Matters of Fact

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Join Christian Esguerra as he talks to analysts and officials on Matters of Fact (17 March 2021)

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Video Transcript
We report about disruption and how the latest technology and innovation have changed the way we live. Who told stories about but also about opportunities that came with it. This is a Philippines and we. Welcome to math Of fact, I'm Chris Guerra Today The show will talk about the raging Covid-19 infections, which by mala Young's own admission are nearing the peak recorded here in the Philippines in August last year, but just recently President Duterte appeared to be downplaying this health crisis yet again, if it of cases are projected to hit up to 11000 daily if the current trend continues, we'll also talk about Philippine national police Chief de Cena, who allegedly health protocols during the visit to oriental mano the same day it was later announced that he had tested positive. Covered nineteen last year sinasheal dirty party while Metro Manila was in the middle of a strict pantamiclock down then was it down with the human rights lawyer on a Supreme Court resolution and quarry low enforcers to where body camps during the service of warrants now will this being of preventive abuse first and news the Philippines once against it's borders and by the increase in the number of coven nineteen cases in the country the National Task Force Against Cold with nineteen announced Tuesday it was spending the entry of foreigners and returning Filipinos who are not overseas workers starting Saturday March twenty-eight until April nineteen this is men to prevent a further increase and infections and to block the entry of anymore new Coronavaries variants exempted from the travel banner and overseas Filipinos returning home for emergency and humanitarian reasons the Philippine government also set to enforce a cap on foreign arrivals at the countries main gateway the Ninoy Aquino International Airport starting tomorrow March eighteen only one thousand five hundred in bank passengers from international flights will be allowed per day this will be infect until April eighteen A Philippine official admits there are gaps in the national government's efforts to identify individuals exposed to covid positive cases. Katrina Domingo has the details. Olympian is looking for a free mobile app that will make the contact tracing scheme in her niece's salon more efficient, she says customers prefer to use QR codes for contact tracing instead of filling up sheets of paper Unified pass, but if Rowena can have her way, she hopes the national government will release a single quarantine pass or QR code that may be used in all establishments nationwide. So Unified contact tracing admits that the Philippines ability to gather data and find those who may have been exposed to covid-19 patients remain lacking even after a year since Luzon was placed under lock down. When I'm at the pro level and at the same time, regional level excel format so the certain limitations the government's decision to trim its contact tracers to 30000 from last year's 50000 also hampered the Philippines efficiency. When it comes to finding those who may be carriers of the disease is a more overwhelmed, they're tires they're and mentally pressured already and physically pressured, Malo says the National Task Force against Covid-19 has spoken to the Philippine national Police to deploy some of its troops as contact tracers to boost the government's efforts to trace those who need be quarantined Cyber. Expert Alan says the government can expedite the tracing of possible covid-19 carriers if it decides to have a single database that can be used both by the public and private sectors. That's not there are uh. Parang naglagay ka ng impormasyon nasa isang container lang kaysa 'yong naglagay ka ng tubig sa maraming container mahirap po 'yan ilagay it will take time kung ilagay mo pa sa isang container last week, Malacañang ordered all establishments to use the stace safe PH app as their primary contact racing system but magalang says the government has get to finalized the deal with the apps developers dapat i-donate mo na ng buong-buo 'yong sistema 'yong storage pati 'yong source code kapag aralan kung kumpleto talaga like nangyari 'yon ang gusto yata ng stay safe na nabalitaan ko according to DICT tanggapin n'yo muna saka na ibibigay 'yong susi eh hindi naman puwede 'yon so 'yon nga 'yon ang inaayos natin magkanong expects BSU to be settled by March twenty-two the contact trace exar says the government is also blues thing it's efforts to ensure that data privacy lost will not be breach as the Philippines trys to roll out a unified fracing application a year The pandemic the gap Katrina Domingo, Abs CBN News Health professionals urge business leaders in the public to do more to help prevent the spread of the novel Corona virus as a Rafael Bosa tells us some hospitals in Metro Manila are struggling to meet the demands of the rising number of covid-19 patients. This private hospital in Quezon City City has allocated fifteen beds for Coven nineteen patients while they don't have a lot of patients compared to bigger health facilities Their health workers face the same challenges such as over capacity and overworked personnel In fact, their