of the Candy Cane folding Card, or the Legend of the Candy Cane open Card. It is best to print on a thicker, card stock paper.

Cut out the single card or two poems. The card has two lines marked for cutting the paper. Use these lines or use your own measurements based on the size candy cane used. Use either scissors or a hole punch for two holes.

The two cuts are for threading the ribbon through the card. Tie the candy cane in the front so it can be held securely in place.

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