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Frustrated gal

Listen POF, a while back my account was hacked! I can provide you with the persons info and email. I tried contacting someone at your customer service to no avail!

Same person is very abusive and give good men a bad name. Someone please help resolve!


Just to share my experience of being hacked on POF and the messages from me to POF regarding this as they were very blasé about it which has put me off online dating as per below, also to add that nothing was resolved apart from I lost my POF profile which nothing was done about and I've had to change all my passwords re bank accounts and others:-

I sent this 2 weeks around 23/08/2019 prior to POF responding and had to keep emailing csr@plentyoffish.com for a response.

I log on around once a week to my POF account due to work commitments.
The last time I logged into my account to check my messages was on the 01/09/2019 as Sunday is normally the one day, I choose to log in. On Monday 02/09/2109 and Tuesday 03/09/2109 I received over 200 emails from POF to let me know that I had received messages from certain users, I thought it seemed an awful lot but did not have the time to log into my POF account to check properly as I had to go to work.
On the 04/092019 a friend of mine contacted me as they had seen what looked like my profile but with someone else's images in place of mine, so all the information on my profile including the write-up about me was exactly the same as mine with my images removed and someone else's put in place.
I became rather concerned at this and when I arrive home from work I decided to log into my POF account using my username as above with my password to no avail and then I tried logging in using my email as above with my password, which once again to no avail, it kept stating the details did not match as I had not changed either my username, email or password I was astounded I was unable to log in.
It appears I no longer am able to log into my account and my profile no longer under my control to view, change and reply / send messages. I can only assume my POF account has been hacked into and someone else is now using all my details including any payment facilities I used on POF when I paid for Tokens and someone could now use which I'm most concerned about and would implore POF to look into this immediately please as a matter of urgency as I'm very concerned my personal details have been compromised and are being used by someone who isn't me?
A copy of what was on my profile are attached including my personal images for your perusal, which as stated above is the same profile but my images have been replaced with someone else’s.
Please could this matter also be passed to Mr Markus Frind CEO as he should be made aware?
I look forward to hearing from you regarding this extremely urgent matter.

Sat 07/09/2019 19:03

Thank you for taking the time to email POF.com.
Your account was flagged and closed for suspicious activity. We apologize for the inconvenience, but you will need to create a new account.
Please wait 2-3 hours before trying to create a new account, and ensure you select a new username AND password.
As your account has been compromised, we suggest you do the following:
1) Scan your computer for viruses or spyware.
2) Once you have completed your scan, immediately change your passwords for *ALL* online accounts including your POF.com account, Email accounts, online banking, etc.
We appreciate your patronage, and hope you register a new account with Plentyoffish.
Marcel R
POF Team

Sun 08/09/2019 17:22

As my account has been compromised through no fault of mine, I would suggest from a legal stance that POF do more to protects its customers rather than putting them at risk especially of identity theft, putting peoples bank accounts at risk and all sorts of other fraudulent activity that is susceptible.
As this is such a serious matter it really does need bringing to the attention of the CEO Mr Markus Frind to deal with.
Kind regards,

Mon 09/09/2019 21:49
Thank you for taking the time to email POF.com.
We have investigated the issue you reported, and it appears to have been resolved.
Please let us know if you continue to have difficulties and we would be happy to assist you further.
POF Team

Another sucker

Quote by: Anonymous

Listen POF, a while back my account was hacked! I can provide you with the persons info and email. I tried contacting someone at your customer service to no avail!

The same person is very abusive and give good men a bad name. Someone please help resolve!

3 times I've had mine hacked! 1st time I just hurled constant forwarded messeges back at them and low and behold, a full refund dropped back into my PayPal account. Then, like an idiot, I rejoined (some people on there are genuine, and I actually had a few women chatting to me).

Hacked Again!! So I JUST, about 2hours ago set up a new account & profile and emailed them asking them to activate it, after all, I am a full paid upgraded member. Within an hour after creating the 3rd account, with a different email, password and even AVG VPN on (shows your IP as anywhere you choose in the world, even Wonderland, UK) it got hacked AGAIN!

Complain, no reply.........and on and on...So I called PayPal. They are on the case.
I've now sent them an email from all 3 emails I've used for each account/profile with the same title: YOU'VE BEEN REPORTED! No reply yet. It states everything that has happened. I attached my receipts & "welcome upgraded member" emails and resent again and again. Always the same. Sorry we have a high amount of emails blah blah blah...

When they have replied they either ask me to be specific about what the problem is Exclamation and even a few apology emails telling me to click the link to reset your password! The scammers change the email on the account! Dumbasses! I can tell 100% now that each reply is simply automated, or maybe it was just copied and pasted lol.

