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Wake Me Up When September Ends

Album: American Idiot (2004)
Charted: 8 6
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  • Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong wrote this song about his father, who died of cancer on September 1, 1982. At his father's funeral, Billie cried, ran home and locked himself in his room. When his mother got home and knocked on the door to Billie's room, Billie simply said, "Wake me up when September ends," hence the title.
  • The line "seven years has gone so fast" is a reference to how Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt's band Sweet Children (which would morph into Green Day), was formed seven years after Armstrong's father died.

    "20 years has gone so fast" represents the time from his father's death to when Billie Joe wrote the song.
  • This was originally slated for Green Day's 2002 compilation album Shenanigans, but Billie Joe didn't feel that he was in an emotional state to record it, so the song was held back and used on American Idiot. >>
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    Clark - Baltimore, MD
  • The video was directed by Samuel Bayer, who directed Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video. Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood star in the video, which isn't about Armstrong's father, but more a reflection on the mood in American after the September 11 attacks. In an interview with MTV, Bayer said this video was "hands down the greatest thing I've ever done." >>
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  • According to VH1's Pop-Up Video, all the explosions in the clip were real. One effects guy even had to dodge a rocket when it flew through the window where he was stationed.

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  • Terry Bender from Rapid City, SdThis song always has reminded me of September 30, 1994 Junior year in high school. The day I lost the girl that that after her death altered my life forever. It got better after meeting my late wife. But, Penny still has haunted me every September. My wife passed in 2018. She takes up my March but at least I got to tell her good bye. Penny was 1500 miles from me. I felt it the moment it happened, but never got to say goodbye. She died the day after the car wreck.
  • Me from I’m Not Giving Out M Location LolThis song is relatable, it’s been almost 7 years since my dad has passed away, but I really like this song. :(
  • Lorian Starr from AmericaI love the song but the meaning is so sad.
  • Jason from Usa@John - jesus man. I hope you pull through. I've lost quite a few folks to cancer, my mom being one of them. Fight it. Don't give up. Always fight. And I know you will. Here's to hoping for an update from you.
  • John from Macclesfield UkI have recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer , & have chosen this as the final tune at my funeral.
  • Sirius from EnglandBased on the video, not the actual lyrics, the story is about two young adults falling in love, but the guy is going to war. The girl obviously knows what horror war is and urges him not to go, when he refuses, she yells and lets him go. But the lyrics "wake me up when September ends" could be referencing to his dischargement at the end of September, where he would come back to the love of his life. Instead, he is changed by war, at first he was a lively soul ready and eager to serve his country for the greater good, but instead he is put through horrific scenarios, and in "21 guns" he is made into a bitter, hardened realist, knowing the horrors of war. He is not the same man that his wife said goodbye to that day.
  • James from The NorthAnd here is the beauty of music: I've gone 13 years without knowing the inspiration behind this song. It's always felt a very personal song to me, but for reasons very different to the author.

    I was born on the last day of September, so it strikes a very literal chord. I struggle deeply with summer - the heat, the noise, the bustle wear me down like paint thinner. Every year, come summer's end, I feel emotionally and physically exhausted. The end of September brings a deep relief and a subtle delight as the rains begin to sweep in off the ocean, the leaves start to fall, and the mists cling to the valleys. The moon, suffocated through the hot months by air as thick as a cloak, suddenly looks silver, cold and free. My soul drinks in the falling twilight and the scent of leaf mulch; I put this song on and I am awake again.
  • Shelby from El Paso, TxThe only reason she yelled at him was because she didn't approve of him signing up for war, which lead to the release of 21 guns, where it shows him returned, but never the same.
  • Qwerty from UkI don't think you guys should base the meaning of the song on the music video. Music videos are merely like an accessory to songs, something to make it stand out more, to catch your attention, not something that defines the song. What this song means is completely subjective because the lyrics are so personal and yet a bit vague so it gives the song a more flexible interpretation but still have an effect on us.

    As for me, I think this song is so beautifully written, it might not be very deep or philosophical, but I just think it's so poetic. The lightness of the sound of the bells at the end, and the simplicity of the repetitive guitar riffs, paired so well with the heaviness that this song represents like loss or grief or endings, or however you interpret it. The bells at the end makes it seem almost dream-like, which I think fits in so well because isn't this how we view our memories? Our memories, if you think about it, do seem like a dream, something far away and out of reach. And the line "here comes the rain again, falling from the stars, drenched in my pain again, becoming who we are", I think, is one of the best lines in the song, he made the process of us being shaped by grief look so picturesque.

    It doesn't matter if Green Day isn't the band it used to be anymore, or if they sold this song out to be played in s--tty movies. A good song is a good song regardless the reputation of the band or where the song is being played. If you think this is a s--tty song purely because it's so famous or because it isn't Green Day's punk-style, you're missing out.
  • Mot1vated from Mcallen Tx@sonnydaytoday I know what u mean bro, going thru a separation after 13 yrs... 3 kids... world crumbled. I cry too every single,time after dropping them off with their mom. Be strong bro.
  • Sammie from Sugar Grove, IlI would probably do the exact same thing Billie did. Lock my self up and tell my mom to wake me up when its all over. And then I would write a song about it.......
  • Connie from Milwaukee, WiI do not know if that is true about the title of the song and how it came to be, but it makes a very sweet story nonetheless. As for the video, those who think the girl is wrong for being hurt by her boyfriend leaving to go to the military, think about that for a few. How many people have died in service? Maybe it was more that she was worried but some people see it as anger instead. How would you be thinking and feeling if a loved one went into the military, especially in a time of war? At first we do tend to act out in anger when we are hurting, but the true feelings show themselves in due time. It's the shock of the news is what makes us act out in ways other than how we truly feel.
  • Victor from Hartsdale, NyIn the video, the girl is upset because her boyfriend is leaving when he promised to never do so. He's leaving because he's joining the military to protect his girlfriend and his country.
  • Reggev from Misgav, Israelmy grandfather died of cancer 7 years ago... 7 years have gone so fast, yet so much has changed...
  • Emmy from Bellville, OnThis song makes me cry.
  • Frank from Spokane, Waok, i dont give a sh*t if people disagree with me, because everyone is entitled to their own fng opinion. GREEN DAY F****NG ROCKS!!!! i have been listening to them for like, oh, idk, 5 years now and i have not gotten tired of them yet. anyone who thinks that Green Day sucks shouldnt postin all that hater sh*t on their pages!
  • Ali-kate from Miami, FlI LOVE this song lots! It's sad though.Sam from Canada you're wrong.Joe from WA stop saying those things Green Day is awesome! Anyone who says it's not is stupid.It's so sad that his dad died.I can totally see how people can relate this to 9/11. I wasn't born when it happened but i was born a month later.I don't understand why the girlfriend got so mad at the boyfriend. Kinda confused
  • Breanna from Kent, Wawhy does she yell at him? i still dont get it ?
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlEverything about this song is amazing! Wow! The lyrics are great...
  • Frank from Spokane, WaI totally relate to Billie on this one. I lost my mother to breast cancer when i was ten years old
  • Tony from Waltham Cross, United Kingdomwaiit... is the girl said that the boy went military??? O___O Confused...
  • Elizabeth from Slidell, LaI love this song byut i dont. My aunt beth pasted away from cancer back in 2008 o n september 11th. it was an emotional day bc it was 9/11 and bc my aunt died!!! I LOVE YOU AUNT BETH!!!!
  • Will from Camdenton, MoI love this song so much but the music video gets me thinking. I love my girlfriend so much but I'm hoping to go to a military academy after high school. I will probably feel so bad for leaving to go to the military. One thing that I love about her though is that I know she probably won't react like the girl in the video. I just hope that she takes it well because I graduate this next school year.
  • Ivy from Springfield, NeWhat is the skit about??? I don't get it!!! Lol my sister must've been five, and she sang this "Wake me up, when the fish are dead!" Made my decade.
  • Shawn from Durham, NcLast September (2009) my grandfather died. He had raised me and my little sis since we were kids. Of course my grandmother was there too, but she died when I was in 6th grade. Then after my grandmother went my aunt (age 26 who was was like a big sister to me) and my little cousin (age 6) were murdered. When Grandpa died I was the only one of my family to witness it. Later that night I too locked myself in my room while this song was on repeat. Later that month I left my Suburbia (or Jingletown) to live with my uncle.

