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File: 1615821460865.png (592.92 KB, 660x418, 1615562064722.png)

No. 1185010

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1163078

Previously on Celebricows TV:
>Kim divorces Kanye >>1165642
>Azealia Banks announces engagement, promptly dumps her fiance, then takes him back, later sells sex tape >>1167857
>FKA Twigs gives interview on the abuse she suffered from Shia >>1165125
>Sia is revealed to be obsessed with Maddie Ziegler and directs a movie about autism that is trashed by critics >>1169532
>Aaron from Mean Girls posts his dick on Insta >>1169287
>Emma Watson says she's retiring from acting. Oh wait, actually, she isn't >>1170648
>Lady Gaga's dog walker gets shot, and her two French bulldogs get stolen >>1170220
>Meghan trashes the royal family in her interview with Oprah, compares herself to the Little Mermaid >>1173220
>TI and his wife have been accused by 30 women of "forced drugging, kidnapping, rape, and intimidation"
>Armie moves out of his house and later a tied up torso is found in his trashcan. Luckily it's just a manequin's, not a human's. Maybe next time? >>1173916
>Chris D’Elia is sued for soliciting nudes from young girl >>1174756
>Emily Ratajkowski can't stop Rataposting naked pics of herself that now includes her newborn child >>1175156
>Nicolas Cage marries an Asian girl who's 30 years his junior. Yes, again. >>1177411
>Allen v Farrow documentary comes out and raises questions. What's worse, marrying your own stepdaughter or adopting more children than you can take care of? >>1179001
>Alexander Wang apologizes to his victims on Insta for raping them >>1179831
>Lana del Rey's album gets leaked, is a snoozefest >>1180021
>Piers Morgan leaves Good Morning Britain after being his usual shitbag self. Sighs of relief heard everywhere >>1181140
>Demi Lovato comes out as bi. Yes, again. >>1181140
>Selena is a drunk and is believed to have lied about having lupus >>1184755

No. 1185012

Samefag, I hope I didn't make any mistakes, don't want to get banned

No. 1185014

I think it looks good! Thanks for making it.

No. 1185018

File: 1615821977048.png (605.84 KB, 536x543, 222.PNG)

I think the dress is ugly but it looks great on her, I usually don't find her all that attractive or well styled lately but she looked really good last night. I hate the top part of Megan's dress & Doja looks a mess.

No. 1185019

to be clear, I'm talking about Meghan's dress/styling in the first sentence, not Doja's ugly look.

No. 1185022

the hypocrisy of anons calling Dua Lipa a troon/masculine when it would apply more to Megan. not saying Megan is a man/troon but she's tall, broad and muscular, especially next to Doja(don't derail)

No. 1185023

90% of the shit doja does is for memes and the internet so you know she wore this monstrosity for the clicks and it's totally working. part of me feels like it would have looked slightly better if it was zipped up like 3 inches but feathers are almost always a bad choice.

No. 1185025

I agree that Doja's is awful why couldn't they make the top be feathers too? Like anon said "she skinned the Grinch for this" LMFAO.

No. 1185029

Man I hate it when anons call woman a troon it makes me feel insecure because my shoulders are broad and I'm tall. Megan and Dua are both beautiful.

No. 1185032

lmfao whats up with the grammy winner this year. A song that didnt even have half a million views last night and no ones ever heard of it but of course this virtue signal gets the cake. Grammys have always been shit anyway. They said that BlackLivesMatter is the theme of this year but its just most annoying pop radio hits like every other time.

No. 1185034

File: 1615822535996.png (325.4 KB, 439x340, ee.PNG)

Neither look like men, but I've seen both of them be called troons though. Even though they don't look it at all.
She's just tall, thick and very little hips. If anything to me her looks are over rated, she's average round the way cute girl, but not manly.
It's crazy to me because i've seen people here and elsewhere say they can't tell the troon from Euphoria is male, but Megan looks trans?

No. 1185035

Major kek at all the cheeto-fingered losers calling conventionally attractive women troons and uglies it's embarrassing

No. 1185037

File: 1615822659453.jpg (65.95 KB, 399x512, unnamed.jpg)

Men usually dress boring on award shows but I think this is a fun outfit

No. 1185042

File: 1615822931499.png (125.48 KB, 224x346, Capture.PNG)

and Cardi looked a mess last night

No. 1185043

File: 1615822978707.png (328.74 KB, 496x479, 5.PNG)

and she keeps fucking up her face, she says she got "Freezer burn" on her face, but the surgery she got looks horrible

No. 1185044

File: 1615823058681.jpg (360.62 KB, 1200x1800, 832764743aa3a06bcc6b602fa846fb…)

I feel like Noah Cyrus accidently dressed for that Heavenly Bodies MET gala from a few years ago kek

No. 1185045

File: 1615823129724.jpeg (235.67 KB, 1440x1472, EF3E2CDE-6087-4E55-A19B-B4FB3B…)

Megan’s dress looks like a glorified wedding gown made out of my grandmother’s musty linen drapes and Doja just looks so jacked up holy shit, like she just snorted pounds of cocaine before she walked in front the cameras. And oh girl, that damn fucking hair, looks like a broken barcode. Whoever her stylist was absolutely hates her because they did not do justice to her and I personally don’t even like her. Is it just me but she also doesn’t look right either? She looks empty.(fan art)

No. 1185048

File: 1615823173392.png (570.21 KB, 383x539, 22.PNG)

Lizzo still can't dress for her body. I feel like she does this on purpose. I've seen her look really good, but she always throws on some ill-fitting outfits

No. 1185049

File: 1615823273984.png (503.5 KB, 403x506, Capture.PNG)

this does not fit her breasts at all

No. 1185050

>"Freezer burn"
lmao what?

No. 1185051

File: 1615823497116.jpg (94.47 KB, 665x865, Screenshot_4.jpg)

what is this bdsm dominatrix outfit

No. 1185052

File: 1615823514574.jpeg (330.05 KB, 901x1052, 36E96B22-CEC7-48D7-A7CF-B1E402…)


No. 1185053

I meant freeze burns Kek

No. 1185054

It's Dula Peep, geez, get it right

No. 1185055

i always thought she wore the poorly fitting clothes as some kind of "own" to skinny people kek

this could've been a cool outfit but the ruching makes it look like a trash bag and her earrings look like dicks

No. 1185056

File: 1615823635280.jpeg (37.29 KB, 269x271, 08E4F84D-721F-4233-891D-CB9C25…)

No. 1185057

What the fuck is this thread? Since when is "celebrity wore an ugly outfit" considered milk? This is like tabloid-trash tier gossip and you should feel ashamed, Karen.(integrate, karen)

No. 1185059

I was just gonna say her earrings are fingers with teeth around the black balls. She might as well have worn penis earrings.

No. 1185060

All the shit we talk about here is tabloid trash tier gossip

No. 1185063

File: 1615824405435.jpeg (401.55 KB, 750x724, A171EC1C-A75D-439B-9028-6B827C…)

Best fake milk ever anon, I love shit talking celebrities because all of them deserve it for being greedy, fake and barren losers kek

No. 1185064

Doja looks like she's gonna send my kid into the hunger games

No. 1185071

i love dojas dress and hair you guys just lack taste. she is clearly going for an edgy rocker vibe. Also anyone calling Dula Peep ugly is literally on crack cocaine. The girl is stunning and her body is ridiculous. Stop calling women who are muscular or tall and broad men. Its fucked up and not cute

No. 1185072

File: 1615824993420.jpg (108.83 KB, 555x828, Screenshot_5.jpg)

The blue cult wants you to join them. Seriously, I don't even know who these are

No. 1185073

>using karen
go back to reddit, retard.

Doja looks like shit

No. 1185074

These are Taylor Swift's friends, Haim.

No. 1185075

File: 1615825147366.png (543.31 KB, 703x747, pumpkin-spice.png)

it stinks like pumpkin spiced lattes ITT you basic bitch whores(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1185079

She’s going for the wadded up toilet paper look.

No. 1185084

File: 1615825772206.png (473.46 KB, 518x349, ww.PNG)

No. 1185086

omg KEK

No. 1185093

Black women are so disgusting(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1185095

File: 1615826664356.jpg (63.25 KB, 1200x602, hjbh.jpg)

Nah, it's hot. She looks heroin chic.

No. 1185096

They’re projecting anon. I wonder how they look in a see through dress? She looks fine to me, I don’t see the point of being so damn nit picky about a woman who looks pretty, has beautiful skin & good bone structure and who obviously works out to keep in shape.

No. 1185098

holy shit THAT'S DOJA CAT? i didn't recognize her when i saw her

No. 1185099

This is either
1. An angry newfag Karen
2. A scrote, probably the same one who's been spamming CP (note that she/he/it doesn't know how to blend in)
Either way, seek help. Fucking obsessed.

No. 1185100

It’s ok anon. It’s probably Azaelia just wait for her mania to end

No. 1185104

>every negative opinion isfrom Azaelia

are u the same bitch in the other threads who kept on bringing Azealia up for no reason? obsessed

No. 1185105

God damn. Nothing about any of these looks is remotely appealing

No. 1185107

there's already a royal drama thread in ot so thanks for the overlap

No. 1185108

yeah he built different

No. 1185109

No and learn to sage

No. 1185110

that hime cut though. they look so inbred, good god

No. 1185111

her body looks so fucking ugly in this dress. i hate this top heavy hourglass look she has now. almost worse than Kim K

Doja looks great though. love the edgy look she went for. she’s had the only look i’ve liked so far. everyone else was on some boring, basic forever 21 haute couture shit, like Dua’s early 00s inspired dress. it’s cute but not for the Grammy’s

No. 1185120

File: 1615829227216.jpg (106.02 KB, 1080x648, Screenshot_20210315_182623.jpg)

my favorite look was fiona apple staying home and sleeping through the whole thing while winning two awards

No. 1185126

positively based

No. 1185134

The middle part hair tendrils need to stop

No. 1185192

Y'all wking nutjobs like azealia and doja better move on to fka or janelle fuckk

No. 1185194

You must be too dumb to figure out how this site works. It’s fine to talk shit without milk if it’s saged

No. 1185217

What does Janelle have to be defended from? I feel like everyone loves her.

No. 1185222

i think tall women are incredibly beautiful, please don’t feel insecure anon you’re probably a stunner

No. 1185226

Being super muscular or tall does make you look like a man. You sound like one of those nonbinary freaks who thinks there should be no distinction between men and women

No. 1185230


The way these dresses sit on their chests makes me feel physically uncomfortable.
It looks like they are slipping down and pulling on the boobs, but they seem to sit properly around the waist at the same time.
Meaning that the necklines fit so awkwardly on purpose, which…just why?
It looks uncomfortable and unflattering.

No. 1185232

File: 1615837300653.jpeg (207.49 KB, 1360x2040, FEE120E2-2135-4321-9240-B06875…)

Lmao at the anons defending this 7 foot tall barrel waisted mess. SO HOT!!(calm your autism)

No. 1185240

Hey tall anon, I wish I was taller. Your haters sound like uwu smol beans who almost always go after 39 year old married pedophiles. They seriously need therapy if they are hating on a conventionally attractive average women like Dua Lipa. They are the problem, not you.


No. 1185245

Okay anon we understand. Dua is ugly. You are very beautiful. Very mature. Now please stop samefagging. You have convinced us with this no makeup no hair random paparazzi shot taken from an incredibly unflattering angle.

No. 1185246

Almost all the current pop stars look like troons or are fat and gnarly like Lizzo. They all look and dance like shit. Inb4 OMG UR UGLY just for saying the simple truth.

The people who can’t come to terms with the truth are more likely ugly

No. 1185249

Imagine defending a woman who looks like a literal troon

No. 1185253

Anon I’m not defending her. I’m concerned about your unhealthy obsession with a random singer’s appearance and nitpicking. You have to understand that this more disconcerting than her figure.

No. 1185254

The photos she posts of herself are edited to make her look more feminine you fucking mouth breather. This is how she actually looks. Like a man

No. 1185256

she's 5'8" and looks perfectly normal anon… get some help

No. 1185258

Stay classy anon.

No. 1185259

Lmao at thinking someone needs therapy for not thinking female Bigfoot is “conventionally attractive”. You’re delusional(infighting)

No. 1185261

File: 1615838778545.webm (2.9 MB, 640x360, wap.webm)

Can we talk about how we are only maybe 2 years away from music award shows just being straight up fucking on stage?

This is vile.

No. 1185264

Ohhh baby did you forget to take your meds

No. 1185272

File: 1615839210469.jpeg (91.87 KB, 600x1037, 5B440A14-3DF3-4DBC-8CB3-E03974…)


No. 1185292


I think that is probably the least flattering pic of her in swimwear. Anon is mean without being funny.

No. 1185304

I hope it's okay for me to post this vid cos it's not new but I watched it the other day and I was really surprised at how much PS she has gotten in just the past year. It's genuinely sad to see her ruin the natural cute face that propelled her to stardom.

I was fucking shocked at how terrible they looked, it looks like hospital gown material. Idk why almost everyone last night was dressed so fucking ugly but that combined with the awkward distanced seating made the audience shots pretty entertaining.

No. 1185305

They look and move so awkwardly

No. 1185311

We love a mini facelift

No. 1185314

I hate when they get that eyebrow lift combo to give their eyes a more almond, fox like shape. What happened to plastic surgeons actually working with your natural structure and applying the golden ratio to find your ideal? I hate how everybody has to have whatever is trendy, like we are all fast fashion bots.

No. 1185320

she looks like a scrunched up toilet paper

No. 1185325

dupa means ass in polish, so it's better tbh

No. 1185328

wow didn't know grammys hired strippers now

No. 1185333

File: 1615843527726.jpeg (61.68 KB, 681x940, DD8CF37F-A866-49EB-9660-7396ED…)

No. 1185335

Azealia is definitely a farmer

No. 1185338


este looks like a freshly awakened android assistant and the other two look like wrinkly escapees from space prison. i guess you can't exactly iron neoprene but does no one at prada have eyes?

No. 1185348


The music industry is a fucking joke rn. Who actually still cares about modern American popular music in this day and age outside of social media obsessed zoomers?

No. 1185349

KEK, he literally looks like any fem teen boy idk how anyone can't clock him.

No. 1185350

Doja Cat is so fake attractive to me. Girl's got a non existant bone structure, a weak jaw, a strange shaped head but her eyes that are otherwise unremarkable really pop out with makeup in a pretty way. But like.. if anyone gives a shit you can tell the makeup is just creating her face for her

No. 1185353

So are we supposed to believe theres any similarity because theyre both black and fat? Lizzo is not ugly, the bitch is just fat. You people are retarded

No. 1185355

If she were actually a farmer I feel like she would be roasting the racist anons far more often

No. 1185357

Relatable queen

No. 1185359

I like Lizzo but she is ugly for hollyweird and below average for real world, fat or thin.

No. 1185362

I think her facial structure is ok and isnt any worse than the likes of Doja Cat or MTS. Its not Rihanna or Beyonce level but its not horrible. People mostly find her hideous because shes morbidly obese, which they wouldnt if she were a normal bmi or even slightly overweight imo

No. 1185367

it's the teeth for me personally, but w/e

No. 1185396

>boring, basic forever 21
>haute couture
Uhhh… Do you know what haute couture is? Basically the direct opposite of fast fashion

No. 1185397

I think she actually has a genuinely pretty face but her being a deathfat isn’t good.

No. 1185399

This shit is prada?? If you told me their mom made these fugly outfits for them, I'd have believed you

No. 1185417

File: 1615850231784.jpg (67.06 KB, 1120x1680, no thanks.jpg)

Prada's been on a downslide for a minute now but perhaps you haven't seen the latest collection. The Haim sisters got off easy.

No. 1185434

i think like adele, her face would look really good without the extra weight. her complexion and elasticity would be shot to hell but i think she’d look amazing.

her body is wrecked though. she has really unfortunate fat distribution.

