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Plenty Of Fishfraud and cheating

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This site has used an electronic switch tactic in that if you select the 'serious member' option charge of three months, they will bill you for the full year! I wasn't aware of the 'switch' until after they sent me a confirmation message informing me of the amount charged!

I immediately contacted my bank and filed a charge dispute, as there is no way to contact pof directly! I even submitted a 'scam' claim against themselves on their site, to no avail.

I am now championing an effort to post a complaint on every forum they have so the word gets out and I get a response from the site. I updated my profile as well with a warning at the beginning. No doubt the next thing that happens is that my profile will be removed from the site, and I will have no recourse to warn anyone and everyone, except here!

  • Updated by Annette Laturnus · Jan 22, 2019

    Fraudulent charges on debit card. Bank of Montreal account # 2514-3414-287. Red deer RCMP Police file # 201978900


  • Ci
    cityc Nov 20, 2008
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    Verified customer

    They deleted my account without reason and or warning. They will not answer my inquiries

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  • Ch
    Chris Desjardins May 22, 2018
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    @cityc ""
    778 724 4175


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  • D
    D Nov 21, 2008
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    They did the same to me recently. Didn't answer my enquiry either. I'm thinking it's some kind of sin to them if a man wearing blue jeans isn't wearing a shirt... it's okay though for chicks to wear bikinis... I haven't been able to get another profile going either, it lasts a couple hours and it disappears. Does their computer know where the profiles come from?

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  • La
    Larry Apr 20, 2009

    They banned me from the forums for no good reason.

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  • La
    Larry Apr 20, 2009

    I posted my social event on thier forums and YAYAwhatever baned me until 2010

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  • Ga
    garybono May 03, 2009

    Plenty of Fish is garbage, the owner gives the impression he is in North America and he is no where near...the site is a complete joke...underage girls/men posing as women/hookers/etc...and he further claims he is uniting millions through the goodness of his own little heart running the system for free because paid services are supposedly ripping people off...meanwhile he makes millions allowing these same services he criticizes to advertise on POF to profit from them and now is trying to suck even more money with his integrity gold seal of approval that is completely worthless.And don't even talk about the Mods in the Forums...pathetic ###s who have no idea how to run a system and don't allow FREEDOM OF SPEECH.Plus all you hear about is the success about all the men that have been ripped off/women abused/idiots who have been on there for years because they have massive psychological I said...the site is a joke and if people had any integrity they'd speak up instead of fearing getting banned and go after their civil rights.

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  • Ro
    Roskay Jun 23, 2009

    I have been suspended from the forums by Trappedonbayst because I used dashes to preceed my posts. Thats right, dashes! No where is it written in the Rules of Forums that you cannot use dashes to preceed your forum posts. How stupid. He could have easily asked me to stop using them and I would have, no problem. But no, I am "banned from posting for 3 days" and being forced to "think about it."
    Also got chastisted for private images that weren't even nudes.
    Total discrimination, and because it is a free site, cannot even complain to the BBB.
    Should sue in the small claims court for damages.

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  • Ja
    Jason M. Jul 01, 2009

    I had similar problems with Plent of Fish.
    I'm getting into photography lately, and in my profile I said I'm looking for models, amateur r professional, to build up my portfolio. I even paid for 1 year, as serious member. They deleted my account, and when I asked them they said because I was looking for models. Fine. I created the same account again without the request for models ... deleted again. I created a new account ... different email, deleted again.
    They're a site open to the public ... they shouldn't descriminate using arbitrary or NAZI tactics! They should state their rules and only delete someone who breaks them, with an explanation as to why!
    My guess is Markus, the guy who owns it doesn't condone these practices, and it's his lackeys, who are the narrow minded, control freaks.

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  • An
    anonymous453543 Jul 05, 2009

    I was also banned a week ago. My account got banned and I had no idea why. I emailed them with my username and asked them why I was banned and got a general email response. So from that email, I assume my email was banned because:
    1) I had a hyperlink in my profile
    2) I had a pic with my shirt off (I'm a guy, I gotta flex for the ladies. lol)
    3) I took a camera phone pic and the camera covered part of my face.

