Harling Ross’s Apartment Is Full of Vintage Treasures

Harling Ross's Apartment Is Full of Vintage Treasures

When writer Harling Ross and her fiancé Austin first saw this Manhattan apartment listing, they immediately wrote a love letter to the owner. “I remember describing us,” she says. “It was the most boring description ever: we are very clean and do not make noise and don’t have pets.” That letter worked, and now here’s a peek inside their lovely place…

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Five Fun Things

Abby Sharp family photo

My friend Abby Sharp has a trick for taking family photos: “My dad is into taking ‘album cover’ shots,” she says. “No art direction besides, ‘Don’t stand together!'” And they really do look cool!

Cillian Murphy

Do you ever have trouble sleeping? The Calm app has a hilariously amazing solution: Get lulled to sleep by people like blue-eyed actor Cillian Murphy or legendary basketball player Scottie Pippen (could his voice get any deeper?).

broccoli pizza

For family dinners, I’m queuing up this broccoli pizza, which Smitten Kitchen calls “an ideal weeknight excuse for pizza.”

Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak

What kind of friend are you, according to your Myers-Briggs? (I’m a sucker for personality articles like this, including the definition of hell for each personality type.)

Trends are always fun/diverting to follow, and this fall is all about slouchy bags. Here are some in order of splurginess: oversized, clutch, gathered and cloud. Would you wear one?

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