No. 1185435

Lame. I never tune in to these performances, are most this underwhelming?

No. 1185444

still looks like pair of PJs, but the color makes it a little better.

No. 1185447

What? Just sounds like its her last post till she releases the album

No. 1185459

Passing by this thread I thought those were nurse scrubs for a second.

No. 1185463

File: 1615856839160.png (580.85 KB, 600x451, 130723030_742808959662668_6964…)

Dua has the typical "compact" Albanian proportions (hips, waist, thunder legs). Would look better with a little more muscle definition which she could achieve easily if she wanted to. The dress is ridiculous, but calling her a troon is deranged.

Same goes for Meg. She's beautiful. She should lay off the drag queen make up tho. She has such striking natural features without all the nonsense.

No. 1185466

I will never understand how Meg looks like this yet wears middle aged drag queen makeup. Why would you wear makeup that makes you look worse? Her stylist must hate her.

No. 1185471

>7 feet tall
She’s 5’8. Cope harder, womanlet.

No. 1185485

Holy fuck anon no one cares about your hate boner for dua lipa. Move on!

No. 1185509

Tranny cope. Bitch is massive and has no curves. Should’ve been a bball player she’s a god awful dancer too(turbo autism)

No. 1185534

Hasn't Azealia said a bunch of racist shit, even towards other black people?

No. 1185540

the hime cut looks awful

No. 1185575

Hey I was lurking for that post that someone put up of corpse husband being chubby irl, can someone please link me(wrong thread)

No. 1185579

Wrong thread anon, go to youtubers general

No. 1185580

File: 1615878795206.jpg (65.61 KB, 540x961, 161185503_276408944046593_7620…)

Rita Ora threatened to sue a tiktok user

No. 1185581

File: 1615878873272.jpg (41.78 KB, 750x1334, 160295433_932368600837362_7482…)

No. 1185582

File: 1615878894347.jpg (105.44 KB, 750x1334, 160494957_299968751461316_7474…)

No. 1185588

>”for libel and/or slander”
>email address cropped
>name/signoff cropped
>quote with no source
>legalese word salad that a real lawyer would never use

Is this supposed to be a joke or is he genuinely trying to pass these off as real? How would Rita Ora’s manager even know some random tiktoker’s phone number? Dude is clearly sending these to himself.

No. 1185589

It's because the awards are meaningless and no one watches this shit otherwise. The Grammys are just an excuse for rich people to give each other hand jobs and then make more money by letting you watch.

Performances like these get more attention and views from the resulting moral panic than from the quality of the music itself.

No. 1185590

File: 1615880838615.jpeg (262.53 KB, 863x800, 44FFECC6-B4F1-479F-AFCB-D8A107…)

No. 1185596

File: 1615882775292.jpg (69.53 KB, 1024x1024, DWWpYldV4AEHS8b.jpg)

>Can she afford to do that?
For some reason this reminds me of picrel. I wonder if Rita is pretending to be her own manager. What does she do now anyway? The last song I heard of hers was that one she did with Iggy Azalea in like…2014. Wtf is she making money from

No. 1185606

is Hunter really the succesful model the euphoria teen fans say she is?? because her face is so below average its ridiculous

Did she also photoshop her grammy performance because she looked incredibly hot there

Anon, if she really only paid 7k to try and get that restaurant to host her party then I doubt she really has a lawyer at her call and it's probably just her social media manager larping to get him scared if it's true.

No. 1185646

does not matter if he's successful or not, he's a troon model on a semi decent show. Even if he was a horrible model and below average which his face IS, he'd still be called a great model

No. 1185685

It looks like she did a DIY whitening treatment and fucked it up.

No. 1185687

Cardi is a lost cause. She had to cancel her world tour due to not letting her body heal from lipo in 2019, after which she's been getting work done on her face constantly. I honestly do think she is trying to look more like Nicki Minaj, with the outer eye lift and chin work. She seems like a very insecure person.

No. 1185688

File: 1615898991697.jpg (2.08 MB, 1920x3773, Edited_20210316_084910.jpg)

No. 1185689

No. 1185691

She's Kevin Spacey?

No. 1185701

imagine being in your thirties doing this and looking like that. what a waste

No. 1185706

I hate racists, nazis, and misogynists and would fully discriminate against them.
Stupid cunts like her is why those incels got a safe space and a president to voice their opinions. Not everyone deserves a voice and protection.

No. 1185708


Oh my god how does she look like such a doofus

No. 1185709

I can't even imagine being a successful and beautiful lesbian only to turn into a fake boi school shooter looking incel.

No. 1185715

Looks like Justin Bieber. Makes sense cause people always said he looks like a lesbian.

This is what getting raped as a teenager by Weinstein & friends in Hollywood does to a woman.

No. 1185716

I mean she was never 'beautiful' but she was very cute until she started trooning out, can't believe she went from that to this unwashed coomer teen aesthetic

No. 1185720

kek @ this angle trying to give her male proportions when she's 5 foot tall on a good day

So she's definitely not on T, right? No weight gain, no acne and no neckbeard yet. Looks like she's aged a good ten years though. This photo has a homeless junkie quality, like "he's" about to ask me for a weirdly exact amount of change while twitching and wiping his nose

No. 1185722

Is this cover pic supposed to be inspiring? she looks completely dead inside

No. 1185724

i see her transition into pre-teen haley joel osment is going swimmingly

No. 1185736

I fucking hate this fat stripper trend holy fuck she was gorgeous RIP

No. 1185748


No. 1185754


Elliot Page article TL/DR
>named herself Elliot after the kid from E.T.
>"felt like a boy" as a kid but doesn't detail what that means besides wanting short hair at 9 years old
>Started acting at 10 years old and it "started a life of compromise", no childhood trauma here no sirree just regular kid born in a regular wrong body
>Getting more famous after Juno made her feel increasingly alienated from her body and identity as she'd have to be feminine for roles and red carpets
>Coming out as gay helped but she still hated her body
>Got increasingly anxious, depressed and had panic attacks

>Got voluntary double mastectomy - oh sorry, "top surgery" before the Instagram trans announcement

>Trended in 20 countries, got 400k new Instagram followers and calls from casting directors who would be "honored to cast HIM" in their next movie
>"Since Page’s Instagram post, his team is seeing more activity than they have in years. Many of the offers coming in—to direct, to produce, to act—are trans-related, but there are also some “dude roles.” "

>Ends with another sappy tearful reminder that now she's cut her tits off, she can finally have short hair

No. 1185757

>Many of the offers coming in—to direct, to produce, to act—are trans-related, but there are also some “dude roles.”
read: "don't expect to see me cast in any male roles because nobody's convinced"

No. 1185767

File: 1615906484805.jpeg (176.74 KB, 1349x1422, D5FB1184-EECC-4555-8B3F-005701…)

this is just sad. her hair is way too thin. at this point there’s nothing stopping this trans bullshit but why would you choose to look like a reddit incel.

No. 1185768

she looks like a hillbilly tweaker from the rural midwest

No. 1185769

Maybe she is on T, that hair line be looking suspicious

No. 1185771

Her hairline was always like that, it got worse over the years.

No. 1185772

God Megan looks like a troon LMFAOOO

No. 1185773

>Trended in 20 countries, got 400k new Instagram followers and calls from casting directors who would be "honored to cast HIM" in their next movie
>"Since Page’s Instagram post, his team is seeing more activity than they have in years. Many of the offers coming in—to direct, to produce, to act—are trans-related, but there are also some “dude roles.” "

I wonder whose next? Reading this HAS to make celebs who aren't getting any work or attention turned on. Though they'll have to go all the way, Halsey and Kehlani are special genders (Non-Binary), you gotta go all the way, trans man/trans woman for the real pity/pander bucks/roles to come in.

No. 1185777

> everyone i hate is a nazi
take it to twatter anon

No. 1185778

she could pull off a eddie redmayne cosplay

No. 1185780

She looks ana-chan tbh

Also looks dead inside in this picture, which she probably is.

No. 1185781

Holy shit she actually cut her tits off? She was already flat chested, good job mutilating yourself for no reason ellen

No. 1185783

File: 1615907815083.jpg (38.96 KB, 600x559, Burn_Gorman_4.jpg)

Looking more and more like Burn Gorman every day

No. 1185786


Didn't include this incase it counted as ot, but the article actually had a few paragraphs about how trans men are under-represented in hollywood, they called it a "visibility gap" and quoted some troon academic saying it's misogyny or something.

It stood out to me as a subtle call to action for fading actresses especially with the emphasis on how it reinvigorated her career.

Specifically no mention of hormones or plans for further surgery. You'd think that would be front and center to boost the narrative.

No. 1185788

can't stand fighting femininity and womanhood every day so transitions to fight masculinity and being a manlet instead.
mental health <3

No. 1185790

She looks like an ana-chan that’s afraid of having curves so she tries to look boyish nothing more

Next to troon out: Rita Ora - she needs the clout and money lmao

No. 1185791

this is getting so fucking boring and repetitive. just because a woman is tall with a large frame doesn’t mean she’s a troon. that’s literally why she calls herself “thee stallion”

No. 1185792

>trans men are under-represented in hollywood, they called it a "visibility gap" and quoted some troon academic saying it's misogyny or something
uwu that's transphobic, tmam

No. 1185798

File: 1615909228880.jpg (280.85 KB, 1080x550, Screenshot_20210316_143049.jpg)

Yeah that's why she's mainly worn hats for the past couple years or so, that hairline has been running away from her since before her official trooning

No. 1185802

“I’m fully who I am”
An ana-chan?

>named herself Elliot after the kid from E.T.

KEK Why are these people always so fucking crazy that they name themselves after fucking characters

TIME and everyone acknowledging it as misogyny is so unbelievably funny. How are they living in such a disconnect that ellen and other aidens are “male” yet they can still be targets of misogyny? That’s like a direct contradiction.

No. 1185803

I think Amanda Bynes is gonna troon out just because shes said she hated how she felt and looked during She's the Man. Her schizophrenia will twist her around to the opposite.

No. 1185809

kek anon that's not how that works. if it disturbed her that much that she spoke out about it, the concept is probably a trigger for her now.

No. 1185810

Good for him.

No. 1185812

Shes probably being ana chan and smoking cigarettes so she can get those manly sullen jowls. Has she always looked this aged lately?

No. 1185813

File: 1615909694887.jpg (17.19 KB, 600x600, d136e3caadf8626842fcf5fb51570a…)

No. 1185815

File: 1615910001041.png (754.24 KB, 502x797, 2021-03-16 11_52_33.png)

yeah she's been looking rough since umbrella academy started (at least)
picrel is her on a red carpet June '19

No. 1185818

This article is so annoying, she's still FTM, and nobody in her "community" really cares about her since she isn't MTF. She's just blowing out all this steam for people who would never do the same for her.

No. 1185823


Portia de Rossi is my guess for next FTM. Lesbian, anachan, aging out of female lead roles, and with Ellen Degeneres being semi-canceled she could use the money and woke points.

I hope I'm wrong because I love her and she deserved a much bigger career as a hottie comedic actress.

No. 1185824

the best thing she could do for her career at this point would be to divorce ellen imo

No. 1185827

Damn, so ellen wasn't cute at any point in time huh? And now she looks like a walking faces of meth advert.

Fellow lesbians, why was she so hyped up before? We can do better.

No. 1185832

>Getting more famous after Juno made her feel increasingly alienated from her body and identity as she'd have to be feminine for roles and red carpets

So she felt she wasn't conventionally attractive enough causing her to be conscious of her shapeless body shape and tragic hairline and decided she's a man

No. 1185834

Oh good it’s not just me then

No. 1185840

I think she was the skater-girl-next-door type for lesbians. I remember her being charming in things like Juno and Whip It so the big draw was her personality or at least how it was portrayed on screen.

She was plain but never ugly or anything, but because Hollywood was putting her next to Marion Cotillard and Blake Lively, of course that'll fuck up your self esteem as a 5-foot-nothing lesbian who's more comfortable in jeans than ballgowns.

No. 1185841


good for her soon to be ex-wife to divorce her because who the fuck wants to date a failed and greasy attempt of justin bieber.

>Trended in 20 countries, got 400k new Instagram followers and calls from casting directors who would be "honored to cast HIM" in their next movie

This is bruce jenner situation all over again.
>comes out as trans
>ass pats from everybody
>gains new fame and followers
>rants something about twans rights
>new shows etc are panned with them because woke points
>new fame already dead at this point bc everybody realizes what a freak show it is
>vanishes into obscurity

two months from now nobody will give a wet shit about her and her shitty bangs

No. 1185846

File: 1615912244244.jpg (47.41 KB, 960x950, Ewm21PpWUAQ_UlL.jpg)

No. 1185849

She had a nice babyface when she started, she wasn't so bad looking before the transition shit either, just needed a better hairstyle (who the fuck does a middle part with a bad hairline) and different clothes

No. 1185850

how come even rich hollywood fakebois can't be bothered to get a good male haircut?

No. 1185873

Anon most fakebois don't want to be men they want to be uwu young boys because they are afraid of aging

No. 1185893

they still have bad haircuts

No. 1185922

Congrats now you look like a butch lesbian

No. 1185936

File: 1615917192013.jpg (15.1 KB, 282x354, Angel_(Buffy_the_Vampire_Slaye…)

Angel from Buffy jerking off for the fans

No. 1185953

File: 1615917845358.jpeg (50.8 KB, 490x482, 1611347156725.jpeg)

why are men

No. 1185954

post the video … i'm not gonna open that

No. 1185964

Why does ellen page always look like a character from a video game with amazing graphics?

No. 1185975

well fuck you anon, I tried and the file was too big now I have this guy's cock on my computer for no reason just sesame open the thing you don't wanna open because it's the video

No. 1186020

File: 1615923472354.jpg (43.11 KB, 1080x823, Screenshot_20210316-152902_Chr…)

If you Google David Boreanaz masturbating, the second video is legit. He's such an old man now.

No. 1186028

top kek

No. 1186066

Idk if this belongs here or in the Royals thread but there are rumors that Megan Markhle wants to run for president. Why?


No. 1186072

At first I thought the context is that he got an OnlyFans lmao

No. 1186079

Her narcissism knows no limits

No. 1186088

LUL bitch looks like Lainey
uwu ~~*space prince vibes*~~ uwu

No. 1186089

Great, now whenever I'm rewatching Buffy episodes I'm gonna be haunted by the image of him staring expressionlessly at me while beating his mushroom dick and then awkwardly waving goodbye after he cums. The horror

No. 1186115

This sounds like bullshit, tbh

No. 1186116

why are men indeed. I watched buffy and angel afterschool every day. This sucks

No. 1186140

This has got to be exactly what is going on with Ellen Paige, same as the other Tumblr style fake bois. They're women who were overvalued when they were young (Ellen Paige was basically a child star, and her appeal in her early career was her kinda teen-girl-next-door look and attitude), and saw tremendous decline in their social value as they aged. Ellen Paige was staring down the barrel of a gun shaped like crow's feet and thinning hair, and decided she'd rather try aging like a man…like "fine wine". It's all bullshit of course, but she's bought into the rhetoric and being a lesbian means that she doesn't need to worry about not being able to find a male partner like a straight woman with the same mentality would. She anticipates she can find a girl either willing to play into the male delusion or just smile and nod, knowing that they're actually with a butch lesbian.

And please don't suggest Portia de Rossi is the next, my heart couldn't take it. She is welcome to break up with Ellen though.

No. 1186146

Why does it suck? If it bothers you that much don't watch it, it literally doesn't affect anything at all. What a weird thing to choose to be upset over.
Personally I wish he had done it 10 years ago.

No. 1186152

this is one of the most autistic things ive ever read

No. 1186157

File: 1615932199444.jpg (33.56 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Yep, even as a kid - just unfortunate genetics.

No. 1186163

File: 1615932822136.jpg (878.58 KB, 1035x2122, SmartSelect_20210316-181236_Ch…)

Aaaand now I've just realized she's always had a bang off to the side to hide the receding.