The funniest thing is, when joining I've been warned before creating my profile that they watch closely and anything abusive etc and your account will be terminated. Yet the hackers get in and I've witnessed one picture going around, dropping messages with dodgy links in them, changing profiles every few minutes. I report them all. The same pic comes back and says hi with a totally different name, profile. If they look like a model, 99.9999999% of the time they're hackers.

Same sucker

Word of advice, NEVER EVER join using any type of card. Use PayPal instead.

Heres an email I sent, just one of hundreds...


"Has my account been hacked again already? I cant sign in! I only just made the new account less than an hour ago! Waiting for YOU to activate it because I have already paid for upgraded membership!

Come ON!"


Title: (can't find it)

"Yes, I received my refund, then I rejoined. Now my account has been hacked yet again!!! Why are you NOT doing anything to HELP ME!!!!
You refuse to stop scammers getting onto the site, robbing money from people and hacking their account! Useless!
Now my account has been HACKED AGAIN!

I demand a refund immediately!!!!!

Attached is my receipt proving that I paid and joined a second time. I cannot access my account! You don't even read my emails. Everything you need to know is in my emails to you, but you still keep asking what the problem is. YOU DONT EVEN READ MY EMAILS! Refund me NOW! I will not be rejoining EVER!


Yeah, bit hot-headed there Angry

And finally...


"I have reported you to PayPal. My account has been hacked several times. I want a refund. You ignore me. So I called PayPal to get on YOUR case. Refund me NOW to save yourselves a lot of hassle"

Oh, and here's the reply you'll all recognise...

Title: Thank you for contacting Plenty of Fish

"Thanks so much for contacting Plenty of Fish!

We're currently experiencing a high volume of emails, but the team is working hard to get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are contacting us about payments, please make sure you're sending us an email from the email address registered to your Upgraded Plenty of Fish account.

If you haven't already seen it, we also have frequently asked questions lists that might be able to help while you wait. You can find it here: http://www.plentyoffish.com/HelpCenter/helpcenter_faq.aspx

Thanks for your patience!

The Plenty of Fish Team

If you do not wish to be notified by email, please unsubscribe here: http://www.plentyoffish.com/mailsettings.aspx
Plentyoffish Media Inc. #142-757 West Hastings St., PMB 670, Vancouver, BC V6C1A1"

Now, how infuriating is that? Unsubscribe if you don't want your money back! If only I could shoo...........


my account has been hacked!! I can not login or change my password, I have been told my profile photo is now a woman!!
I recently upgraded and now cant use my account!!
I have sent many emails to pof but with on reply,

concerned citizen

Sigh..... i can now join you all here, my account has been fallen prey to a hacker after years of trouble free use off an on.
my account now magically has two step verification applied to it, and now i get to experience thirsty men filling up my inbox with the most heinous requests.My profile picture now consists of a scantily clad woman with a lot of meet me written in the text to hit the minimum text input to verify as a "profile".
The phone number inputted is now a mystery and all i can do is sit back and endure this until POF thinks this is enough, and close down the account. I had some lovely correspondence with a young lady,Before the account was hacked.She might be somewhere in this lovely country scratching her head wondering what has transpired for me to make a transformation like that, out of the blue. In retrospect this has given me a slight window into what the other sex has to endure on POF on a daily basis. And all i can say "it's not worth it"


Wow hacked and no support system from POF no resolve or any possibility for an immediate solution seems as if the misrepresent themselves as they are part of the problem here.


I have the same exact issue as above. Please rectify this situation POF. I have sent several emails regarding this matter, and have yet to receive a reply.


I've never had any problems. People need to use better passwords that are unique to each site.


I too had my account hacked last night. I am a male but someone deleted all my pictures and changed my profile pictures to a very attractive female and then proceeded to email dozens, if not hundreds of unsuspecting male POF users. They also changed the phone number on file to one with a country code of +44 which I believe is from the UK.

I sent a very detailed message to POF which by the way, is extremely difficult to contact but if you need to the direct email address is: CSR@pof.com the other contact method is a web form with which is buried within their help section and is hard to find. It's almost like they don't want you to contact them.

long story short, the more this person keeps abusing my account and sending out messages to people, the more likelihood my account will be deleted so I want them to secure it as soon as possible!

You know what their response is?

" if you can't verify your account with your phone number, simply delete your account and create a new one!" ( and yes, they actually added an exclamation point At the end of that)

can you believe that? So someone abuses their system, hacks a user's account, a paying user by the way. No, I'm not premium but I have purchased tokens - and they basically told me to delete my account and create a new one from scratch? I'm one of the few users that actually took the time to write a very long detailed description about myself, and totally completed the full chemistry test. All these things took a long time.

Now I'm starting to question if POF is in on the game with the scammers...

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