Plenty Of Fish Username Search

What happened to the Plenty of Fish Username Search??

This was great for meeting people because I would get emails from POF saying [username] wants to meet you, click here to upgrade to paid POF account.

What I use to be able to do was go to POF, log in, enter that username in the username search textbox, visit their profile and start talking with them if I liked them, WITHOUT having to upgrade to paid pof membership.

How to do Username Search Now

Thankfully I ran into a web page that has a free software program to do pof username searches and the program is called POF Username Search.

POF Username Search is a very very simple and easy program to use:

  1. Enter a username or even a partial username which will likely return multiple matches.
  2. Press the programs button and in a few seconds and matching profile or profiles show up as a link that you can click to visit their profile.
POF Username Search Program

Either View of Pre View the POF Username

What is really cool about this Plenty Of Fish software is you don’t have to visit the profile that turns up in the username search. In case you did not know, when you visit anyones profile on POF, they can look and see you visited them. The POF Username Search software lets you preview the members page so you are not actually visiting their profile while logged in so they will never see you viewed their profile.

More Pictures of POF Username Search

Pof Username Search software interface expanded after a matching POF username is clicked bringing up the profile preview window. This lets you see who the person is without them getting notified or finding out that you viewed their profile.

POF Username Search Video

This is a video from on the POF Username Search program, how to use it and how it works.

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