    I still cry when I hear this song and sometimes when my friends play it I leave the room. I can see why people would relate this to 9/11, but this song is more of an emotional one than one reffering to a mass tragedy.
  • Sonnydaytoday from Dfw, TxWife and I are going through a divorce and my 8 year old son plays this from my iPod every weekend I pick him up from his moms house. He won't let me turn it down and we listen to the whole song. Brings tears to my eyes everytime even when I listen by myself. bless him, he is strong and I will be strong for him. We both will get through this as he only wants to be with me all the time but soon to be x won't let him because she needs the child support money to live.
  • Ian from Ragama, Sri Lanka (ceylon)The song maybe about his dead father but i think it serves a larger purpose. Each listener is able to connect this to their lives somehow...
  • Josh from Trenton, Ilthis song reminds me of my sister that died september 8th 2007. Every time i hear i cry. RIP Danielle
  • Lilly from Chester, United KingdomI love this song as it is sad my best mate died yesterday in iraq and this song was his fave every time i listen to it, it remindes me of him and i start to cry.
  • Brianna from Marathon, NyI love this song! I heard this song when I was younger and loved it ever since!
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnA beautiful and moving song. This ballad brings me to tears everytime I hear it.
  • Mr.capone from Logan, UtOkay, You are All Wrong. It IS About His Dad Dying.
    Why Would He Dedicate To someone Outside Of his Family?!
  • Atavan from Muntinlupa, Philippinesi can really relate to the song :) my father died nov.1 w/ cancer so I'll just gonna change the month :)
  • Jodee from A City, DeFirst of all, GREEN DAY IS (really good)!! Anyone who doesn't think so can go (away)!!! Even though the song is about his dad, i sometimes connect it to 9/11. "Here comes the rain again falling from the stars" makes me think of the chunks of the building falling from the sky. "As my memory rests, but never forgets what i lost" to me is like the U.S. saying that we have what happend burned into our memory, and even though it happened long ago we never forget all the lives that were lost.
  • Nate from Syrause, NyI love how at the end, everything just dies away, and you're left with the "do do da, do do da" of the guitar, it kind of makes you think a little bit. I think that its a great song, and I can actually play it on the guitar, one of my favorites.
  • Teena from Mesa, AzMaybe I'm just old, but there are a few things that really bother me with this thread. First and foremost, spelling and grammar are good things. Please try them on for size. You may find that you like them. Second, If I read one more "Poor Billy Joe, He must have loved his father a lot" comments, I may just scream. I would say that the majority of people do love their fathers, and a lot of us are aware that our parents will likely die before we do. Cancer is indeed a tragedy, I will agree with that. But I'm sure that the last thing that Billie Joe Armstrong would want is for a bunch of folks 'feeling sorry for him'. I'm sure that he's aware that his experience is not dissimilar from many other people. I'm sorry that his father died, but I bet the money made from this song alone helped to cheer him up a little.
  • Jackson from Koala Beach, Australialisten to rockin' chair by oasis. stolen melody.
    i like this song heaps though
  • Dean from Prince Albert, SkI agree with you that say this song is sad, but when I say sad, I mean pathetic. All you people seeking deeper meanings for Billy Joe Armstorng's lyrics are fools. I've seen deeper things in a pizza pan! GREEN DAY (aren't good)!!
  • Lance from Malibu, CaIt's about this guy who joins the army and goes to Iraq. The girl has to wait until the end of September when he is supposed to get back.
  • Detlef from Berlin Kreuzberg, Germanycan someone tell me if the line : ring out the bells again, like we did when spring began. does have a special meaning and if it refers to his father's dead. thanks alot!!
  • Rheanna from Horsham, AustraliaThis song rocks. i lost a best friend and her b'days in srptember so whenever i hear the song i always think of her. i do miss her but she changed. i miss the old her.
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txto Joe, Bellingham, in WA the ramones didnt really have the last name ramones it was from a song the beatles sang and they all liked it so changed their last names to ramones. they were a pathetic excuese for a band. 1 min songs and loud playing is not true rock, they sucked! so get over your self and stop being such a baby!!!
  • Bailey from Salem, Orwow joe. why do you freaking waste you time writing all these things. green day is a great band. they were one of the very few bands that stood up and told kids "make up your own mind! be a minority, no one can tell you who you are and you should be who you are." i dont care if you dont like their music. they told kids to be the change in the world. what the hell is wrong with that?
  • Skye from Lalaland, MdIf you really listen to the lyrics it sounds almost as if Billie Joe is referring to Hurricane Katrina. Which occurred in September.

    "Summer has come and passed
    The innocent can never last
    wake me up when september ends"

    "here comes the rain again
    falling from the stars
    drenched in my pain again
    becoming who we are"

    I know it's just a coincidence.. but I think it's pretty cool :]
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txthe end of september is the end of a fiscal year . in the military ... does any one think this could have a meaning on anti war or something? or even a ballad of what life was like pre-war?
  • Dylan from Kalispell, Mtwow. that joe guy from bellingham lost it. u dont have to like green day dude! but dont but mean to people who do like green day
    p.s. u didnt have to be born before '78 to appreciate the ramones, sex pistols clash or any other original punk bands.
    ya im pretty sure its about his dad. they were on tour when the video was made so they left it up to the director. thats why it makes no sense.
  • Ben from Menomonie, Withis is the 11th track on american idiot. september 11th? i know its not what its about but i doubt thats a coincidence.
  • Daily from Indy, InI agree with everyones thoughts... I thinks songs are fo the listener to feel whatever comes to mind when listening to music.... This song for me represents the loss of a loved one. By a "sleight of hand and twist of fate" a long lost love came back into my life. We went "Over and Over" that past and made some current history. I have never felt so "Alive" in my life and I "let the world know how I felt inside eventhough it might cost me everything". She is "So Far Away" but so close to me at the same time. As quickly as she came back into my life, she was taken away again... :( I think Marissa from OH said it best.... It was the best experience of my life.... Please pray for me... Thanks. :(
  • Ashley from LeedsYour stating fact as opinion. You don't like this song...so what? Since when did you define what is true punk and what is not?
    If you don't like Green Day then so what...no need to insult other people for liking them.
    Any song that someone writes from the heart and records themselves is real.
  • Michelle from Brook Park, MnI think this is a beautiful song. I am a very sympathetic person and I think it's very sad that Billie Joe's father past away when he was at a young age. It had to be very tough growing up without a father to love and care for him. Billie Joe is my idol and if I could, I'd give a big hug cuz that's a horrible thing to experience. It's horrible for anyone, really. Well, I'm her for you Billie Joe!

  • Rusty from Raleigh, NcThis is one of the saddest song I've ever listen to. And I'm guessing it had something to do with war.
  • Blake from Eau Claire, WiTo me, this songs speaks of the sadness of summer being over. If I could sleep through September, the pain of summer being gone would have subsided. I'm a teacher, so it's always sad to see summer go because we're supposed to have our summers off, but I'm usually busy teaching summer school and taking classes, so my summer gets very short, so it's hard to go back to school even though I enjoy it very much. I think it's reallly cool that a punk band like Green Day can write such meaningful songs. sure beats boyfriend or umbrella or beautiful girl.
  • Nicole from N/a, WiWell anyone who said this song is not about Billy Joe's father passing, I actually heard him say on some tv special that it was. This was like 2 years ago. (either MTV or FUSE) I love this song, and so does my 6 1/2 y.o. nephew. It's one of his favorite songs, but he doesn't understand it, he only knows it's about september which is his birth month.
  • Krissy from Boston, MaJoe I know where u are somign from. Cause I do the same thing with The Beatles. When people says stuff that is like so wrong and so far from the truth. I get so arguementive. But I do it cause I know I am right. But this I should have thought about it.
  • Desiree from Powers Lake, Ndmy birthday is Sept 9th and it happens to be the WORST time of my life every fricken year, so every time i hear this song it makes me think about my Birthday...it helps get ready for it and helps me through the month...so i think saying i love this song is pretty accurate...oh and this song is about the irag war...911 duh...just really think about its pretty fricken deep...green day did a very good job with this song...Rock On!!!!
  • Gray from Aurora , CoI also agree with Sam from Canada because if u watch the video it doesnt make no sense if the song is based on Billie Joe Armstrong father dieing from Cancer. Its more based on the Iraq War and how Green Day is against it. Also i got to say NIce Work Sam with all the year meanings in the song. U know some one knows there stuff on Green Day. Also personaly i think if it was truely about his Dad dieing from cancer it wouldnt be on a the Cd called American Idiot.
  • Katelyn from Grantie City, IlIn the music video wake me up when september ends
    what does the girl think that her boyfriend did because it never says or anything and then all of a sudden he hends up in the army.
  • Aisling from Dublini recently saw an interview with billie joe on mtv ireland in which he himself said that the song is writen about his father, it so happened that is fited in with 911
  • Sam from Cambridge, CanadaYou people are all wrong. This song is not about the death of Billie Joe's father. It is a common misconception. When he refers to "his Father's come to pass" it is Father, not father. He is referring to God. This song is filled with reference to the Book of Revelations. It is about the Iraq war being the apocalypse and Bush is satan. When he says seven years has gone so fast, he is referring to the seven years of peace after the coming of the anti-christ before the end of the world. This is the time between the gulf war and the 9/11 attack. PS the fourth guy is Jason White. He does a lot of recording with Green day when they need a second guitarist.
  • Aaron from Manistee, MiMy third favirote song of its type. Mike Rutherfords and Bonos songs on the subject are both better but this one is close. The other songs being The Living Years and Sometimes You Cant Make It On Your Own. A Living Years style video woulda worked well for this.
  • Kelsi from I-town(ionia, Mii love the video for this....my bro reasently got deployed to Iraq....it helped alot!
  • Aisling from Dublin, Irelandwhy do people feel the need to classify a band into agenre in order to make them...so what greenday arent as punk as the sex pistols...asl that matters is that they are a good band...our generations puts lables an thags too much...goth, emo, prep, whatever!!!! real people and real musics dont need label...
  • Paul from San Francisco, CaTo Bob from Hippy, CO: He's a recent new member of Green Day I believe.
  • Bob from Hippy, CoThis is a pretty good song, but I don't really get why there is four people playing in the video. There's only three people in the band, so who is the extra dude?
  • Ollie from London, Englandp.s. f*** u whoever is writing stupid things like green day are a rubbish band. who says they need to be a PUNK band. they're good as ever classified as rock, classic, what ever ... green day are probs one of the best bands in global history <3 <3
  • Ollie from London, Englandheyy. this song absolutely rocks <3 <3. i know, cuz when my mum died, this - and good riddance - were the songs that i listened to and cried to :'(. green day have such good lyrics & music. i'm gunna cry with it a lot more now ive lost someone even closer than my mum. lu green day xx.
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaPunk rock history my ass, if ever they do go there it'll be for most sell out punk band ever. oh and is anyone here born before 1978, if not than your teen years were not spent listing to TRUE punk
  • Kristin from Fort Worth, TxFYI people Green Day is like one of the best bands EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will like go dowm in punk rock history!!!!!!
  • Annie from LondonI felt not loved by my father when I was growing up. i went away from my family to find a job here in England. when he died, I was emotionally wrecked coz am missing him. This track makes me weep everytime it's aired on radio.
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaGREEN DAY SUCKS! Look its too bad Billie's dad died, but it happens. Green Day is a terrible band. they will NEVER EVER amount to true punk like the sex pistols or Ramones! Green Day have sold out! they are dumb and everyone who likes them is a dumb wannabe punk poser! Billie Joe is some crappy ass loser crossdresser who is hiding the fact that he is a sell out loser. that bassist is an old saggy B**** ass, and there lard ass drummer needs to lay of the hohos. GREEN DAY SUCKS!
  • Kaleen from Oakland, MiI love Greenday! This is one of the best songs i think they wrote. If Greenday was a religion I'm sure a good percent of the world would be in it. They make you listen. Even their songs dising America. I'm a american and sometimes i totally agree with their songs and sometimes i dont. Greenday is great.
  • Marissa from Is This Optional?, OhI never really lost anyone close to me, but this song still moves me. It's better than all the trash they play on the radio anymore. I'm not the biggest Green Day fan, and I didn't like this song at first, but it grew on me. At a school dance last year that was on September 30, someone requested this song and some of my classmates and I stood in this big circle and sang it together. It was one of the strongest feelings of unity I've ever experienced. PS everyone out there who thinks of a friend or loved one who they've lost when they hear this song: just know that my prayers are with you!
  • Patrick from Stl, Moi think that this song is great. it is one of green days best.
  • John from Tanerville, Pai think that this song is very helpful for a lot of peaple. it shows that even peaple like Billie Joe Armstrong go throught normal day life. being a rock star has its adanteges,but he stills a normal life
  • Aaron from Tigard, OrThis song sounds too much like Oasis's "Rockin' Chair"
  • Vanessa Tapper from Virginia Beach, Vai love this song so much but it makes me sad because it reminds me of my dad who died in afganistan when i was 8 he was in the navy.
  • Jenny from Beverly, Mieven though this song is about his dad dieing it makes me cry because it amkes me think about my brother who died in Iraq on May 1,2006... this song and video didn't mean much too me but now i think about every one who is going through the same pain i am :/