    One or all of these reasons is probably why my account was deleted. So I made a new account with the exact same email address. The account didn't have any of the violations listed above nor any violations from the POF rules. But yet, my new account was gone after like a day! No email, no warning, no explanation as to why my account was deleted. All I have to say is...


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  • An
    Annie loves Jane and X Jul 22, 2009

    I was more or less bullied in POF and to add insult to injury trappedonbayst banned me for inane reasons. If you complain about being banned, he will just add more time to your ban. I have learned just to take the slap on the face.

    One time he banned me for complimenting a user because I used her user name. He said I should not make personal comments and use the user's name. This is fair enough but he is banning everyone for the same reason. I don't think so.

    When some people are allowed to break the rules and others are not, it sends a bad message. For one thing, as I poster you assume it is okay to do such and such because everyone else is.

    But it is personal and if he trapped has taken a disliking to you, you have to play by the rules.

    I made some comments about a poster's diet who was concerned about his health. My comments were fair, but no I was banned.

    POF does forums poorly. I would vote trapped off the island if it were up to me. He has a big ego but I am not sure his brains match his ego size. Most of all, he is just not fair. He sides with the cyber bullies. People get their kicks on POF on one-ups and trapped supports these people.

    I am not sure why anyone would want to be a moderator on that site. They say they are not paid. I am skeptical. I think the mods have a few undercover mods. None of them really have a good grasp of what is going on in the forums and so the bans are random.

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  • Sc
    schuggieduggie Aug 09, 2009

    I completely agree, not only does Trappeds ego not match his intelligence, it is only further proved by a message he sent me personally...

    Now mind you, he has NEVER EVER responded to me for requests for help, assistance or when racist people on the forums were harassing people with their agendas...but the second I told him he was discriminating he sent me THIS message..

    (I attached the pic as well.)

    (Mind you, what idiot would do such a thing, you are the MODERATOR jesus.)

    I attached a screenshot of the message he sent me...
    A moderator who tells members to get over themselves, on a site that now takes credit card payments, yet points out in their privacy policy that they can read your info when they want to...


    I have no doubt that if trapped doesn't exist he is Markus, a grown man, who lives in an apartment, though he makes 10mill a year? Meh, its an electronic facsimile of power, used to make people feel important.
    Think about it, we are discussing how bad they suck...they may not realize it, but they crave the attention.

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  • Es
    esteban001 Oct 17, 2009

    I was also banned with no reason. we should boycott that site

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  • Za
    zamo5426 Oct 20, 2009
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    Verified customer

    virus on plenty of fish

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  • Za
    zamo5426 Oct 20, 2009
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    Verified customer

    had anybody had the same problem with viruses off plenty of fish

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  • Ro
    Robin Lee Nov 10, 2009

    They did the SAME to me, but keep in mind. Marcus says that he is the ONLY person working there. If that is true, with all the stuff he has to do, it's easier for him to cancel us than to deal with our problems. Can someone PLEASE recommend 5 GOOD dating sites ? Also what are some GOOD international ones that include China & Taiwan ? I'm looking for a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese to trade Mandarin lessons for English lessons & good Asian distributors from a growing company that does business in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, & Thailand. It is soon to open up in Vietnam & Laos !!! Get back to me at [email protected] if interested. The payout MAY be the best I've seen & definitely the health product !!!

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  • Ta
    tam.mac Nov 15, 2009

    high time this racist was put out of business

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  • Ly
    lynnay Nov 21, 2009

    Our credit card was just frozen as a result of an unauthorized charge to, you guessed it, Plenty of Fish. A $1000 charge, no less!! Jesus H. Christ, thank God our bank thought that was fishy, yes pun intended, and put a fraud alert on our card, disallowed the charge, and filed a fraud alert against them.


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  • Th
    The CAT Nov 26, 2009

    Note to "garybono" - freedom of speech does not apply to private companies. It only applies to government (and then, only the US government) censoring individuals.'

    I'm Canadian, and I know your bill of rights better than you. Holy crap.

