Lonely penguin tries to find love on 'Plenty of Fish' dating website

(BY: Sean Dowling)

Online dating can be tough. Trying to comb through the details of potential partners, swiping left and right and crafting the perfect "About Me" section. Not to mention the dating horror stories when you actually do meet up and find you're totally incompatible.

I've heard there can be some real animals out there! No, really.

Meet Spruce, the one-year-old Humboldt penguin who is jumping into the online dating pool.

The Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park is helping him find love on dating site, Plenty of Fish, in a hilarious write up.

They advertised him as a "single penguin looking for chicks" and a family man at heart.

He has an athletic body type.

His profession is a swimmer.

He wants children, loves swimming and diving and his favorite bands are Reel Big Fish and Hootie and the Blowfish.

His love interest must be willing to move and she has to be the right fit.

In all seriousness, his keepers want Spruce to join their breeding program because there are as few as 10,000 pairs in the wild, according to the sea life center.

They add that if you know a penguin who fits the bill to shoot him a message.

He signs off with 'best fishes!'

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