    support and pray for our troops

    bobby i love u and miss you love your lil sis
  • Lena from Wkgn, United Statesgreat song.. just dont like hearing it.. my future is completly told here in this song.. everything.. and well it's horrible.. but well great song..
  • Andrew from Adelaide, Australiai seriously thought this song was about the war in iraqu and stuff coz thats what the band had said during a interview a while back but i guess like most great songs it can mean alot of different things to different people.hey thanks people the facts on this song are great like the one about billie joe telling his mother to wake him up when september ends hence the title of the song has changed my view on the song p.s greenday is one of my favourite bands of all time and thats no doubt so rock on people !!
  • Stu from Fife, ScotlandGreat track. On first hearing, I thought it was about the end of summer and the pain of getting back to the real world. In that sense it reminded me of Don Henley's "Boys of Summer". It's good to find out, through the power of SongFacts, the real story (tragedy) behind the song. Now it reminds me of "The Living Years" by Mike & The Mechanics. But am I the only one who thinks the word "innocent" would have worked better as "innocence"?
  • Holly from Ridley Park , PaI can understand why some people say Why did they do the video about war, when it's about Billie Joe's dad dieing. But what I dont understand is why some people think the video is anti war. I am a woman and I am not against people figting for their country, but to me I see the video as a girl who loves someone and is upset because he is going away to war and he could die and she may never see him again. Even mothers feel that way about their children going to war. It's not that you not proud of them, but your afraid of losing them. It is very painful
  • Zuzana from Bratislava, EuropeThis song is not only about Billie's dad - it's about losing and missing. That's why do I think the anti-war video is perfectly suitable. It's all about Billie's father died and that was this terrible and it felt like this and people are dying in wars and that's also terrible.
  • Mszacefron from Chicago, Ilgr8 song facts..i was wondering why he talked about his dad..i mean i knew he died but the video shows the war..prob trying to take attention off himself
  • Cassi from Franklin, Mass, MaI just want to say that I absolutly love the song and video for Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends". Although it made me cry until my eyes hurt and turned purple and absolutly loved it! I feel so much (inside) when I see it on mtv or something. And for everyone who ever lost someone, I'm sorry of your loss. (and for Billie Joe's also). (I absolutly heart Biilie Joe)!! But anyways... Wake Me Up When September Ends talks about losing someone that love to death and then one day goes off somewhere and never returns, like in the vidoe, dies.
    I also just want to say that I love how Billie Joe also dedicated the song to other people, who have died at some point. I just love that!

    And... may there be PEACE on earth. <3

    And no tales of broken homes/hearts.

    cassi xo

    p.s. green day rocks
    ... I'm not just saying that like every other #1 Green Day Fan.
  • Mary from Friendswood , TxGreenday has dedicated this song to many people and things including all the deaths of september ,johnny ramone,hurricanes katrina and ritas victom ,seeptember 11,others and then the most important is his dad
  • Eddy from San Diego, Caoh man i can really relate to this song about losing someone in your life last year in september 2005 one friend of mine that was really close died of cancer and i remember that this song was so like i felt at the moment. "the innocent can never last" thats exactly how i feel" like my father's come to pass" he was one of my dad best friends so i felt that way " as my memory rests
    but never forgets what I lost" i felt that way too so its kind of what i was feeling and like i said it happened in september so i can relate to it in many ways. and im playing that song in a talent show like a tribute to him so... great song
  • Steve from Burkburnett, Txthis comment is in responses to mike chrleton

    "This is a pretty good song. It could be up their with Good Riddance(Time of YOur Life) if only they didn't take the whole anti-war approach with the video. If the song is about Armstrong's Dad dying of cancer, and is so emotional for him, why not make it personal and and make the video about a tribute to Armstrong's dad or something, not simply a blatant anti-war political statement. It simply cheapens the meaning of an emotional song. Long live America"

    well if you look closely in the music video, shes only mad at him because he signed up for the marines behind her back or at least against her wishes. the video shows no contempt of the fact that the U.S is entagling themsevles in foreing afairs. It was the boy's descision and so many others decision to make that sacrifice and serve thier country, in my opinion it exhaluts the boy that he was strong to make such a hard descion. But dont get me wrong im not defending the anti war side because im very much pro war and dare i say it, i support alot of what bush stands for.....he may not be the best prez. but someone had to get this started before something bigger than 9-11 happened.
  • Will from Jackson Heights, Nyi used to think that this song was about September 11th. Cause when it that happend all that was on tv was about sept 11th and that whole month felt so horrible. people just wanted it to end. and in the song billie says how he never forgets what he lost... lots of people lost someone. even though it's not about september 11th i kinda dedicate it to that since i live in nyc and i was so close to it.
  • Iris from Oakland, CaI love this song it's a very sad song and If i were billie joe i would not been strong enough to write it.
  • Rebekah from St. Augustine, Flokay whoever is so insensitive, this cause this is for you. Maybe you never lost someone very important to you for any reason. I lost my grandma(who i was extremely close to) May 20 of 2002. She had 3 or 4 different types of cancer and over came them all but one which gave her a brain toumor and then she passed away about a munite after my mom got to her. She held on long enough to see her only daughter one last time. i never got to say good-bye. I was also 10 years old. yes it may have been 25 years ago but he was 10 years old. so as you can see, this song is one of my favorites.it means alot. i know how painful it is for him to sing that song. i dont think i would be strong enough to do that. i dont think alot of people are that emotionally strong!
  • Michael from Tucson, AzWell, nobody really died in september for me, but I did get in this HUMUNGOUS fight with an excellent friend of mine. She moved to georgia. Now, she hates me. Poor Billy. I hope you move on okay.
  • Mike from Charlton, MaThis is a pretty good song. It could be up their with Good Riddance(Time of YOur Life) if only they didn't take the whole anti-war approach with the video. If the song is about Armstrong's Dad dying of cancer, and is so emotional for him, why not make it personal and and make the video about a tribute to Armstrong's dad or something, not simply a blatant anti-war political statement. It simply cheapens the meaning of an emotional song. Long live America.
  • Sarah from Sandiego, CaThis song makes me cr ever time I hear it im actually crieing right now because it rekminds me of my 24 year old sister who might die of cancer i can relate to this to this because i've gone through more things than average 13 year old kid wich i am except for the average part
  • Sarah from Midlands, EnglandI love this song. Only saw the video to it last weekend - never knew the boy in it was the actor from Billy Elliot (British Film all you other nations - but he was in King Kong too) And yup - made my eys leak a leetle bit too. I tip my hat to you Mr. Armstrong
  • Sarah from Sandiego, CaThis is like one of my fav songs of all time it rocks. but its really sad because its about his grandpa dieing that why in bullet in a bible BJ is almost breaking out and crying i felt really bad for him.
  • Rebka from Crapville, WyI love this song. It's so sweet and kinda sad. I think it's one of Green Day's best songs. Not filled with political propaganda. Poor Billie Joe.
  • Tanya from London, United StatesThe video is about how war rips happiness apart, and is basically carrying on with the whole anti war thing. It also reflects loss, which obviously Billie Joe feels for hs dad
  • Alex from Loveland, CoI agree with you, Tony, but some new Green Day songs are pretty catchy, but the older stuff is like a trademark, and still, you can tell a Green Day song even before they start singing. (their style is sort of unique) but they were better as an older band with a TOTALLY different style of music. Don't get me wrong, I like Green Day, but their older songs were better before they got carried away with the politics, but I guess it could go either way.
  • Tubby from Hexham, EnglandOld Green Day (Slappy, Kerplunk) is better than the new stuff, I wouldnt agree that American Idiot is rubbish. The lyrics go into each other brilliantly, once you work out the story and listen to the lyrics, its a good album. However I dont think they will ever outdo their 95-97 era. Insomniac and Nimrod are their best original albums in my opinion (Non original referring to my favourite, Shenanigans, which is B-Sides and Covers).
  • Tony from Pawtucket, RiGuys, honestly. This song isn't that great. It was good before it hit big. Now everyone knows it and you can't turn on a radio station without hearing it. And those who are saying "Green Day is the best band ever" have probably NEVER heard their older stuff besides "Good Riddance". That is some good stuff, but this American Idiot-era stuff is horrible. I mean, I'm not usually one to diss music, and let it be known that I DESPISE RAP, so don't go thinking I like that stuff either (Why would I listen to Retards Attempting Poetry?). I like anything from Black Sabbath (Heavy Metal) to My Chemical Romance (...What would you call them?) to Children of Bodom (Finnish Death Metal), so yeah. I'm not saying my music choice is better than any of yours, but Green Day is definately NOT the best band ever. Maybe one of the biggest hitting rock bands in the last year, but I doubt there is a single person who heard the GOOD era of music (back before Metallica released the Black Album, back when music was about real topics and it didn't matter whether you got mainstream play or not, it just mattered that you were playing the music that you loved.) that likes American-Idiot Green Day to no end. I can understand the song having a good meaning, it does indeed, but those people saying it is the best song ever are going a LITTLE too far.
  • Maiken from Victoria, Australiathis song is so sad...in the end of the video clip you dont know if he lives or not...
    also the song is about his father dying in september and saying twenty years has gone so fast this song is awsome
    ilove green day more then my parents!
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaGreen Day rocks! This is a really cool song. The music video is so long, but I don't like it that much.
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhI love this song so much it's so sad. I think it's really awesome that Billie Joe can write such a good song about his dad it shows how much he loves him and that he misses him. That's really sweet. Green Day rocks!
  • Adrian from Perth, Australiathis song rocks, one of greendays best songs for sure, the film clip is pretty cool too but it is sad. Oi who knows when greenday are comin to australia???
  • Meghan from Enola, PaI love Green Day--SO much. I love all of the songs on their CD American Idiot. This song is about Billie Joe's father passing away and I think it's really touching. It's sweet that he wrote a song about it and just let every feeling out in one song. This video is permanently fixed in my mind-it's really intimate and close to Billie Joe and that's really sweet. Green Day is a great band--especially for going on 17 years making GREAT MUSIC. I think they're heroes for making their dreams come true and keeping their families close to their hearts. KEEP IT UP GREEN DAY!!
  • Jessica from Buffalo, NySmile: God loves you soo much! There's no one else in the universe I'd rather be with for eternity. God helps me every day and He loves me for who and what I am. He has unconditional love for me and you and even when I turn and run, He's there waiting for me with outstreched arms. God gives me joy and happiness. Spread God's love to those who don't know it. :)
  • Joe from Tioga, Laim from louisiana and when the hurricanes katrina and rita destroyed the coast. this song helped lotta of us that the hurricanes had effected.
  • A from Seattle, WaMy dad died on september 27th of cancer just over a year ago. I feel his pain...September is a dreaded month.
  • Dan from Grand Rapids, MiMy grandfather was POW during WWII, shot down over Poland on September 11, 1944. Every time I hear this song I think of the sacrifices made by he and his crew, as well as every man and woman who has served, who gave up so much to stop oppression.
  • Jake from Burlington, VtThe fist time i heard this song a girl said it was her fave song, we danced to it at least 10 times but i never really thought about the song. When i looked at the words in the song it was like slapping me in the face saying "your life sucks, get over it" but when i watched the video to the song it made me think and i knew that this was my favoraite song becuase it relates to me to much in a difrent way then saying good by or going away from a loved one, this movie showed me that my life isnt as bad as i thought it was. I owe my girlfriend (we are after she showed me that song) a lot for getting me into this song.