    To the OP - porn sites are rarely "legit". Most of the ones that require you to pay are scams, and are often full to the gills (if you pardon the pun) with viruses just waiting for you to click the wrong ad.

    Does that mean you're stuck? No - call up your bank or credit card company, get the charge reversed and get a new card right away. Yes it sucks, but honestly with the amount of FREE PORN on the internet, there is no excuse for buying it anymore.

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  • Le
    Lev Yur'evich Kamensky Nov 26, 2009

    This was my profile, html:*N-*dVYufwoRiUIj931PSUg3eI_/PlentyofFishreview.mht

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  • Le
    Lev Yur'evich Kamensky Nov 26, 2009

    CAT wrote "Note to "garybono" - freedom of speech does not apply to private companies. It only applies to government (and then, only the US government) censoring individuals.'"

    It applies to Government because it is a widely recognized human value, and people that do not value freedom of speech are as bad as bad governments.

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  • Le
    Lev Yur'evich Kamensky Nov 27, 2009


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  • Le
    Lev Yur'evich Kamensky Nov 27, 2009

    I broke all the TOS on purpose after the Admin gave me the "first and last warning" and he ended up giving in and letting me keep the "torso photo." Only after I wrote a review of his site in my profile did he delete it. Both spineless and a coward.

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  • Le
    Lev Yur'evich Kamensky Nov 27, 2009

    This was my plentyoffish profile

    The serious sea monster thought he could eat the little clownfish, but giants are really dwarves inside.

    I broke all the TOS on purpose after the Admin gave me the "first and last warning" and he ended up giving in and letting me keep the "torso photo." Only after I wrote a review of his site in my profile did he delete it. Both spineless and a coward.

    Unlike him my threats materialize into actions :)

    "if you will not be the clown you will be the fool"

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  • Le
    Lev Yur'evich Kamensky Nov 27, 2009

    this was the review i posted on my profile that he was so afraid of that he deleted my profile after initially giving in like a spineless wimp and let me post a torso photo, after i posted nine of the same photo and messaged all the women to rate it to show his impotence... impotence? maybe that's the issue with him

    "I get asked by women what I think about Plenty of Fish. Thinking is for the impaired, DEDUCTION is for people with normal IQ.

    First of all, as of now, Thursday, November 26, 2009, one's level of education is categorized under "smarts." Smarts are not defined by professional degrees. The smartest people I know are self-educated. An amateur built the Arc. A bunch of guys with diplomas built the Titanic. Even Moliere said "an educated fool is more foolish than an uneducated one."

    This does not mean that I am compatible with the pathetic modern day version of the "coffee shop lawyer" --- "the internet debater quack." And I already ran into one of those idiots, thanks to the site's profound calculations.

    Secondly, a man who does not know and knows it, is not foolish. A man who does not know and thinks that he knows --- is. You do not know anything about love. Inventing an algorithm to match people, when you do not know anything about love, leads to mismatching them.

    Thirdly since when are men not allowed to show nipples? Does your girlfriend make you pee sitting down? How dare they shame men for being men! As Baltasar Gracian said "nothing enhances a man as much as being a man." So it follows that the more you apologize for being male the more repulsive your are.

    Fourthly confident men do not try to intimidate people with warnings because you can only push an invertebrate. Spines do not fold like wings. You have to be an invertebrate yourself to project the same behavioral response on someone else.

    Put two and two together and we have a sycophant, a conniving moral coward. I do not put people down, I do not even put them in their place, but I am not responsible for lifting them up, so I will not pretend they are anywhere else than where they are. If they do not like where they are they can stick their head in the sand and hope nobody bites their butt."

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  • Le
    Lev Yur'evich Kamensky Nov 27, 2009 here is a no drama free dating site LAVA PLACE

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  • Th
    The CAT Nov 27, 2009

    Lev - people who talk about "freedom of speech" are actually addressing a constitutional right they have in the united states to not be censored by their own government. Not to pick on China - but it is a good example - you cannot talk about "freeing Tibet" - the government itself censors this topic, and may even act against you for mentioning it. In the US the government cannot do anything against its own people - so long as what you're saying is not a direct threat - but you can say anything you want to - about any topic you want to, controverial, racist, ignorant, insane. It doesn't matter.