Not that this is milk so I'll stop but man, it never dawned on me til now

No. 1186181

Old news, she wanted to do that during late autumn. I guess they ran out of ideas for their clickbaity articles.

No. 1186276

honestly I think the hair is really cute on her. I don't understand why wanting short hair and wearing boyish clothes makes someone think they're trans now days though. It feels like all tomboy women now are saying they're trans

No. 1186324

listens to Cold Cave once

No. 1186375

File: 1615951367352.png (498.99 KB, 615x496, Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 1.07…)

the thumbs up after he finishes is my new sleep paralysis demon

No. 1186417

no bc to transition she would have to undergo a fuckload of surgery anyways, if her, as you said, singular issue was "fear of aging as a woman" she could undergo far less surgery to look even better. like the answer both ways, if there's an issue, results in surgery so from that alone it's personal choice.

you sound like a man fr, what logic is that

No. 1186435

File: 1615962190611.jpg (473.83 KB, 1459x2048, metgala_06.jpg)

>she could undergo far less surgery to look even better
Old women with surgery don't look good or even normal, they look like desperate old women.
OTOH, men are ugly for their entire lives but even an old, ugly, wrinkly man looks more like a human being than an old woman, especially if her face was deformed by fillers and surgery. I'm not a TRA but if you're a woman and want to look somewhat ok in old age transitioning is a great decision.

No. 1186436

File: 1615962670801.jpeg (66.77 KB, 512x512, 1B0DDBC2-5DBF-4825-93DA-EDC26C…)

So you’re telling me she’s just ugly Linda Cardellini

No. 1186444


"Get on the operating table, Elliot, or we'll make Soren do it."

No. 1186446

welp, low key still would. he's a bit of a silver fox

No. 1186451

take it easy anon, I don't agree with the logic in the slightest and think it's retarded, I'm just saying why a lot of the uwu soft FTMs may find transitioning desirable. Like the other anon said, aging as an old woman you get shat on like crazy even with plastic surgery…in today's environment, transitioning into weird looking manboy instead of "old woman" is seen as better. I think it's retarded but it is true.

No. 1186475

File: 1615970723554.jpg (95.69 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_20210317_084503.jpg)

No. 1186478

my sides holy shit

No. 1186479

anon you need higher standards

No. 1186483

File: 1615972072135.jpg (68.26 KB, 587x844, vampire-Spike-buffy-the-vampir…)

I would love a video of James Marsters jacking off from 20 years ago

No. 1186498

>anons make a bunch of posts about the sexual harassment Page has dealt with since she was a child
>see fellas there’s this thing called THE WALL that happens when actresses turn 30
You sound like a guy

No. 1186506

Ýeah it must be the girl's fault and not the trauma from being a childstar who was very likely drugged up and passed around to be raped amongst the producers in Hollywood for years.

Everyone knows all the male child-stars are well-adjusted cause they grow up to be sexy old men.

No. 1186518

A few years ago I found out he wasn’t actually British. Ruined everything. 10/10 would not watch, just scoff.

No. 1186523

This is not the tinfoil thread dumbass

No. 1186524

File: 1615979213014.png (1.72 MB, 2424x2164, cardib.png)

CardiB is a borerline illiterate retard

No. 1186529

Not sure how that makes her illiterate, as I can only see one repeated word typo. Regardless this exchange is hilarious wtf

No. 1186530

dude that tweet in the middle is such fucking word garbage you can barely tell what she is trying to say

>you was trending

>your right
>your sleeps at yours sleep at your home

No. 1186531

I mean she is illiterate, all you have to do is listen to her speak, and this “you was” shit and not knowing the correct form of “your/you’re” to use at her age is pretty retarded, but she’s still amusing and Candace Owens is an ugly, wall eyed, pearl clutching, bootlicking cunt, so I’m here for it

No. 1186534

They are both ugly and shitty people to me but Candice is worse. I like seeing them fight because both lose their shit so easily.

No. 1186541

have you heard of AAVE anon? cause it's out there

No. 1186543

File: 1615980868653.jpeg (150.09 KB, 1036x991, 97EC13E1-F246-4830-8CEA-C4306F…)

kek, fr. both of them look legitimately downsy. my theory is that candace hates other women to the extent that she does because she is bitter about being so hideous. keep seething candace, you miserable mong

No. 1186544

File: 1615980947869.png (1.08 MB, 2304x1852, candace.png)

Candace is right tho. She just pointed out that women rubbing their pussies together on prime-time tv is not empowering, it is disgusting. Cardi B immediately tried to dig up shit on Candace and found a fake tweet that she refuses to recognize as fake.

Personally, I would like to see them get in a ring and pull each others weaves out.

No. 1186550

File: 1615981667331.png (246.17 KB, 768x387, catfight.png)


No. 1186555

Funny that you mention AAVE since she isn't even Black.

No. 1186558

aave is for trashy, uneducated retards
she is

No. 1186559

I agree, they’re both garbage people but candace is a bigger pile of garbage because she hates women and flaunts her coonery all over the internet like it’s something to be proud of. cardi is a retard and i hate this culture of “LOOK AT MY BIG FAT ASS! I LIKE SEX!” faux empowerment nonsense that doesn’t help women at all, i’ll take the bernie bitch over the trump sucking misogynist
cardi isn’t even black, she is an illiterate latina who somehow gets a pass for being “afro-caribbean” even though both her parents are clearly not black

No. 1186560

File: 1615982750352.jpg (53.09 KB, 620x460, 054d43dadc0be07e.jpg)

Lets not start the "is Cardi B" black shit, nobody can agree on it anyway, I think she's mixed with a lot of shit to be honest. Her parents look like this.

No. 1186562

She's stated many times that she isn't black.

No. 1186564

KEK, lolcow spergs never fail to amuse me.
> hates everyday sex workers
> simps for a blackfishing whore that endorses and promotes sex work to her many young fans because Drumpf?!?

No. 1186565

Does it matter if she's 56% or 66% or 23% black? She looks black and more importantly, she acts black.(constant racebait)

No. 1186566

And she calls black women “cockroaches” too, she’s only black when it comes to being allowed to use the word “nigga”. JLo was dragged to hell for using it once in that track with Ja Rule but Cardi gets a pass when she’s no more black than JLo is

No. 1186569

what is acting black?

No. 1186570

No. 1186572

I don’t think anyone “simps” for Cardi here, all I can see is anons saying that both her and Candace Owens are trash, which they are, but go off
Lmao, by this logic Rachel Dolezal is also Black, okay anon

No. 1186575

>she looks black and more importantly she acts black

You were slammed in the head as a baby because not all black people look the same and there isn’t a way to act black. You’re seriously associating blackness with urban culture? What if I called your ignorance and terrible race bait “acting white”? Because that’s exactly what that is, so go fuck off and die.

No. 1186576

Cardio is transracial.

No. 1186577

You said it before me, lmao. They keep pushing these transracial kweens, lmao.
Some of the anons in this thread and on Twitter surely would've accepted Rachel Dolezal if she had pumped her ass full of silicone, got some lip injections and twerked on camera instead of going to uni and trying to combat racism.

No. 1186578

The racist anons who can’t see how sad this predicament is for both of these women. One is definitely a coon in denial, estranged from her heritage and straightening her hair out of fear and embarrassment of being black because “Cardi acts black” anon perpetuates the stereotype that all black women are crazy, stupid, temperamental, and ghetto and another one is another American cultural product of selling women, especially black women in hip hop as empowered dancing sex mannequins who are eager to shake their pussies in front of anyone like lovely peaches. Such a shame that this is going on, it’s too damn early for this

No. 1186582

The worst part is that Cardi isn't even in that demographic herself. She's literally cosplaying for her job, and for some reasons, that disgusting, ghetto stereotype is exactly the image Americans want for certain groups of women.
It's really fucked. But I guess women's empowerment is when you're forced to drug the man who paid to use your body and steal the bitty bit of cash in his wallet all so you can afford to pay rent and fund your drug addiction for the month.

No. 1186585

>Some of the anons in this thread and on Twitter surely would've accepted Rachel Dolezal if she had pumped her ass full of silicone, got some lip injections and twerked on camera instead of going to uni and trying to combat racism.
Anon did you not see how often girls would become jokes on social media for "blackfishing"?

No. 1186586

Fucking all of this. Cardi and Candace embody the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to gross Black (or more importantly Black female) caricatures. Setting aside the is she or isn’t she argument for a moment, Cardi is consumed as a product of Black “urban-ness”, regardless of her actual ethnicity. She is perpetuating a stereotype. Then you’ve got Candace, who is misogynoir personified. The culture deserves better than these two reprobates.

No. 1186591

leave it to lolcow.farms to turn an actual milky hilarious spat between two celebs into a cringy race-debate cause you get triggered this fucking easy over a cow having dark skin

some of you have been raised by tumblr and it shows

No. 1186593

File: 1615986200103.jpeg (365.49 KB, 1242x1811, C4E64C79-231C-42FA-871B-645F68…)

Candace looks like she has FAS.

In other news, Demi Lovato said she was raped and lost her virginity to it when she was working for Disney, by someone who also worked for them.

No. 1186594

Disney and Nickelodeon are birds of a feather.

No. 1186595

Literally every single child star has been raped. Wake the fuck up if this is still surprising to you.

All of them.

No. 1186599

Where did I ever said I was surprised? Of course they are, judt not many dare to actually confirm it.

No. 1186608

File: 1615988150174.jpg (209.42 KB, 1062x840, Screenshot_8.jpg)

Nickelodeon star Alexa Nikolas (Zoey 101) accused her ex-husband of grooming and sexual misconduct
>she met Milosh when she was 16 and he was 33
>on her 18th birthday he coerced her to engage in anal penetration and vaginal intercourse without a condom
>“the entire time he stayed with me he never offered a single dime for gas or food.”
>Milosh told her to “get over” a traumatic sexual encounter she had had with another partner, and that at times he would have physical outbursts, “punching the refrigerator and candles"
>She continued accompanying Milosh on tour through 2016, and describes the relationship slowly unraveling, with her struggling with alcoholism and engaging in affairs
>she say he recorded them having sex and used the recorded sounds in his songs without her consent

No. 1186614

File: 1615988782486.png (611.88 KB, 2048x1237, Screenshot_20210317-094459.png)

No. 1186618

NTA, but this was after it became part of her brand. Go watch her interviews where she said her being in a relationship with black men is interracial, and people who actually know/knew her confirming her mocking black girls and identifying solely as Latina.
She openly called them cockroaches and made fun of one of the black women in her social circle having her child (a literal baby, not even a teen or adult) die. That's how she really feels, so just stop forcing this shit.

No. 1186619

I'm glad she got out and she's speaking out about the creep, but uh
>he punched the fridge and candles
>he punched candles

How do you even punch a candle?

I hate living in a world where women's stories of abuse are so common that little details like this is what my brain latches onto, sorry anons

No. 1186621

File: 1615989357254.jpg (74.21 KB, 978x622, Screenshot_9.jpg)

Jared Leto is looking rough these days

No. 1186627

I liked her idgaf attitude at first. It's was cool. But this is too far.

No. 1186628

This scared the fuck outta me, I glanced and thought someone was posting gore, a skeleton with hair and eyes still intact. Damn

No. 1186630

File: 1615989942179.png (672.82 KB, 719x1111, nk.png)

>“North Korea writing these types of articles shows that [Pyongyang] thinks it has become difficult to completely block off the distribution of K-pop music,” Lee said. “So, they are working on producing some sort of counterintelligence, claiming that these popular songs are being made under poor conditions — ‘slave-like’ exploitation of young trainees.”

https://www.nknews.org/2021/03/north-korea-blasts-bts-and-blackpinks-music-labels-in-state-propaganda/?t=1623716220198(not a kpop thread)

No. 1186641

What a disgusting, soulless parasite. I hope he loses everything.

No. 1186642

>these popular songs are being made under poor conditions
I read a North-Korean defectors book and she mentioned that what they teach them in schools is that it is actually the South Koreans who live under a dictatorship and in poverty, so this would fit in with that narrative

No. 1186644

Okey but the aren’t wrong about the trainee camps for the idols kek

No. 1186645

News I will be guarding my mother from rest of my days. What a loser. Spike gang.

No. 1186646

File: 1615992250112.png (50.08 KB, 1208x180, truth.png)

Based North Korea

Why is this in the celebritcows thread tho? Do you Kpop fags not have your own thread?

No. 1186647

File: 1615992328229.gif (167.56 KB, 245x168, 656e1544bc0facf4f5dba0131d23f9…)

>Spike gang.

No. 1186653

never doubted he was best boy

No. 1186654

Kpop threads aren't legal on the lolcow, but it keeps coming up. I blame that time Travis Barker nearly joined BTS.

No. 1186687

wasn’t this established in like 2005

No. 1186704

Are we really surprised, though? Ellen Paige made a career even before coming out as gay by pretending to be a 12 year old boy. This is like…natural progression.

No. 1186710

File: 1615999373178.png (1.67 MB, 1782x2048, Screenshot_20210317-104228.png)

I don't watch the Bachelor but I did with my mom this season. Did anyone else watch the finale? It was a crock of shit how the producers didn't even give a background check to Rachel and painted her like a victim. It was also bullshit how Matt hadn't considered therapy instead of going on the Bachelor.

No. 1186711

But he really did though

No. 1186724

I watch this trash, the producers were naturally salivating over the drama and Chris Harrison probs warned a break anyway, he'll come back in a year with an apology carefully crafted by some pr agency.
Matt clearly just jumped on an opportunity to break up with a woman he never wanted to commit to while still remaining the righteous one. Male daddy issues are the most boring human condition

No. 1186733

File: 1616001465386.jpeg (2.43 MB, 2978x4474, 47E4479C-A15B-4320-8A30-F11115…)

Jesus. I thought this was Dane Dehaan.

No. 1186734

File: 1616001556588.jpg (32.84 KB, 680x680, 83c897f90bf4ad9e3cc85eeb3d9a0d…)

This is fucking hilarious.

What a fucking clownworld we live in.

No. 1186747

File: 1616002359536.png (1008.21 KB, 2048x472, Screenshot_20210317-112503.png)

I agree he just took the opportunity to dip. Can't say I blame him either especially in these times.

No. 1186768

So what did she actually do that was racist?
I only see rumors spread on TikTok by people who claim to have known her in high school and "she was racist back then" but no proof?

All I can find is that she "liked pictures of friends who are wearing MAGA hats" (mind you, she didn't wear one herself) and she went to a college party that was held on an old plantation and they all dressed up in old-timey dresses?

Did they make black people dress up as slaves for the party and whip them?

No. 1186771

The antebellum parties were outlawed in 2016 and she went to one in 2018. There was also her sharing qanon conspiracies which is more lulzy than racist though. It's mostly her family tbh.

No. 1186773

Americans are really letting woke culture ruin their entire country and it's fucking sad. You are heading towards Brave New World levels of wrongthink.

No. 1186776

Not my country or culture but I had to do some digging on why so many people were offended.

No. 1186780

The parties aren't outlawed I'm pretty sure the fraternity that usually holds them just banned them. There's nothing "woke" about leaving outdated traditions behind. Kappa Alpha's own website calls Robert E Lee their "spiritual founder" so its understandable why they'd want to escape scrutiny by being less overt.

No. 1186787

Yet they bendover backwards for the degenerate troons

No. 1186789

Every female child star at least. It's not surprising but it's sad as fuck.

Can I get some context? Why does he need therapy?

No. 1186802

Nah. That’s Canada and the U.K who bend over backwards for troons. America is rather ambivalent towards them overall but some of the “worker” cities/areas definitely do (like that SF Public Library nonsense).

No. 1186804

Why is this so funny

No. 1186806

Doesn't the US have these fetishists in positions of power tho? Or am I thinking of another country.