    I hope i can think better after watching and hearing, trying to understand what the words meen, combined with the movie or without.

    This song will remain my favorite for a very long time.
  • Aneka from Uk, EnglandMy friend is going off to Iraq in January. He's leaving behind his daughter this song just really touches home. Such a magical song with so much feeling.
  • Amy from Lathrop, CaAt the end of Aug, my 17 yr old daughter went into the Navy,when I finally got to talk to her (several weeks later) she told me to make her some CDs to bring to her when she graduated. She said for me to listen to this song as it was exactly what she felt , Sept was the first month of her bootcamp and the very hardest on the 24th she had her 18th birthday and couldent celebrate at all she dident even get to call home and then the next day the 25th was my 40th b-day and she had to make me a card from her notebook paper. so I can see what she felt in this song.
  • *~*zo Zo*~* from Green Day Rawks, TxI had the most forunate opportunity of seeing thier American Idiot tour within 5 months apart, and at the first show, Billie Joe dedicated this song to Johnny Ramone who had just died of Cancer then more recent, he dedicated it to Cindy Sheehan, the mother of the soilder who at that time was still camped out in Crawford, Texas protesting on President Bush's Ranch.
  • Tanya from London, EnglandGet Bullet in a Bible those of u guys who havent got it. I was there at the gig, and the atmosphere was incredible. Everyone was obviously ecstatic that they were playing it but everything kind of went eerily quiet at the same time. Then I looked round and saw all the lighters and was just overwhelmed. And you can actually feel the atmosphere when you watch the DVD. Billie Joe looks so torn at the end, its really emo. He blinks back tears too. Amazing stuff
  • Aaron from Vermillion, SdI absolutely love this song. When I was 13, my father passed away on September 12th. So when I first heard this song I about cried. This song says anything and everything there is to say about what it's like to loose your father. Thanks Bille Joe
  • Clare from Liverpool, Englandmy brothers in the army and he was going to go to iraq too but he didnt. we were all really happy. this song kinda reminds me of that.
  • Joe from Bismarck, Ndthis song made me feel like i wanted to cry and dig deep in my heart
    cause my dad whant to iraq but thank God he is ok
  • Clare from Liverpool, Englandi remember the first time i heard this i almost cried. my friend laughed at the songs meaning, but thats just mean. Its sooo sad, this song. i want it (along with good riddance) played at my funeral.
  • Jo from Toronto, Canadagenerally i'm not such a green day fan, but i really loved this song.
    at first i liked it because, before discoering it's real meaning, i seemed to be able to relate to it alot on like, a personal level.
    but then is aw the video. and saw that evan rachel wood was in it. and she is my favourite actress of all time sooo...
    yeah.. i respect green day alot more now that they put her in the video of one out of very few songs of theirs i enjoy.
  • Kay from Dallas, Txthis song has a realllly deep meaning. but he wrote it so that people could relate to it in their own way. but everytime i hear it, i think of the terrible pain billie joe must have faced to have his father die when he was ten. it really touches a place in my heart no other song even comes close to. and then all these preps go around singing it, and posting the lyrics everywhere. it's crazy, not many songs can move people the way this one moved me. so call me a wierdo, or a loser or whatever. but i just can't bring myself to sing these lyrics along with the band like i can with their other songs. 'cause this one song has pain, and suffering in it's every word. you can tell how hard it must be to bring back all those memories.
    yeahh...just had to say that to see if there's anyone else out there who had this song touch them in the same way it did me...<3
  • Kimberly from Greeley, Coi like this song and the video is good too. it is a bit overplayed and almost ironic how a few years ago on 9/11 was in september and all this bad stuff happens in september like katrina and everything.
  • Tanya from London, EnglandI know this song was written about his father but it is kinda weird that its the 11th song on their 9th record. But Billie Joe has said that wasn't intentional
  • Toshia from St Louis, MoI love this song and im not usually a rock fan i am a gospel person. Before i even knew what this song was about i loved it. Sept/dec life altering things like death of my aunt and my childrens father cheating so i replace sept with november. When bad things and depression hit we just want to sleep until it gets better. I love this song!
  • Chrissy from ManchesterA fabulous song, thanks Andy for reminding me about when they dedicated this to the Ramone's guitarist Johny. Such a great song, it is a close second to Time Of Your Life (Good Ridance) but sadly, it just about beats it.
  • Kyle from Anna, OhI think this may be one of Greenday's best songs. Though not as good as Time of Your Life, it always makes me stop and listen to it anytime that it comes on. Kudos to a punk band making songs that all people can listen to.
  • Candace from New Orleans, Iai call this song "teller of life" because my fiance died this september.september 14th 2005 to be exact.we r like 20 so thats pretty much like the wake me up when september ends vidio..i never really liked green day until now..green day is everything that i listen 2,watch,and like to talk about..i've acually went to the green day concert in l.a on october 11 on tuesday..billie put the crowd on thier feet and it wasnt far from amazing.this song is the best.i have 5 of the green day albums.i was planning to get nirmod and the other 1 2day so im going to the mall now..but bye guys..green day rox!!!
  • Tanya from London, EnglandI read that the dvd is 100 minutes long. Hope that just means the live footage and not the interviews. The gig was 2 hours though so they must be cutting off a few songs, or maybe some of him talking. Hope they dont edit him masturbating!! lol
  • Evie from Kulpmont, United StatesMy dad died Sept 9th 1986, so did my ex husband Sept 29th 1977,,when I first heard it, I cried,,,thanks so much to the band for making this,,its now my song...
  • Kristen from West Chester, OhI just have to say...I was never a huge Green Day fan until I went to their show in Indianapolis on their American Idiot tour. It was nothing short of amazing. If I could, I would go night after night to their concerts. They truly are talented and really know how to work the crowd. Now I can't stop listening. :)
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Ca1. this isn't punk. its rock. thats good. 2. this is the only green day song i REALLY LIKE. I like the acoustic feel at the beginning. reminds me in a good way of over the hills and far away by led zeppelin. not that its that good...but its definitely a good song and if green day keeps going in that direction i'll start to like them.
  • Lawrence from Singapore, SingaporeTre Cool jumped from the drum kit in the video
  • Tanya from London, EnglandI love every green day song. my fave being good riddance. Anyone seen the jesus of suburbia video? I think its one of their best yet. and ive been right about st jimmy the whole time...hes in jesus of suburbias head
  • Candace from New Orleans, Iai still have the picture when i took it in california last year..billie is next to me and tre is on the other side and mike is acting stupid..lol
  • Candace from New Orleans, Iait reminds me of when my grandfather died when i didint get to meet him.
  • Candace from New Orleans, IaThis song reminds me of my grandfather who died of cancer 1 month before i was born
  • Tanya from London, EnglandStarted in september. My school didnt have sociology for GCSE. Ive got a funny teacher so its not too bad lol. The works borin tho. Speakin of chavs, theres a group of em outside my house now GGGRRRR. Well, outside next doors house really at my ex best mates. Theyre after me lol. i think its quite funny. as theyve had plenty of oppurtunities to smack my head in n ofcourse its never happened. God, what is it with trackies tucked into their socks?
  • Joe from Londonthe start of the video to Wake Me Up... made me really quite upset because my ex lives in the countryside and live in the city, i was meant to be going down there and the video makes me think maybe thats what it would have been like in the country with her. and for those who care we broke up because the distance was getting way to hard :'(. i still love ya harriet and always will xxx
  • Jon from MontrealEven though i don't really like Green day, i think this song is okay.. the lyrics are pretty good and exept I'm not sure if its about summer romance with a girl thats ending (the september ends) or if its about the lead singer's dad dieing...wtv its confusing but not bad song
  • Sofie from Odense, Denmarkit's a beautiful song. My dad died too. also cancer.. love this song..
  • AnonymousRead Yeat's "An Irish Airman Forsees His Death".
  • Matt from Monroe, LaThis song means much more after hurricane season 2005..such a grief fueled song
  • Amber from Richmond, VaI have been listening to this song for a few weeks now and hadn't really understood too much about it until I was driving home this morning. The local radio station was explaing the song and motivated me to check out the music video for it. I have never cried so much over one music video before.
    My fiance is in the Marines and is on his 2nd tour in the Middle East the 1st one was last year in Afghanistan and now is in Fallujah. I talk to him almost everyday but it's still hard.
    This song makes you cherish the time that you do have.
    "Wake Me Up......." and "The Notebook" are the only two production/song releases that have really gotten to me emotionally.
    I just enlisted in to the Army and go off to basic in May.
    This song really did it for me. Way to go Green Day on doing such an amazing job.
  • Olli from Newark, Deok Billie's dad did not give him Blue before he died that's what everyone thinks but i read the book on them and his mom actually bought it in a pawn shop for him after his dad died. I love this song the video is really sad and it's one of the best Green Day songs of all time.
  • Michelle from Houston, TxHonestly, I despise Green Day. This is the only song I actually like by them. The video made me cry.
  • Kika from Nyc, Nygeez, what is wrong with them getting some publicity? I admit Brain Stew is an awesome song, it's my favorite of their's actually, but leave the 13 year olds who follow trend alone. they're important in the world too.
  • Travis from Lawrence, KsYou all are missing an important point. This song would be good if it wasn't by Green Day. The sellout is complete. I got my first CD when I was in 5th grade, a copy of Dookie. I went to their show in KC to hear some of their good stuff from that album and Nimrod (their best), and I had to put up with 13 year old girls screaming along to songs like this one in between. It was hilarious watching them pretend to know Brain Stew or King for a Day, though. To all those that only have this album, check out the old stuff, you'll see the difference. Anybody that wants to argue can explain to me why they had to add a third guitarist (to me, a diss on their punk roots). The entire album is a ballad, for God's sake. This crap is power pop, and I'm sick of all the blind compliments. Billie Joe didn't always wear eye makeup, either, chalk that one up to fellow pop artists Good Charlotte.
  • William from Cherokee, NcI like how the couple walks through the field of tall grass and how the sun is setting. It makes me remember how precious time is.
  • William from Cherokee, NcI love the song. It reminds me of summer when my friends had many partys and that they are going back to Europe at the end of september. My cousin came back from Iraq in september, He was in a firefight in fallujah. A marine in his unit was wounded. I never knew how famous the song was until I listened to it. It will be one of my most favorite songs for years to come.
  • Kika from Nyc, Nyso anyway, about the song...
    i think it would be a lot better without the triangle, or what sounds like a triangle, i think it's just a bit too much, how bout a nice guitar playing that?
  • Alyssa from Calgary, CanadaI went to their concert in Calgary and the have shocked me for life! I am so amazed how they are in their thirty's and have been a band for SIXTEEN years and they are still the best band ever!!!!!! I cant beleive that they almost broke up! Then they wrote American Idiot and they are all fine. I love you Green Day you are the best in the world!!!!
  • Kika from Nyc, NyI didn't think they were that great live, i really like thier music, but i thought they were just mediocre live. I think it is meaningful to write about the loss of your father, i don't know why you would think it wasn't.
  • Harriet from South Hill, VaSeriously, I cry almost every time I listen to this song. It's sad how Billie Joe's dad died. He must've loved him a lot.
  • Craig from San Fran, CaThe song is ok, but green day used to be alot better, their albums like dookie are way better than american idiot. On the subject of war, well war is just a sh*ty thing, and america is being run by an idiot named bush, war is a complete waste of money and a terrible thing, if it werent for bush wanting more oil there wouldnt have been one.
  • Christina from Warner Robins, GaChantel - There are a LOT of people who agree with you. I live in a military town with a large air force base, though I am not military, nor is my husband. It's hard to express a negative opinion about the war here! Check out moveon.org if you want to become active in protesting the war or other related political things.
  • Chau from Melbourne, AustraliaI find that Green Day is an inspiration to every apiring musicians. Their song "Wake me up when September ends" made me really, really wish I knew how to play the drums. Damn!:(
  • Kika from Nyc, Nyalso josh, when i saw green day rehearsing, you know what they were playing while the soundcrew was working? honky tonk woman, voodoo child. they listen to your music, so maybe their's isn't so bad either?
  • Kika from Nyc, Nyi listen to the best like ac/dc, hendrix, zeppelin etc., that doesn't mean that you can't like green day too, their not awful, they're just new, get over it.
  • Wesley from Houston, TxI freakin love this song. i went to their concert a few weeks ago & almost cried when they played this song. i just like the way they play it with such passion, You know??
  • Kika from Nyc, NyThis song is a decent song. You people are over critical of green day, just because they're popular doesn't mean you can't like them. Mind if you listen to classic rock, most of what you listen to now, millions of people listened too a long time ago. Discriminating against a group because theyare more popular and you have some strange pride about listening to alternative types of music is oxymoronic. Plus, if you're even looking at the song, you know you must like it at some level, otherwise you'd be too repulsed even to look at this page. So don't be ashamed of liking green day, they didn't get this far because they make bad music, lord knows they're not terribly good looking, so that didn't do it for them. I like this song, it's an alright song.
  • Christi from Leesburg, Gai love tis song...my birthday is in sept. and that is when my dad abandoned me so it is the month i love but the month i hate. this song makes me cry but i love it. my mom being a big christian even said she likes this song. i love green day!!!
  • Corrie from Calgary, Canadathis song is amazing.. so many people can relate to it and it is just a poweful song over all way to go green day
  • Stella from Laguna Beach, Cai cried when this video first premired on mtv. such a great song with such a meaning. green day rocks as usual..xoxoxo
  • Dana from Richmond, Canadathis song brings me to tears..
