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Updates on COVID-19 in Tokyo

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感染状況・医療提供体制(サマリ) Apr 17, 2021時点

新規陽性者759人 / 検査数9,997件(April 14参考値)、 うち65歳以上の高齢者数73人、 死亡者数10人、 都外からの持込検体による陽性数14
入院数1,457人 (確保病床数5,048床)、 うち重症者数45人 (うち重症病床数332床

Analysis of ”The Infection trends in Tokyo" and ”Medical System Provisions”.

An increase in the movement of people has already occurred, and the number of positive cases caused by variants is significantly increasing. It is feared that the 7-day moving average of new positive cases will rise further. There is the need to firmly protect the elderly, who are at high risk of becoming severely ill, from becoming infected.

Current Infection Status

The infection is spreading.

Medical System Provisions

The provision of non-COVID health care is under pressure.

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