No. 1186812

daddy dipped when he was a kid, white mom is still bitter about it, he is now a sadboi with commitment issues

No. 1186817

File: 1616008329541.jpg (509.39 KB, 1000x563, UnReal.jpg)

For all you Bachelor fans, does anyone watch the show called UnReal? It's written by a producer that used to work on The Bachelor and season 1 is a masterpiece

No. 1186870

Damn, not nicole too. She was a crush of mine. Hope she has a better a life after being with that monster. smh

No. 1186873

File: 1616012399985.png (674.18 KB, 869x749, levine.png)

Sure, anon.

>There's nothing "woke" about leaving outdated traditions behind.
You're part of the problem. Enjoy losing your job one day cause you said or did something that you didn't know will be considered offensive in 5 years from now. Your country is entirely fucked.

No. 1186875

They're so wrong and right at the same time kek

No. 1186876

Stop the Elliot Page spam already

No. 1186879

Anon I don't think woke culture is okay either. Not allowing the members of your frat to larp as plantation owners is not "woke". Sorry you can't figure out what that means.

>Enjoy losing your job one day cause you said or did something that you didn't know will be considered offensive in 5 years from now.

This is so funny lmao only men worry about this kind of thing. Knew this thread was infested.

No. 1186885

Imagine thinking only men can worry about the future and see that the world is going off the fucking deep end with this shit.

If you had any reading comprehension you also could tell that I am not american and I am so fucking happy about that. Enjoy your Big Brother hellscape where you have to suck tranny dick and can't celebrate Christmas anymore cause Santa is a symbol of white oppression.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1186887

Lmao america truly is a degenerate shit hole

No. 1186906

This is one of the best finales of all time for the bachelor. They 1000% knew about her past, and hid it until the end. His reaction was priceless too. I know race discussion is banned but it was such an imperative part of this season and this show in general. The bachelor is generally unbelievably garbage and the producers love torturing the contestants but the milk it produces is phenomenal. They already did this with the bachelorette there’s no telling how they will top it next.

Does anyone remember the celebrity renditions of these types of shows? Flavor of love, rock of love etc. They should bring those back. They’re functioning celebrity cow goldmines.

nta she didn’t even call you an american and you do sound like a scrote. The idea that “frat house slave owner cosplay bad” =/= anon losing her job for not being woke enough. Apples and oranges. Try coping.

No. 1186913

>Only scrotes think that wearing your grandmothers dress to a party is racism
You're defending cancel-culture. Cancel-culture does indeed lead to people losing their jobs and it's fucking stupid.

No. 1186924

>every female child star
Girl, really? Don’t dismiss the abuse of children because you hate men.

No. 1186935

this country is going downhill so fast… i had my hopes we'd have another woman

No. 1186971

File: 1616021858363.jpeg (250.83 KB, 1186x1260, 60FAA983-6206-4006-89A1-972B23…)

Lol based
The spineless trio can’t relate

No. 1186980

> Seriously pulling the "b-but men" card when anon said "at least"
What's wrong with you

No. 1186984

File: 1616023425896.jpeg (266.34 KB, 1284x831, 1D733457-9563-46A0-8E3D-F19A71…)

And then everyone clapped?

No. 1186985

Did you get picked sis

No. 1186992

Isn't the UK always referred to 'Terf Island?' Doesn't sound like a tranny haven.

No. 1186994

damn this bitch has ten month old babies?

No. 1186995

Nah. Male child stars get abused too, men in general are just more likely to shove it all down and never speak about abuse they’ve suffered

No. 1187029

File: 1616025240909.jpeg (367.25 KB, 770x673, 0643B837-1B2D-4036-84B5-634D9B…)

thoughts on billie’s new hair? i personally love it, it’s 100x better than the nasty green. kinda milfish tho….i guess she’s shifting her image towards something more palatable & feminine but i hope that doesn’t mean she starts flashing her coochie everywhere

No. 1187033

she looks like courtney love which… alright

No. 1187034


No. 1187035

Looks so thick, i thought her hair was fried? Very courtney x gaga

No. 1187037

This is clearly a joke though

No. 1187039

File: 1616025894510.jpg (132.35 KB, 2000x1200, 2560.jpg)

sounds about right.
JK Rowling has had some very controversial takes on trans lately

No. 1187041

>never speak
but carry that trauma into adulthood and act out in horrible ways, usually against women or minorities

No. 1187044

File: 1616026094448.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x2038, 37B71836-CF76-43EF-AD53-A35C1B…)

if anything you are acting like a white person with a savior complex lmao
actually cute (aside from looking fucked up as usual)

No. 1187047

the hair is fine, but that lip filler still makes me so sad… she just didn't need it at all

No. 1187050

This cover is right after detrans awareness day, and before that she came out as a fakeboi right after some UK hearings.

No. 1187053

go off queen(integrate)

No. 1187054

Her new hair looks like a wig and makes her look middle aged

No. 1187055

i liked the green hair but she looks cute
when did she have filler? her lips have always looked like that

No. 1187057

Still a mediocre looking fatso

No. 1187059

thx anon, i honestly couldnt tell
also hbd to grimes

No. 1187077

File: 1616028419899.png (2 MB, 750x1334, 3CDA96F4-E9AD-4B95-A82E-76FD15…)


pic related is screenshot from a video i can't post bc mobile but it's legit. it's definitely just bc he's playing with it and not that he's a superbaby but he does manage a one second "loop"

No. 1187080

Anon pls my sides

No. 1187084

People are going to use the fact that he played Voldemort as a point against him

No. 1187087

Just your average mainland euro anon checking in to let you know that America is based and Britbongs on this site are a plague.

>in b4 "not British"
then you're autistic

No. 1187098

Anon I am obsessed with this show. Never watched the bachelor but read all the dirty bts stuff. Do you know if it's ever coming back?

No. 1187105

Whoa, do you remember how she announced her new identity around the Keira Bell court case? Her journey seems very calculated..hmmok ill stfu about Ellie

No. 1187107

It was cancelled. nta but the first season really was the high point, it was borderline unwatchable by season 4.

No. 1187108

Idk I dig it, she looks rly hot in this pic specifically.

No. 1187134

File: 1616035266685.jpg (54.94 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1616035160258.jpg)

No. 1187135

her natural hair colour is a dirty blonde. It'd be nice if this was a transition to giving her hair a rest and letting it grow out to its natural colour. blonde suits her complexion so much better.

No. 1187139

I bet she's gonna dye it another striking color honestly. She just has to bleach it first

No. 1187140

No. 1187142

I bet it's neon orange

No. 1187144

she kinda looks like Naomi Watts in this pic

No. 1187154

She reminds me of a young Debbie Harry.

No. 1187155

File: 1616037689461.png (306.77 KB, 728x653, angie.png)

No. 1187157

I wonder what Jen thinks

No. 1187170

She looks good me thinks. Bet all the girls at my work are going to be dying their hair blonde now.

I mean, did anybody think this wouldn’t be the case? I saw this coming a mile away tbh.

No. 1187174

I just started watching this on as Hulu recommended me. Kinda slow in the beginning as Im waiting for the drama inshow to start but Im only on the first episodes.(no1curr)

No. 1187180

that's what running a cult does to you

No. 1187203

I'm personally not fond of that brassy yellow-blonde. I think it looks tacky and only draws more attention to how damaged her hair is. Natural dirty blonde would look so much better.

No. 1187210

Brassy isn't the same as yellow or gold. Brassy is more of an orange tint. The color of brass. This is called "bleach blonde" or "sun blonde". It's a popular shade with the ironically trashy demographic.

No. 1187228

File: 1616048569585.jpg (52.69 KB, 800x600, brassy-blonde-hair.jpg)

Nta but this is what comes up when you search "brassy blonde"

No. 1187242

File: 1616051269148.jpg (263.07 KB, 1436x1436, Brassy Hair Why it happens and…)

nta but that doesn't seem brassy to me, that could easily be a post-toning pic. "brassy" basically implies the overabundance (and often unever distribution) of the color orange. It can be pretty subtle (picrel). Brass instruments should literally be called to mind upon looking at a brassy blonde's head.

No. 1187243

she looks like lesbian mom

No. 1187249

washes her out. blonde should have dimension.

No. 1187259

I could only dream of the day that id ask my parents to help me get lip injections, being an 'art kid' must be awesome

No. 1187271

I wonder what work she will get done in the future… I'm going to guess under-eye filler, brow lift, rhinoplasty, and maybe cheek filler. Maybe a breast reduction too but that's not rlly cosmetic.

No. 1187274

What makes you think she has fillers? Her lips have always looked like that

No. 1187275

File: 1616058179885.jpg (114.82 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

That's what I thought too but then a Google search brought this up

No. 1187276

File: 1616058240286.jpg (175.3 KB, 1080x1080, 93fbedbf5fe69199c10f37d881afe3…)

yep, she def had them done

No. 1187278

File: 1616058546006.png (6.27 MB, 3264x3264, bllie.png)

Imo, pictures of her smiling look like her lips in the before photos

No. 1187281

I think it would look better if it was more cool-toned, but otherwise looks nice

No. 1187283

God, women who understand science are so sexy

No. 1187289

I know she’s supposed to be alt but seeing this change made me notice all the kardashian clone Instagram hoe features she got

No. 1187298

I think she looks worse now

No. 1187300

File: 1616063421671.jpg (98.32 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Her lips are tight and pressed on the left image, she definitely didn't have them done imho

No. 1187313

File: 1616066796270.jpg (97.78 KB, 720x1520, 20210318_122534.jpg)

Why does she always look so scary, is that a new trend?

No. 1187318

Yeah, I don't like her face at all.

No. 1187320


It took me some time to remember who Billie Eilish even was, which proves how integral the green roots black hair style was to her image. This looks like an inbetween color before going for some other alternative look, stylists will not usually leave it looking box-dyed like this with no toner or dimension.

No. 1187322

She thinks she's very edgy and takes a lot of drugs. Have you never seen her weird music videos?

No. 1187325

>I saw this coming a mile away tbh
Why? Isn't Angie the unstable one?

No. 1187348

it's her aesthetic, she's clearly aiming to look scary lol. though i do wonder if we're seeing the start of a more traditionally good-looking sexy era now with the blonde hair and her turning 18

No. 1187379

She's not like other girls anon

No. 1187398

Her hair has been thinning ever since that blue from 2018, and now that she's bleached it you can really see all the damage. Having expensive hairdressers at your disposal doesn't mean you can defy the laws of hair. I hate alt celebs.

No. 1187420

They never learn about wigs until it's too late.

No. 1187422

Christina Hendricks in good girls

No. 1187442

Switching to more conventional beauty, is weightloss next?(weight sperg)

No. 1187458

I don’t like it, at least not this shade. I’m pretty sure this is a jebait until she dyes it a color in 2 weeks like other anons have said but if not then she’s definitely starting a cookie cutter top 40 pop icon saga

No. 1187460

i’ve always wondered if jen held any hatred towards either of them considering pitt clearly cheated on her with jolie. they can deny it all they want but mr and mrs smith was filming during 2004 and jen didn’t divorce pitt until 2005.

No. 1187462

why do these anons come into the thread to bitch about this girl’s weight whenever she’s brought up? she looks fine.

No. 1187498

File: 1616085614134.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 136.19 KB, 762x1210, D7B11F3D-40B6-4D14-8BCE-36FD0D…)

This bitch and her whole family are fucked, hollywood is disgusting.

No. 1187499

lol what on earth is going on here

No. 1187501

whoa whoa whoa. you can’t call her disgusting!! she lost her baby!! chrissy teigen cannot be criticized in any way. did you know she lost her baby?

No. 1187507

Man ngl I want whatever drugs he is on to lose all that weight, he is looking like a skinny legend

No. 1187510

Her comedian friend, Whitney Cummings, commented "My porn" under a pic of Chrissy with her daughter on the kitchen floor. Dozens of people told her to delete her weird comment, but I think it's still there.

No. 1187527

Why does Micheal Jackson love twenty eight year olds

No. 1187545

This seems like it's just asking for pizzagate freaks to target her again why would she post this?

No. 1187550

yeah that's what I'm confused by. Wasn't Angie always the unstable one? She always gave me an unhinged vibe ever since all the drama of kissing her brother, having a vial of billy bob's blood around her neck, there's tons of old milk out there about her. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if she made up shit about brad hitting her or w.e to play dirty in the divorce.

But who knows, maybe her insanity caused brad to snap because apparently she was physically abusive to him as well.

No. 1187552

Hey I'm not complaining lol

No. 1187557

not to mention Angelina Jolie and her sockpuppet Disqus accounts trashing Jennifer Aniston

No. 1187570

I don’t see how you’d think that. Maddox got in between them when they were arguing for a reason. Otherwise why would he have jumped in to defend his mom, and got Brad to get forceful with him? It shook Jolie so much that she left him there and there and Maddox hasn’t seen him since. That’s not suspicious to you?

No. 1187640

you barely talked about the abuse tbh

milosh told her about OTHER SEX ENCOUNTERS with other woman doing very nasty and not consensual stuff to them. He used her for a green card and stopped being intimate with her after she said no more anal stuff.

this is very sad and infuriating I HOPE she gets all the legal support possible.

Rhye blocked comments on its instagram.

No. 1187641

shut up idiot, you can see it migrating in >>1187275

No. 1187647

The fact that he used audio from mic-ed up women as he rapes and sexually assaults them in his songs is so fucking disgusting! He should rot.

No. 1187665

Gotta be a twig say the tree trunk bitches of lolcow

No. 1187670

I could see this encounter with a normal person. You’re taking sexy pics and your child comes into the room like children do and you’re like ahh no go away now or you put your clothes back on and take care of your child.

But to take a picture of the moment and post it online…no. Being sexy and children should not be two aspects of a public post from anyone, celeb or not

No. 1187673


I like it, reminds me of D.Fannings whitegrl frog-fur hair style in Runanaways.
Grungy, mullet-y. Which is starting to come back in style w the alts.(no1curr)

No. 1187682

Eh. Not defending Angie (she does seem crazy) but I can believe Brad is an asshole on his own. I don’t believe the “Angie made him that way” bs excuse.

No. 1187713

She was wild and provocative, but she wasn't insane. Also your logic is terrible because it's not like crazy women don't get abused. In fact it's much easier to get away with because who will believe them anyway? But let's just stick with "she made it up" because that's more likely than a rich and famous dude with an ego being abusive, ok.

No. 1187739

billie is actually pretty vocal about not using drugs, and you’re weird as fuck for being that invested in an 18 year old’s habits

No. 1187756

Billie looks nice with that hair, what bugs me is the way she sings with that weird infantilized accent on some songs. Anyone else noticed this? Like in her song Therefore I am she goes IM NOT YOUR FWEND! Weird shit. I guess it’s to appeal to a younger crowd but it’s still strange to me

No. 1187763

She looks way older now.

No. 1187766

Maybe I'm a prude but is there a dire need to take sexy photos when your kids are running around, what about when they're in bed or having a nap.

No. 1187808

File: 1616111401101.jpg (69.98 KB, 846x648, courtneyl.jpg)

Billie reminds me of 2004 Courtney Love now. not bad look but i can't imagine it going well with those Aaliyah oversize clothes, they'll probably tell to change her style. she's already worn a plaid mini before.

No. 1187846

File: 1616116787173.jpg (226.74 KB, 946x1441, EwywEELXEAc7bm6.jpg)

No. 1187847

File: 1616116814382.png (270.99 KB, 719x721, armie.png)

No. 1187852

File: 1616117027867.jpg (292.8 KB, 2048x2048, EwyshpzWYAEMEir.jpg)

No. 1187858

Off-brand Suki Waterhouse

No. 1187859

i’m so bored of this weirdo. lol

No. 1187861

pretends to be shocked

No. 1187932

this manchild straight up idk'd his way out of every relationship, wasn't ready to propose in the first place, broke up with her over the phone and ruined her public image over liking a picture of a friend in a maga hat
american television

No. 1187938

I can get why people wouldn't like her, but I never understood the deep hate some people seem to harbor for her. Besides being ~quirky~, she seems kind of boring as far as young celebs go.