    i cant imagine the pain billy joe must have gone
    through..and i admire his courage of writing this
    song and putting it out there for everyone to hear.
    i cant get enough of this song and everytime i
    hear it i get chills..
  • Rachel from Windsor, CanadaI just read this today, about why Billie Joe wrote this song and all... life can be so ironic. My friend's dad died today. She's only 13, and now this song can relate to her too...
  • Tanya from London, EnglandI suppose in a way it does sort of 'fit in' with the story of the album (JOS/st jimmy and whatsername) because its a sad song which comes after letterbomb in which whatsername leaves JOS. BUT it was not written for this reason and is separate from the 'story' of the album. This song is in my top 5 songs ever. with good riddance being number 1 ofcourse :)
  • William from Ocean Springs, Msdid anyone bother to think that this song could possibly be about the bush presidency coming to an end. It happens right around that time.
  • Dele from Syd, Australiahey, i just wanna say that its all sad and things about Billies dad dieing and i know all this is very sentimental to you all, but i beleieve its a FANTASTIC song and listen further than the lyrics and listen to the MUSIC! its a great song, enjoy it :)
  • Tanya from London, Englandyes all the songs on the album are linked... except this one. Billie Joe has said it himself that it is the only song on the album that is completely separate from the 'story' of the main characters : st jimmy, JOS and whatsername. Also, this song was not written as a result of 9/11..Billie Joe has said that for him september is the month his father died etc and that the end of september is more significant to him than dec 31st. However I do believe that it is a silent tribute to the soldiers in iraq. I just want to say to ppl that have loved ones out there, my brother had 2 go 2 iraq a while ago and I know the fear u feel every day and possibly whenever the phone rings. But have hope. My brother thankfully returned home safe and your loved ones will too. Cant wait 4 JOS vid :D
  • Maria from Los Angeles, Caumm, courtney this song it SO about billie joe's dad dying when he was in fifth grade and thats how he got into music he started playing the guitar right after his father died seems to me ur the one who has to know the whole story!
  • William from Ocean Springs, MsGreen Day is a joke. They are a nasty little pock mark on the butt of music. How can people subject their ears to this horrible junk. It makes me want rip out my ear drums and stomp on them. Anyone who claims that this band is the best has obviously sufferd massive head trauma. I have one word for all of you.
    You can hate the president and still listent to good music. It is actually possible. Take out all your punk/punk-wannabe garbage and put in some real music. I mean really, its not that hard to write music when all you use is three crappy power cords. Jesus...
  • Steve from New York City, NyThe song is really subpar in my mind. It's annoyingly catchy, but only for a moment.
  • Marek from Colling Wood, Canadai feel sorry for billie joe it must be bad to lose a father i wish he didnt have to go through with this tragedy it is overwhelming.
  • Luc from Nottingham, EnglandThis song is brilliant it must have been hard to write because they havent done stuff like this before.
  • Kodi from Plentywood, MtGreen Day is my fave band and me and my friend are their biggest fans. This song is a an awesome song. It's so sad. It must have been really hard for Billie Joe to write this song about his father. It is one of my favorite songs and it probably always will be.
  • Bob from Popular City, Canadai was wondering... is it just me or did anyone else notice that there r 4 band members in this clip but there are only three in Green Day...
    Somebody help me answer this question... WHOS THE 4TH BAND MEMBER?????????
  • Rob from Castaic, CaMaria - what you are proposing is simply enslavement to a band's music... I focus more on the honesty of their music, which has evidently faded away over time.
  • Guan from London, Englandalso it has alot in common with One by Matallica!
  • Juliette from Toronto, CanadaOk, I might sound stupid but I don't care. Why is it SEPTEMBER, and can somebody post the Commentary of the couple from the video? I know Tanya said she posted it, but I think it got cut off, because I can't find it anywhere...
  • Tanya from London, Englanddanny, if you've seen the whole video then at the start he promises her that he'll never leave her. then he does. thats why she has a 'fit'
  • Maria from Los Angeles, CaRob i know that old green day is quite different so im just goin' to tell u what i told to some other dude " come on if ya love then band love it all"
  • Rob from Castaic, CaAh... Wake Me Up When September Ends. The only innocent, honest, humble song on that Godforsaken greed-driven album. What an awesome song this is and what a grave disappointment it is how Green Day sold this song out too, so it can be raped by MTV with its million-dollar video. This song is up there with Good Riddance and Macy's Day Parade, but nowhere as humble or honest. Expect this song to be in as many romantic comedies as Greed Day can get it in, so they can reap in the royalties. I hate what they've become - just another band who has sold their souls to the devil that is MTV so people like Nicole from Fairfax can type up an idiotic message like this: "i love greenday because they worked hard for there fame.and i love there music. i love all there songs they r so cool. i love billy joe because he is a nice guy i love greenday i am there number 1 fan." It's so damn frustrating. I miss the old Green Day :(
  • Ryan from New York, Nyyea alice from england, if his father was still alive then there would be no "wake me up when september ends"
  • Danny from Pittsburgh, Pawhat i wanna know in the video is why his girlfriend is like having a fit is it because he is going to fight in the war thats what i wanna know seriously some 1 tell me
  • Brianna from Houston, Txa month ago a friend of mine told me that they were moving to st louis. i've seen them once since they told me and i didn't even talk to them, now it's come to their last day here ( today ) and i'm not going to be able to see them, or talk to them. and i was watching FUSE and this song came on, and then when i got on the computer i opened my music player and it always randomly chooses a song to listen to, and this song was the one..and i've been listening to it all day .. and i still hadnt cried that they were moving until i was listening to this song, and now this song reminds me of them and im never going to be able to listen to this song..which is okay i guess because i dont really like the new green day..i liked the old green day better, but theyre still a good band..including this song.
  • Nicole from Fairfax, Gai love greenday because they worked hard for there fame.and i love there music. i love all there songs they r so cool. i love billy joe because he is a nice guy i love greenday i am there number 1 fan
  • Megan from Columbus, OhTo me this song may be originally written for billie joe's father but, i think it's like a silent tribute to 9/11. People seem to not get the connection to why it was released 9/10. I think they were showing a last chance for innocence. Buuut.. that's just what it means to me.
  • Ryan from New York, Ny"wake me up when september ends" is one of greendays greatest songs to date, although it is quite played out on the radio i still love to hear it, im a pretty big guy and dont get upset to often but its something about this song and the movie "the notebook" yes the notebook(ok im a p*ssy) ik its wat your all thinking that just get to me, i think that when you think of what the song is really about it has a certain impact, no matter how u can relate to it or not, the video was one of those vidoes like nickelbacks "some day" which left me with chills, i loved it---hopefully many more from billy joe inc.
  • Jennifer from North Port, FlThe video hits way too close to home for me. I my boyfriend just recently decided to join the Marines and I reacted the same way the girl in the video did. Its a great song and I give my heart out to all those with loved ones in the military. I also give even more love to the brave men and women in the military.
  • Ryan from New York, Nyi dont understand why people say that the video does not portray the true meaning of the song, in the video the girl loses someone she loves to the war, and billie joe lost someone he loved to cancer, its about feeling pain towards losing someone that you love, he could have used the war topic for the video because all of the war stuff started happening in the month of september, and most people can relate to it
  • Kaila from Oakley, CaI have always liked this song but i fell more in love with it when i saw the video yesterday. My brother is in iraq right now so i get teary eyed when i watch it but its a good way to remind people what they do for us! God bless our soldiers.
  • Tom from Bremerton, Waso did the boyfriend die in war or not?
  • Jasmine from Nowhereland, Nythis song makes me so sad. It just makes me stop and think....i just need to listen to this song. It draws you in so much with its beat, and lyrics, and everything!! I can tell billy joe worked his head off to make such a beautiful and senseable song. and if u watch the video, it just draws you in more than the song when its just playing....'wake me up when september ends' makes its point
  • Ashlea from Dallas, Txummm yeahhhh just yesterday I went 2 my friends funreal... ummmm Green Day was one of his Fav bands and Wake Me Up When September Ends was his fav. song and they played it at the funreal but he ummm sayed in his note that this song was how he felt,and nowww I wont be able 2 listen 2 green day 4 along time,I soupse 2 go 2 their concert on aug.20th but I dont know if Im gonna go,Im gonna try 2 go because Green Day is the best...
  • Sammie from Kearney, MoThis song means a lot to me. My dad just died a week ago. I am having a very hard time with his death. He was shot when walking out of his business in Kansas City. His death was so sudden that its hard for me to talk about it. My mom is 7 months pregnant with a baby that will never know it's dad. So right now I can relate to Billie Joe Armstrong. My dad also served in the military. Before my dad left for work that day I didn't even say I love you or anything. I feel horrible and I will never be able to forgive myself.
  • Emma from Vancouver, CanadaI was at their concert in Seattle and when they did 'wake me up when september ends' it looked like Billie had tears in his eyes and his voice went all funny close to the end. Well thats all for now
  • Laura from Twentynine Palms, CaI love there video.Its nice to see green day put the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS in there video.About time someone appreciates the the soilders over in iraq.Great Job Green day.
  • Filipe from New Bedford, MaI like this song, all because i was already there in combat, we lost one Marine and it was very hard. I appreciate someone taking the time to actually make up a song about todays military. Remembering our troops is very important.
  • Sofie from Odense, DenmarkI think it's a very good song. And I allmost star crying, cause my is also dead, by Cancer..
  • Becca from Hamilton, CanadaI apologize for the negative comments I gave this song. The other day I pulled out my "American Idiot" cd and I was listening to it and this song isn't all that bad. It isn't great,but it is not bad.
  • J-lee from Cherry Hill, NjWake Me Up When September Ends is a great song I know I know I just posted a comment But there are a few things I left out. I love America and all but if my brother ever had to go fight in war I don't know I would just wanna kill everything because my brother means so much to me and if he dyed I would never forgive the United States Ever because my brother would be dead and I love my brother more than anyone in the world. If anything ever happened to my brother I would be so pissed off. I would never want anything to happen to him. I love your music and I can't wait to get the American Idiot Cd and I hope You guys come out with more music. That I can have so much fun listening to with my friends! I am one of your biggest fans! I love you guys~Jennifer~
  • J-lee from Cherry Hill, NjIm a Billie Joe FREAK I Love the song Wake Me Up When September Ends. I love Billie Joe Armstong so much! I love Green Day. I wanna see you in concert! But I didnt this year! I can't wait to listen to the song again cause now I know the real meaning!
  • Ana from Lokev, Europevalentina i would never let my brother go into war i would be too scared... don't cry, it will be ok
    my parents were in sharm el sheikh when the terrorist attack happened
    i'm very shocked now.... and i listen to this song.
  • Andy from Woodstock, CanadaWake me When September is one of Greenday's greatest songs, it has gone farther than ne other Green day song in rhythm, every section of this song combines together, i saw them live at Toronto on November 3 n they turned off all the lights on the stage cept one on Billie like Good Riddance, then half way through you see the lights slowly turnin on over Mike and Tre, the exprience was completely amazing
  • David from Denver, CoFor people in the us that don't know where to watch it go to http://www.wopvideos.com/musicvideos/en.1948.htm. It is streaming video and it has links for low and high speed conections.
  • Valentina from Padova, Italy...well...i'm crying right now, because I've just seen this video, and it's not the first time... my boyfriend leaved two weeks ago for Afghanistan... for a 6 months military mission... i've seen this video for the first time on mtv the day after he leaved... I just can't say anymore... thank you for reading this comment.
  • Ruiming from Kl, Malaysiai disliked greenday,really,i thought they're stupid,and "the song american idiot" testified my doubt--they're idiotic freaky band who only haf groupies to follow them(i knew tis song's meant for b**H....).but i must admit that this song is a brilliant piece,it never fails to awake my memories of my late grandma,who took great care of mi when i was young,and my disappeared father,thkz to him,i'm living in this world...and now,i think i should re-adjust my mindset and listen to their song again.
  • Lauren from Bedfordshire, Englandi saw greenday last month at milton keynes and i tell u when they perform this song...well ive never seen anything like it. when i first heard it on the american idiot album i fell in love with it and then a few months later when it was released i loved it even more. but live...there are new words to describe the emotions you feel. at the opening few bars, it seemed like everything had come to a standstill. to hear a crowd as big as it was at mk drowning out billie-joe with their singing, to see the tears in his eyes as he was singin and watchin everyone, to watch mike step back so billie was centre as its his song, it was incredible. i looked round at the people surrounding me and they were all crying or had tears in their eyes.i have never seen something so emotional in my life as to when they performed wake me up. green day are amazing and it shows by the fact that they've been around 15 years. they perform all of their songs with amazing energy and never fail pleasing the crowd. greenday rock harder than any other band, im really looking forward on seeing how they top the american idiot album and tour.
  • Becca from Hamilton, CanadaAm I the only one who strongly dislikes this song? Green Day was a FANTASTIC band...before they recorded this album.They let me down...a lot. The album "American Idiot" is such....crap? I made the mistake on ever buying it......
  • Georgia from London, Englandi luv this song, it has a meaning to it about death and war, i know how billie joe feels, i lost my dad when i was 10 aswell, so it meens alot to me, well done for keeping up your strength billie.