emergency room has patients waiting for a vacant bed just to be admitted on a daily basis. Um there is this particular lineup uh raging around two to three patients per day. a waiting to be admitted um. Because that necessitates admission so, in other words we are already in our full capacity when it comes to admissions both in the critical units, as well as that in the world units doctor a good also says it's critical. The public also understands the importance of strictly adhering to health protocols since additional cases will ultimately put a burden on the health system aside from the bars, I'm more concerned about the availability of uh health care for. That will be able to cater to the cover nineteen affected population because we do have that limited also outlets limits it health care delivery system smaller hospitals and bigger health facilities are straining under the weight of surging infections the Philippine General Hospital accrovend referral facility is currently carrying for one hundred fifty-six covened patients sometimes patience do coming and they're really unstable and we need to tide them over in the emergency room yeah sometimes are emergency room will look like award zone with intobated patient kaunting tulong amin napapagod din po kami hopefully malagpasan natin 'to at the east havenue medical center occupancy rate of covered nineteen beds is now at seventy-seven percent and to make matters worse some of it staff have contracted the virus as of March fourteen more than fifteen thousand health workers have been infected by the Cone of Virus Fortunately most of them have recovered despite that situation the healthcare professionals lines against covered nineteen still just in see the need to ask for a time out from government or the implementation of street lact down measures which Curves on mobility, We have to be honest things have not really changed much since we call for a timeout in August and we have to be humble enough to admit that we all have failed in so many aspects in terms of our preventive measures at both personal and institutional levels this time around they are calling on business leaders and the public to do more for business and industry leaders request. I mean workplace if we can implement staggered work hours and improve and ventilation in the workplace. The group is also appealing to local governments to allow more access to open spaces. Nd discourage the public from eating in areas with our proper ventilation let's stop bringing the people And they're doing everything they can uh to comply We forced them into crowds to help the people comply trying to comply uh and and they are forced into and I'm doctor Dan, says occupancy rates in Covid referral hospitals is now at the critical level while in Metro Manila occupancy rate of Icu beds is at 50% the group points out. They will not hesitate to call for a timeout if needed. Rafael Boso Abs CBN News Newly reported covid-19 cases in the Philippines exceed 4000 for the fifth straight day health officials logged over 4400 new infections on Tuesday, bringing the country's total tally to more than 631000. 631050. 631057 1730. 1736 of them are active cases. That's the highest in 5 months The positivity rate also remain above 10% for the seventh day in a row Some 12800 people have died from the disease since the start of the pandemic while over 500. Thousand have recovered with work of the ninthen vaccines expected to arrive this month the Philippine Government AIMS to start in acculations for the General of Public Vioy April but Malacañang Cess depriorty list will not change despite President Rodrigo Duterte's order to speed of vaccinations for poor Filipinos. More from PIDO Terrence we are early made. Vaccine Zarte Carlito Galvez the government's innoculation program will go falls wing by late people or May with one million inaculation per week last week the Philippine Science the supply agreement with the serum institute of India for the purchase of thirty million doses of novax vaccines there is a this coming April na bumubuo tayo ng tinatawag na state supply na magkaroon po tayo ng four million at least makapagbakuna po tayo ng one million a week so nakikita po natin by that time ah lake ah early mate magkakaroon na kayo ng tinatawag nating ah ah jair public ah vaccinations to be like by the LGU's do'n na po natin makikita 'yong tinatawag nating ah roll out natin i must have roll out starting ng mga late airplane at saka ma with that list fifty to seventy million Filipinos vaccinated this twenty twenty one the government is confident the Philippines will be able to eliminate the coven nineteen problem by twenty twenty-two galves also sas at east four hundred thousand vaccine shots from sign of act are set to arrive in the country this month the second wave of vaccine donations from China this is on top of a total one million vaccines that the Philippines will procure from the Chinese Drog Manufacture which will also ride March this will be followed by nine hundred thousand doses of asknica vaccines under the co-bax facility galvices the shots will be enough to vaccinate Filipino medical front liners as of Tuesday more than two hundred sixteen thousand medical frontliners habol ready been vaccinated against coven nineteen mayro'n po tayong schedule ang sistemang sinusunod sa pagbabakuna sa ating mga health