    But that "right to freedom of speech" only has an application if the government gets involved. People do NOT have the right to speak freely under various rules of private corporations, or against individuals. Otherwise, you'd have more harassment issues than you could shake a stick at. And I, as a person who works in retail, could tell customers what I really think about their mindless, pointless pathetic complaints.

    What's pathetic is that many people assume that "freedom of speech" applies universally, even within private organizations or against individuals, and many Americans assume that that right can protect them in other countries as well - WHERE IT DOES NOT APPLY.

    Saying that "if you were a good and decent person, you'd let anyone say anything they want, even in a priavtely owned intitution" is a ridiculous claim - then I'd have the right to talk about anything, even horribly disturbing and disgusting and inappropriate things in the middle of your kindergarten classroom - I'd be able to scream that god is dead in a church service - I could threaten people at the local grocery store.

    No. That right cannot apply, EVER, in a private situation. Just because you wouldn't take advantage, doesn't mean that others wouldn't either.

    Freedom of speech is NOT universal - and we should be glad that it isn't.

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  • Ad
    adrian68 Nov 27, 2009

    guys my main bug bear on pof? no one bothers to respond take my advice and tell marcus where to stick his site! a ban would have been something!! but i had no responsre from anyone even when oi sent querys to the moderator. my personal opinion guys and it, s only my opinion! tell these dating sites to piss off and take your chance in the real world! yes i know it, s hard im someone whos been single for over ten years? but rather that than give these robbing ### my hard earned cash. trust me guys all these sites promise one thing but deliver squat save your cash

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  • Ba
    BalledEagle Dec 17, 2009

    Wendy, you are a hypocrite extraordinaire. You bully everyone and run crying when anyone gives it back to you. Go fish, bottomfeeder.

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  • An
    Annie loves Jane and X Dec 27, 2009

    Bottomfeeder, Herb! You should know what it is to be one but then again you are so blind to what you are doing and have so little insight into your own behavior, I doubt you understand what you have done.

    It is true I defended myself but I did so politely and did not go to the levels that you and your pals did. If I were to do that, I could have ripped you to pieces easily. However, I am not about hurting people.

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  • An
    Annie loves Jane and X Dec 30, 2009

    I have been deleted from POF. My guess is that the Eagle and his cronies had a lot to do with it. Bald Eagle likes to pretend that he is the host and the moderator of the BC forums. He is on the site 24/7. He is like a mini mod or mod's pet. A better term would be rat. In fact, Bald Rat suits him.

    He is boring and predictable and really politically correct. He has an obsession with breasts which he writes about when he is not being so boring, but even this gets predictable and boring after a while.

    I can kind of understand why he is divorced. He would drive a woman nuts because everything has to be his way.

    Trappedonbayst is on a big, ugly power trip and I think the only thing he gets out of POF is a lot of female admirers and power.

    Markus, the site founder, from what I have read is a bit hard to figure out. For some reason, I think of him as someone with high functioning aspergers. I have watched him on news clips and his affect is pretty flat.

    There are people who refer to POF as some sort of Nazi site. I am not sure but the people with power are definitely out of control.

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  • An
    Annie loves Jane and X Dec 30, 2009

    As for the poster who wrote about Trapped banning him for using dashes in his posts. Trapped does things like that. Once you are on his hit list, he will ban you for every and anything. He is an ### as a moderator and he knows it. He is also foolish for working for free. He should go out into the real world and meet some real women because what is standing behind him and a relationship is his computer screen. But he needs to be Mr Macho, Mr Enforcer ------ probably relationships do not go well for him.

