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Plenty Of Fish How To Know When A Member Was Last ❛Online Now❜ On Plenty Of Fish Hook Up

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How To Tell When A Person Was Last Online At POF Dating

UPDATE Sep 5, 2020: Since Plenty of Fish dating has been purchased by match.com, POF has changed a lot and unfortunately, they no longer show the last time a POF member was last online.

While there is no way to tell the EXACT date and time a person was last online on Plenty Of Fish this tutorial will allow you to get a pretty good idea of the last time they were online on Plenty Of Fish. So if someone was on POF.com yesterday and they lie to you and tell you they have not been on in over a month, this test will show you they are lying.

  1. Log in to POF.
    Plenty Of Fish's 'Search' Menu Item.
    Last Time Online POF Search Menu.
    Plenty Of Fish's 'Search' Menu Item.
  2. Click the Search button at the top of the page. For our purposes, the basic search is fine.
  3. Select search settings that are as close as possible to the person you are wanting to find out the last time they were online at POF. For example ...
    • Select the sex of the person.
    • Select a narrow age range, close to the age of the person you want to see when they were last online. If the person is 43 years old, select an age range of 42 - 44, if the are 28, select an age range of 27 - 29.
    • Select the location they live in, i.e., country, state, zip code.
    • For the distance of the search select the shortest distance, which is 5 miles.
    • Set search result sorting to Last Visit (when they were last online).
    • You can ignore body type, education and intent as the person may have lied about these pieces of information which would throw off the results.
    Infographic Showing How to Use POF to see when Anyone was Last Online and Logged into Plenty Of Fish
    Last Time Online POF Search Settings.
    Infographic Showing How to Use POF to see when Anyone was Last Online and Logged into Plenty Of Fish
  4. Press the Search button.
  5. You will notice your search results produce a small list of members. The person you are looking for should be in the list.

You will notice each of the search results will indicate the last time they were online, i.e., ...

  • Online Now.
  • Online Today.
  • Online This Week.
  • Online Last 30 Days.
  • If the last time they were online is not shown it means it has been over 30 days since they were last online.

Find the person you are looking for and see when it says they were last online on Plenty Of Fish.

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I just did a search by your steps, September 5 2019, on my laptop. It does not show when someone was last online for me. It does say when they are currently online but other than that no.
Ever since match.com purchased Plenty Of Fish, POF has changed a lot and I guess they don't show when someone was last online.
I have a question on bikers planet.com if someone’s profile shows up and it says the last time they were on was over two weeks ago is that accurate.
We would have no idea of knowing how accurate it is but I would assume it would be fairly accurate.
Hi - I did this search and it brought up a list of 11 pages. On page 4 it started saying profiles not on for over 30 days. I found the person I’m looking for on page 5 but no time stamp as to when they last on. Does this mean that this persons profile hasnt been logged in longer than 30 days? what does it mean that I found their profile on page 5 of 11 anyway?? All search done on a laptop. I created a false account to do this search and I did not see my own personal main profile listed at all in the search? What does this mean? Thank you for all answers. I would appreciate a quick response if you can.
I am assuming from what you have said that you specified in the search to sort by Last Online. Based upon that assumption if page 4 says profiles for not over 30 days and you found him on page 5 then yes he is not been on Plenty of Fish in over 30 days. As mentioned previously the reason he was found on page 5 is you most likely specified in your search to sort by Last Online so the results are ordered with the people most recently online on page 1 and each succeeding page are people who have last logged into POF.com at a later and later date. That phenomenon of not being able to find your own profile when you do a search I've experienced that myself and am clueless. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful with that question.
Can people I’ve messaged automatically see when I’ve been online last?
Yes, anyone can find out when you were last online using the steps above. You can hide your profile and then people won't see when you have been last online.
Hi, do you know how I can hide when I was last online from other users? Thanks.
WOW. That is a damned good question! It depends upon what you want to do on Plenty Of Fish. If you want to be emailing people on POF.com there is no way to hide your last online status because you have to be logged in. If you just want to look at profiles and browse around you can use the POF Search Without Logging in Tool. Then when you were last online won't be shown because you are not logged in.
What I mean is she says it's an old profile and its three years old. When I click last visit nothing shows up like last on line over 30 days, but when I click newest users her profile pops up in the search with no one line time long side of her profile. I am wondering, does the new user list also bring up old profiles and if I see no on line time next to the person on search does it means they have not being on in a while.
Well at the very least you know the last time she was on Plenty Of Fish was at least 30 days ago. The new user list should NOT bring up old profiles. If you want to send me her username, I'll check it out for you and try to make sense of it all.
Mary Jane
If someone has not been active in the past 30 days or longer do they still receive messages or are they automatically deleted?
Yes they still receive messages no matter how long it has been since they were last online. In other words, accounts do not get deleted because of inactivity. The only exception is if they have been inactive for a very long time, certainly over a year.
Hi, do you actually have to be a member and signed in to see when they were last on the POF site? Or can you access this info through the anonymous link?
To see when someone was last online, as far as I know, can only be done if you are logged in. If you want to do this anonymous why don't you either create a dummy account OR go to your POF mail settings, loof for the dropdown box with the text next to it that reads Allow a user to see that I viewed their profile:, and select NO. Then follow the instructions on this page.
Last time on the website trying to find someone
Jim Smith
When searching to determine the last time a POF member was online the key info is NOT displayed. Specifically, online now, today, last week etc is NOT shown. Please advise if there's another method that works.
Jim, I just did the instructions myself and it works perfectly. Did you fail to sort the results by LAST VISIT? Are you on a mobile device and it does not show ONLINE NOW, ONLINE TODAY, ect. on mobile devices? Where or how does this not work for you?.
Jim Smith
While reading your email before I actually opened it I was thinking the same thing that maybe the problem is I'm on my cell. I will try it on my laptop and see how it goes. Many thanks for your efficiency and staying on top of this... Much appreciated.

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