care workers kaya kailangan well-callibrated po at saka talagang by batches sa pagpapabakuna dahil kasi po minsan po magkakaroon po ng adverse effect para po 'yong tinatawag nating money sa hospital ay hindi po ma-disrupt Malacañang the government will stick to it's vaccine deployment plan despite president Duterte's order to vaccinate all indigent Filipinos particular kasama po sila sa first priority na tinatawag nating team priority now as to whether not made deploy po 'yan in three days well hindi pa po tayo tapos sa pag ah mabakuna sa mga health workers uhm at uunahin po natin talaga na mabakunahan muna ang mga lahat ng mga health workers after the medical frontliners the Philippines hopes to begin theculation of senior citizens by the second week of April and the General Population by the end of April at the earliest Pia Gutierrez ABS-CBN News and miss understanding between San Miguel Corporation and the toll regulatory board let to a serious of confusing announcements about the closure of skyway stage three SMC early enoughs it would indefinitely close the express way until all of it's grams were completed in compliance of the directive from the TRB SMC President Ramon ang later recall that announcement sames stage three with remain open to motorist but he stand that you are be for a legendly failing to act of SMC's peti to collect fish which he said that you are be denied issuing any closure order These are not issued to us, they explained to us and read it to us that many are most of the time should be completed sooner than expected and they are giving their best effort to complete it ahead of the truth. Skyway Station three officially open to motorist in January with Feast as it waits for the official toll rates le or set by that you are be The main office of the Government service insurance system, or GS, I will closed temporarily after over eight employees tested positive for covid-19 as Alvin Chico tells US state-run funds are urging its uh members to do their transactions online to prevent the further spread of covid-19. Many fund members continue to go to branches opting for face-to-face transactions rather than doing it online. One example is Joanna, who came all the way from just to inquire about a housing loans Big fund says the initial step in availing of the housing loan as well as other transactions can be done online via virtual the agency encourages members to use the online. In order to minimize the number of people and branches multi purpose and calamity at a housing loan online through virtual E and a membership ID or MI, but since face to face transactions will not be stopped, says it will be strict in enforcing health protocols to. meanwhile the main office of GSIS in Pasay City has been closed until March nineteen after moden eighty employees tested positive for coven nineteen may next week po titingnan po natin i-assess natin baka po magkaroon na tayo next week ng skellet home na workforce mayro'n po tayong EJSIS GSIS mo nandiyan din po ang contact center mayro'n po tayong mga jewals 'yong atin pong mga kills ah nationwide naman po 'yan even tensioners to avoid going to DSIS main office and branches especially those want register in the annual pensioners information revalidation mayro'n po tayong Facebook messenger, puwede pong zoom puwede pong ah bible 'yan po puwede rin pong skype SSS is be as several times on you protells midraising number of it cases but it has no official statement yet Alvin Chico ABS-CBN News We're now joined by Doctor Marin She's the vice president of the Philippine College of Physicians. She's also a member of the health Professionals Alliance against Covid-19 Good morning Doctor Olympian and thank you for joining us on the program again. Good morning uh Christian and to everyone. Okay. let's talk about this latest surge in covid-19 cases in the Philippines by mala Young's ambition Uh did the cases are nearing the peak that was recorded uh in August last year, but we know that people are getting tired. They're experiencing what others describe the covid fatigue. So what more can we do well also. Balanced other assets including in particular the economy yeah ah I think that ah we have to realize 'no that the responsibility really first and foremost fall on as each inditual ah citizen each indigenal Filipinos so it is upon us to make sure that we will be able to help prevent 'no that the easy transmission of coven nineteen and very important at this is strictly adhere to the minimum health protocols the wearing of face mask the wearing of facials and also maintaining physical distansing and then making sure that whatever we go i hope that we will be able also to ensure proper ah ventilation air circulation because these are for important things that we need to always adhear to and follow to ah we would like also for all local government units to maybe institute similar is standard measurements hindi 'yong ah iba iba whenever we go to from one LGU to another 'no so dapat kailangan pare-parehas ang institution no'ng mga implementation ng mga health protocols na ito huwag ho tayong magsasawa kasi 'pag tayo po ang magsawa tayo okay but ah but when you talk about let say this ah this measures that are suppose to be implemented by the Local Government Units uhm are we talking here of ah grandlocks for instance and of course certain refinements and certain