  • Kayla from Rancho Cucamonga, Cathis is one of my favorite green day songs because it is so raw and full of emotions. although it is about billie joe's father, it reminds me of love ones that i myself have lost. it helps me cope with the pain that still lingres today
  • Kimberly from Kettering, Ohi love this song so much. whenever i hear it i almost cry. my boyfriend sang this song to me and well yeah its all cheesey and special. at least i think
  • Jay from Edmonton, CanadaOMG lol and haha
    you all are so obsessed over someone (who my wife feels isnt good looking at all) who will never give you all the time of day. For an american singer (who likes to try and sound british), you all should really think about what real talent is and stop liking music just because the way someone looks. This guy has no real talent except flattering young girls. The song is really sad yes, it may even show a different side of him that we've never seen in this punk band. I guess Im just tired of these teeny boppers boosting up this band just because of one hot (or not so hot) guy.
  • Marilynn from Winchester, VaI think this song is really great. It rocks hard but is a little soft too. It's amazing.
  • Ian from Eire, Irelandi recently lost my father to leukemia and when i first heard this song it meant a whole lot to me , even though i only confirmed upon reading this that billies father died of cancer when he was 10 , my fathers birthday is the 30th of september and this song says all i need to say "wake me up when september ends".A song that will always be on my mind and in my broken heart.
  • Jeanette from Kittanning, Paalright greenday is an awesome band and yes billy joe armstrong is good looking..but all you little girls need to stop obsessin over them...billy joe is happily married and they're all wayyyyyy outta ur leagues! but i know ill never have a chance..but im just a big fan of the band..im not OBSESSIVE!

