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Get TONS of EMAILS, on AUTO PILOT, from Single GIRLS on Plenty Of Fish Dating with this POF Dating BOT

POF Auto Message Sender Sends an Introductory, 'Hello' Message to Girls on POF.com as soon as they Come Online and Notifies you as New Reply Messages Arrive

The most tedious and time consuming 🕗 part of online dating is finding the people you like who also like you. POF Auto Message Sender AUTOMATICALLY FINDS SINGLES INTERESTED IN YOU by ...

  1. Performing an advanced search specifying your preferences.
  2. Filtering out the POF.com singles who are Online Now.
  3. Sending them a one time, unique, non duplicate message 📨 (customizable) introducing you and saying hello.

Sit Back and Watch POF Auto Message Sender Fill Up your POF Inbox with TONS of Reply Emails

Because Emails you Get are replies to the First Message Sent by the Software, you Know they Have Viewed your Profile and are Interested

When you want a whole new herd of singles interested in you, just run the software for a couple of hours. I run the software about once a week for a couple of hours 🕑 and in that short period of time my Plenty Of Fish INBOX is CRAMMED with at least 20 E-MAILS or MORE.

Image of Plenty Of Fish inbox showing 29 new messages.

Select AUTOMATIC Mode for Fastest Results, use MANUAL Mode when you are Feeling More Picky

Manual Mode Allows you to be More Selective About who Gets Messaged so only Attractive Singles Reply to you

  • AUTOMATIC MODE: after telling the software your advanced search preferences, you don't have to do a single thing! Just tell the software to stop when you have too many emails in your Plenty Of Fish inbox.
  • MANUAL MODE: a little less automatic, but you get to be more selective, visually, about who gets messaged and who doesn't. With the programs advanced search in gallery mode, just click on the thumbnails of the singles you want messaged.

Hundreds of Built in Messages 📝 Assure you don't Have to Worry About Copy and Paste

AND you can Choose to Use your Own Messages Instead of the Ones Built in

POF Auto Message Sender uses spin syntax technology to turn the dozens of its built in messages into hundreds of UNIQUE, NON DUPLICATE MESSAGE. This is critical on Plenty Of Fish so your messages don't get blocked.

POF Auto Message Sender lets you use YOUR OWN MESSAGES instead if you like. Full step by step instructions show you how to quickly and easily set your own messages up so you have hundreds of your own custom, introductory, messages.




Get your Plenty Of Fish PROFILE VIEWED by 100's OF SINGLES in JUST ⓶ - ⓷ hrs. with this POF AUTO CLICKER

Plenty Of Fish Fast auto clicks YES in the MEET ME Section which causes POF to Notify them of your Interest

POF will notify them which causes 100's of women to view your profile in a very short period of time. If they like what they see, it will result in of things:

  1. They will either confirm THEY ARE ALSO INTERESTED IN YOU (which is the green light 🚦 to talk to them 😘).
  2. They will feel more comfortable to START THE CONVERSATION WITH YOU because they know you're interested.

Either way, it means a lot more possible dates and interactions on Plenty Of Fish with much less effort on your part.

Plenty Of Fish Fast Mimicks Real Human Behavior

This will Prevent your POF.com Account from Getting Deleted

Plenty Of Fish Fast is super intelligent 🧠 and preserves your Plenty Of Fish account in ways:

  1. It DOESN'T JUST click on the YES   button. Approximately one out of every 8 or 9 clicks is on the  MAYBE   and NO   button as well. (since a real person won't only just click YES, neither does your Plenty Of Fish Fast software).
  2. The number of seconds between clicks is randomized varies from between ⑤ - ⑳ seconds.

There is absolutely NO WAY this auto clicker's activity will be detected as suspicious or unusual activity.

Secret Source of TONS of Plenty Of Fish Singles Interested in You

After Running Plenty Of Fish Fast software for a Few Hours 🕒, Peek Inside your Mutual Match Notifications

Your Mutual Match Notifications on POF.com (in the Alert Center, top of the page) will become a HUGE list of singles who have looked at your dating profile and are interested in you.

Image of Plenty Of Fish Mutual Match Notifications Is An Additional Source Of Interested Women Thanks To Plenty Of Fish Fast Software.




UNLIMITED Username Searchs on POF.com Dating without Having to be an Upgraded Member

Now when you Get those E-mails from POF.com Saying Member xyz Wants to Meet You, you can See who it is

In 2016 Plenty Of Fish dating removed their username search tool which pissed a lot of people off 😡. This was done to FORECE USERS to upgrade to a PAID membership 💰 when they get those E-mails indicating certain member usernames want to meet them.