No. 1187949

nta but stan comments are so embarrassing, you realize young women use this board right, loser? Billie isn't gonna fuck you, go crawl up someone else's ass.

No. 1187953

The fuck? Poor kid. Every famous woman who’s obsessive about showing how much of a cool MILF they are is disgusting and I feel bad for their children having to be involved in any way.
Hehe here’s my innocent child standing in the way of my naked titties, doesn’t he know I’m trying to attention whore online?

No. 1187954

File: 1616132955548.jpg (114.4 KB, 727x631, brit.jpg)

No. 1187988

>>1187954 Amazing for her, but is she even allowed to do that under the conservatorship? I remember her doing the same in the 'Circus' documentary from 2008 that aired on MTV, then it was completely wiped from the internet and media.

No. 1187995

Why is Oprah the Shane Dawson of the celeb world lately, she could retire with her literal billions but can't resist pulling up for a "raw powerful honest" image rehab session.

I wonder what her deal really is, she definitely has cult leader vibes (the Making Oprah podcast a few years ago legit sounded like people escaped a cult) and she's still got huge sway with boomer women across political lines.

Suprised Twitter hasn't tried to cancel her yet, I'm sure among decades of TV they could find her being troonphobic or something,plus being chronically overworked was a mark of pride on her staff.

No. 1188004

Go for it girl

No. 1188110

anon don't be retarded, she's not shane. not to wk but she stuck up for gays during the time when people weren't accepting yet, i don't know how lucky you'll be to find something transphobic. oprah has established her credibility and reputation, which is why people trust her. once people realized shane was off, everybody realized how awful his videos were to begin with. it's just not the same.

No. 1188169

I think Oprah wants to go down the Barbara Walters route. Barbara Walters was huge in the 1990s when she was already in her 70s and she did a lot of prime time interviews with celebrities and politicians, this was while Oprah was a talk show host. So I can see now why Oprah wants to copy Barbara Walters' career and do fancy, exclusive interviews with elusive celebrities. I bet she's gonna try to go after Beyonce too.

No. 1188310

If this actually does happen I doubt its really going to be completely "honest" and "tell all". She will probably talk about how wonderful the conservatorship and say that her shaving her head was the result of, idk, drug abuse, and not a full blown nervous breakdown.

No. 1188332

I think Oprah’s pretty milky (she was cozy with Harvey Weinstein and then dropped him like a hot potato when he got arrested) but unlike most cows, I think she’s really good at hiding any blemishes and can really project a professional persona. It’s gotta take a lot to take her down.

No. 1188349

God, I don’t like Whitney Cummings either, she comes off as such a pickme “not like other girls” type. Also tinfoil, but she was VERY close friends with Chris D’Elia and I wonder how much she knew about his bullshit despite acting like she had no idea.

No. 1188446

the documentary that recently aired showed that she even said on camera how much she hates the conservatorship. she's been filing actions to get her dad removed and everything. i don't think she's gonna lie about it (plus father spears seems actually close to death) but she might say some shit like she knows she needed it.

but yeah, fuck oprah.

No. 1188546

she addressed that one time actually, she said that it's ridiculous people expect her/women to know every sick detail about an abuser in their life as if they aren't actively trying to hide it from people close to them too. i believe her enough, but hollyweird is just that.

No. 1188602

I don't believe her at all, not after some actresses said they met him through her. Isn't she friends with Woody Allen too?

No. 1188794

Oprah is a huge shill, I doubt Britney will say anything groundbreaking.

No. 1188806

She still looks like that anon…

No. 1188878

File: 1616247928227.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 124.38 KB, 469x584, BAEE2C77-3536-4726-AEF1-A153C1…)

No. 1188905

Girl that image is super compressed. If you're trying to make this point.. well, try again.

No. 1188962

Danielle speaks out against the Ranch and says Dr Phil should apologize or else 'she's gonna handle things her way'.

>“There’s been a Murder at this facility, reports of torture and now a report of sexual abuse and Dr. Phil still continues to send trouble children here even after knowing this stuff has happened at this facility.”

No. 1188973

I feel bad for her but that hairstyle needs to go. Everyone knows she’s white as shit. Idk why she pretends otherwise.

No. 1188986

she's got a perm, idk why that wouldn't be considered a white hairstyle

No. 1188996

? I've seen her try some looks that looked like black fishing but this is just curly hair, it's like a golden girls hairstyle grown out.

No. 1188999

File: 1616261299139.jpg (148.18 KB, 983x1392, nintchdbpict000204457234.jpg)

I agree

No. 1189003

Ah i didnt know that. thats good to know. If thats the case then i really hope she doesnt sugarcoat it. she deserves the chance to be honest and speak out.

No. 1189007

She literally looks like Barbra Streisand tho

No. 1189010

How did all these woke POC find this site? I bet it's the shitty e-girls thread.

Imagine giving a shit about "blackfishing".

No. 1189012

File: 1616262883662.jpeg (343.05 KB, 828x1197, E0EEE317-42A4-47F7-A85E-069089…)

More Hollywood genderspecial BS from Keiynan Lonsdale from Love Simon.

No. 1189017

>we all come from trees

No. 1189033

Sad, but nothing special (especially if she won't even say who the person who raped her is).

Why does these pretty girls always marry these Down's Syndrome-ass looking cavemen?

It's inevitable. It happens to every popular female musician looking to maintain their mainstream popularity in the zeitgeist.

No. 1189038

this has 2012 jaden smith vibes

No. 1189041

File: 1616265253496.jpg (41.42 KB, 680x465, 557af2566bb3f7e4409dba87.jpg)

hard disagree

No. 1189044

>this may sound stupid

No. 1189046

File: 1616265489812.jpg (11.63 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

bitch that's lizzo lmao

No. 1189060

I wonder if there’d be interest in a celeb stalkers thread? Delusional people who think they are in relationships with famous people and post all about it on social media. Mainly tiktok, instagram and twitter.

Some of them are dangerous, some are not. For example, there’s the woman who thinks she is married to Pete Davidson (recently arrested breaking and entering). She had an extensive trail of milk his stans knew about before she even uploaded that press release. There’s the woman who claims her baby daddy is Justin Bieber and posts her kids on social media making collages with his pics. Today I came across a woman who claims to be mind controlled by John Mayer via microchip. Then there’s the one who claims she was Tom Hanks’ satanic sex slave. Etc. I’m sure there are so many.

No. 1189061

The Tom Hanks example is probably a lolcow anon from the tinfoil thread tbh

No. 1189080

File: 1616268796707.png (453.89 KB, 1222x731, cultural appropriation.png)

No. 1189088

File: 1616269257836.jpg (32.88 KB, 660x354, bhadbb.jpg)

I don't give a shit about her curly hair but let's not pretend that she wasn't larping as a whole black woman for profit. It's fucking weird and the fact that's it's her entire shtick is boring and reductive

No. 1189089


yes please make this thread

No. 1189095

File: 1616269550987.jpeg (172.1 KB, 645x1000, 56DD7DBB-B321-4A99-A886-DD43B7…)

This strikes me as such a straw man. When has a WOC ever told a white woman she can’t have curly hair? I could see if maybe one or two internet-poisoned crazies on tumblr have, but it’s not a widespread thing.

No. 1189097

Never mind, I didn’t see this anon:
I stand corrected.

No. 1189098

She obviously grew up around black people and all her friends are probably black. Hence why she says shit like "cash me outside" to begin with. She just wants to fit in with the people around her, jesus fucking christ.

I doubt this is done maliciously to trick anyone into thinking she is black. It's like you people want segregation or something. Let people enjoy things.

No. 1189099

this idgaf about cultural appropriation or whatever but she's been larping as black forever it's really obvious

No. 1189100

she does do this, but in hairstyle that anon pointed out that she has in that video, isn't her doing that. She just looks like a white girl with a curly perm or maybe thats her natural hair texture, but it does not look like her trying to "black fish" not this time at least.

No. 1189101

File: 1616269851600.jpeg (253.63 KB, 1200x800, 7B3D5B69-CAC0-48A6-9135-CBD780…)

Hard yes. There is so much potential milk to be spilled on that topic.

No. 1189103

Imagine if white people complained everytime a black person straightened their hair, used a chinese snapchat filter to lighten their skin or wore a cardigan and tennis shoes.

No. 1189104

Yes! What's the most infamous example of a celeb stalker?

No. 1189106

you must not spend much time on twitter or tiktok. it's more prevalent than you would think.

No. 1189110

look up Russell Greer. dude was a complete psycho towards Taylor Swift. he’s also got this white knight hang up about strippers. think he has a thread on KF.

No. 1189111

File: 1616270519570.jpeg (58.25 KB, 1000x1000, 951196DB-CFA3-45BA-AAEF-E69A7B…)

Are you severely retarded? That woman used troon logic to try and legally claim she wasn’t white. What is the purpose in denying celebrities blackfishing kek

No. 1189112

You got me, I don’t. I’m always on here instead kek

No. 1189114

I just doubt she'd be this famous if it wasn't for the novelty and spectacle of a white girl "acting black". Her entire persona is based off it. She brings nothing else to the table, nothing new or inventive.

Also, just because you're raised in proximity to a different culture doesn't mean you have to start larping as them. It's called having self-awareness. But who knows, maybe she'll grow out of it.

No. 1189116

File: 1616270799707.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 722x1704, A3E064E4-397E-470B-9784-CA2617…)


No. 1189117

Meghan did the same, didn't she? I read that she wore Diana's perfume to her first date with the prince…creepy

No. 1189124

The bitch who ran selena's fanclub and murdered her.

No. 1189127

yeah but her family is pretty rich and powerful anyway. the middletons arranging for her to meet william seems like routine for royalty and prospective marriages. megan's a bit different but fuck it, if she thought she could get a royal dude who will never be king, why not go for it?

No. 1189131

>Also, just because you're raised in proximity to a different culture doesn't mean you have to start larping as them. It's called having self-awareness. But who knows, maybe she'll grow out of it.

Cool, can we also tell this to black people? Have some self-awareness and please stop appropriating white culture by using a computer and shitting in a toilet. No? Yeah, that's what I thought.(race derailing)

No. 1189144

I wouldn't have much to add, but please make this thread! I remember there was this lady that seemed like she's convinced that she's married to 50 Cent, but I never went down that rabbithole so idk if she stalked him.

No. 1189148

Imagine exploiting someone's mommy issues this way and succeeding. Freud is rolling in his grave as we speak.

No. 1189234

This. She moved from superfan to fanclub manager to best friend to killer. Even while in jail she still insists she has a huge secret on Selena that "explains everything". Absolutely psycho.

No. 1189246

File: 1616286028644.jpeg (107.8 KB, 604x647, 7DD36A67-04BD-45F1-9B41-CDCDF1…)

no she absolutely did! you mentioning her make me remember what a nutcase she is. she has like multiple pictures of her “bumping” into him at events. i looked her up and she was apparently arrested in hawaii back in 2020 for being an idiot and breaking quarantine. it says 50 already has a restraining order on her.


she’s looking ROUGH.

No. 1189272

File: 1616293237211.png (Spoiler Image, 571.14 KB, 2551x3301, a1fdnBW.png)

Just in case you want to get a little taste of this new brand of idiotic activism. There's a huge thread on subredditdrama if you're bored:

No. 1189280

Mark David chapman tbh. Cause he actually killed the object of his obsession.

I’m partial to Bjork’s stalker though. He actually sent her a bomb.

No. 1189377

Right? Just say you don't respect your mother and go.

No. 1189431

>Meghan did the same, didn't she? I read that she wore Diana's perfume to her first date with the prince…creepy
Why is this an opinion, do you all want to fuck men that smell like your dads?

No. 1189609

File: 1616347960979.jpg (330.08 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_1196.JPG)

No. 1189620

What's so offensive about >>1189080 ? Anyone can have curls. Calm down.

No. 1189631

I wasn't posting about curls, I just recognize >>1189080 and it's literally from a /pol/ thread, made by angry incels.
The fact that they painstakingly drew curls on the blonde Wojak over some Twitter tards is kind of hilarious. If making fun of that bothers you, I think you need to calm down, kek.
Also, I thought this was about Danielle Bregoli, but it turns out that anon was actually responding to a post of Rachel Dolezal, and she's literally a creepy, troon-tier skinwalker, except about race instead of gender. Not sure why anyone (besides maybe another troon) would get mad enough to defend her.

No. 1189632

File: 1616350057212.png (448.87 KB, 654x558, 1.PNG)

Kylie Jenner's make up artist got in a crash and needs brain surgery. He needs 60k, Kylie only donates 6k and asks other people to donate to the makeup artists gofundme.

No. 1189633

Not surprising. I'm sure her fans paid up, too.
Is it possible that she just did that because she's not actually as rich as she's been claiming? I remember there being something about her paying Forbes to call her the youngest billionaire or something, but she isn't really.

No. 1189634

She’s done this a few times and always gets backlash at this point she does it for attention.

No. 1189636

File: 1616350239905.jpg (84.54 KB, 933x1656, Ew96sTvUYAAFqEK.jpg)

6k? I heard it was 5. Also here is the post she made about it and im so glad she got dragged for it kek

No. 1189638

File: 1616350358103.png (295.25 KB, 586x472, 22.PNG)

You are right anon it is 5k.

No. 1189642

File: 1616350487572.png (731.27 KB, 602x1336, ggg.png)

I'm not one for cancel culture but I would be ok if she gets cancelled over this showing, just like the rest of her family, they dont care about anyone but themselves.

No. 1189649

that last picture was her best face, she looks like shit in unedited pictures, looks way older than her age.
Even Jeffreak Star would pay the money JUST to show off how rich and caring he is. Its just fucked up to be honest.

No. 1189650

File: 1616350705770.jpg (108.58 KB, 946x2048, Ew_2ic4WQAAYkCI.jpg)

Interesting how Huda's net worth is less then kylies but she donated twice as much.

No. 1189673

File: 1616352193306.jpg (140.52 KB, 2048x1536, IE7zr4Ugh32mj1nXfxxUIMbhW3RDUq…)

I'm so interested in this thread. My favourite is an oldie but a goodie from back in the day, the bjork stalker.

No. 1189680

This guy’s videos are so disturbing. He even recorded his suicide. Crazy shit.

No. 1189701

she may not be a billionaire but shes still a millionaire and 60k is pocket change for her

No. 1189732

absolutely. her net worth is reportedly around 700 million, which means that 60k is roughly 0.0085% of her wealth. not a good look to be flaunting expensive cars and designer clothes on social media while simultaneously trying to crowdsource funds for your employee.

No. 1189738

What about the creep that has a thread on Kiwifarms and is/was obsessed with Taylor Swift? Russell Greer, I think. Though maybe there is more than one.
Also the other creep that Amy Lee wrote a song and who ALSO has a kiwifarms thread. Vordrak?

No. 1189751

haha Russell is hilarous, a big dicked male escort outted him for trying to buy sex from him.

No. 1189753

Let me throw in the guy who tried to assassinate the US president to get Jodie Foster's attention


No. 1189806

Taylor Swift probs has more stalkers than anyone ever. I don’t know what it is about her that attracts so many crazies.

No. 1189821


I heard that it's because she's a blonde blue eyed, "soft feminine" all-american girl type that greatly appeals to men

No. 1189881

she made billions/nearly billions off of make up, and her makeup artist could be dying and she's like "omg love and light may God watch over u it's in God's hands now" but can't follow her own religion enough to sacrifice pocket change to her to get him the best care.

No. 1189933

What the actual fuck. Insanity.

No. 1190272

Never seen a curly-haired jew before?

No. 1190295

Love it. The write-up made me lol a few times. Thanks for your efforts.

No. 1190472

Wait which song was about him? I’ve never heard this before.