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  • Do
    doodle88 Jan 17, 2010

    I have been on this site since 2004 . I've made several profiles, met 1000's of women. But its true most of them are low life ###, insecure and looking for a fix in all departments. And those where the ugly ones. The pretty drop down gorgeous ladies ever responded as if they were bots. Now after year 2008 The website became overally populated with people of all ethicnicties but for some odd reason race i feel was an issue. Many of the women opposed to dating blacks, and complained always that men treat them like shyttt in genral, but i found that Markus didnt put in a decription for Mixed race until 2008 and at that time he decided to hit the market with advertisments. thats when my profiles where getting deleted faster and faster. 2009 I met more people a better amount of people, yet there were more problems ahead fake profiles alter ego entertainment blasts that people needed to escape from there normal everyday life to make phony profiles. late 2009 the serious member badge came out and even though i tried to subscribe it had booted me off.

    End result. Find another site. Datehookup, woomo, tagged, ok cupid, and such. Many sites have fake profiles, even yahoo, aol, msn, myspace, match, kizmeet, the network. singlenet.
    Again stay away from Plenty of fish. Unless you want to meet a physo, hookers, players, Fatty's, un intellegent people, and only whites/ caucasions. the unemployed and pen pals

    For the rest of people who read this Markus's website POF should be shut down like how Napster was.

    His site hurts the innocent.

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  • Am
    AmericanG Jan 18, 2010

    I was banned by the Trap. He is a Nazi. Canada is losing free speech rights and as Americans online, we must do something about POF. I'm serious.

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  • Ki
    Kis. Feb 02, 2010

    This site is a scam. I was told to upgrade to the Serious Member status and that it would increase my chances of 230%. Well guess what? After a nice profile and a NOTHING!!! Also the site said it would bill me 5.95 a month and instead took it $$ 72.00 out of my account all at once. When I tried to complain to customer service it was impossible. There is no way. They also probably lie by saying that there is 1.5 people to deal with everyone's complaint and that they will get back to you within a few days. To make matters worse there is no place for you to file a grievance and the owner of the website states that if you don't go to the help section and read one of the many ways to make your experience better than they will not respond to you. Well guess what as well? My FAQ was not there at all. Do not waist your time on this site. It's a wannabe like or EHarmony. At least they have customer service numbers where you can get in touch with them the owner of this site knows exactly what he is doing. I hope he gets what he deserves and wonders how he sleeps at nice knowing that he is scamming plenty of people out of money. He is ### of the earth. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GIVE THIS WEBSITE A TRY. Since joining it and becoming a serious member my chances have not increased 230% they at all.

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  • Ca
    CaliJaden Feb 14, 2010

    This site is a scam and the men on POF are losers. There is no safety feature. If you are an attractive woman and date on this site the men will harass you endlessly. You can say no but thanks...harassment emails begin. You can ignore...harassment emails begin. You can block them and they create new ones. The safety feature is not there and apparently no one cares. I think they will continue their ways until someone is finally harmed or killed, although I hope not but bad publicity seems to be the only think that will bring about some attention to this issue. The loss of good ole $$$.

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  • Lynne Marie Feb 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    BEWARE !! will delete you for no reason… all the sudden you can’t log on…

    Most likely because some creep doesn’t understand the meaning of NO !!

    Do not trust this site's owner Marcus, and his staff.. He says he runs it alone.. Not possible…

    He does block our IP number for some time...

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  • Ba
    banned from plenty of fish Feb 15, 2010

    I have been on POF for years, probably five or more…
    It is true, in the forums, you are policed and deleted.
    I had a very long forum about paranormal experiences and ufos…
    All gone, I didnt do anything wrong…
    I just had my own opinions about religion and God and spirits, ghosts, etc. which differed from the moderator, whatever faith or satanic opinion they held…

    Okay folks, here is my two cents…
    I wrote in my profile I didnt want BBWs, (that is FATTIES)…
    I asked why 90% of the women whom I was interested in SMOKE!
    I also said I would like someone without six kids, preferably none, but ONE okay…
    Deleted my profile…

    I put on another. That lasted a day. Deleted…
    Used a different email…

    Tried a few days later, lasted fifteen minutes, Deleted…
    Put up a picture of a guy who looked like me… Deleted…