    <3 ya Jeanette
  • Shannon from Michigan, MiI have an Article in an Acoustic Guitar Magazine- It is all about GreenDay's album and how Billie intertwines the acoustic guitar into Punk Music. Then they interview him about 'Wake Me Up When September Ends'. This is the EXACT content:
    GWA: The date for "Wake Me Up When September Ends" is September 10, which is, of course, one day before the 11th. And it's track number 11 on the album.
    Armstrong: I never thought about it being the 11th song on the record before. That's kind of eerie. A lot of people are going to view that song as a reflection on 9/11, though that was not my intention in writing it. For me, September is the month my father died. People's lives tend to go in cycles: the best times and the worst times of their lives. And September always ends up being the worst time for me. For some reason problems always keep cropping up for me in September. It's a heavy month-- People are going back to school, there's a change in weather... it feels like the end and the beginning of something much more than December 31.
    ** From Guitar World Acoustic; Billie Joe Strummer- Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong discusses the surprisingly large role played by the acoustic guitar on the band's new album, American Idiot. By: Alan Diperna

    Anywho, I hope I helped . . . that is what it was about- his fathers death rather then the inferance of 9/11. . .

    =) And on another note- Yes the song is deep and I like it, but to me it isn't the 'BEST' song on the album it is a little too slow for me. . . It doesn't keep my attention as well as some other songs. But he is a good write- as him and the other band members write all of their music =D

    <3 Pixies- Green Day Fan! ^^
  • Robyn from Chilbolton, United StatesThis is my alltime favourite song when i beleived the rumours that billie joe was dying i couldnt listen to it wit out crying and no one can hate green day it is impossible but im their biggest fan by da way billie joe isnt dying so i can listen to this song now it still sometimes makes me cry but i love it and i love billie joe for his skills his personality his looks (of course) and i just think his songs are gr8 and i dont think we should dis his wife even though it is not fair billie joe married her cos she was a greenday fan im a greenday fan and so are a lot of people ha
  • George from Ipswich, EnglandI hate Green Day but this song rocks! I love the acoustic guitar at the start. Beautiful song! I love it.
  • Jim from Sayville, Nyi think that this song is about giving leaving something that you love
  • Lexie from London, EnglandI have to see Green Day before I die. My quality of life will not be the same if I don't. I will just be a another statistic. I also love Billi Joe and want to have his children. All of them.
  • Kirsty from Hampshire, EnglandThis song means a lot to me... It reminds me of me and my boyfriend, whom i have been with for nearly 2 years. I went out with him a day b4 he joined the army, i never knew he was joining up. Recently, he had to go out to Iraq, thats where he is now... im so worried about him, he means the wholse world to me. We are like the couple on the video, i cry every time i watch it! :(
  • Tyler from Dawson, GaAnd another thing, everybody quit saying that the video doesn't portray the song correctly. Do you really think that Billie Joe and the rest of Green Day would star in a video in which a fake father would begin to slowly die or something. And besides that is the fact that Green Day liked it apparently or they wouldn't have done it. The directory of the other 3 music videos (American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and Holiday) Sam Bayer presented the idea to them and Billie Joe gave the go ahead to do it. Also it doesn't portray the Iraq war in a good sense. In my interpretation it is showing that the war is tearing apart couples and families.
  • Jessica from Fayetteville, NcMary, I believe Kayla was saying that her best friend's father just found out he had cancer; not Billie's father.
  • Brendon from Paxton, IlThe rest of the band respectfully hates the song because it strays from the story of the rest of the album and doesn't seem to fit anywhere. Still a great song!
  • Casie from Denver, CoIm the biggest fan of Green day since I was like 3 yrs old and met em and saw them in a million concerts and the whole deal. I know everything about them and Im a big nerd of em because I love em so much. Fr ur information you guys are all wrong,wake me up when september ends,yes Billie Joe wrote it along time ago,really long time ago when his father died and the other meaning is that american idiot isnt just a cd,its a story about this guy thats an american idiot,hates his house in the suburbs,goes out partying for leaving his house thats when he celebrates the video "holiday" and his car brakes down and he goes into boulevard of broken dreams the continuation of holiday then st jimmy comes and then the whole deal with the Jesus of Saburbia well its a long story. Wake me up when september ends is that he is all alone in the streets again and all this time has past almost a year on the streets and he misses the girl "whatshername" and he thinks its time to go home. If you want to know the whole story seriously,go to www.greendayauthority.com to the meaning of the cd american idiot. Its hard work making a whole cd with songs that have to relate to the other songs to be a story. Its hard work,the story porbably sux but give em credit! 13 songs in a cd that relates is incredible! They might even make the american idiot movie.
  • John from Sheffield, Finlandis when september ends from a film sound track
    i need your help with this one
  • Mandy from Amsterdam, NetherlandsI love this song, I love this song.
  • Tanya from London, EnglandTo write a song about the death of his father = what I call courage. To record it = hell of alot of courage. To put it on an album = incredible amount of courage, beyond anything I would EVER have the guts to do. To release it as a single and perform it live infront of over 65000 people = courage beyond belief. To perform it live infront of over 65000 people on fathers day = how the hell did he do it? Billie Joe is amazing, as is this song. His dad will live forever through this song. I cant listen to it without crying now since the gig
  • Alice from England, EnglandBillie joe's dad died of cancer when billie was 10 and his father did die in september thets y he sings ''like my fathers gone to past seven yrs has gon so fast WAKE ME UP WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS''
  • Tanya from London, EnglandFarrell, the video features a young couple talking at the start, where the girl tells the lad that she'll never leave him and he says the same back. Once the music starts, it shows the couple basically having a good time together and shows how in love they are. The music stops and it shows the lad sat outside their house and the girl storms out and starts shouting. We find out from this that the lad has done something awful without telling her (the longest bloody comment in here from me contains the script by the way if u wanna read it) Then the music starts up again and it shows the lad in the army and keeps showing the girl sat at home crying. Near the end, it shows the lad in a battle in supposedly iraq, and someone stood close to him gets shot. When the music stops, it shows the girl sat on a bench thinking about what she said to him at the start "No matter what you'll always have somebody here for you. Always. I'm never going to leave you" So there you go Farrell lol
  • Sarah from Leicester, Englandi love this song. is it Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) and Evan Rachel Wood in the video?
  • Philip from New York, NyI believe that this is a multi-layered song. I was late for work on September 11, and therefore missed being killed by the collapse of the WTC towers. For me, this song has meaning -- and for me, that meaning does include the heartbreak, pain, and misery that literally thousands of people such as myself have suffered, both personally and professionally, since that terrible day. I cannot agree that this was not an implied meaning behind the lyrics (the video certainly reinforces this interpretation), despite the more personal references to the death of Billie Joe's father. I should mention that I am in serious danger of losing my own father at the present time, and that this has added meaning to the more personal interpretation favored by some who have contributed to this thread and who have minimized the extent to which this song pertains to the 9/11 disaster. This song grabbed me after listening to it just once, which generally tells me whether or not a piece of music is good (for me).
  • Izzy from Edmonton, AlThis is a very very sad song and i feel so bad for Billie Joe cuz i know how id feel if my daddy died even if i was 40 id be so sad but he was only 10 like aw man.And ive been looking for the video but i cant find it does anyone knoe were you can find it ????

