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How annoying is it to get a spam call or phone solicitation. Unfortunately spammers do not use common sense and rarely check against the do not call list before picking up the phone and harrassing you. Your first instinct might be to quickly type the phone number into a search engine to see who's been calling you. For most phone number lookups, the results you get back will be next to useless; some statistics on how many times a website has seen a phone number, maybe a location if you're lucky. Let's face it, most sites including many people search sites do not help answer your basic question: Who’s calling me? reverse phone lookup is here to help.

reverse phone lookup instantly tells you exactly who is calling you and where they are calling from. Simply type in the number calling you and instantly get back a name, location, email address, and any comments other people have left. Comments can be particularly useful in identifying scammers because you can see how other people's conversation with the caller went.

How Can Help You.
Are you getting called from an unknown number?

Find out who is calling you with ThatsThem's reverse phone lookup. Next time you receive a phone call with no caller id, use ThatsThem's reverse phone number search to identify the caller in real-time. You can even get results so fast that if you search as soon as you get the call, you will see who it is before it stops ringing!

Did you get a text from someone claiming to be a relative or friend?

If, for example, you don't have someone's new phone number, a text from them will show up as a number. You can use ThatsThem's reverse phone lookup to verify the texter is not an imposter!

Are you trying to get in touch with an old friend or missed connection?

Maybe you have their old phone number and are looking for their new phone number. ThatsThem automatically links old numbers with new numbers so simply search by the old number to see if we have any updates.

Meeting someone from an online dating site, online marketplace or as an agent showing a house?

If you have ever used an online marketplace whether as a buyer or a seller you know the risks associated with meeting strangers. You could be a real estate agent or investor meeting a potential buyer for a home tour. Or maybe you are meeting a date you met on Tinder. Use ThatsThem's reverse phone number lookup to verify the name and address is consistent with who the person represents themselves as online.

Suspicious that you might be getting scammed on the phone?

Maybe someone called you claiming to be your bank and is asking for your personal information. Make sure whoever on the other end is the person you think they are by running a quick reverse phone lookup.

Frequently Asked Questions for Free Phone Search.
Does ThatsThem offer a free carrier lookup?

Yes, ThatsThem will bring back the phone number carrier information when available when running a phone number search. Simply enter in a phone number and we will return back the carrier information along with whether the number is a cell phone or landline. This can be used to reach out to the phone carrier to let them know a number is being used for spam calling.

How does Thatsthem compare to other phone directories?

ThatsThem maintains one of the most robust telco-sourced and up to date phone directories in the industry containing billions of phone numbers and complete phone owner records.

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