You could do a Plenty Of Fish username search by hacking Google BUT search engine results are delayed. This means a new POF member won't show up in Google, Bing or Yahoo for at least a week and will still appear as much as a week after a member deletes their POF account.

POF Desktop Username Search software taps directly into the Plenty Of Fish API so the results are fast, accurate and up to the minute.

Search POF.com without Joining or Registering and Account with POF

Quickest and Easiest POF Username Search 🔎 in the World - No Account, No Logging in Required

All you want to do is look to see if someone is on Plenty Of Fish by doing a username search. Creating a POF account and profile is way too much work just for that.

You could use the free POF Username Search tool online. Works quite well but there is a search delay of several seconds between searches to thwart spammers.

This POF Username Search desktop based software (compatible with all Windows computers) lets you perform UNLIMITED username searches with no pause.

Search Plenty Of Fish 100% Anonymously

you can Search POF with this Software without Logging in so they won't Know you Searched or Viewed their Profile

Sometimes you want to look at someones dating profile and have them NO KNOW you VIEWED their PROFILE (what a concept - privacy). Use this desktop POF Username Search tool.

Since you don't have to log in to POF to do searches and view profiles, no single member of POF will ever have a single clue you looked at their profile.

NOTE: since this tool uses the Internet Explorer control, if you're a POF member and normally use IE 𝐞 to visit Plenty Of Fish, make sure you log out first before using this tool.

Use the POF Username Search to see if your Significant Other is Cheating

a Quick POF Search Using this Tool can Tell you if they are a Member of Plenty Of Fish 😢

People are creatures of habit. They tend to use the same or similar usernames all over the web. Use this fact to see if your spouse or partner has an active profile on Plenty Of Fish ...

Image of POF Username Search software after typing or copying and pasting a username to search.
  1. Try entering an exact username you think they might be using on POF.
  2. If you don't find them that way then enter a partial username. For example if you know the username they use for one of their accounts is 'sassygalct12', enter 'sassygalct'.




The Easiest Way in the World to Find Which Keyword Phrases Have Little or NO Competition

this Program Performs 3 of the Most SEO Important Specialized Google Searches ALLINTITLE:, ALLINURL:, and ALLINTEXT: for your Unlimited List of Keywords

These three specialized Google searches reveal the following about each of your keyword phrases:

  1. ALLINTITLE: how may webpages exist on the internet that has all words of your keyword phrase in the webpage title. reference.
  2. ALLINURL: how many webpages exist on the internet that has all words of your keyword phrase in the webpages url. reference
  3. ALLINTEXT: how many webpages exist on the internet that has all words of your keyword phrase in the webpages text. reference.

Long Tail Keyword Competition Checker Grades Each of your Keyword Phrases

🇦, 🇧, 🇨, 🇩 or 🇫. Create Online Content Around All [A] Graded Keyword Phrases to Dominate Google Search in Just Days

Imagine 🤔 if you create a web page or blog post around a 6+ word long tail keyword, that has LESS THAN 10 web pages (the [A] graded keyword phrases) how fast and easy it can be to be on the first page of Google and other search engines.

In fact, finding these kind of keyword gems 💎 (thanks to this software) is so important to internet marketing success, that you should spend at least 50% of your time finding these easy-to-rank-for long tail nuggets.

Take All the A Graded Keyword Phrases and Create Massive Amounts of Content

Making Sure to include these Grade [A] Keyword Phrases in the Content Title, URL and the Contents Text

In other words, instead of JUST creating a webpage/blog post on YOUR SITE or BLOG with the [A] grade keyword in your webpages title, url and text of the page ...

  1. Create content at DOZENS of other online website builders putting your keyword phrase in the title, url and text of those places.
  2. Create videos optimized for the [A] graded keywords (put the keyword phrase in the name of the video, the title, description and tags of the video) at video share sites like YouTube, Daily Motion and Vimeo.
  3. Every time you create content optimized for you grade [A] keyword, make sure to ping the page and share it on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc. and make sure the share text/title/etc contains your keyword phrase.




In a Matter of Seconds, Scrape Google Auto Completion Keyword Phrases

which are the Keyword Phrase Suggestions that Drop Down from Googles Search Box as you Type 🖮

These keyword phrases drop down as suggestions because other people have typed in what is being suggested in the drop down list. These are the absolute GOLDEN NUGGET KEYWORDS! Why❓

  1. These auto complete keyword phrases that drop down as people type are shown to you because these are the exact keyword phrases people are typing into Google. That means these keyword phrases ARE getting searches and traffic.
  2. These auto suggest keyword phrases get enough search volume that Google bothers to show them to you.

