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How You Can Check Out Plenty Of Fish.com ♥ Profiles Hidden

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  • Viewing A POF Profile Anonymously
  • View POF Profile Without Registering
  • View Dating Profiles and ALL Social Profiles of Anyone
  • Free POF Profile Search View Tool
  • Create Dummy POF Account (most effective method as of 20202)
  • How to Browse Profiles of ANY AGE POF Members


Plenty Of Fish is a great dating site with the most number of single members in the world and it is (for the most part) 100% free. One feature that it would be great if POF had it was the ability to view a profile hidden, meaning, you can look at any persons profile and you would not show up when they click the Viewed Me menu item at the top of the screen.

View POF Profile Anonymous Viewed Me Menu.
View POF Profile Anonymous Viewed Me Menu.
View POF Profile Anonymous Viewed Me Menu.


As a side feature, wouldn't it be great if you could view a persons profile without having to create an account on Plenty Of Fish as well? On this page I am going to show you a 100% FREE tool that allows you to do this. There is no limit to the number of profiles you view and the number of times you view a profile. You still remain 100% anonymous.

View Dating Profiles and ALL Social Profiles of Anyone

There is an ALMOST free tool you can use that will allow to find almost everything there is about anyone on the entire internet!

This specialized social web search is called Spokeo and it uses proprietary deep web technology to search over billions of records. The results of your search will contain detailed information that might shock you, so please prepare yourself for the unexpected.

The information you will enjoy will include DETAILED information that is extracted from over 120+ online networks and will include the following information about that person ...

  • Online photos and images.
  • Social profiles online such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Dating site profiles.
  • Any blogs or posts online made by this person.

The way this search tool works is:

  1. Below, click on NAME to search by name, PHONE to search by a phone number, EMAIL to search someone by their email address or ADDRESS to search about someone physical address/where they live.
  2. Depending upon your selection from step #1 above, Enter the persons name or phone number or email address or physical address.
  3. Click the search button.
  4. The entire process of extracting this information takes about 15 seconds.
  5. You will then be shown ALL KINDS of information about this person THEY might not even know about themselves which will include anywhere on the internet they exist including dating sites.
Enter the Persons Name, Email, Phone or Address to Search
Image of Spokeo search form where you enter the persons Name, Email, Phone or Address to search.
Enter the Persons Name, Email, Phone or Address to Search
Search Results Pulled from 120+ Social Networks and Online Profiles
Image of Search Results Pulled from 120+ Social Networks and Online Profiles.
Search Results Pulled from 120+ Social Networks and Online Profiles


  1. IMPORTANT: If you DO have a POF account, MAKE SURE you are logged out, otherwise you WILL show up in the who viewed me section of the people whose profile you want to view without them knowing. You can also use a different browser than the one you normally use to visit Plenty Of Fish.
  2. Navigate to the free POF Username Search Tool.
  3. Enter the username (full or partial username, if you are not sure of the exact username) of anyone in the world on Plenty Of Fish dating.
  4. Click the  Search POF for Username  button.
  5. A list of all POF profiles matching that username will show up.
  6. Click on any of the profile results and you will be taken to the persons profile on Plenty Of Fish without having to log in to Plenty Of Fish, which basically means you don't have to even have an account to use this tool.

You will not show up in the list of Users Who Viewed Me tab. You can also access a bunch of other useful web tools from the Web Tools page.

View Pof Profile Anonymous Users Who Viewed Me.
View Pof Profile Anonymous Users Who Viewed Me.
View Pof Profile Anonymous Users Who Viewed Me.

Create Dummy or Fake Plenty Of Fish Account

As of 2020, POF has changed so much that most of the other methods of viewing anyones Plenty Of Fish profile anonymous are not so effective and this method is your best bet. Simply create a second Plenty Of Fish account that is strictly for the purpose of being able to view other POF member profiles without them knowing who you really are.

Create a fake profile just for this purpose alone. Since POF now demands phone verification of all new POF accounts, you WILL need to have access to another phone number to be able to verify this new dummy account.

How to Browse Profiles of ANY AGE POF Members

Even more fun is the ability to browse Plenty Of Fish members no matter WHAT AGE they are (no more 14 year max age differential limit) even if you are not logged into Plenty Of Fish or don't even HAVE a Plenty Of Fish account.

This is as simple as the Plenty Of Fish Unlimited Age, No Account, Search Tool. Yes that is right. Believe it or not, anyone can instantly view POF profile members who are ANY AGE you desire and you don't even have to be a member of POF.com. It is so easy to use:

  1. Select the sex of the member profiles you wish to view.
  2. Enter the age (18 - 69, no matter HOW OLD you are) of the POF members you wish to check out.
  3. Enter a location, either a town and state or state or county.
  4. Select the type of relationship you want them to be seeking
    • Casual.
    • Dating.
    • Serious
  5. Press the submit button.

All profiles matching your search results are displayed instantly - no waiting.


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If I have no account with pof and I look up a username are you positive they cannot see that I looked them up? If a person hide their profile can you still look it up and its not visible
If you are not logged into pof.com and/or don't have an account there is NO WAY they can see you looked at their profile because the only way someone can see you looked at their profile is when they look at the Viewed Me page and if you are not logged in it is absolutely impossible you show up there. As far as a hidden profile showing up in pof username search, I am almost positive if their profile is hidden they will NOT show up in search results at all.
That's what I have been trying to do for days. It's killing me. But just knowing he's on POF and lying etc. I just want to have proof in my mind and let myself move on. No doubts. I already know though. I found all these chats between him and three other girls. He said they were old. Yeah right. He had not closed out his email and these big boob girls messages popped up. I'm not sure what application it was. I despise cheaters. As I'm trying to hack into his account. Pretty funny. But I would not do anything malicious with it. I guess that's just me justifying it. The damage cheaters do to other people is terrible. Would a scraper bot be able to find passwords? I am as we speak trying to download and run a social password recovery tool off the internet I am hoping it can find passwords he used on my computer, and that it does not inadvertently steal my info in the process. Do you have any suggestions? Or know of an affordable hacker? Like cheap.. Lol. I thank you so much and really appreciate that this technology is out there and shared. Thank you for getting back to me at all. You Rock..Evan.. Jackie 😀
A scraper program could potentially dig up passwords. Not something I ever really looked into but I am sure there is a great market for it. I really can't help you with the hacker part as I know of none. Thanks for your support Jackie. What is the name of the software program you are referring to
Is there a way to both sign on without an account and see when they were last on POF? If I give you their UN, could you help me to see their correspondence? I did not want to ask publicly but I am not sure how else to get in touch. Probably should have looked into that a little more. 😜 thank you for these valuable tools.
I don't think their is any way to view their emails on POF unless you hack into their account or something. You could always use the Search POF Without Being Logged in tool and set the search parameters to match the person you want to view when they were last online. Regarding search results, next to each profile picture there will be the text showing last online ie Online Now, Online Today, Online this Week, etc.
Lisa F.
Give me link to search for pof without register because when am trying to register it always complain about username.
I tried viewing a POF profile anonymously and not registering, but when I click on the users profile from the search results it takes me to the create account/login screen of POF.
Do you want to give me the username, I will get you the link that allows you to view without registering, or you can use the free Plenty Of Fish username search tool?
Question ❔
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