    <34Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Becca from Perton, EnglandO.M.G!!! i am soo up set to c that the fittist lad on the planet could have such pain in one month!!!my birthday falls on the 16 of sept!!!i don't like septemba no more! billie... i have sympathy for you! my nan died on 12 sept of cancer to the chest!!! ur not the only one that goes through pain in that month! @ least your son was born to give sumthing happy out of the month!!! luv billie-joe the most!
  • Jess from Montreal, CanadaWake me up when September ends is not about 911 and Billie Joe even said so himself that if any song really veers away from the sory of the album it's that one (VH1 Storytellers:Green Day). That part of the show was really sad cause you can kind of see tears in his eyes as he was singing it. Anyway that song is about Billie Joe's father passing away when he was ten years old in the month if September. The video was rather disappointing because the boy (the guy from Billy Elliot) going away to the army has nothing to do with the song.
  • Amber from Exeter, EnglandSeptember is a very emotional month for Billie, his father died on september 10th (the day the song was dated) and of course 9/11 and his son was born on the 12th september. September means a lot to billie joe
  • Jade from London, EnglandJOS is alone again. Lost his friends, the only girl he ever loved, he's out of home, out of job, and back where he started, sad and alone on the streets. He describes himself as innocent, or at least he was, and he just didn't last. They broke him down, and he's just dead inside. This is also, on a more personal note, a side song about Billie Joe's late father, who died years ago (September 1982), when Billie Joe was 10. Both explanations apply. www.greendayauthority.com, is where i found this explanation, & it's where you can find meaning's behind all the song's on American Idiot!
  • Scribble from Peaks Island, MeIn my opinion, I think it's wonderfully touching that Billie Joe Armstrong would write something about his own father's death. It brought tears to my eyes when I first listened to the song; when I found out what it was about, I cried uncontrollably! Billie Joe is a very sweet man to do this for his father. Even though Andy Armstrong is deceased, because of this song, we will always remember him as the father of a very dedicated little boy. <3
  • Jade from London, EnglandTanya from London i've just been reading all your comment's on Green Day & i can see your pretty obsessed like me! & i read you will be seeing them play at Milton Keynes, so am i on the 19th. I would also like to know who St.Jimmy & Jesus of Suburbia are, & if their the same people!
  • Jade from London, EnglandGreen Day's latest song, " Wake me up when September end's ", is awesome! They make amazing music, this song is very understanding, and it is clearing written on how Billie Joe misses his Dad, which people can relate to. The video is great! I love this song! GREEN DAY ROCK'S, & i read from Farrell, Auckalnd, New Zealand that the video is out of a film, & i would also like to know what film, so if anyone know's just write!!!
  • Rachael from Perth, AustraliaThat video is soooo good, it made me cry. I think the song is definetly multilayered, tribute to billie joes father, those who suffered in september 11 and the aftereffects of sep 11 (the war) and anyone else who died in sep i gess. n i think that jesus of surburbia and st jimmy are the same person, and "are we the waiting" is the song where jesus of sub. transforms into st jimmy.
  • Kt from Woodland Hills, Cahttp://www.rocksroom.blogger.com.br/ is the place where I found the vid. It's near the bottom of the page. Personally, I was expecting a little more from this one, conisidering the song was what turned me on to Green Day in the first place, it's still a great vid.
  • Tanya from London, Englandwho are st jimmy and jesus of suburbia by the way? ive heard loads of theorys but anyone know for sure?
  • Kt from Woodland Hills, CaBillie Joe on "September" :"If there's a song on there that veers away from the story for the album, it's that one. It's a personal thing. I've never tackled an issue about that ' about singing about my father. It's hard to sing, but definitely therapeutic, because it deals with the passing of someone that you love."
  • Aj from Cleveland, GaThis is one of Green Day's better songs. So sentimental. *cry*
  • Toshio from Kyoto, JapanThe video really made me cry.
  • Alice from England, EnglandWhen i first heard that song the vidio actually made me cry. u know when the girl's boyfriend had 2 go to war and about billie joe's dad. i think that billie joe was very brave about writing that song and if his father was still alive i think he would be very happy and will thank billie.
  • Erin from Dronfield, EnglandI love this song, and the video really gets to me, is there any chance anyone has or knows the transcript for the conversation between the two lovers at the very beginning, its very meaningful to me and i would like to include it in my boyfriends birthday present? thnk u in advance xxx
  • Dominic from Wales, WalesI think that this song is really moving and billie Joe was great to write the lyrics himself. when listening to the song you like have a sense that u no what billie is going on about. and the video is really touching and is awesome. any one else agree?? keep it up billie joe.
  • Girlevolved from Noho, Ca My father died last year, 2004 in September and when I first heard the tune I couldn't help but cry my eyes out! Thank you for a wonderful song that will always remind me of what I lost! Thank you Billie Joe Armstrong!
  • Leanne from Crawley, EnglandI was watching VH2's Storyteller's with Green Day, and Billie said on it that he found it a very hard song to perform, and in it he looks as though there are tears in his eyes. It was so sweet, and it's an amazing song. I used to think it was about Sept 11th, linking into some of the characters in the Album. Great song.
  • Vera from San Juan Capistrano, CaI love this song. I think that it was great of Billie Joe to write a song about his father, and also great that he was able to tie it in with the Jesus of Suburbia/ St. Jimmy theme. I love Green Day, and I think all the members kick ass (sorry). Love to all who love GD! And I am not a screaming fan, even though it sounds fun!
  • Kayla from Lesage, WvSome of you are saying Billie must feel sad writing and singing this song and he might...But he may also feel happy to let it out and he obviously loves his father very much! My best friend just got news that his father has cancer ,and only has about three months. this song seems to help him through it!
  • Mary from Philadelphia, PaI kind of thought this song was a flashback for the Jesus of Suburbia character, where his father was killed during the 9/11 attack. Which would make sense, considering the title. But outside the story, yeah, it mentions his father dying, which is really sad. Great song, though.
  • Kira from Channahon, IlTouching and very good. The song is about his fathers death. As well as other problems.

    Go GreenDay
  • Candice from PerthYeah, parts that are brought up is inspired by his father, but the song interconnects with the life of Jesus of Suburbia, and the loss of innocence in the socity they live in. It is a concept album, and opera follwing three characters, so in the end, thats what it is more aimed at.
  • Sam from Sydney, Australiain their recent show in Sydney (2005) billie joe dedicated it to Johnny Ramone. mad song
  • Jenny from Carmel, Nyi can only imagine the what emotions writing this song awaked.(no pun intended)it is clearly about his father, since 1 of the lines is"like my fathers come to pass". this is one of the most peronal songs billie joe has written along with coming clean, but i wont get into that.God bless you, billie joe, and , i will always love you.
  • Taylor from Manistee, MiAll the songs bleed together to from a type story. The three main characters the mention are Jesus of Subrubia, St. Jimmy, and Whatsername.
  • Alatriel from Lothlorien, Otheranyone notice that all the songs on american idiot are interconnected? they seem to all be about st. jimmy
  • Laura from England, FranceI can really relate to this song as i lost my mum to cancer when i was 8. But i haven't had the courage to write about it yet
    well done Billie xxxxx
  • Ginette from Richmond Hill, CanadaSeptember is a very tumultous month. Children go back to school, there are serious environmental changes, September 11 and for Billie Joe his father passed away in 1982 (I think) and his son was born.
  • Barry from Cork, IrelandThis song is really deep and i think i must of hurt Billie Joe to write it. I think his father must have died in september and the reason he repeats the words "Wake me up when September ends" is because the pain he felt when his father died never goes away and that he wants it to go but it wont and that means the pain he felt that September never leaves which means that one september will always be there and he wants to shut himself away from the world until it does well thats what i think.
  • Elizabeth from Sydney, Australiaoh yeah, and i love billie joe with all my heart, and it breaks my heart to hear him sing with so much pain in his voice
  • Elizabeth from Sydney, AustraliaI think that this is a really moving song, and it makes me cry every time, because it makes me feel so sorry for billie joe. also, in the book thing that comes with American Idiot, the song is dated September 10, so it could be like a silent tribute to the victims of the World Trade Tower Bombing on September 11, because it is all about pain and stuff. this song is definitely green day's best song (so much better than Good Riddance).
  • Felicia from Nineveh, InI love this song so much.I have trouble with my dad and when I just want to let it all out I listen to this song and let it all come out. I love green day.I think this song is soooo special cuz billie wrote it and if u listen to the lyrics u can tell it's deep Especially coming from a guy cuz not many guys put their feelings out their. THat's what makes billie so speacial lol well g2g later

  • Megan from Portsmouth, Englandi love this song as it makes you feel quite emotional and i feel for billie and we all know he treasures that guitar. bless him. xxx.
  • Lisa from Huntington Beach, CaI luv how Billie Joe doesnt give up on anything, like he said in an article, that they didnt give up, when he was doing American Idiot, especially the 9 minute songs. All the songs are so good, on that album and on every album, i sure as heck would not be able to sit there and write a whole cd of songs that are awesome like Green Day's. Green Day Rox!!!!!
  • Lisa from Huntington Beach, CaThis is a sad song, but its so awesome, i love it, and i can relate to it, its awesome, I Love there cd, i love how its Billie joe's voice all soft and then it gets really loud all of a suddenm thats awesome!great song
  • Brian from Dublin, United StatesI think only Billie Joe can pull it off putting a song about his Dad in a concept album about St. Jimmy! Sheer Genius(did I spell Genius right?!)
  • Lee from Leeds, England1 of the best songs greenday have done.I has a lot of meaning to it.It is the best song on the American Idiot album and i think it equals "Good Riddence(time of your life)"
  • Gabe from Utica, NyThis song tells the most about my life. (On the test that tells you so) I love the acoustic guitar and how the drums and electric guitar come in with it after the first verse. And the guitar at the very end is awesome.
  • Jessy from Kettering, OhThey dedicated it to johnny ramone in Cinncinnati, oh too. I hate when artists create a song for someone and then rededicate to someone else. Steals from the meaningness of the song in my opinion.
  • William from Seattle, Wathey did that at the show in seattle too
  • Andy from Montreal, CanadaAt their show in Montreal (Canada),november 4 2004, they dedicated this song to Johnny Ramone (from the ramones) who died september 15 2004.
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Alice CooperFact or Fiction

How well do you know this shock-rock harbinger who's been publicly executed hundreds of times?

Grateful Dead Characters

Grateful Dead CharactersMusic Quiz

Many unusual folks appear in Grateful Dead songs. Can you identify them?

Penny Ford of Snap!

Penny Ford of Snap!Songwriter Interviews

The original voice of Snap! this story is filled with angry drag queens, video impersonators and Chaka Khan.

Kristian Bush of Sugarland

Kristian Bush of SugarlandSongwriter Interviews

Kristian talks songwriting technique, like how the chorus should redefine the story, and how to write a song backwards.

Charlie Daniels

Charlie DanielsSongwriter Interviews

Charlie discusses the songs that made him a Southern Rock icon, and settles the Devil vs. Johnny argument once and for all.