facilities but how about the idea going back to ah community wider let say ah city wide lockdowns is these out of the question and our you is your group perhaps ah proposing our open to the idea let say doing another time out Was uh implemented last year, Yes uh the group is not uh considering calling for a timeout or even calling for a city wide or uh the Metro Manila wide uh community lockdown No uh but we can probably uh agree we agree to granular lockdowns, which are actually being done already in certain communities where there are cases of covid-19 has really you know reason up uh in. As few weeks so I think what ah Quezon City is to win as well as the Manila City ah they are doing what well as far as the gragular lockdown is concern but as for the city win 'no where not going to do that and that is why we keep on calling 'no the people to adhere to the minimum health protocols kailangan ho nating gawin ito we cannot do otherwise 'no and hindi we cannot get of doing this we cannot afford to ah have such assing as covid sa take nakita natin when we do that when we relax then now we see sudden increase again in covered nineteen cases and this is primarily because we have not been adhearing to the minimum health protocols most especially 'no in the use of transportation we see a lot of people they're not it's no longer one space a part and yet it is not being followed and that is why we would probably ah what we would like to recommend is reduce the capacity of all transportation so we are doing it at fifty percent they are saying but ah we know that it is not being followed so maybe when you say to thirty percent and maybe ah fifty percent would we followed 'no so i think ah better to reduce the capacitys on that we can ensure ah physical dis and may we also request the business community to start scheduling the worth time of their employees 'no we cannot afford to have all people going out of the their homes going out today straights all at the same time because that is actually what our problem ah he has been for the past few months 'no so many people going out going to their To their jobs and they're doing it at the same time, So can we schedule it in on a basis? so that not everybody will will be out in the street. congestive the transportation congestive our roads, not so that it will also make travel time a lot faster uh and also that can also be seen as a way to decongestant workplaces themselves right uh right? Okay now, speaking of the latest search that we are seeing how serious really uh are the cases or the numbers that we are seeing lately compared to the. spikes that we swaster well it is becoming serious because uh the hospitals are being congested 'no the emergency room the hospital beds all covin and we are also catering to non-quote cases 'no so uh lahat 'yan sabay-sabay 'yan Christian 'no and uh a lot of the health care workers are also getting sick and therefore yeah of course we are quite warrior that we might not be able to sustain what we are doing right now but we are trying our know we are giving everything that we can no at least we know for us health workers we are very prepared we know what we are going to do now unlike last year no we don't know anything but now we know already we know what to give to our patients and how to take care of the patients now the only problem will be the number of patience that will be coming in so I hope that we will be able to contain this increase in coven nineteen cases i hope we don't reach eight thousand in a day or even that twenty thousand by April ah that will be too much for the health system if that happens and definitely the health system is going to bump down okay we know that public or government messaging is as important as the other approaches to this ah that is ah health crisis ah of course it is very serious but how do basically convince of public to to go back to what they were supposed to do to what we are supposed to do given that ah we've been into this ah pandemic ah for more than a year and it seems like ah we're back to square one i mean in terms of messaging how should it go specially in light of a latest pronouncement coming from the President who seem to down play the help crisis his words where we can be coved nineteen this is small thing in our lives that can be interpreted in different ways right but they think this can also complicate the important facit of messaging during the pendemic well definitely 'no i do not want to that is definitely something that we need to hope form what the President said that we can beat it but we cannot i think we need to say that we cannot beat cove unless all of us will help together ad here to the minimum health protocols make sure that we maintain our physical drink because if we don't do this then definitely we will lose in this battle okay but on the ground uh for instance in the hospitality are working for uh how serious is tuation lately ay ang dami Christian ah we're full really full the ICU is full ah regular rooms are full the emergency room was full and up nakapila 'yong mga pasyente no so but we are i am working in a government hospital so we cannot really turn a way our patients so ah we just have to accept them especially since most of our patients are the patients with comor beats 'no they in this our patients with art disease with lung with cancer 'no so ah