POF Search URL & Advanced Guide To Plenty Of Fish (2020)

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POF Search URL & Advanced Guide To Plenty Of Fish (2020)

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You have standards. You can probably close your eyes right now and picture your ideal woman – her body type, height, religious beliefs, and even her hobbies. You may even consider deal breakers like smoking because if you’re not a smoker yourself, chances are you don’t want to meet one.

An awesome thing about Plenty Of Fish (vs. an app like Tinder) is the search capabilities.

With just a few clicks, POF’s extensive search features turn a massive sea of fish into a few great catches – and in this post, we’re going to show you some ninja “hacks” for using those filters to your advantage.

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3 Things To Know About POF’s Basic Search

Basic Search on POF

You can no longer do a POF search without registering, so you’ll need a POF profile. Check out this POF review for profile tips and tricks!

Like any online dating site, Plenty of Fish includes your typical search filters. You’ve got age, ethnicity, body type, and the like. If you’re picky, but still have an open mind, the basic search can help narrow down your options.

Even with a quick basic search, keep these tips in mind to meet quality women faster:

1. Age Matters

POF age range

POF’s age filter automatically adjusts to women within +/- 14 years of your age if you specify a huge range. You can refine your age search within that time frame, but you can’t exceed it. If your heart’s set on early 20s, and you’re north of that by a few decades, check out this article on the best “sugar daddy” dating sites.

On POF, you generally want to keep it realistic, and look for women within 5 (or max 10) years of your own age. While it’s tempting to want to see literally *all* your options, you’ll quickly get overwhelmed by the sheer number of matches. It’s best to focus on the high quality ones who are likely to respond.

2. Frequent Fliers Only, Please

sort by last visitFiltering your search results by “Last Visit” will help you identify women who actively use the site. You’ll only want to message women who have been active on the site within the last three days or so, and preferably within the last 24 hours. That drastically increases the odds your message will be returned.

sort by newestThe other option is “Newest User”. These search results can be a goldmine of women who just created their accounts, which means they don’t have an inbox crammed full of messages from men (yet). Seize the advantage and send her one of these POF opening lines that really work.

3. Have The Best Intentions

The “Intent” filter has five different categories, ranging from casual dating to looking for marriage. If you’re looking for something more serious, limit your results to these last three categories:

POF intent options

Alternatively, opt for the first two if you’re just looking to hook up or play the field.

How To Make The Most Of POF’s Advanced Search

POF advanced search options

This is where POF really sets itself apart from other dating sites. Advanced search filters include drug and alcohol use, feelings about children, profession, and education to help you determine if their lifestyle and background is a good fit for you, but that’s just the beginning.

Want someone with high self-confidence who is family-oriented and somewhat ambitious? You can search for that. Or maybe you’re more the French-speaking, easy-going, beach bum type. You can search for that too. Which brings us to…

The “Personality” Search Hack That Triples Your Responses

POF personality

Filtering by personality types makes it easy to send keyword specific copy and paste icebreakers. Having a go-to collection of conversation starters customized for any personality that interests you saves a ton of time, and she’ll never suspect you sent the same message to 20 other women.

For instance, take the “Traveler” personality. Odds are any woman who selected that is into travel, so add that filter to your search parameters.

POF search filter examples

Once you find a few promising prospects, you can send them a copy and paste message that’s related to travel, and each woman will think you took the time to read her profile.

Here’s an example of a travel icebreaker that women are excited to respond to:

POF icebreaker example that works

Or let’s say she selected “Foodie”. This is a great personality to target, because studies have shown when it comes to dating messages, women are 40% more likely to respond to messages about food.

Send her a delicious-sounding message like this:

POF conversation starter example that gets results

With search options like “openness/people dependent,” “longest relationship,” and “do you own a car?” you really can find just about anything via the filters. The Plenty of Fish search is beyond extensive, but that can be a disadvantage if not used right.

Just because you can search for a thin brunette who makes between $75,000 and $100,000 a year and identifies her personality as “coffee snob,” doesn’t mean you should. When you get too restrictive, you risk limiting your options, especially if you’re in a less population-dense area.

In other words…

Resist The Urge To “Catalog” Shop

When provided with so many filter options, it can be tempting to use all of them to order up your perfect woman.

meet women on POF

However, over-filtering can really limit your results, especially if you don’t live in a megacity with a huge user pool.

You might think your dream girl is a Pisces with a car and hazel eyes, but really, is it so bad if her eyes are green?

When you are using the Plenty of Fish search filters, it’s important to prioritize. If religion is a huge part of your life, go ahead and filter for religion. If you know for a fact you want kids someday, use the “user wants children?” filter to make sure your matches feel the same.

But if you are more inclined towards brown hair than black, think twice. Are you really going to turn away a perfect woman if her hair is darker than you would prefer? Just because there are endless filter options does not mean you should use them all.

Skip The Search, Go Straight To The Date

Using the POF search functions can definitely help you narrow down your options, but with so many users finding an attractive woman you want to date can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

And once you’ve found her, you need to make sure your profile, photos, and messages are up to snuff if you want her to be interested in you too. In other words, online dating is a lot of work.

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