Plenty of Fish is a great site but POF pisses a lot of people of, mostly, because of POF’s tendency to seemingly and randomly delete peoples profiles.

This pages lists a whole bunch of other 100% FREE dating sites which are very similar to and good alternatives to PlentyOfFish (and a whole lot easier to create a profile).

Some of these alternatives to are 100%, no strings FREE. Some of these dating sites are partially free with more advanced features if you upgrade to a paid dating membership.

Any suggestions you feel should be added to this page please provide those suggestions in the comments section below.

Badoo Dating Website

Badoo is a like a cross between Facebook and a dating site. Badoo was created in 2006 and is a United Kindom based company.

Badoo is laid out and designed in a manner where you can tell the sites is really designed for smart phones, but you can just as easily create an account on your or laptop as well.

Badoo has a very nice ‘live’ feel to it because while you are on the site browsing around, people who are online can notify you they want to chat with you, so it is a very good dating site if you are feeling lonely and want to talk to someone in real time. Certainly a big plus above Plenty of Fish dating, in that respect.

Badoo is 100% FREE to join and participate. Sign up is pretty fast and painless. A WHOOOLE Lot easier than Plenty Of Fish. Of course the site has its up-sell attempts such as pay to become 3 time more popular.

Overall Grade for Badoo: B

Image of Badoo free dating website.

Coupleizer Dating Website

Couplelizer dating sites edge or market angle is that all images a member submits must be selfies taken with your web camera or cell phone. The purpose of this is so you know that everyone’s picture is recent (when they joined Coupleizer) so you avoid the all-to-common nightmare of being shocked by the persons appearance when you meet them in person. Nice dating site marketing angle – I like it.

The only problem is you CAN bypass that by simply selecting to upload a photo. I am not sure yet if Coupleizer profiles indicate if the persons pictures are recent selfies or not.

When I signed up the site said there was no one online nearby right now which makes me wonder if the site does not have many members. Granted it was 2:30 am on a Thursday morning but when I joined Badoo there were plenty of people who were online near me.

Coupleizer focuses on creating dates and meetings which helps to prevent the issues of wasting time with a person who is not serious about dating and just wants to send texts and emails forever.

Overall Grade for Coupleizer: B

Image of Couplelizer free dating website.

DateHookup Dating Website

DateHookup dating site probably could have picked a better name. I am not really sure why it is called this because it is not a hookup dating site but a regular, conventional one.

Date Hookup is a rather plain dating site that does not seem to be up on the latest technologies like the others mentioned here. In fact when I tried to log in it prompted me to reset my password. My attempts to do so failed and the site did not email me instructions to reset when I requested several times. Maybe the site is low on employees or maybe they are just going out of business.

If you have some extra time to kill, go to Date Hookup and give it a shot and let me know how it works for you.

Overall Grade for Date Hookup: D+

Image of DateHookup Free Dating Website.

OK Cupid Dating Website

OKCupid dating site starts with the sign up process, which asks quite a few questions, like Plenty Of Fish, but they do it in a one question at a time manner so you don’t feel so overwhelmed with all the dating site homework.

OKCupid is not as user intuitive as it should be. For example, after I finished with the questions, I was sent back to the main page wondering what happened. I assumed at that point I should sign in. Then when I proceeded to sign in the site told me my sign in info was incorrect which I know was not the case.

OKcupid started acting weird starting around 2014 or so, so I am assuming the site is not well maintained and your best bet is to avoid OKcupid.

Overall Grade for OK Cupid: D

Image of OKCupid free dating website.

Passions Network Dating Website

Passions Network dating site was really fast and easy to sign up. After signing up I tried using their advanced search to get a feel for the number of people in my area.

Passions Network advanced search was a little weird in that it offered way too many strange choices for selected the other persons gender and sexual orientation.

After performing an advanced search I realized that this dating site should probably be avoided because of the lack of activity. Most of them members returned had no pictures and the last time they were active was three months ago or later. The search I performed was fairly loose to: ages 42 – 52, within 100 miles of me.

Overall Grade for Passions Network: B

Image of Passions Network free dating website.