Google Auto Complete Keyword Scraper Couldn't be Faster or Easier to Use

on Average, this Software Digs up 5 to 10 Auto Complete Keyword Phrases per Second

  1. Enter a starting/root keyword phrase.
  2. Check off two scraping options.
  3. Press Start Scraping button.
Image of Google Auto Complete Keyword Scraper options dialog box.

You have Full Control over What Keywords Are Scraped and How Their Scraped

    Image of Google Auto Complete Keyword Scraper Software Scraping Options.
  1. Auto insert A - Z and/or 0 - 9. ?
  2. Choose to auto insert letters/numbers BETWEEN each word of your starting keyword phrase (as per your selections above/step #1) and/or REPLACE words of your starting keyword phrase.
  3. If you select REPLACE words of your starting keyword phrase from step #2/above, specify which words to ignore/not replace via auto suggest.




SCRAPE 100's of YouTube.com Auto Complete/Suggest Keyword Phrases in Just SECONDS

Grabs 100's of Auto Suggest Keywords from YouTube in Seconds Giving you Tons of Long Tail YouTube Keyword Phrases.

When typing a search in YouTube's search box, ever noticed the dropdown box showing other keywords that start with what you have typed? These GOLDEN KEYWORDS are What Tubers are Searching.

Image of YouTubes Auto Suggest Dropdown Showing Keyword Suggestions.

This Program Takes your Starting Keyword Phrase, Auto Inserts Each Letter of the Alphabet 𝐀 - 𝐙

Scraping and Saving All the Auto Suggest Keyword Phrases for you

YouTube is revealing to you the exact phrases people are typing into YouTube when they search. To dominate YouTube AND the search engines ...

  1. Use YouTube Auto Complete Keyword Scraper to build a huge list of all keyword phrases related to the video 📺 you wish to create.
  2. Use a YouTube keyword research software to find which of these keyword phrases have little or no competition.
  3. Make your own videos optimized for these keyword phrases, making sure to insert the keyword phrase in the name of the video, video title, description and tags.

Scrape UNLIMITED Number of Keyword Phrases from YouTube.com

Absolutely No Chance of Being Blocked by YouTube for Scraping too Many Keywords, too Fast

YouTube Auto Complete Keyword Scraper scrapes keyword phrases from the search text box of the YouTube.com website instead of using API calls as most scraping software programs do.

This means YouTube will NEVER DETECT YOU ARE USING AN AUTOMATED PROGRAM to extract and save keyword phrases.

  • You will never be blocked by YouTube.
  • There are no limits with regards to scraping volume and speed.




How to get Google to Tell you EXACTLY what People are Typing in Their Search Engine

Infinity Google Keywords will not Only Scrape these Keyword Phrases but Offer Suggestions for Related, Seed Keyword Phrases you Never Though of

This software uses a special, recursive ⥀ search technology that takes your original, seed keyword and pulls, from the Google database 📂, tons of other, related keyword phrases you probably would have never thought of.

Infinity Google Keywords has numerous ways you can filter these keywords so you end up with a MASSIVE pile of the exact, traffic pulling types of keyword phrases you are looking for.

How to Filter Out the Related Keyword Phrases Scraped

by Simply Clicking a Few, Simple, Settings in the Software

Image of Infinity Google Keywords software keyword filter options.
  • Filter out keyword phrases with the word FREE in them (assuming you're interested in creating content for people willing to spend money).
  • Filter out keyword phrases that are less than 6 number of words long (THAT is what you call - LONG Tail).
  • Filter out/hide keyword phrases that contain a specific word or words.
  • A simple button click can restore/unhide any of these keywords that were filtered out from one of your filter settings.

There is a Good REASON this Software Contains the Word INFINITY ⧝

you can Literally Let this Software Run Forever and it Will Keep Digging up Related Keywords

Image of Infinity Google Keywords showing the huge number of long keywords scraped in 12 hrs.

You can let this software run for days and pull thousands and thousands of keyword phrases related to your original, starting keyword phrase.

A HIGH percentage of these keywords are 5 words or more, AND they ALL get enough searches that Google bothers to show them as RELATED KEYWORDS.





After Setting up your Content/Article with this Software, Create and Save up to 999 Uniquely Created Versions of your Content in Just a Few Seconds

Image of Sentence Blender Spinner Software.

Sentence Blender Spinner software that allows you to spin your article/content both horizontally (swap phrases and words) AND vertically (swap sentences) which makes your content SO UNIQUE we guarantee it will NEVER TRIGGER DUPLICATE CONTENT ISSUES.