No. 1190495

Omg this dude. I watched his videos a couple years ago. Creepy shit

No. 1190569

File: 1616445808050.jpeg (294.86 KB, 828x1613, 409DB0C3-D7FF-4D9F-AD6B-671E41…)

Kylie posted a statement. Sounds like the dude raised the go fund me goal? Or am I getting this wrong

No. 1190571

Tbf, the guy is not her make-up artist. Apparently they only worked together twice in 2015, and they're probably not that close (especially since she didn't want to donate the 60k).

No. 1190574

i’m even more confused now. so it was originally 10k. she gave 5k to the already 6k raised. but somehow between the time she shared the gofundme and people got upset, the gofundme raised the goal to 60k? and I just checked it again and now the goal is 120k. is this a scam or???

No. 1190576

Sounds like the family is trying to get what they can. It’s weird since they’re communicating between Ariel her mua

No. 1190593

Well I didn't know that when I posted this

No. 1190617

I am really confused, too.

>is this a scam or???

Seems like it; they probably like >>1190576 said, are trying to get more money out of her by blowing it up out of proportion. Basically low grade extortion.

No. 1190644

Not a Kylie fan by any means, but this sounds pretty reasonable. She donated an amount that would have put them at their goal, but the family seems to have changed the goal afterwards. It could be a scam, but maybe the surgery and recovery costs were more than expected (surgery in burgerland is insane even with insurance).

No. 1190667

It’s not necessarily a scam, they probably lowballed it. Medical bills are very expensive. People do raise their goal all time when they start getting a higher turnout than expected. Idk.

No. 1190676

that's perfectly fine but the gofundme or the person in charge of it should say that they've changed the goals multiple times. i'd be fine with that bc like you said, medical bills are expensive.

the fact that kylie had to clear it up is making me lean towards the impression that the family is subtly trying to get more and more money without telling anyone.

No. 1190686

No. 1190696


This is literally a type of child abuse and would fit some definitions of covert incest.

No. 1190697

who is that? terrifying.

No. 1190795

File: 1616462372418.jpeg (861.94 KB, 937x1433, 323CD9F2-AAFF-4811-8B90-D63C05…)

emrata a week after having a baby

No. 1190809

Give her credit, at least she didn't drag the baby into it like >>1187498

No. 1190817

Not yet at least

No. 1190823

How is that possible to have such a flat tummy after giving birth? Surgery?

No. 1190826

keep in mind this is a single posed and more than likely edited photo

No. 1190867

Yeah, it’s not possible. Her uterus is still massive from carrying the baby. Tbh shocked she didn’t jump on the uwu motherhood changes everything bandwagon all influencers hop on and is just going straight delusional

No. 1190894

Kek right?
“Emrat gets raw and real with pregnancy, motherhood and postpartum”
>shows staged photo of “tired mom” wearing mesh undies and unclean hair. Possibly a breast pump in the mix.

Photos like this just make people feel sad for you. Sad you have to pretend you didn’t just shoot a baby out of your snatch and your body is uwu so perfect. And yes. It’s literally impossible to have a flat stomach a week or even two after having a baby. No matter how “small” you were during pregnancy.

No. 1190918

those black wojaks were literally made for the same reason idiot

No. 1190926

File: 1616480300067.jpeg (514.57 KB, 828x1466, E0101AC6-18B1-439C-B526-5A9349…)

Why is this so funny to me

No. 1190935

It’s not possible and more likely either a pic before pregnancy or early on during pregnancy. I highly doubt it’s current but either way, it’s poorly shopped.

No. 1190937

yeah she edited it to high hell. her stomach blends into the top of the pants in one area

i’m guessing she’s hoping that if she pretends she’s skinny already she’ll get modeling gigs faster. all about that money and clout

No. 1190943


Snow White Queen off The Open Door

No. 1190961

She’s either using an old photo and being intentionally misleading or this is shopped, post partum bellies can take at least 6 weeks to return to normal

No. 1190988

/pol/cel detected. They were made to post feels/meme, much like the e-boy Wojak, which is why they're cute instead of ugly caricatures.
Keep coping and seething, faggot.

No. 1191011

This and she has a noticeable outie too. You can see she intentionally blurred it to look like an innie lol. So phony

No. 1191166

ok r9k meme expert, why dont you go back there and blog about it

No. 1191315

Nice projection, please don't come back lmao.

No. 1191373

File: 1616533519441.jpeg (88.31 KB, 1080x1027, gross.jpeg)

Some loser B-list "comedian" named Thomas Middleditch is getting Me-Too'd for groping someone at a goth club. Shockingly, he has a history of treating women (including his wife) incredibly terribly.

No. 1191384

Imagine waiting til you trap your partner in a marriage to announce you're into non-monog. Absolutely tragic

No. 1191391

Oh the nose dude who has a netflix show with the other nose dude, who would have thunk it

No. 1191410

File: 1616537670353.jpg (428.96 KB, 1026x1264, Screenshot_20210323-231126_Chr…)

kekking at local news' article title

No. 1191431

The first two episodes of Demi Lovato's documentary are out, any other anons' thoughts on it?

Demi is incredibly lucky to have survived that overdose. I do hope that other stars (ahem, Selena and Justin) don't end up the same way as her.

No. 1191438

Don’t be shy, tell us what the job is

No. 1191459

File: 1616543066279.jpg (14.62 KB, 488x378, wonder if he gets dental.jpg)

Job might be overstating it. Mascot seems more realistic.

No. 1191489

I saw that and instantly thought him and his wife are going to be a new breed of John Mcafee / girl boss power couple.

No. 1191527

John McAfee was actually a tech guy before he went cray
This is more like all the old politicians on the board of Theranos, just mascots/networking
It’s so gross but all of these firms do it

No. 1191558


anon, we have a separate thread for the royals

No. 1191563

not to mention way milkier and far more entertaining than harry and his wife

No. 1191579

You're going to need a Former Royal thread.

No. 1191597

very surprised she lived, the impression i gathered from the articles at the time was that someone she was with when she OD'd administered narcan, not the ambulance the next morning.

her wanting to make that doctors appointment was what saved her life.

No. 1191610

Josh1994. Not the most infamous by any means but currently active on youtube so interesting to check up on him once in a while. He stalks a female kpop artist called Nayeon. He makes public videos about her (for her?) every three weeks or so. Idc about kpop but this guy has already been to Korea to stalk her and he's planning to go again as soon as the Korean covid internatiomal travel restrictions stop. It's a ticking time bomb.

No. 1191770

File: 1616593843830.jpg (266.33 KB, 1170x2532, 7fep17u099o61.jpg)

Lana strikes again

No. 1191776

Anyone who says he's not Charles son is actually deranged

No. 1191781

We don't care, take it to the royals thread that was linked 5 posts up from yours.

No. 1191791

>>straight hair is blackfishing now

Can all the pressed black girls go back to lipstick alley please? You shit up every thread with this bs

No. 1191795

that's about using the term 'big chop', not about having curly hair/going back to having curly hair. You're illiterate.

No. 1191796

wtf is there even a mod for this thread anymore? I come here for celebrity goss, not bitter anons fighting over dumb pointless shit.

No. 1191802

>straight hair is blackfishinh
>curly hair is blackfishing
next up
>having hair is blackfishing

No. 1191803

She's always had an outie anon. Used to admire her toned stomach a lot but the outie is off-putting to me lol

No. 1191807

This. I am so sick of these racebaiting posts all over /snow/ and /ot/ lately.

No. 1191816

NTA but
>complain about racebaiting
>literally revive an old infight from 4 days ago to racebait more
Also, do you even know who Danielle Bregoli is? What’s next, “PT never wanted to be Japanese”? She's an embarrassment and so are you, just drop it already.

No. 1191880

Good for her

No. 1191893

File: 1616603514009.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 1226x1780, 6073E652-6066-430E-B621-3D1EF6…)

And so Emrata’s breast feeding fetishisation begins as we called it kek. Also what happened to her raising her child as gender neutral?

No. 1191897

Her lips look fucking stupid

No. 1191898

File: 1616603708278.jpeg (445.97 KB, 1242x1084, A8FEEC16-C615-4F40-89D3-470830…)

This aged badly

No. 1191914

File: 1616604795503.jpg (26.21 KB, 600x543, 164156161531.jpg)

No. 1191923

that’s why after I give birth in September, my baby is gonna wear a burlap sack and a paper bag over their head at all times in case anyone tries to gender them.

No. 1192136


I guess the child was genderless until she realized she could sexualize him, reminds me of alythuh sobbing when she realized she accidentally got a female kitten instead of a male one, and had been sexualizing the "wrong" gender kitten in her cleavage shots.

Breastfeeding should absolutely not be sexualized and doing so feeds into multiple problems, so thanks to this bitch for adding to it.

No. 1192140

W Mag profiled Mark Hunter (the cobra snake). I know, throwback. Kind of jarring that he’d sit down and detail his professional history and just mention that Cory Kennedy was his “intern” and then offhandedly say they dated. Cause Cory was definitely underage.

No. 1192142

>posts a flat-stomach photo days after giving birth
>sexualizes breast feeding

She is certainly off to a good start.

No. 1192143

her lips, wtf

No. 1192233

How can you guys tale that the photo sexualizes breast feeding?

No. 1192251

File: 1616625196498.jpeg (208.15 KB, 742x410, B36DD4FD-64F3-415D-9930-134F55…)

Lol at the blown up lips to make her giant nose look smaller. This is her from some vid with a Jonas brother in like 2017

No. 1192268

We have eyes and aren’t men

No. 1192277

Her whole career is about being sexualized anon and it’s funny that she pretends to be some body positive feminist when plastic surgery has given her a different face and she edits most her photos to hell

No. 1192394

"Beautiful boy" but she basically censored his face so you can see how big her tits are and look at HER face.

a normal breastfeeding photo doesn't focus on the mom and her fat sausage lips

No. 1192428

File: 1616642633896.jpg (67.55 KB, 1200x670, yemfuwk353p61.jpg)

No. 1192436

god why can’t she ever shut up for one day. annoying ass cunt.

No. 1192445

kek every attention whore will have their public breakdown and deactivate everything then come back not even a couple of hours later to see if anyone noticed/cared and they can get the attention from everyone again in the form of asking ‘omg what happened are you ok????’

No. 1192470

The focus is on her face and tit. It’s not focused on the act. Nothing about this photo seems nurturing. It’s not hard to take a breastfeeding photo that doesn’t show the baby face (so no need to censor it). Google “breastfeeding” and you’ll find several dozen photos of nurturing and non sexualized breastfeeding moms.

First thing you see In this photo is a boob, the second thing you see is her massive lips. The first thing you should see is a baby. The second thing should be a mom -feeding- her baby.

No. 1192472

imagine telling 16 yr olds to kill themselves and then deleting your twitter bc of neGAtIviTY at age 35.

No. 1192485

Saged because I missed all of this and have no idea what's going on. What spurred her rant and deactivation??

No. 1192493

Is she finally going full-blown crazy?

She would have been 15-16. What the fuck is wrong with men.

No. 1192497

Does she have a mental illness? Genuine question

No. 1192501

She’s most likely a narcissist

No. 1192502

I remember it being pretty obvious and yet no one raised an eyebrow at the time. It's semi-related but when Cory was 15 and casually dipped into rehab for a month, meanwhile no one thought a burnt out teenage party animal was unusual.

No. 1192524

Considering her standard level of oversharing, and the fact she's not mentioned it, I'm guessing not.

No. 1192597

She's a millionaire crying about people not liking her on Twitter. Pathetic. Go take some thirst traps with your kid, you freak.

No. 1192660

God, I would’ve killed for a thread on him and his harem a decade ago. I looked at Cory’s IG and she seems thankfully boring and stable now. Is the CobraShop still around? Aka his hunting ground for new underage LA “it girls”? I think TooPoor “worked” there for a bit early on.

No. 1192757

File: 1616685525801.jpg (216.21 KB, 720x1012, 20210325_101801.jpg)

Still around, still dating girls who are younger than him by a decent amount. At least she's not a child. He's fucking gross.

No. 1192769

Hollyweird brainrot

No. 1192783

Her lips make it look like she got stung by a bee

To be fair, she's not actually sexualizing her son; she's just sexualizing her breastfeeding her son.
As in, the focus of the picture is clearly her breast and lips, not the baby.
It's still gross, but it's important to make that clear.

No. 1192846

File: 1616690015290.gif (1.06 MB, 245x229, The_evil_is_defeated.gif)

No. 1192913

File: 1616693660812.jpeg (666.6 KB, 1242x902, 96814F26-E380-4B3D-989B-EAD92D…)

No. 1192921

>'I have to come to terms with the fact some people aren't gonna like me'
…most people grasp this when they are still teenagers

No. 1192927

he was 18 or 19,, if both we're younger than 20 i think its not that gross

No. 1192932

sure Chrissy, you don't care, while you keep harping on and writing long ass posts. Shut the fuck up, cunt.

No. 1192942

i feel like she saw how fans rallied behind selena gomez when she said she was gonna "retire" and wanted a piece of that pie. she expects people to beg her to come back.

No. 1192961

A lot of what she wrote doesn't make sense. Is she hormonal trying for a baby or something

No. 1192977

she said that it's not the "trolls" but that she doesn't like disappointing her "fans". apparently.

No. 1193029

what fans lmao

No. 1193144

File: 1616708685163.jpeg (351.82 KB, 828x842, E891A332-386C-4AB7-820D-14D5B9…)


No. 1193151

Pouring out a quaalude mimosa for my girl Jessica , I was truly hoping she would be Betty White lucky and ride into her 90’s.

No. 1193154

Nooooo!!! I'm actually bummed out about this. She was so god damn cool

No. 1193180

Damn couldn’t death take Madonna or some other old bag

No. 1193199

Damn, this is one of the few celeb deaths that's hit me. I hated hearing how about how Jeffrey Tambor treated her on Arrested Development.

No. 1193216

File: 1616715331017.gif (470.65 KB, 400x192, F435A85B-2397-44FE-9F7A-6334D7…)

Rip queen

No. 1193265

So sad. I love the characters she played, they were always women that did not give a fuck and I respected that.

No. 1193345

I'm still pissed about that interview where Jason Bateman and Tambour tried to gaslight her by saying the harassment on-set wasn't as bad she was making it out to be, iirc none of the other cast members stood up for her except Alia Shawkat. The point of the interview was to discuss an Arrested Development reunion. It's fucked up a prolific actress, so late in her life, was bullied into forgiving that asshole or else her career would've been negatively affected. She loved playing Lucille.

No. 1193357

She looks really adorable here, usually celebrity deaths don't make me this sad

No. 1193662

File: 1616762195190.jpg (488.4 KB, 2000x1333, phoebe-dynevor-pete-davidson.j…)

So apparently Ariana's ex and the Bridgerton girl are dating. They were seen holding hands

No. 1193695

Being known as Ariana's ex probably sizzles his bacon.
>I'm a movie star and my 9/11 dad

No. 1193761

wtf, whoever is responsible for her hair looking like that needs to be locked up prison

No. 1193807

Fuck no. Why does that domestically abused sock monkey get to date her? Run girl run

No. 1193859

how people find butthole eyes mcgee attractive i will never know

No. 1193899

He’s ugly for sure but girls usually like guys who can make them laugh. He’s not hilarious but he’s funny I guess.

No. 1193930

same reason guys like mac miller or post malone or MGK are found attractive. girls like white trash with tattoos and money.

No. 1193974

A queen so nice, she played the same character twice. She was such a legend on arrested development and archer, RIP.

No. 1194010

He got a big dick

No. 1194135

File: 1616797219731.png (196.17 KB, 586x433, EE.PNG)

RIP Beverly, the Ramona books were a BIG part of my childhood

No. 1194139

is it weird if i think the butthole eye look is good? i doubt that's why these girls like him though (insert huge dick joke here)

No. 1194142

damn she lived a long life thou

No. 1194145

Oh nooo. Damn I hope this isn’t a year that takes all the good celebrities

No. 1194148

He's tall and got hair.

