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Why Does My POF.com Profiles Keep Vanishing

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Why My POF.com Profiles Keep(s) Getting Removed

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  • Pof Account Disappearing Act?
  • Why Plenty Of Fish Deleted Your Account
  • Things You Might Have Done To Trip The Pof.com Spam/Scam Filter
  • Why Doesn't POF Look At My Profile Before Deleting?
  • How To Prevent Your POF Account from Disappearing

Pof Account Disappearing Act?

So you go to log in to your POF.com account with your username and password and the log in page just keeps reappearing as if you have entered the wrong log in credentials by you are SURE you got your POF username and password right? What happened is Plenty Of Fish system deleted your account and profile. WHY? - you ask.

Why Plenty Of Fish Deleted Your Account

Plenty Of Fish is the largest and most visited dating website in the world, and this includes free dating sites and ones that are not free too. Plenty Of Fish gets millions of visitors every single day! To help you understand why your account, and thousands others, gets deleted every single day you need to be aware of a few facts about POF:

  1. The original owner of POF, Marcus Frind, started POF in 2003. His intention was to make the website as fully automated as possible, meaning, Marcus wanted to be able to lay on the beaches instead of sitting at a computer all day.
  2. Dating sites are often the target of scammers because many people interested in dating are desperate and lonely people who will do just about anything for love. These scammers make fake profiles on Plenty Of Fish with the intent of tricking these lonely people out of as much money as they can.
  3. To keep his dating site as clean as possible, Marcus Frind has programming code on his website that looks for certain activities and actions that are typical of a spam or scam dating profile. You have done SOMETHING that tripped up that filter. Because of Marcus's desire to have his POF website be as automated as possible (so he does not have to work) whenever a POF profile trips up that spam filter it just deletes that persons account.
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Things You Might Have Done To Trip The Pof.com Spam/scam Filter

Keep in mind that POF ALSO has filters in place to delete profiles of people who harass other members. If this is a possibility then you probably have your answer.

Assuming your profile was not deleted because you offended/insulted/harassed another member, here are certain activities and actions that trip up the POF spam filter. See if any of these sound familiar:

  • You are guilty of copy and paste messages. Plenty Of Fish account rules state that you can send up to 4 of the exact same messages every day. Why the number 4 was picked, who knows. Spammers and scammers also want to automate things. Their job is to find a suitable victim as quickly and efficiently as possible. That is why they send the same exact message to people. It is real fast and easy to press CTRL + V on your keyboard. This is why we designed dating software utilities, like POF Auto Message Sender, to send totally unique and varied messages that are never the exact same.
  • You emailed too many people too fast. From the spammers perspective, they want to contact as many people as possible to find the victim as quickly as possible. These spammers begin sending out tons of messages as soon as their account is created. It may sound really stupid, but if you start messaging a lot of people right after creating your account, it is probably going to be deleted. How many is too many? Only Marcus knows. To avoid this account disappearing act issue, don't do a heck of a lot on Plenty Of Fish the first week or two. Don't send out a ton of emails right away. Spend some time just navigating around the site and looking at profiles. This tells the POF 'system' you are a real human person looking to find love.
  • You created your account too fast. Remember the scammers and spammers want to get inside and start emailing people right away. These people just randomly and quickly click the questions option boxes when creating a profile/account. The irony here is that when a legit person, like you, gets their account deleted and they have no clue why, the natural reaction, out of frustration, is to create another account quickly which gets that account deleted.

These are the three biggest reasons Plenty Of Fish will make your account disappear.

Why Doesn't POF Look At My Profile Or Email Me First Before Deleting My Profile?

Two reasons POF is not more 'polite' with its members:

  1. It is free, meaning, Marcus does not get money when people join, he only makes money when people click ads OR upgrade to paid membership. Remember Maruc's main goal? No work? Beaches? By having spam/scam filter rules in place that automatically deletes POF accounts when any of these rules are violated automates things for Marcus and lets him stay at the beach without having to hire a bunch of employees.
  2. With all the fake and bogus accounts created at POF every day, POF would have to hire dozens of workers just for the task of monitoring for fake accounts and accounts scammers and spammers create.

