Plenty Of Fish Dating Email ✚ Messaging Tips for LOTS of Emails ✉

This page is going to provide with tips and tricks related to getting a lot more email replies and dates from single men or women on the dating website without using copy and paste messages which can get your Plenty Of Fish profile deleted and removed in record time.

Long Email Message or Short One

If you read the advice on the Plenty Of Fish dating website, written by the employees of the website, they will tell you to take the time to read the woman’s profile and share something of interest with her in your first message too her. Great advice, unless you are a less than stunning looking guy on POF.

You probably have gone through the frustration, when you first joined POF, of writing really long messages only to find out that very few women actually reply so you feel like you are wasting your time. You are by no means alone with this frustration and can learn more about why you are getting so few email replies.

The answer to this is write a short message to the girl that just basically lets them know you looked at their profile and pictures, like what you see and are interested. This is what I call the bait. You send the lady a brief one or two sentence, INTELLIGENT, first email and WAIT for a positive reply from her that lets you know she is interested.

How About Copy and Paste Messages for POF

NO! Absolutely no good. First off, POF rules clearly state that any more than about 4 of the same message sent on the same day gets blocked so at the very least you are wasting your time.

Worst case scenario – your copy and paste messaging will trigger the POF spam alarms and they will delete your POF account without warning. You will go to log in to your account and your username and password will no longer work. As you scratch your head in confusion because you are sure the username and password are correct – the answer is – because of your copy and paste messages.

What Should I Put in my First Email Message on POF

Simple. You can send messages to girls very rapidly without sending duplicate copy and paste messages. Use the spin and paste messaging system. If you have no idea what I am talking about do not worry, just follow these instructions.

  1. Do a Google search for Free Spintax (spin Syntax) Generator Tester.
  2. Pick any one of the first couple of .
  3. Select and copy to clipboard, all of the following, funny looking text:{{Hello|Hi|Hey}{ {there|you|sexy}|}, {{Just w|W}anted|{Emailing|Messaging|Writing|Typing} you} to {introduce {myself|you to {{someone {special|who is {really nice|awesome!|NOT {married|in a relationship|living with their mom|looking for a fling}}}|a great catch} {|:)|:))}}}}.|{Like|Love}{d|} {what you {had to say|said|wrote|typed} in |}your profile{| {description|text|’about me’}}{| and {would love|hope|can’t wait|look forward|am eager} to {hear back from you|chat{| further}}}.|{Any luck with|{How do you {like|feel about}|What do you {think|make} of}|{Having {good|fun|interesting} {experiences|times|dates}|Any {funny|nightmare|bad|good} {stories|experiences} yet} with} {POF|Plenty Of Fish|this dating site}?{| I have {met|{talk|chatt}ed with} a few {people|members|singles} but {no{one|body} really special yet|{they all|most of them} seem to have {cell phone |}cameras that {take off|remove|hide} {30|20|20 or {30|70}} lbs}.{| {How about you|Are you {experiencing|dealing with} {something similar|anything like this}}?}}}


☝This page will be the first tab you have open in your web browser (refer to instructions below) and the rest will be singles on POF so you can quickly create a unique message to paste to each profile on☝

The Fastest Way to Send First Messages to POF

  1. Use a browser, like Chrome, that allows for multiple tabs to be open at once.
  2. In the first tab open the page to the Free Spintax (spin Syntax) Generator Tester as indicated above.
  3. In another tab go to POF.
  4. Do an advanced search on POF.
  5. Every profile preview of a girl you like, drag and drop the link of her profile page to the browsers nav bar at the top so as to open the page in a new tab.
  6. Keep searching through POF and doing this until you have about 20 tabs open, each tab having the page to each of 20 girls you picked.
  7. So now you have 21 tabs open, one to the spin spintax page and the other 20 to girls or guy profiles.
  8. Copy that funny looking text above to your clipboard and paste in in the spin syntax page top text box (the one with the number 1 on it – ((refer to image above ☝)).
  9. Press the button that has the text SPIN on it (next to the number 2 in the image below).
  10. Your unique first message to someone on POF will appear in textbox number 3.
  11. Copy and paste that message to the first girl in the first Plenty Of Fish tab open.
  12. Send the message.
  13. Close that tab.
  14. Keep repeating steps # 9 – 13 above until you have sent a unique first message to all twenty people.
  15. This entire process will take less than twenty minutes.
  16. Do this for one hour a day and 60 women per day will be getting messages from you.
  17. I GUARANTEE you will have more emails in your POF inbox than you ever dreamed possible and the messages you send WON’T get your profile deleted because they won’t by copy and paste.


☝The first tab to the left is the spin syntax generator page and all the other tabs are tabs to POF singles profiles ready for me to copy and paste UNIQUE messages to them.☝