No. 1194156

RIP to these two beautiful, legendary women

No. 1194184

While I'm sad, at the same time I'm happy when I see someone live a long, full, successful life like her. RIP

No. 1194207

He was sort of hot when he was skinny but he’s fucking disgusting now

No. 1194333


Idk if it's because I'm drunk or watching an inordinate amount of Archer but damn Jessica Walter's death is really fucking upsetting me

No. 1194516

This. I'm glad she lived this far.

No. 1194995

Lil Nas just released this song and all the christians are raging over this.

No. 1194999

he twerks on satan

No. 1195002

IDK I get both sides and I understand why people are offended and those who are like, "Fuck you be offended"
He's a fame whore anyway.

No. 1195035

File: 1616881890432.jpeg (155.65 KB, 1500x1500, C3D9AC81-BD14-4962-820A-12E690…)

No. 1195046

The same Christians that tell him he’s going to hell for being gay anyway

No. 1195062

She could have fucked ANYBODY in bridgerton, even the cobblestones, and she'd have done better for herself.

No. 1195070

Looking at her hair, she has serious issues with decision making.

No. 1195087

how is he pulling all these women, is he doing love spells on them cause he is ugly and irrelevant.

No. 1195088

I feel like making this music video was a mistake because all these conspiracy theorist christians are insane and will target him now.
Most celebrities' try to ignore the wrath from those people since they are good at slander and cyberbullying yet nas is inviting them smh.

No. 1195091

he’s a sad sad boy whose daddy died and only your love can heal him, beautiful lady
underrated pussy magnet strategy

No. 1195093

Are there rlly a lot of ppl offended tho? I've only heard people talk about how offended americhristians are, like there suzanne and dave down the street with angry faces n that's it.

No. 1195096

Eh, I've seen some people on urban blogs/gossip site comments being offended, especially about the shoe thing, but I think the shoe with "blood in them" is trolling.

No. 1195132

really truly hope rappers or musicians start sexualizing men or themselves and leave women the fuck alone.

No. 1195135

File: 1616886556862.png (110.05 KB, 600x500, 1 (1).png)

He actually responded to a couple of them on twitter, pic rel. Also replied to someone who said that the video is wrong cause his fanbase contains a lot of children (as if that's not most popstars). He is also collaborating with some brand to make "Satan Sneakers" so I think that's gonna further the conspiracy theories even more.
I guess it depends on where you look. I searched it up and was quickly able to find a video of a woman saying his and Doja Cat's Streets video are demonic

No. 1195142

File: 1616886796817.jpg (174.14 KB, 946x2048, ExeoYRAXIAQAE0P.jpg)

Samefag, but he also apparently copied FKA Twigs' Cellophane music video. Andrew Thomas Huang is the director of the vid.

No. 1195144

File: 1616886870697.jpg (152.92 KB, 1440x1440, ExgWTjuWUAcYUxa.jpg)

No. 1195146

I get his point but he's become just such a stereotype, the moment he came out he became like every single gay famous edgy dude.
His whole personality is, "I'm gay" now. I get it but damn. He also for some reason gets on my fucking nerves, like i don't know why he just does.

No. 1195165

File: 1616888161743.png (3.89 MB, 2000x1333, FSuIVtW.png)

Madonna accused of Photoshopping her face onto a fan’s body https://pagesix.com/2021/03/25/madonna-accused-of-photoshopping-her-face-onto-a-fans-body/

apologies if this is tepid but it is just such weird and cowish behavior kek

No. 1195170

It's such a bad ps too. She needs to hire whoever photoshops the Kardashians

No. 1195181

The cap comparison makes it look really blatant. Granted, twigs wasn't twerking on anyone contrary to whatever Lana saw when her edible hit.

No. 1195185

This is major reaching, i just watched cellophane right now and they dont look alike at all except for the pole dancing.

No. 1195194

Found this interesting mini documentation on Amanda Bynes, I know some anons have a soft spot for her so I thought I'd share. Girl has a retarded name for her channel but it really is well researched and contains a lot of stuff I didn't even know about

No. 1195242

Do people still get shocked at stuff like this? Anyways, I thought the video wasn't very cohesive and all the looks were bad. Everything looks tacky idk why, but it's cool to see a gay rapping (singing?) about fucking men in mainstream music, it's a break for women as stupid as it sounds

No. 1195302

the kardashian photoshop is bad as hell too. i'd say just hire whoever photoshops momokun's shit. dude works overtime to make that whale look attractive

No. 1195374

I think it’s funny personally. Who cares what Qanon tier boomers get upset about?

No. 1195377

File: 1616908976164.png (815.84 KB, 1212x1344, Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 1.21…)

lol underrated milk TBH, Madonna's descent into irrelevant loony doesn't get enough press. I'll never get over this shit.

The exact point Madonna should've stopped trying to stay modern was Ray of Light. Other divas make it work into their older years by staying true to their core, but I guess Madge's problem was the very thing that made her appealing back in the day, she's a chameleon. Either way she cracks me up these days. No shame on being an older woman who works out, its all the other cow shit.

No. 1195385

Those videos people made during the whole thing last year of them dancing in honor of the victims were so disrespectful lmao. I know he's dancing to a song about racism, but who hears about someone dying and thinks "This would be a great thing to dance to"

No. 1195408

those people are dangerous and insane tho. let’s not forget the guy who shot up a pizzeria bc Q said the clintons were trafficking child sex slaves out of there. or all the morons who tried to take down 5G towers bc Q said that they were transmitting COVID.

it was funny when it was like the Monster Drink Lady saying that the logo meant mark of the beast. now these nutcases are willing to kill innocents.

No. 1195414

File: 1616913393734.jpeg (362.77 KB, 1125x1087, EDC96077-5DC5-40B7-B580-D61BCC…)

Twitter is mad at lilnas x for the stuff on his old stan twitters. I’m kind of curious on non-twitter people opinions. The tw on this made me lol, I’ll add a couple more caps

No. 1195416

File: 1616913478094.jpeg (181.88 KB, 1125x1025, CC13FD91-0207-46A3-B0CC-F3A753…)

No. 1195417

They need to get a grip. He was a regular dumb teenager on stan twitter in the 2010s lol what were they expecting to find?

No. 1195418

File: 1616913666477.jpeg (500.66 KB, 1125x1490, 6EF916C9-018F-48EF-8CC1-F7D8E2…)

Hahaha. I hate twitter dweebs.

No. 1195420

Sorry for no sage if this wasn’t very interesting, I just keep coming across stuff about it and only seeing people mad at him for it

No. 1195426

Just some edgy bullshit, unsurprising and not bothersome at all. Even if he was still tweeting like this it would be at worst rude. Who cares if he was rude as a teenager?

I will say though he's courting controversy in a really stupid way with those sneakers. The video is whatever, I didn't think it was particularly good or bad, but putting a drop of human blood into some satanic sneakers is definitely going to ruffle feathers, and it seems the only intention is feather ruffling which makes it seem lame as fuck.

No. 1195448

File: 1616921476680.jpg (21.66 KB, 490x275, 4712c2b8a6c16caa44611e41f2c07f…)

This isnt recent milk but garding the whole Donald Glover Atalanta post on /ot/, I always got Incel vibes from him, like I used to listen to his music a couple years back and there was a lot of weird, Incelish and misogynistic and misgynoir shit

For example, on Kids (Keep Up), he raps
>"Finding you is like finding Asians I hate/But they say I got a fetish, nah, I'm skipping all of it/Black or white girls always come with a set of politics"
This is actually one of the more tame examples of his fetishization of Asian women and his defamation of black women, but it still represents a problem with his lyrics. The fact that this has come up multiple times is a problem within itself. If he just offhand mentioned liking Asian women in this one song, then it'd be unfair to represent that as him putting Asian women on a pedestal. However, he talked about this on SO MANY of his earlier tracks. He talks about it on "Bonfire". He talks about it on "Freaks and Geeks". He talks about it on "Not Going Back". There are countless other examples of this- if you listen to almost any of his songs pre-Because the Internet, you can easily find references to this mindset. He essentially built up this self-fulfilling prophecy of black women not being interested in him through his lyricism, because what self-respecting woman would want to date a guy who characterizes black women as only wanting to date guys that act like thugs and a guy who understands that as the only reason for them not being interested in him.

No. 1195451

I feel this so much anon! He's always creeped me out for that exact reason, fetishizing asian women. Saying that white and black girls come with "politics" but what, asian women are incapable of deeper or higher thought than demure sex kittenry and idolization of men? Therefore, no "politics". Its creepy as fuck to not only say you prefer a girl who doesn't think that deeply, AND to suggest that certain races of women are more or less likely to be deep thinkers. He's a fucked up freak. Reminds me of the dude from Weezer too, same deal.

No. 1195454

File: 1616922258085.png (182.5 KB, 1436x592, Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 5.04…)

Samefagging for anons who don't know about Rivers Cuomo AKA the guy from Weezer AKA the 90s alt rock version of every tech engineer in the Bay Area.


No. 1195456

He ended up marrying a white woman so it seems he got "over" his hang ups regarding white women but still very much has a problem with black women specially dark skinned black women
This scene from Atlanta just reeks of misogynoir

No. 1195460

File: 1616923195972.png (686.15 KB, 1334x544, Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 5.17…)


I didn't know he was married so I looked it up, apparently she's mixed race…white and asian, of course. So I guess she is only half the political pain in the ass for him. Agreed on that clip, the characterization is really fucked up and it really isn't his place to comment on what black women think anyway, especially through a very unlikable black character and a cloyingly sweet white one. I've never watched the show, so I don't know if that white character is supposed to always be so "angelic" or what.

No. 1195488

Coomers are so pathetic.

No. 1195491

File: 1616927187135.jpg (268.62 KB, 1280x1920, zazie-beetz-miu-miu-fashion-sh…)

Well these are minor one off characters, however the only recurring female character In the series is Donald Glovers self insert girlfriend, who is a light skinned biracial woman played by Zazie Beetz

No. 1195503

Totally calling him Rivers Coomer from now on kek

No. 1195528

Such a repetitive song that it honestly just fails to be catchy at the end

He's really just playing into stereotypes and gimmicks to keep his career afloat. I feel like most people won't mind for now but the more he does it the older it will get and people will just turn off him

No. 1195573

lmao who's gonna tell the pope that fka twigs has sole ownership of christian imagery

No. 1195589

Didn't know the pope was into pole-dancing, kek

No. 1195834

>Here is the original post from Madonna's Instagram with the caption, "I look Kewl………#rebelheart."
Lol. I don't understand the motive behind this low effort shop at all. She has all the resources you could possibly desire to create original promo material, and with Madonna's level of exposure it was only a matter of time before someone called her out for stealing someone else's image. So cowish. I think her team posted this around the same time that she had the on-stage meltdown during a concert in Melbourne.

Yeah this sums it up. She used to be a trendsetter, now she's just chases after trends non-discriminately. You get the sense that she's been suffering an identity crisis for a long time.

Same. I think it's because he relies too much on the same gimmick and it's redundant ah. I know this is the case for a lot of pop stars, but I just don't see him being able to sustain this level of success for very long.

No. 1195836

ot but I love Zazie's smile.

No. 1195868

>Lol. I don't understand the motive behind this low effort shop at all. She has all the resources you could possibly desire to create original promo material, and with Madonna's level of exposure it was only a matter of time before someone called her out for stealing someone else's image. So cowish. I think her team posted this around the same time that she had the on-stage meltdown during a concert in Melbourne.<
Maybe she can't get quality people to work with her any more. She probably doesn't take direction or advice from the people she collaborates with a la Cody Diablo who she fired, saying she can do her biopic better herself. Probably burned a lot of bridges over the years.

No. 1195937

I thought those blue ivy posts were weird even if it was a joke. But most of his career is built on trolling so it won't hurt him. I do think it's funny seeing people defend him because he was 15 lol that excuse never worked for that girl from fifth harmony.

No. 1196164

His music always made me cringe really hard. The fact that so many young people find it relatable is sad.

No. 1196233

Madonna is such a cow these days. Which sucks because I actually do love her music. Even some of her later 2000s stuff is pretty good imo. It’s sad that she couldn’t let herself age gracefully.

No. 1196241

I decided to look up the song and wow you were right, major Incel vibes from this song

>Tell these nice girls their the reason I'm an asshole

>omega to alpha male cause I got the dollar bill
>When I worked in the mail room, ain't got a shot in hell

And Also what you mentioned about Asians

No. 1196264

File: 1617000878646.png (425.54 KB, 1066x553, Screenshot (63).png)

can we talk about Princess Nokia? Something about this girl gives me the creeps. Screencap from her latest single. She looks like a completely different person. All that lala "i love myself" shit obviously aint actually true for her. She's on her 6th face. She's done very questionable things in the past and now she's going for yet another image change. I get that Artists change their style but Nokia has gone through literally every single style known to man. Does she have any true identity, at all? Who is the real Nokia? Everything she does seems so fake.

No. 1196275

Wtf is wrong with this guy. And I liked his character in Community… I can imagine what a pain in the ass he was behind the scenes. Any info on it?

No. 1196306

Apart from the heavy blackfishing while being light skinned mestiza there's one milky incident from her Milan concert in 2017

>outdoors venue

>sold out
>full of barely literate italians
>microaggressions and other sjw lingo not minimally part of milan nightlife
>destiny does the usual "girls to the front" spiel
>italian illiterate scrotes don't care
>destiny gets big mad
>shouting match with a guy in front row
>barges off stage
>backstage just a fenced off area
>spectators start leaving while some pissed off individuals start yelling outside backstage fences
>including the guy from the front row
>Destiny comes out the backstage area but is hels back by security
>throws a shoe at the front row guy and hits
>the shoe was from bershka

That was her last gig in Italy kek. I love her inviting girls to the front, but it baffles me how nobody bothered to tell her that it would probably backfire. also i'm a huge princess nokia fan from the wavy spice days on but I don't buy her as a pop star

No. 1196312

I just want to add this genius video where she says men like her cause she has a childlike body and voice at 2:38. Some people said she was quoting a line from "Paris is Burning", but it's still weird as fuck to say and I've always looked at her funny cause of it lol

No. 1196315

She looks like a tranny and talks like a middle aged chain smoker and
Has an ugly shapeless barrel waist

No. 1196317

Likely the quote would've been from Venus Xtravaganza who says similar things, and does look and sound very childish. They don't directly say it in this clip, I guess there is a chance its elsewhere in the movie but I think she's just saying that herself. It is creepy too, and kind of surprising because I definitely didn't get a childlike vibe from her look or voice. IF that's how she sees herself I guess…

No. 1196318

Yeah, this is the clip I think. It's just weird cause, if she is quoting the Venus, why would she think that's a good thing to quote lmao. I've never watched the movie, but I'm sure there are better lines for the "I'm the most beautiful woman on the planet" thing she does.

No. 1196323

? You are reaching anon, she doesn't look like a tranny

No. 1196327

nta but yeah, she does

No. 1196329

File: 1617008034522.png (234.02 KB, 720x506, nb5dqxuik3p51.png)

He fits very well into the black Incel category, a geeky black guy who for whatever reason is convinced black women hate intellectuals(which he views himself) and only go for thugs or rich men and so he pursues Asians or White women, now he also checks into another category of the woke black incel/misogynist, now the woke black incel often uses black women as mules or soldiers to further the cause of black MALE liberation but behind the scenes usually marries a white woman

I mean what can you say, its a phenomenon that only exists with in the black American community

No. 1196342

File: 1617008719692.jpeg (37.25 KB, 220x275, 02C4DF49-80AF-4CED-987C-F9FB6D…)

She does
>>thick browbone
>>small eyes
>>wide shoulders
>>wide chin
>>flat chest
>>shapeless barrel waist
She is so far off of a knockout. She’s below average. Wendy Williams is prettier than her. Bitches say they have a “petite childlike body” but what it means is “I am a shapeless, titless, lumpy sack of skinny fat potatoes”

No. 1196349

Yeah come on… That whole message is a fuckin nitpick. I HATE It when People call real women trannies. Trannies look like trannies, women look like women. God damn

No. 1196353

>>1196342 looks like >>1196344

No. 1196357

I hate it when grown woman call themselves “childlike” and say that’s why men want them so much
He never called himself childlike, just little and petite, which he is. He looks more feminine than Nokia.