Sentence Blending is the Concept of Swapping Sentences

but Doing so in a Manner that the Content is 100% Clear, Makes Sense and is Readable

Blending is the concept of swapping sentences So in one spin, the 3rd sentence of the original becomes sentence #1 and the 5th sentence becomes sentence #2, etc. Sentence Blender Spinner does this in a way where OUTPUT is 100% READABLE, MAKES perfect SENSE and, unlike most spun content, doesn't look like ...

ࣔ ࣚ ࣛ ࣜ ࣝ ࣞ ࣟ ࣔ ࣚ   ࣛ ࣜ ࣝ ࣞ ࣟ   ࣚ ࣛ ࣜ ࣝ ࣞ ࣟ   ࣟ ࣔ ࣚ.

The latest update of the software introduces the concept of content fences so you can control which sections of sentences get swapped with each other for even greater readability and control.

See for Yourself what REAL Unique, non-Duplicate Content is

In the Animation Below, Only 4 Sentences were Set up

Image Showing how Unique and Varied Content is when used with Sentence Blender Spinner.

The animation to the right gives you a small taste of the results. In this example, only 4 sentences were used with minimal spin syntax set up.

Imagine the results with content containing 15+ sentences set up with nested spin syntax.




Viral YouTube Soft is YouTube SEO Optimization Programs in

these 4 Programs Provide a Systematic Video SEO Optimization Strategy Making it MUCH Easier to Rank your Videos 📺 MUCH HIGHER at ANY Video Share Site AND the Search Engines

  1. YouTube Keywords Finder⑆ takes your list of keyword phrases and shows which keywords are IDEAL for ranking your YouTube video.
  2. YouTube Keywords Competition Tester⑆ Takes your keyword phrases and checks the competition for that keyword phrase on YouTube by seeing how many videos are already optimized for your intended keyword.
  3. YouTube Video Reverse Engineer⑆ get a birds-eye-view of the top 20 videos on YouTube.com, most optimmized for your keyword.
  4. YouTube Video Description Builder⑆ a template that makes it easy and systematic to create a visually and SEO impressive video description.

Software Module #⑴ YouTube Keywords Finder

find which of the Keywords Phrases, from your List, are the IDEAL KEYWORDS for Ranking your YouTube Video

For ranking YouTube videos on Google, the ideal keyword phrases will ALREADY SHOW between 1 - 3 videos on the first page of Google (Explanation).

This software takes your list of keywords and green lights 🚦 the ones that meet this criteria.

As far as your YouTube video ranking on Google, if there are no videos on Googles first page for your keyword phrase, then it most likely means Google feels that keyword phrase is not video appropriate so you'd be wasting your time with that keyword phrase.

If there are already 3 or more videos on the first page of Google for your keyword phrase then that keyword is most likely already saturated for video shows on Google.

Software Module #⑵ YouTube Keywords Competition Tester

instantly See how Many Videos on YouTube are SEO Optimized for Any Keyword Phrase

Take the keyword phrases that got a thumbs up👍 from software module #, (YouTube Keywords Finder) and quickly discover WHICH keyword phrases have little to NO COMPETITION on YouTube.com. The YouTube Keywords Competition Tester will take your keyword phrase, scan YouTube to see how many videos have your keyword in the videos title, description and tags and green lights green lights 🚦 low competition keyword phrases.

After you run this software module, discard the keywords that did not get the green light and move the ones that did to software module #, (YouTube Video Reverse Engineer).

Software Module #⑶ YouTube Video Reverse Engineer

get a Birds Eye View of the Top 20 Videos on YouTube that Appear when Searching your Keyword Phrase on YouTube

Enter your keyword phrase and press a button. In less than 5 seconds you will get a birds-eye-view of the first/top 20 YouTube videos that appear when YouTube is searched with your keyword phrase. (Hint: from within this module you can also steal the YouTube tags from one or multiple videos at the same time.)

From the keywords that passed the test in software module #, (YouTube Keywords Competition Tester) run each of them, one at a time in this module.

The keywords that pass this test are ripe for creating a video around so use the next software module, YouTube Video Description Builder

Software Module #⑷ YouTube Video Description Builder

a Video Description Builder Template that makes it Systematic and Easier to Create SEO Rich Video Description Text

An information/SEO rich video description is extremely important but can be quite time consuming. This video description template makes your video description attractive, filled with lots of information that includes your keyword phase, as well as links to your social profiles.

The keyword phrases that passed all the tests from the previous 3 modules (YouTube Keywords Finder, YouTube Keywords Competition Tester, YouTube Video Reverse Engineer) are ideal for targeting. After you have created your video, use this Video Description Builder for the perfect YouTube video description.


Windows Fast IP Changer


Hide Affiliate Links from Google

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