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Is this someone's baby

May be an image of one or more people and dog
Luz López to Wasco Shafter Pet Lost & Found

I call her my dog with all my heart, but I got a feeling someone out there loves her and is probably still looking for her. She only listen to one name (I won't... say what name she been called by). I had talked to her last "owner" that I though they were, they didn't wanted her around , they told me she was found on the street she did had a dog collar with just a phone number that didn't had service and she was wearing something back in December (owner if you see this you will know what she was wearing) of course the dog is a she/ girl, she about 20lbs, brown eyes, brownish hair, I love, cherish, and care about this dog. I want to keep her but I want to find the true owner she had before she roam the streets. Also I don't want a stranger to lie saying she's theirs.

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