we are catering to this type of patience at that is why we see you know ah serious cases of covied nineteen and maybe you know people do not realize this because probably did do not feel the effect of coven nineteen they have not been ah affected by this diseases probably they don't have any relatives or any friends who got called 'no and probably have coven coven probably it's really miled 'no but you know if you have a one just one uh relative or one uh Fred who got called and had called tribure coven then you will realize the impact because coven nineteen is not really an easy deceased to deal with there are so many things that we are still an non it's just good that we are already prepared by this time we know something but ah there are still a lot to know about coming nineteen and i hope that each and everyone of us will realize the importance of making sure that we all of in the media ad here to the minimum of protocols if you have nothing to do at home are nothing to do at uh please do not go out of your home there is nothing necessary for you in going out so just stay Better to be safe than sick, Okay Doctor Marica limp Thank you for joining us this morning. At next was speak with the Governor of Oriental Mindoro province about Philippine National Police Chief De Board Sinases alleged breach of co-vid nighting protektors during as recent visit there statement to matters of fact Welcome back to matters of fact, Philippine national police chief They both is once again accused of violating health protocols this time during his visit to city last week, the provincial government said Cena did not pass through the city's spear for the health clearance and said he arrived by helicopter and uh preceded to the regional police headquarters last year. Cnas was heavily criticized for holding a birthday party in the middle of a strict pandemic lockdown, which he was supposed to implement as regional police director of Metro Manila. joining us now is. And the piling act of the health declaration form upon the entry at Calapan however if the approach travel a going to Calapan City that the LGU destination is Calapan will be help to filing and the person form in case of the heard kapag every stand because he use their the chapter because supposed to go to end outlet after Oriental Mindoro naging qualified else but oriental window police a government is not informed by the however according to recreated with the city gander for the provincial government in anyway not ah part of the welcoming party all the processing of the ensure diyan I see that forever forever the chief the government ah if the one that is inside of ah they arrived by cannot death real personally and especially ah whether ah general she has ah directly responsible however at the city government ah if say he'll saying that he did not pass through the ah stain forces of the city government did not good coordination then if would give ah he should be he responsible however it will did it many made recoordination to his act with regional office then it can bettered matter ah petition okay ah I was I was missing certain parts of your statement ah because of ah poor audio but basically just for the record was did undergo health profiling at the ah city government or not city we ah government official post ah in it now because of because our court our ah airport it's a very it's not a regular airport where we usually have ah people meaning regularly the Calapan airport is deserves ah for private for chopper ah for regular airlines we have no regular to Calapan to the government and have ah personnel is on that at the courts of the coordination must be very specific ah meaning to be there I buy they have accordingly private and the city government they said according to them that but when you say when you say coordination what exactly what were they supposed to do. If they didn't go through the help protocols or profiling by the city government but instead of coordinated what were they what were the expected to do that is supposed to be the function of the city government to the profiling of anybody who arrived anybody who are rice and the destination Calapan City uh-huh Laban City the city government is the one that is that can official we should equipment because i cannot for the city government yeah if it's the provincial government ah task meaning if they entered to the Caloocan City port than the provincial government will have a say but if they did not pass through and the definition LGU is only Calopan City is Calapan city passed to be the profiling oo performance and mother to up to the first day of the arrival I am not informed officially of leave a generally however I learn the afternoon that devacuation roll-out was done in the PNP so early it's a very good very good session that they have ready started it ah important should be ah health unit of the regional police MIMAROPA and they should less his fan of the so they are suppose to be arriving heal up the reason form so proof that they are official travel assessment physically and then after that very best nose in country they can go if there's intomp then this should be isolated or there's need for medical attention then it will be given to them so that is supposed to be done uh-uhm and this case uh has this is the the local government or the provincial government completed the