    This is what I think REALLY happens at POF…
    Markass pays fatties with kids and no jobs to sit at home
    and create fake profiles with good looking women…
    You heard me… Pays them…
    Every city has a few fatty with kids and no job who is online constantly policing the forums and the new profiles for her area.
    That is why I tried different emails and different pics, because using the same pic got it deleted immediately, whereas a new one, different age and zodiac lasted longer…

    That was until the warning from Markass, final warning.
    I wrote him three long letters WHY… WHAT was I doing wrong.
    TELL me which of your five rules I am breaking…NOTHING…
    NO response to this day… I said I have only one profile…
    NO multiples…NOT harrassing… NO nudity… NOTHING WRONG…
    But NO response from Markass, just permanent IP ban…
    Lasts 15 minutes, then profile gone…

    SO… I noticed WHO is online… I work shift work, the babes who are online at all times of the day are the police. FAKE profiles abound… You will get a two word response… She is a fake…
    You may find a nice woman on POF, but that will be someone like you who is REAL… FAKE profiles are to generate income…
    Every time you sign in Markass makes at least $30 bucks I read somewhere…

    Runs his kingdom and has a nice looking girlfriend/wife who married his ugly buttface for the money, like all other cuties…

    Keep paying the fatties with kids to ban us non ### kissers who say exactly what we want Markass, you know how to run a business, but your fatties are power hungry autonomist nazis like you who love to reject people….

    The same way they love to say two word responses on the fake profiles of the beautiful women they create… Probably five a day then relax with a pizza ordered to the door with the cheque from Hitler Markass…
    Bet the fatties work on commission…
    Love to attract hits and steal gorgeous women pics…
    One looks like Fergie here in Edmonton…
    My profile got deleted EVERY time I wrote her a letter…
    DEAD giveaway Markass and Fatties…

    Word will get around.

    75% of women are smoking fatties never married with several kids on Plenty of Fatties who smell like fish and spend your adsense cash on pizza and diapers…

    10% are divorced with grown up kids and are barflies loving their empty homes and getting laid after divorcing the hubby now that kids are grown and they got the house…

    10% are just butt ugly, never married, never will be, and cant type or speak English…

    The other 5% are real people who joined because they saw a fake profile and get hit on by married or men in relationships and get used and hurt and never come back…

    Yeah, its a mad dash to the finish….
    Banned from Plenty of Fat Flesh…
    Definitely something rotten in that pile…

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  • Ba
    banned from plenty of fish Feb 15, 2010

    I would also like to add that I passed the truth test on POF and PAID my 30 bucks a month to be a Serious Member…



    Plenty of Females with Kids….

    Cashed in on the right market markass…
    If I see you in the street in Van Markass….
    better hope its not a dark alley…

    Banned from POF for being a Serious Member and wanting Long Term!

    I am not bad looking, but I DID meet one of these women because SHE dug me… She was ALWAYS online, so I knew she was a POF cop.
    Well she had gorgeous butterfly kisses for me pics but hell, when I met her, she looked nothing like her pics, even had teeth missing and hairy armpits… YUK!
    So when I saw her online all the time, I would write her and say, boy, I sure would like to meet the woman in the pics of your profile, and she would say, YOU live in a dreamland, wanting perfection….

    I wrote back, nope, I just want to meet the woman in the pictures.
    F.U.C.K. U. markass running it all from your apartment…
    You mean paying the hussies you pimp of fattness!
    If I had ten million dollars I would feed the starving kids
    not the fat mommies!!!

    Banned from POFat

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  • Ro
    Roskay Feb 18, 2010

    So here I am AGAIN, being punished AGAIN for every teeny infraction that Trappedonbayst can think of. Why? Because I believe most likely for complaining on this site, and maybe for not completing the "income" portion of my profile (and which I REFUSE to do).

    This guy is a sadist. And I have no doubt he is a woman abuser too...

    Trapped's birth must of been a special one - to be born from the anus of his mother right into the toilet. Instead of flushing, they put a diaper on him instead. And so the term "### head" really does apply here and Urban Dictionary should have his pic up beside that definition.

