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What links a screaming hairy and a pink fairy? The Weekend quiz

From Juneteenth to Japanese breadcrumbs, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz

Girl wearing fairy costume
It’s magic. Photograph: Getty Images
It’s magic. Photograph: Getty Images
Sat 20 Mar 2021 03.00 EDT

The questions

1 Which east Midlands building used to be the tallest in the world?
2 Where might objects undergo spaghettification?
3 Which animal was once believed to castrate itself?
4 Which EU member spent 589 days without a government?
5 Whose painting Jimson Weed/White Flower No 1 was sold for $44m?
6 Merlin Holland is the only grandchild of which writer?
7 What is celebrated on Juneteenth?
8 What type of breadcrumbs come from Japan?
What links:
Nine-banded; seven-banded; screaming hairy; pink fairy?
10 Uri Geller; Richard Branson; Bear Grylls; Colin Tennant?
11 Spy’s false identity; fable or myth; map explanation?
12 Anya Taylor-Joy; Romola Garai; Kate Beckinsale; Gwyneth Paltrow?
13 Russia; Russia; Algeria; Canada; Brazil; Australia?
14 Abu Simbel temples; London Bridge; Cooks’ Cottage; Marble Arch?
15 Lizzy Yarnold; Andy Murray; Jon Eley; Chris Hoy?

Uri Geller in 2008
Just a spoonful. Photograph: Bruno Bebert/EPA

The answers

1 Lincoln Cathedral.
2 Near a black hole.
3 Beaver.
4 Belgium (2010-11).
5 Georgia O’Keeffe (record for a female artist, 2014).
6 Oscar Wilde.
7 End of slavery in the US.
8 Panko.
9 Species of armadillo.
10 Own/owned an island: Lamb, Firth of Forth; Necker; Saint Tudwal’s Island West, Wales; Mustique.
11 Legend.
12 Played Jane Austen’s Emma (Woodhouse) on screen.
13 Largest countries in continents: Europe; Asia; Africa; North America; South America; Australia.
14 Relocated historic sites: in Egypt; to Arizona; Yorkshire to Melbourne; from Buckingham Palace.
15 British Olympics flag carriers: 2018-12.