contact tracing of those people who came close contact with uh with general scenas during that physical yeah sir most important stage director is manage law is those contact and 'yong schedule today to had squad something that's already five days after the unfortunately incident happened from they want prevent saturday we contact racing and ah all the biking Thursday night to do part team and then after that ah after five years can you can have their swab how many people how many people recovered by that contact trasing but those have direct conduct himing ah fifteen minutes personnel okay now ah given this experiencer general scenas what ah what gaps they jointify and how they address them because it seems like ah based on what happened here certain people could skip that particular health protocol by this how do you fix that sir it only happen when they chopper that they use the airport There's only one airport we have uh very functional, although we have one Malay uh but it's not a lesson that I have the best even will be given not only for for that. 1 day somebody who is going to pass through it must be be coordinated directly to the provincial health office to the office. You can get a in case of. which have airport of why we don't consider that uh functional aircon but still use even uh the arriving to directly informed the provincial health office in the data private for the health to filing okay but that didn't happen in the case of uh generals ihahatid na government for the matter okay but is that honest existing rule not yet because before we have no experience of people passing to the airport we have only expiriences ah we've only experience the passing through the state seaports for the boundees at ah Milagros and Bulalacao but remember that the bus through the airport should be not early there was a time when there was ah an arrival but that arrival if they record you could to us okay for the help profiling so in the case of the that uh there was a violation on the part of the chief again you're not speaking for the palapag government para sa provincial government was concern was their breach as i was really a coordination made in the city government upon the arrival admits okay and if they're also uh i mean this is uh for people who are uh looking into this uh incident because we know that this is not a first time that the PNP Chief was uh embrag in such a controver last year win or what happened the birthday party that ah that he held in the middle of ah the crenta here they're still this concern that he might goes cut free and that ah perhaps the provincial government the local government officials might be being to careful in terms of haling this case because of his status because he has the PNP chief how they respond to this i said i don't think so after all uhm local official government officials national government officials here on the claimer responsibilit of the population for 'no such being it a VIP person now VIP shape violated their violation responsible ay ah personally sir I am not i am not ah it was military already ah investigation from that and we should not give prejudice it's not an isinative predition anything ah can we expect the official findings in the this incident then a coming day sir weeks just to provide getting the preserve we are just waiting for the investigation report from the local government concern on the PNP from the other concerned amen and if evidence warrants uh are we winning the follow case against the PNP chief yes Okay, Governor Dolores Thank you for joining us this morning sir Thank you very much the Philippine Supreme Court is considering officers to wear body cameras when serving warrants lawyers have been urging the high court to be in addressing the alleged human rights abuses committed by law enforcers, especially after the so called the Sunday police rates based on the color of attorney Cortez now joins us for more of this is the Secretary General of the National Union of People's Lawyers. Good morning Sir, and thank you for joining us on the program. Good morning sir can you hear me? Yes ah good morning Christian ah yes yes Christian good morning ano magandang umaga sa inyong lahat okay I suppose this is a welcome development this ah this pronouncement coming from the Supreme Court that's likely forthcome uhm that would require law enforcers to lawyer as a member of the NUPL ah what would you like to see ah in this resolution that would require law enforcers to where body cams well as we said it's ah welcome development Christian coming as the Supreme Court and they made the initiative to ah to issue a resolution on what matter ah but of course a context issuing it's not ah very simple issued and wearing of a body cam ah will only solve a part of the problems ah we are one court will include in it's ah in addition to just simply wearing body comes ah we have to context is on our experiences in implementation of because uh law enforce are really uh very creative in when the enforce uh search warrants as I such like uh sa mga gano'ng sitwasyon ano uh it's not the usual operation that we see uh in all uh implementations that we have encountered they are two stages in the implementation uh in the actual implement firm that will and ah to take into custody all occupants of the house tapos they were hereed outside or in one place of the house