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This page is going to address a problem on dating site where the offline/online status of a member does not always seem to be accurate and why this is so and how to make sure you are acurately shown as being online when you are online (and not when you are not) and offline when you are offline.

Why Does POF Say I Someone is Online when they are NOT?

You know how when you are on Plenty Of Fish it shows former members you have contacted before with a little green light next to them to indicate they are online?

Or if you do a search on Plenty Of Fish, the default sorting of is based upon last time they were online so the first page of search result usually shows people who are online right now because there is the green text next to their profile that says Online Now.


The programming source code that is responsible for determining if a POF member is online right now and to indicate as such is based upon if that member is logged in to Plenty Of Fish or not.

The reason a person will be shown as being online when they are really not is because the POF member, when finished with their Plenty Of Fish session, close their browser window without clicking the Log Out Menu link.

The next page shows you how to prevent your profile from displaying a false Online Now indication to other POF members.

How to Prevent the False Online Now

To prevent your POF profile from showing you as being online when you are not do two things:

  1. When you are finished with Plenty Of Fish click the Log Out link which is in the upper right corner of the page when you are logged in. If you are not logged in you won’t see that. Refer to the picture below for clarity.
  2. After you have logged out (which you will know you have been logged out because you will see a link for Sign In instead of Log Out) refresh the web browser window for Plenty Of Fish. If you don’t know what that is, immediately after signing out press F5 on your keyboard. This will cause the page to reload to make sure you are not viewing a web page from your browsers cache (memory) and makes double sure that Plenty Of Fish has successfully registered you as being logged out.


After doing the above two things your POF profile should not display Online Now on your profile in search results.

Quite frankly, since the day of its creation, POF has always been behind the times and a little messy when it comes to their web pages programming coding practices and this is an example of a few of the annoying bugs that are part of the worlds largest dating site, free or paid.

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  • No this post is 100% correct. Closing the app on a phone DOES NOT sign you out of POF. You have to explicitly sign out of POF to appear offline. Closing the app does not sign you out.

  • Hanna Jacobson

    Will the app show u online even if you don’t have the app installed? When u didn’t delete your account but just removed the app 1.5 years ago?