How To Prevent Your POF Account From Disappearing In The Future

  1. Although the 50+ questions and option boxes are sort of a pain in the neck when creating your Plenty Of Fish account, you need to take your time when creating your profile. This does not mean you have to wait five minutes between option box clicks but don't race through that part. This indicates, to the Plenty Of Fish security system, you are a real person wanting to find love.
  2. Forget copy and paste messages. I know it can be real frustrating for guys. Most guys get very little response to first emails they send out to POF members unless they are really good looking. This is frustrating to the point where you quickly tire of spending much time at all with the first email. This is why POF Auto Message Sender is so popular. It sends out the first emails for you which acts as bait. You sit back and wait for the women to 'reply' to your first email so you know they are interested. You then know it is worth your while to spend more time with interacting with this person.
  3. Get familiar with the Plenty Of Fish rules.
Plenty Of Fish Sign Up Endless Questions.
Plenty Of Fish Sign Up Endless Questions.
Plenty Of Fish Sign Up Endless Questions.


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I signed up for POF and my account was deleted. I did not do anything against the company policy???? I would like to know why it was deleted. Is it that I did not pay money? Please let me know why? Like I said, I am compliant with the rules! That is not right that you do not give the reason...Please let me know. A lot of people online are complaining about this...they are given no legitimate reason why they are deleted. I am a nice woman, attractive...I get many responses...I try to get back with everyone but it is impossible. Some I am not interested in and there is nothing wrong with that. I like your dating site. Please stop dating people who do not deserve this without reason. Most feel like they are being single out. I do not understand it. I joined some other sites and they do not do this to their clients. Thank you.
First off Laura, we are NOT Plenty Of Fish. People confuse us with Plenty Of Fish a lot. What happened to you Laura is you were a victim of social media automation. Because there are soooooo many members on Plenty Of Fish (millions), the website has lots of triggers and filters that automate, speed up and simplify the process of running the Plenty Of Fish website. One of these automation scripts is the deletion of suspicious accounts. Most of the time, when an account gets deleted on Plenty Of Fish, it is not actually deleted by a human being but a script. Some sort of action or behavior on your part on the Plenty Of Fish dating site tripped up the account deletion filter or trigger, and your account was automatically deleted. Expect a lot more of this automated, non-human treatment from the world. The movie Terminator is not far off from what the future holds for the human race.
POF? It's reduced to little more than displaying adverts and capturing personal data. They'll delete your profile and retain your personal data because you negatively impact their revenue generation. Concerned about being tracked online? You've given them YOUR personal data, number, IP address, the device you use, plus intimate personal details, your region, all the adverts shown and those clicked on, every word you had wrote, whom you had spoke to, the lot. They pick out all they need to identify you coming back. After they delete your profile they'll capture and store any more data you supply before deleting your profile again, adding it to an online dossier they have on you. POF is little more than a growing repository of personal data taken from people who are even blocked access to view their own data.
I am not sure what you are saying about POF is totally true however now that they have been taken over by the match.com dating site, Plenty Of Fish is PROBABLY moving more in the direction you say. In fact, I would not be surprised to learn they are capturing the data from POF and using it to further their paid dating site, match.com. I would say the best bet to keep your POF account active and not getting it deleted is to click a few of their advertisements once in a while.
How does Google index POF and know about the members if Google is not a POF user?
Tony, Google search engines have bots that go out 24/7 crawling website to find all of the sites pages. The Google bots also go to POF. You can reference this url https://www.google.com/search/howsearchworks/crawling-indexing/ to learn more.
Well I'm back yet again....... POF just deleted, (idk how many new ones anymore) yet another one of my profiles! SMH! I finally figured out through all this though, they DO track your IP address! I had to create my last one (only lasted 3 days) while using my home wifi instead of my data from my phone. Also, new email address, new username, password AND a different browser! It only lasted 3 days, so here's my findings......

[1] If you dare report all those fake profiles that send you messages all the time, you're going to be deleted! I tested this theory and it's very true! POF knows these fakes are put there and they need them.

[2] If you get too many meet me's saying they want to meet you (500+ in my case in only 3 days) and/or messages (over 300 in 3 days for me). They apparently see this as a spammer profile or something and delete you!