then the first search is conducted and face is in the second state the second team something that's where the barangay of barangay officials ah comes in and search is conducted and and it's there ah usually found alleged firearms there is in this context that we would like this ah ah disresolution should be viewed because the first tiwala we are body cameras ah hindi natin makikita ano 'yong mga planting of evidence at sa mga irregularities do'n in fact ah usually they say they come in at two thirty but in fact twelve o'clock nando'n sila so these are the problems in the implementation plus the stock that ah ah in all cases that will encounter 'yong mga required witnesses like the barangay officials comes in only after the first search was already conducted but of course question also to consider that the implementation is part of says we also have to consider the manner by which ah search warrants were issued kasi essential part 'yan eh no'ng the whole process at ah specially this one as reported by ah the court office of the court administration administrator sixty three search what are a search warrant applications were filed in ah March one ano and this sixty three applications for ract to the executive judge and the three executive judges roughly ah mini fifteen it's judge and they had a hearing in two days here resulted everything in two days sa mga lawyers that ah are engage in mitigation we know for a fact that one hours that sufficient to finish ah an examination of witness especially that the constitution provides strict ah on the issuance of warrant 'yong probable cause personally considered considered by the judge ay re ng questions improving questions requires na you will have to determine the credibility of the witness not only 'yong per factory question hindi hindi ito isang subpoena that you can issue as ano as a matter of procedure this is a ah a process you issue that will authorized to include into the privacy of individual stand to the constitutional right to privacy so 'yong 'yong strict measures should be considered and 'yong questions na sina-solusyon should be ah implemented strictly the hearing judge hindi ito puwedeng ano lang ah automatic kailangan to consider the judicial activate on the SSS is the surcharsing is this what you saw in the in the in the grant of those sa warrants perfume there is you issure remember ah last week to warrants were yeah issued in Quezon City and and similar ano general warrants for example the one in Bacolod ah hindi inspecify 'yong place to be search ah dahil hindi naman sinabi do'n sa application na 'yong 'yong 'yong 'yong address na 'yon i compound were several ah residential houses are relocated and that ah respondent occupys only one among the several residential units ngayon kung kung may profing questions dapat lumabas 'yon lumabas 'yon na 'yong address na 'yon ay maraming mga bahay and we also have one right now ano yeah pending for the court of appeals and of course 'yong sa Mandaluyong so two days ah fifteen each I think is not sufficient to and conduct ah 'yong problem questions na 'yon anything it's important for the public to understand that even if you have remedies to let say question the actual search warrants right kumbaga to to exact accountability on the part of the law enforcers what would happen kung patay na 'di ba kung baga nangyari na 'yong iniiwasan oh may violation na ng constitutional rights patay na 'yan o kaya nakakulong na 'yan ano pa 'yong ano pa 'yong remedies na 'yon kumbaga may injury na do'n sa tao na involved ah while ah mayro'n ngang available remedies pero mayro'n ng ano ah ah prejudice na 'yong karapatan ano no'ng tao na involved let's talk about that ah Supreme Court Circular that basically allowed the executive judges in Manila in Quezon City to issu warrant sa even outside jurisdictions and how exactly this has ah somehow against the interest of uh certain people who were the subject of those corrects ah specific 'yong kung ano 'yong mga puwedeng ah i-apply ano dito sa two executive judges ng RTC of Manila in artist sa Quezon City ah drugs firearms at saka mga crimes na nakalagay doon ah of course ang mahirap nito for example the one issued in ah for tomando ah 'yong mga witnesses said to be ah ililipat dito sa Manila and how can ah judge ensure na ah tama nga ano na 'yong mga nakalagay do'n sa kanilang affidavit especially it is not familiar with the place at ah hindi rin siya familiar talaga doon sa ah sinasabi nilang mga respondents kasi if you if you if you look at it ah if you look at the search warrants that were issued usually ah ano 'yan firearms at gun running etcetera pero when they implement it they said ito mga communist terrorist groups so uh napakahirap siguro 'no ng isang executive judge sa Metro Manila to issue uh search warrant to be implemented let say ino in Bacolod or elsewhere uh see because uh it's very uh difficult or impossible for them to to really determine 'yong factuality ano no'ng mga allegations do'n sa sa mga sa mga applications okay thank you for joining us this morning sir thank you ah at ah magandang umaga and that's it for show today I'm Christian Esguerra you can listen to our interviews again on the matters of fact Potcast available in Spotified Google Apolins Teacher can also get exclusive content of ANC sa YouTube channel thanks for watching Alright, we're back.