On to the next dating site – SpeedDate.

Speed Date Dating Website

SpeedDate dating sites sign up process is fast and easy. SpeedDates marketing angle is that you can find a date very fast because you converse with people while they are online.

Once you have created your account you can click the SEARCH link. You are then presented with people who are in your area who are online now. You can send them an instant message totally free.

The big downsides to SpeedDate:
(1) you can’t check messages in your inbox until you pay a .99 cent fee to verify your account. .99 cents is not much but you are still giving your financial information out.
(2) expect a fair amount of fake/scammer profiles (people who are way too attractive for their age who put their phone number and email address right in their profile. This would never happen in the real world with real people).

Another bad thing about Speed Date is they would not stop sending me interest notifications. Even when I went to account settings and unchecked every single notification option, after clicking save preferences, I would go to another page, come back to settings and they would all be checked again. My advice is do like I did and create a disposable email address so you can just delete your email so you won’t be bothered anymore.

Overall Grade for SpeedDate: C

Image of Speeddate free dating website.

Connecting Singles Dating Website

ConnectingSingles dating site was one dating site I was pretty impressed with. Connecting Singles has a really well laid out user interface. There are a tons of places you can go on the website. There are dating articles, a blog and a forum.

When I performed an advanced search on Connecting Singles it returned a large amount of matches. It seems to me as this dating site is almost as big and popular as Plenty Of Fish.

One thing I REALLY like about this dating site is they don’t let you send messages until your profile is approved. This means someone actually screens profiles to keep out the scammers and fake profiles. My advanced search confirmed this as I found no fake profiles when I did a search.

Connecting Singles even has a Meet Me section that is a lot like the Plenty Of Fish Meet Me.

Last but not least, drum roll, everything on this dating site is truly, 100% FREE!!

If you are fed up with Plenty Of Fish or just looking for a really great dating site I highly recommend Connecting Singles.

Overall Grade for Connecting Singles: A

Image of ConnectingSingles Free Dating Website.

  • Rod

    A mini review of speeddate.com : BEWARE: SpeedDate is owned by match.com (if your curious why I mention this, perform a web search for: consumer reports match.com). Furthermore, if you do not pay a supposed one-time-fee of $1 (once again, if you’re wondering why I used the term ‘supposed’, run that web search I suggested earlier) then you have NO access to an E-Mail inbox on SpeedDate. What this means, is that in order to use the service without paying, you have to be online on the website ALWAYS in order for the possibility of an interested party to contact you using the live chat function. This wouldn’t be a problem if there was a mobile app to accompany this site, and there is, but here is the kicker: although it uses the same logos, fonts, and is also owned by match.com, there is NO WAY to use your SpeedDate profile on the mobile app, since the mobile app creates and uses an account from delightful.com (another match.com property it would seem, which apparently uses Steve Harvey as a spokesperson), and you guessed it, delightful.com requires payment in order to message other users. As far as users on SpeedDate, living in French Canada, it is downright unbelievable (and suspect) to see only profiles of women who write in perfect English, not to mention that all of the profiles seen are pretty generic text-wise and photo-wise (images looked ‘stock’ and not actual, aside for one or two profiles that literally tried to redirect users to other sketchy websites (like ‘cam’ sites). Most adjustments to the user’s personal profile do not save when saved, or at least do not implement themselves unless the user logs out and logs back in, each and every time a change is made. There is a character limit on the profile text and ‘interests’ text, however the user is never indicated said limit, and therefore, if the user goes over the character limit, the text entered simply deletes itself and refuses to save, causing the user to lose all the text they have typed. Finally, there seems to be no easy way to delete one’s account on SpeedDate, so, umm, good luck with that :

    • Nancy

      Please can anyone tell me of free dating sites that really works

      • Rod

        Sure Nancy. As it stands, I’ve been single and using these sites for over a year now. To date I haven’t invested a dime in these sites, and even though I’m still looking, these were the sites where I was able to carry on a conversation with someone long enough to actually meet them in person, listed from success rate highest to lowest:

        1) Badoo, Blendr or Hot or Not (three different apps/sites, but all the same network connecting to the same profiles and same database…choose the one that works best with your hardware…if they all work for you, then Badoo is the ‘flagship’ site. You can use the ‘encounters’ functionality to indicate if you like someone’s photo and profile, and if they like you back, then you can use that as a basis to start a conversation. The problem with these sites is that there are many abandoned, old profiles on here, but a checkmark icon or ‘verified by photo’ icon generally corresponds to a profile being recent or active (unfortunately, you cannot filter your ‘Encounters’ section by only verified profiles, so you have to ‘like’ or ‘pass’ on old, abandoned profiles in the process as well)

        2) Craigslist: Yes, THAT Craigslist. Craigslist requires a lot of effort since your ad is pushed down in the listings as more ads from other users are added, and yes, there is a BOATLOAD of spammers trying to scam on Craigslist, but generally you can tell which responses are legit and which are false based on how the person writes to you (those that resemble each other are chances are too ‘formulaic’ and therefore from spammers.) If you are not too focused on physical appearance (profile photos on Craigslist is somewhat of a rarity) and you are OK with deleting and re-posting your profile every couple of days, then you might find luck using Craigslist.

        3) Plenty of Fish: The number one free dating site. The most complete profiles with the largest number of users. The problem being: with so many users, unless you are incredibly desirable, potentially interested parties have a LOT to choose from. Also, unless you are using the app, the website is often overloaded and inaccessible during peak hours.

        4) Tinder: Only an app on smartphones. Your profile cannot exceed 500 characters, and unlike options 1,2, and 3, Tinder requires that you use BOTH a FaceBook account AND a valid mobile phone number to authenticate who you are. You are presented with around 50 profile photos a day, one at a time, which you can elect to ‘like’ or ‘pass’ on. Should you ‘like’ a profile photo and that person has ‘liked’ your profile photo as well, then your ‘likes’ are both revealed to one another and you can then chat with one another. The problem with Tinder is that the app being based primarily on appearances often causes those who don’t like what you have to say in your profile text or once you start a dialogue to ‘unmatch’ with you, which for the sensitive types is a pretty heavy rejection. Also, Tinder is more of a hip, youth-based dating site, so expect a lot of vain, self-absorbed women and (from what I hear) men that are only interested in ‘casual encounters’ if you know what I am referring to.

        5) Mingle2: A website that looks like it hails from the 90’s, with loads of fake, scammer profiles. There is a ‘mutual match’ section similar to ‘Encounters’ on Badoo. The app is loaded with unskippable video ads, and if I hadn’t found a date through this site once upon a time, I wouldn’t even be suggesting it right now.

        Other sites/apps worth mentioning (but that never led to any dates for me sadly) would be OkCupid (similar to Plenty of Fish, but with less users), Happn (only on smartphones: similar to Tinder, but you can only see profiles of other users who have been within 500 meters of you), and Bumble (a Tinder clone but with silly time restrictions to respond back to matches before said matches expire; also, women have to write first after matching before the time runs out, which in my case, many women never say a thing and matches regularly expire.)

        Good luck with your search and feel free to ask any other questions if you have them

        • Wow rod nice answer.

          • Rod

            Always a pleasure to help : )

  • WOW thanks Rod for that information – it’s nice to see a valuable comment once in a while as opposed to spam.

    • Rod

      Pleasure to be of help.

  • Rod

    The following suggestions all permit the end user to send and receive messages to and from other users completely free of charge (no need to enter credit card information or make any sort of payment to the dating service). Of course, every single system has a premium feature or features that can be purchased, however communication between users on the following is always free:


    craigslist.org (yes, it is terribly basic, but there is actually a considerable amount of people who use the personals section of Craigslist. Here, one can browse profiles and contact individuals anonymously through the Craigslist Relay System {a intermediate E-Mail address that blocks both the senders and reply-er’s E-Mail address from being known. Note that E-Mail account name identifiers [i.e. one’s first and last name header] is not masked}).

