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Do just fall in love blindly online …

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1 star: Bad

The Worst Dating Site Ever

If you are lucky enough to get on the site and message people, well most women do not bother replying. A simple "Hi" or "Hello" gets you blocked by a lot of women (and POF delete your account once you get so many "blocks"), the customer support is truly non-existant. An email asking why you were blocked is either not answered or they say "your account was deleted in error" so, you do another one and that gets deleted too. Marcus Frind is the man in charge, i found him on facebook and messaged him, but he said he dosent work for POF, the man dosent care.

1 star: Bad

Used to be good

Used to be good, now a total crap site

1 star: Bad

I would never go on a dating site…

I would never go on a dating site again, not even for free. Liars, fraudsters and no-hopers. Good riddance.

1 star: Bad

Below average looking women with tons…

Below average looking women with tons of tattoos/ issues/baggage who seemingly lack basic social skills and ability to even be civil - all want, no demand a hot guy with no issues or baggage. Very few looked after themselves in their photos calling themselves cuddly (fat) but still want a Male model. Am I the only one who can see why they are single?

That's what online dating has done to them. Being totally honest browsing the site they should be lucky if any man wanted them nevermind being picky with silly unrealistic demands.

All the profiles are the same. They all have great family and friends who mean the world to them. They are all strong and independent. They love tattoos, food, gin and dogs zzzzzzzzz

1 star: Bad

i sent a couple of messages always…

i sent a couple of messages always polite and complimentary , now the women only talk to upgraded users i wondered how long it would be after Marcus Frind sold out before you'de have to pay out the rear for this BS and no women ever replied

1 star: Bad

The real dregs of society on pof

The real dregs of society on pof

Saw one profile she was 39 & 4'10 tall nothing special
She said you must be attractive to message her (really??)
Another one. 41 not attractive at all said she only replies to attractive men. I just laughed at their cheek. How can they get away with it?

Only message I got was from a woman who did nothing but complain about how bad men are and how they lie. I went out to supermarket for a hour and got back to 7 messages from her calling me ignorant saying I lacked respect and was same as the rest basically going crazy at me

The women are all crazy not attractive but all want superman. In fact a lot of the women are downright ugly yet somehow think they are really hot which I find baffling

They also use old photos and lie. I swear 90% claim to have a university degree ( really??)

Just avoid it

1 star: Bad

Never signed up for POF. Can't unsubscribe!

Never signed up for POF. They keep sending me emails. I can't unsubscribe unless I register. Really?!?!?!?!

1 star: Bad

It is a waste of time

It is a waste of time. The majority of women do not reply to messages.

It really breaks my heart that every woman I met on pof was deceitful.

Honesty, passion, romance, kindness, integrity, trust, are all values that have lost their meaning.

Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore
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Everyone has heard of the 80/20 rule

Everyone has heard of the 80/20 rule. 80% of the women are after top 20% of the men. On pof it's more like 95/5 rule
95% women chasing after top 5 % of men

Problem is obvious. Looking at the profiles the women are very poor quality - probably bottom 20% yet somehow believe they are a great catch and demand only superman

I'll be honest these women should be grateful anyone sends them mail. They want everything and offer nothing but attitude in return. Most don't even possess basic social skills
They do possess the knack of managing to take photos with only their face in though. Very sneaky but you're not fooling anyone we all know that means overweight...I didn't see any happy profiles just constant demands and whining

You'd have to be really desperate to message any of these beasts

1 star: Bad

Forget it, join a club or activity instead

POF is a waste of time for a man...period.
There are so many more men than ladies so the women become very picky and have delusions about the quality of man they can attract.
They also chat to many guys online at once. And most don't reply to your messages either unless you look like a film star.
Of the three actual dates I had (yes occasionally a lady may want to meet you, but most don't and only want to chat), their photos were 10 years out of date and they were much larger than they said they were or their photo showed.
All in all a complete frustrating experience and not one I will be repeating.

1 star: Bad

POF is the worst site ever made!

POF is the worst site ever made!
Beware! with the phone number verification they are now blocking users that delete their accounts that give them negative feedback.
Changing your email will not work and using a textfree number doesn't either.
ALSO your searches will not be in you area, only when you pay for the upgrade does their algorithm search locally.
Waste of effort considering there are so many others.

5 stars: Excellent

I met my now fiancee on Plenty of fish

I met my now fiancee on Plenty of fish on February 25, 2018, it was a Sunday night, I was reluctant at first, I wasn't dressed for going any where, So he talked me into meeting him at the Donut shop before they closed at 9, l did & we've been together since day one😊 We became engaged last February 25, on our first year anniversary and about to celebrate 2 years together tomorrow❤

1 star: Bad

I was going to write a long rant about…

I was going to write a long rant about how the site is full of 4 foot overweight munchkins wanting superman. I still stand by comments but I found this post which is spot on about the women on there. Bare in mind it's written by a women as well. Its also from 2012 so 8 years later it's only got worse

The link is totally safe it's just to a blog post that is bang on target..if the link is deleted Google "THE TRUTH ABOUT PLENTY OF FISH" and read the blog post. Superb analysis. I had some vision that it might have been better in the years gone by. No way

Edit can't post the link so Google search its by skyespitfire should be 1st one that comes up.Well worth a read its from 2012

1 star: Bad

I have tried POF many times and found…

I have tried POF many times and found they the men are all scammers or men who are just looking to hang up with you. It funny because men complain about women and on this site they are just as bad. None are really interested in really meeting you. I am very pretty and do not look my age 66 at all but I will tell you these men are not men who really want a relationship at all. I got hit with 40 messages each time because of my picture and yes I used to model but am retired now of course. But while they were emailing me they were online with other women. I just politely said thank you for your interest in me but this is not going to work. REALLY POOR SITE.

1 star: Bad

This site is full of fake account…

This site is full of fake account ...all your get is fake members sending you links to porn sites no good ....

1 star: Bad

well this is the third time i cant…

well this is the third time i cant access my acount ,and theres no way i can access help so can only give 1 star

1 star: Bad

Of course PoF is rubbish

Of course PoF is rubbish, its free. What else did you expect. Lots of fake/scam profiles. Even the genuine women have delusions about the type of guy they think they can get.

1 star: Bad

Owned by a fraud

The guy, Markus who owns POF spies on profiles and messages and often interferes with communications.

1 star: Bad

Ah POF another failed website

Ah POF another failed website. Plenty of fish or Plenty of Fakes. That's exactly why these businesses are scams. Oh and you have to pay for a free website.