    I have specifically stated that if I was such a "bad" poster (and my GAWD I have come across some dandies) then to "man up and remove my profile." It has not been done, probably because I actually am a "real" woman. I feel for the fella's that have their accounts deleted for no reason. And trust me, that is discrimination at its finest.

    I have done some checking around and if you want to stir some ###, may I suggest the following:

    1) A complaint to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Unless you are actually "paying" for a service, you are not obligated by any means to declare your income. Who the hell do they think they are? Friggin' Taxation? Anyways, visit the site at and have a read.

    2) The Better Business Bureau. If you have paid for service that you did not receive, then by all means you are entitled to your money back. Check with them at

    3) Small Claims Court. If they have overbilled you or refuse to refund you, this would be the way to go. You can sue for up to $25, 000. This will be a tricky one as I have no doubt if a Extra Provincial search is done on the company "Plenty of Fish" you will probably get a post office box for an address and no contact telephone/fax numbers. You will need to serve your forms to a "real" person...and so who and where the hell would that be? Something else that could be reported to the proper governing authorities regarding a provincial company and how they are conducting themselves.

    4) The Human Rights Commission. You must have solid proof that you are indeed being discriminated against for creed, color, gender, disabilities, etc.

    If I don't get kicked off the site after this complaint then it will be a damned miracle. I would sure love to take a trip to ON and meet up with Trapped face-to-face and all alone. It would be my pleasure to give him a taste of his own medicine - making a lie the truth. And with our screwed up justice system and a good lawyer, I'll walk away with probation.

    If anyone has further information, or if I have missed information/errors, please feel free to notify me.

    Cheers Everyone.

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  • Ri
    richardc Feb 23, 2010

    You get what you pay for. If you pay nothing, you might actually get nothing.

    I’ve used Plentyfish and it sucks despite having a large membership database. Most of the people I’ve met were flaky, confused and immature.

    Plentyoffish is not a very good site at all, just like 99.9% of all free dating websites. The people you would meet on these sites will waste your time, and are flakes since most people attracted to free sites are not serious enough to pay for a real dating website. They either join it out of boredom, curiosity or to mess around. If you aren't serious enough to pay for a service, then you most likely aren't very serious about using that service either.
    You get what you pay for and this is very true in the online dating world.

    The point of these sites is to suppose to be a service of convenience, to aid in finding someone to date. They are suppose to aid in helping you meet someone other than wasting your time trolling bars, bookstores, etc. These free sites keep forgetting that they are providing a DATING SERVICE of convenience which is suppose to save you time and energy. They don't really care about their member, website quality as much as they care about ad impressions and click through rates. In turn all these free sites or any sites which allows free profiles or limited free contact and has the word "free" anywhere on their website is going to be a degraded, cut down version of a real service.

    Think about this, would you go to a mechanic who is very cheap, but uses badly beaten up, used cheap parts and child slave labor to keep costs down in order to lure people to their shop, so a bunch of back alley guys associated with them will try to sell you shady products or actually go to a real mechanic who you pay to get to the point, fix your car and who uses new parts?

    My advice is to only use 100% pay to enter websites which are much safer from flaky people, time wasters, and minors posing as legal adults, scam artists and players. The process of having to enter a credit card and address makes it easier to deter, catch scam artists, or violent people. This adds a big layer of protect you from most of the stuff which runs wild on a free site. Don't even think about using a partially free site, like singlesnet, etc. Even if you use a partially free website, with limited access and pay for a pay membership on that service, you are still getting a cut down version of a service and are probably worse off than actually being on a free site since you will be paying and 90% of the members are free members, so basically you are paying for a degraded service.

    The founder of Plentyoffish claims to have ruined the online dating business model, but that is like claiming that cheap hole in the wall restaurants or hotels, ruined the business model for fancy hotels and fancy restaurants.
    In end, avoid all free dating sites if you value your time.

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  • To
    todays Mar 09, 2010

    How can I complain about an user who put in his headline. my username is a nutjob. then changed it in: my username become a stalker.
    I reported that user. Why does PlentyofFish nothing against it?

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