    WEBSITES AND ACCOMPANYING SMARTPHONE APPS (note that these are designed primarily for smartphone users, however they also have a website element, allowing the user to use said service from the web without using the smartphone app {note that registration for said sites MIGHT require the smartphone app in question…just borrow a friend or family members’ smartphone or tablet to complete registration if you don’t own one already : ) Apps mentioned here, just like the accompanying websites, are free to download and use:

    How About We (a different take on online dating, where the user suggests possible dating activities as their main introduction {instead of a standard profile, which How About We allows the user to create a limited profile as added information} and interested parties contact the user based on their date suggestions). Available on Android 2 and up.

    Bristlr (a dating app and site based on men who have beards and those who seek men with beards. Similar to Tinder, both parties must like each other’s profile picture before communication is permitted between the parties. ‘Likes’ are only revealed to both parties if both parties ‘like’ each other {a premium pay element allows a user to know who likes them before having to like them back}. Users appear first in men-based search results based on how well their beard is rated by other Bristlr users. Unlike Tinder, it would seem that handing out ‘likes’ are unlimited, and therefore, users can blanket profile search results with ‘likes’, ensuring that practically anybody can connect with the user should the other party ‘like’ the user). Available on Android 4 and up.

    SMARTPHONE APPS (these sadly do not have accompanying websites, and all actions must be performed on the smartphone app itself).

    Tinder (users are presented with around 25 profiles of their specified target gender, one at a time. Profiles are based largely on pictures as well as an optional 500 character profile text. Once presented with a profile, the user cannot skip a profile and come back to it, and rather they have to make a decision as to whether they ‘like’ the profile or reject the profile. Profiles are also presented based on distance from the user {the app uses geolocation} as well as being presented based on the last time the app was used by the other party {essentially strongarming the user to use the app every day in order to ensure that they always appear in others’ presented profiles instead of falling out of the profile roster}. Unless both parties have clicked ‘like’ on each other’s profiles, who likes who is kept anonymous. Should both parties ‘like’ each other, a match is created: this allows the parties to then communicate with each other through the Tinder app {if no match is created, no one can message one another through Tinder}. Once the user goes through all of their profiles for the day, they either have to wait until the next day before they can continue to view profiles, or they can purchase Tinder Plus, which allows them to view a seemingly unlimited number of profiles in any given day, as well as giving the user the ability to undo a rejection they assigned to a profile beforehand. Note that Tinder requires a Facebook account as well as a one-time SMS text message verification to an actual cellular-network-based mobile number in order to use this service). Available on Android 2 and up.

    Happn (users are presented with profiles of other people who have entered into their immediate area {perhaps up to 1 kilometre} including a map of where both parties have crossed paths. Once profiles are revealed to the user, similar to Tinder, both parties must like each other’s profile picture before communication is permitted. ‘Likes’ are only revealed to both parties if both parties ‘like’ each other. Profile text is limited (perhaps around 1000 caracters) and as with Tinder, a Facebook account is required to use Happn. Note that Happn requires an internet connection, so unless the user has a data network plan or knows how to effectively use Wi-Fi hotspots when out and about, Happn will be restricted to ‘crossing paths’ only where both parties have an active internet connection available on their smartphone). Available on Android 4 and up.

  • Darbeliai P.

    recently used Couplelizer, must say I liked the real life dating approach… something really different

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  • Good list…can’t stand POF it is horrible after Match bought it out this year.
    For international travelers and expats, the best one is expatmeet.com really works!

  • XM


  • XM

    This article seems misleading. Since when is Badoo free? Without having to pay up, I wasn’t able to reply to a girl who indicated interest… I chose then to just ignore the message, unfortunately.

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  • disqus_PxL96g0pqp

    I actually went to connecting singles. There is more freedom on that site. The downside is that there isn’t as many people on that site and I have had only two women contact me only to be scammers from Ghana, Africa. BOTH OF THEM. I reported both too. NOw if I culd only meat a real woman on that site.

    • I prefer plenty of fish because its free (for now) and the huge volume of people. I have tried a few others such as OKpukid and Match and Eharmony. Match was pretty good. Seems as though there is a much higher percentage of attractive women on Match.

  • OwN -3m-All

    There’s also Free Meet Me (https://freemeet.me) which is a new completely free online dating platform with absolutely no paid features.