[3] If 1 person reports you, or you get blocked to many times, (I get blocked a lot because I don't respond to most messages), and there's 1 guy that blocks me EVERY SINGLE PROFILE I MAKE, and he did again last night, and sure enough, my test went according to plan, my profile was just deleted today! I sent him a message on purpose to test yet another theory, and it apparently works! SMH! Now I'm going to create 1 more profile, using another ip, email, username, and browser, not send that guy any messages nor report 1 damn fake profile and test the meet me/messages theory!
WOW. Good information Pattie and all three points you have made make perfecct sense to me. I have been on POF a lot and was nodding my head up and down for all three points you made. Sounds to me like you are too sexy for Plenty Of Fish. Put up some much less attractive pictures Patti.
Hey Patti, I looked at your account and the main problem is you have a very cute face and the pictures with the cleavage. That is why you are getting 'too much' activity and being pegged a spammer. NO BOOBS! I bet the women on pof are sending complaints because they are jealous.
It's me again. My "new browser" profile lasted only 1 week and poof, gone again! That was with new browser, new email address AND new user name! Even new pics! Have created 3 more since and they might last a day. Now, as soon as I get back on, I do search for the men I've been talking to to let them know I didn't block them. So, is that spamming? I've also read that if you get too many messages they will delete your profile? I'm sure nobody know how many is too many. But do you think 100+ a day is too many? I mean my meet me count on the first new browser account was at 2000 when I was deleted. And that was only 1 week. Please help me figure out what to do next? Sincerely, Forever deleted (Pattie)
I think the main problem with YOUR account Pattie is, yes, too much activity. The main reason for these problems Plenty Of Fish is just too damned popular. With millions of visitors a day, to relieve the workload, POF has a lot of automation maintenance tools. Part of the automation is detecting and removing bad profiles. Obviously, the event triggers that cause the removal of profiles is not perfect.
Ok, so how on Earth do I slow down the activity? Lol. Post ugly pics? No pics? Do I need yet another browser, email and username again? You know POF doesn't make sense in this aspect at all! You'd think the more "popular" profiles would get upgraded for free, as we could be spokesmodels for their site, instead of deleting us and causing us to be negative Nancy's wanting to destroy thier site! Kind of backwards I think. Sincerely, Forever deleted #toopopularforpof lol Pattie 😁 P. S. I'd love to be part of your forum or blog , not sure what it's called. Lol.
We can't know for sure why they keep deleting your profile. You could always shoot them an email about the issue and see if you get a response. As far as writing for us, you could always write dating related stuff for us and we can reward you with free software and/or you could include your desired links in the content.
I tried the new browser and they still deleted it. Is there any other way around this. Do have to use a whole new username, email, etc.
Maria, if they deleted your account then yes, you have to create a new everything. New username and new email. Best advice is to use TOR browser which is 100% free and totally anonymizes you. This will allow you to create a brand new account without issues.
I installed a new browser on my phone and was able to create a new profile, and it hasn't been deleted yet! However, I did get much further in the sign up process, and was able to complete a profile finally. So, thank you so much for your suggestion, that did the trick. Used Mozilla Firefox.
Glad we could help Pattie.
Profile keeps getting deleted. I don’t post inappropriate things and I don’t know why I keep getting deleted!
You probably did nothing wrong Tiffany. POF has lots of built in spam filters. Something you did accidently tripped one of those spam filters off. Are you extremely pretty and gets tons of emails every day? To much activity one a single account could trip the spam filter.
I’m pissed finally met someone on your site was having a really fabulous conversation the next thing you know he is no longer existing there are no signs of our messages there are no signs of his profile what the hell happened I’m pissed.
Here is what I would do Maria. Do you remember his profile name? If so, head over to Google and type his profile name in. You just might come across other profiles, online that are his, include dating sites. You might be able to find him that way.
It kept deleting my account over 2 years ago and I have made a new one just recently and it got deleted again and I haven't even messaged one person so I'm thinking that it has a tracker on the IP address that I'm making it from as my phone or something I don't know.
Hard to believe POF would keep an IP blacklisted for that long but anything is possible. It is also not at all likely your IP address is the same as it was 2 years ago. Maybe it was a bad picture you used for your profile? Maybe you put a link in your profile description? These would cause your profile to be deleted quickly.
Rachel Herrera
Why does my profile keep disappearing? I have to constantly make new ones. I'm a real single person, not a scammer and I have never done anything to be kicked off.
Hard to say Rachel. Did you look at the pof rules to make sure you are not doing any of those things? Create a new account using a totally new browser you have never used on POF before.
Avery Horton
Your site needs work. I'm a real person looking for a genuine relationship and it deleted my account. I didn't say or do anything inappropriate at all. Will never use this site again or recommend to others.
Avery. We had nothing to do with the deletion of your account. That was Plenty Of Fish. We are not Plenty Of Fish.

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