No. 1196363

File: 1617009918549.png (2.29 MB, 980x1701, princess-nokia1.png)

Just stop. She doesn't look like a tranny. She does however look conveniently racially ambiguous when it suits her.

No. 1196378

Anon didn't you know that every woman that hasn't a pear shaped body and big eyes is a tranny?? Smh sometimes I think it's just scrotes on this website with those unrealistic expectations on women.

No. 1196442

Wtf has she done to her face?? I almost thought it was Bey when I glanced. I'm really disappointed cos she used to be quite relatable but she seems to have gone the plastic Hollywood route.

No. 1196444

Well she does class herself as afro-latina so……

No. 1196447

>Apart from the heavy blackfishing while being light skinned mestiza>

No. 1196455

The only thing I can say in defence of his lyrics and idk why I even am is that if he's dating people he might be writing specifically about them. Although I suppose that still doesn't help lol.

No. 1196463

File: 1617019597417.jpeg (125.5 KB, 1200x900, 8F1635F1-4B22-4398-8BF9-889B51…)

>Does she have any true identity, at all?
No. Her eras tend to contradict themselves kek or at least the one before. There’s delivering something new and different every time (which women are held to by an unfair standard, but that’s not the point) and there’s >>1196312 after a bunch of “yeah tomboys!! I’m a nerd!!! Go women go feminism I love female energy!!!!!!” moments. I think she showed a picture of her parents in an i-D interview and iirc her father was African American, I could be mistaken though. Claiming afrolatina for clout and as part of her self-mystification would be on brand for her. It’d also conveniently keep her out of trouble for using the big bad n word in the past kek. But I don’t think she’s faking it.

She definitely isn’t a man and doesn’t look like a troon though. I don’t know what those anons are smoking. If you look at her earlier releases since as far as Tomboy, you can see on the path to becoming more mainstream she’s been reinventing based on what’s trending, even if the execution is poor and doesn’t suit her as a result.

You described him perfectly kek he never made any note to hide it either. Not trying to bait but him of all people having a song called Redbone while knowing what he’s like was fucking funny too. Like what the fuck was his angle here?
Yeah that doesn’t really help because it’d just prove how far his creepiness goes kek

No. 1196515

Why is there so much stupid drama about "black fishing" and "cultural appropriation" and "she's not proper black, she is just mixed!" ITT?

Amerimutts need to come to terms with the fact that you're all mixed mutts of various shades with no true racial identities and stop being so fucking cringe cause someone's skin is "not dark enough" to wear curly hair or whatever bullshit.

IDK why there are so many tumblr tards in this thread specifically, but I can't be the only one who thinks none of this shit is in the slightest bit interesting or milky.

No. 1196525

Yeah, she made herself look like JLO for this.
I've always liked her music and her eclectic nature, but it seems like she's toning herself down to do the mainstream thing and be predictable/marketable, and it's kind of disappointing. So many aspects of her rub me the wrong way even though I like her, like this shit >>1196312.
I miss the "Pinkie finger, I don't want to be a pop star" from Versace Hottie and "That girl is a tomboy". The raver/emo/punk/hippie fairy thing is so much more interesting than what she's doing now.

Like, I know you posted this to insult, but she's a genuinely attractive woman. She looks so much better in that picture than in the y2k music videos she's doing. I don't know what you're smoking.

No. 1196531

I agree with you. If that's the only "milky" thing about her then she is not even worth talking about, it's boring as hell.

No. 1196543

File: 1617026087640.jpeg (123.18 KB, 381x381, spice-thumb.jpeg)

Honestly, she's not black, just an ambiguous brown woman who plays up being part-black. I'm not really bothered about it, though, because I've never seen her shit on actual black women, and she's still keeping her individuality and a sense of beauty/class in all she does. She talked about it in an interview, and it's more about claiming that part of her ancestry, even though others in her community might shame or downplay it. She's not some weird, hypocritical racist wearing a costume to make money, unlike Cardi B and some others.
A lot of other public figures who do similar things attack actual black women (literally with racist insults, too, lmao) and constantly push out some gross, one-note "ghetto" caricature as if it's empowering or something. It reminds me of tranny behavior, and it's ugly. She doesn't do that, though. I can't speak for how Taino people feel about her, though.
Aside from that, I think the biggest "milk" on her is how cringy some of her interviews can get, and some of her lyrics. It's not even just in the Genius "I'm petite and childlike and men want to be with someone as small as I am uwu" interview, a lot of her music includes it and it's kind of cringy. Like that time she was like "You know how I do, boricua lolita" in a song, then changed it to "la-li-dah" in a more recent performance because she didn't want to get cancelled, lmao. Or when she claimed she was forced to cut all her hair off as a child and wasn't allowed anything girly, but her childhood photos show her with long hair and a Sailor Moon bedspread. I feel like she embellishes a lot of her life. Maybe Corpse Husband tier lying.

No. 1196603

File: 1617030430854.png (323.05 KB, 678x628, Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 11.0…)

Yeah I agree, people focus too much on this blackfishing thing. I do think her entire persona is really inconsistent and contrived though. It's not just the way she styles herself, from one interview to another her character and her voice and the way she talks changes a lot, and as >>1196543 mentioned she seems to straight up lie about inconsequential stuff unrelated to her ethnicity. It's like she'll do anything for attention because she doesn't have a sense of self, reminds me of Vicky Shingles in a way.

No. 1196639

She's really pretty to me, shame about the cringy personality.

No. 1196648

Skinnyfat yet this pic has visible ab lines. What a dumb bitch who doesnt know what that means

No. 1196649

no he doesnt, lol.

No. 1196652

its that terminally online stench, azealia has it too but she is more ingenous than this faggot.

No. 1196746

Are you genuinely retarded? kek black people exist without being more than 50% some other races, shocking I know. Is your message also forwarded to asians and latinos or can you end the racebait here? I don’t even care to talk about her unless she does something more milky moving forward, but you’re complaining about it when anons have heavily discussed celebrities itt for less. You have the option to present new milk regarding a different celebrity to talk about jsyk.

I think you put it well. She may embellish most of her life but she seems like she simply didn’t care to or want to downplay this. She acts like she got a 23andme test back lol but it’s not necessarily bad. The weirdest part is how she changes how she talks. For someone who claims to be genuine all the time, it’s so fucking bizarre. She’s definitely weird but this interview was fucking silly.

Corpse husband and Vicky are good comparisons especially when she was accusing Ariana Grande of plagiarism. But she reminds me more of Hilaria Baldwin kek

No. 1196749

File: 1617040761558.png (564.19 KB, 700x525, madamexpromosingles.png)

I think there are some internal issues with her production team when it comes to graphic designers (i.e. shoopers), her album jacket designs have been seriously lacking and it's especially evident in the singles.

No. 1196756

File: 1617041015613.png (92.32 KB, 300x300, Madonna_-_Ghosttown.png)

samefag but another example of Madge's lackluster graphic design game from the Rebel Heart promo cycle.

No. 1196902

>It’s another “smug foreigner has an opinion about Americans despite having no idea what they’re talking about” comment

No. 1196911


All I remember about her is there was a bunch of stuff about her not paying people she worked with and blocking them on everything when they were trying to get their money, her stealing beats from smaller producers + her getting into that fight at a concert that other anons mentioned

her accusing Ariana Grande of coping her song, was a huge reach and gave the vibe she was looking for attention, I'm pretty sure she deleted most of her posts about it


She also supposedly copied Kali Uchis Melody from the beginning "Honey Baby" on her own track "Orange Blossom" (which honestly I think myself she did) so it was kinda ironic

and the classic her throwing hot soup at a racist


No. 1196988


You're right that there's an issue with visual collaborators right now but honestly, I think current Madonna has shit-tier taste and this isn't helping at all.
It was funny how quickly she began to loathe the Madame X eyepatch gimmick as soon as she went on tour though.
>I have no fucking depth perception help

No. 1197026

The 7 Rings thing was so dumb, because there were multiple songs that people said sounded similar to 7 Rings, and Princess Nokia's lyrics weren't all that similar. The "I bought it so it's mine" thing has been a saying for years. The racist dude completely deserved that though.

No. 1197276

File: 1617089825649.jpeg (44.92 KB, 1024x622, ExrPbWMWgAE4ajr.jpeg)

Supposedly, Lil Nas X posted pedophilic Tweets on his alt back in 2015.

No. 1197278

File: 1617090071328.jpeg (101.12 KB, 1242x296, AF202424-3593-4D2C-BE10-8D5189…)

No. 1197279

File: 1617090118454.png (804.43 KB, 802x1102, bkkhbja.png)

No. 1197285

alright, now I think he's gross.

No. 1197291

I hate faggots

No. 1197295

This whore literally beat her mother up on camera. She’s pretending to be black but had she been really black her mother would have not let her live. Her and Paris Hilton need to go, they’re no Britney Spears/Marilyn Monroes.(repost)

No. 1197298

The blackfishing thing is out of control, shes literally Italian and Jewish lol

No. 1197299

It’s just so cringy at this point, I know celebrities are all irl shitposters at this point but when it comes from this cash me outside hoe cunt it just gets hard to even sympathize even if she didn’t talk like da. Ew.

No. 1197300

Her mother deserved it.

No. 1197301

Let’s pray you get a cute daughter that beats you up every day even when you’re old?

No. 1197302

I knew he was shit when he started publicly hanging out with James Charles.

No. 1197304

Yeah, that won't happen so save your breath. The video had already been posted twice btw, once here, once in the old thread. We've been through this: >>1188962

No. 1197306

Why are you bringing this up again? She was discussed in the previous thread, no one cares.

No. 1197307

Trust me it will happen, you sympathize/relate with that “girl”/thing and have 0 regards for her mother who she’s been terrorizing every day, btw she shouldn’t be the one making that video considering she’s just doing it for exposure and money, I’m pretty sure the actual victims are hiding in shame.

No. 1197311

Yeah my bad I guess.

No. 1197313

File: 1617093391178.jpg (79.46 KB, 700x725, 4d67b5609b4e4fcc159363c26d980f…)

Barbra Streisand biopic when?

No. 1197315

Anon, take a deep breath, you're getting a bit too worked up about this. Projection?

No. 1197395

Not to be that person but this was a stan twitter troll account.
Until you stumble upon these acc it may sound serious but most of these accounts used to troll and post controversial things for clout and likes and especially the nicki stans on twitter and nas was a part of the nicki stans
So nah this wasnt pedophilic, just a shitty joke.

No. 1197398

Go back to twitter, nobody gives a fuck about "blackfishing".

No. 1197400

Yeh, another anon already pointed that out…..scroll up before posting.

No. 1197401

Still disgusting tho

No. 1197414

These two posts succinctly sum it up kek

No. 1197416

>nah this wasnt pedophilic
Today I learned jokes can't be pedophilic. Fuck out of here with this scrote apologist shit, kek.

No. 1197425


No. 1197427

Nope, you tried.

No. 1197440

Who jokes about fucking a 3 year old? If someone made that joke irl I'd be disgusted by them and never talk to them again.
Maybe you're just edgier than the rest of us.

No. 1197447

its weird how I see more hate for women in this very thread for small shit, yet a man makes a joke about wanting to fuck his toddler nephew (and it's even more disgusting if he actually has a nephew) and it's being explained away and it's not a pedophilic joke?

No. 1197450

i mean that was the point of these accounts…to be edgy/troll and boost their engagements up.
i follow a alot of pop music accounts and i always find these types of accounts in the comments trolling and when i go to their accounts they post similar controversial things and most of them tend to be ariana, taylor or nicki minaj fans.
I stumble upon these type of account all the time thats why i was desensitized to it.
He is just a attention whore.
>scrote apologist
Your on a site that shits on women all the time.
what i really find weird is how there are anons here who defend ACTUAL pedophiles like Woody allen yet have a problem with lil nas being edgy.

No. 1197454

File: 1617109743794.jpg (50.2 KB, 680x528, EdyRtXjWsAAQ1cf.jpg)

It's actually annoying me seeing people stick up for him. I don't give a fuck if it's Twitter's "stan culture". To begin with, that whole community is literally full of the most disgusting, entitled gay scrotes. They're almost as putrid as your standard misogynistic neckbeard from /r9k/, but I guess getting harassed by other men for their sexuality means they have free reign to shit on us, lol.
It's not like it's some kind of life stepping stone to almost exclusively attack women as a male, make fun of them facing domestic abuse, mock them for having abortions, repeatedly attack a baby (and not even spare her from your weird-ass, sexualized insults), launch racist insults at black women (also, I know some faghag twitter refugee's getting ready to reply to this one like "uhm but he's a black man so that's not really racist!!", and I just want to say, go suck a dick lol), etc.
I'm sick of males in general, but I'm getting a special kind of fatigue for these ugly, misogynistic faggots and the obsession that hyperwoke women have with defending their every move.
The funny thing is, the Lil Nas X whiteknights are probably the exact same people who were screaming for Azealia Banks' cancellation over her Twitter posts.

>Your on a site that shits on women all the time.
This is a non-sequitur. Yes, we shit on women, and we also shit on men. If you're silent when women get shit on, but fly in with a cape the moment we want to talk about some faggot cosplaying as Satan being a piece of shit, you are a scrote apologist.

No. 1197463

File: 1617110361661.jpeg (115.71 KB, 500x576, 526A230B-6812-40AF-8DF0-53761F…)

No. 1197464

No. No one gives a fuck what you read. We are all anonymous here.

No. 1197467

>azalia banks
Say no more, ofc its the azelia banks stans here always being special snowflakes meanwhile your queen is telling black people to bleach their skin while she kills chickens in her closet.
Its always the azelia stans

No. 1197468

I can tell you don’t care kek

No. 1197470

I'm not an Azealia stan, I just notice the double standards. Keep dodging though, I just don't get your love for men.

No. 1197471

File: 1617110672968.jpg (97.44 KB, 640x663, e9f7c70885d7fb573f1403c3b02de8…)

My posts are for aristocratic triple IQ anons only, I make them long to gatekeep the brainlets.

No. 1197472

I literally think Azealea’s music sucks and she’s batshit and retarded for the reasons you stated. Bringing up a woman to blame when literally no one was talking about her is….well. It’s just funny when people write dissertations on an imageboard.

No. 1197473

File: 1617110803799.jpeg (66.08 KB, 918x500, 960ED719-E49B-4A3D-A363-836140…)

Well damn

No. 1197474

90% of the people who are mad at AB were sperging over the Twitter shit specifically, and defend animal sacrifice as "religion".
Lil Nas X could easily say black girls should bleach their skin (he's said worse), and you would be sitting here talking about "that's just the culture!", so don't bother.

No. 1197477

so i guess this is how the triple iq of azelia stans looks like
Because she was brought up first as a example of ''double standards''. Also how do you or the other autist who replied to you know that i didnt also defend women here?

No. 1197484

yall remember when Rihanna had to apologize for offending muslims?

No. 1197485

Not everyone is a braindead stan just because they notice hypocrisy. I know that's hard to parse if you like, personally live your life defending some celebrities and going to war with "Barbs" and stuff like a cult member, but nuanced opinions on pop cultural figures do exist.
Anyway, if a female public figure being disgusting on the internet should be cancelled, so should a man. Keep it equal, no more males getting away with vile shit.

No. 1197489

Or when people were calling to "cancel" Doja Cat and wanted her to apologize for…being drunk in an incel chat room.

No. 1197506

> azelaa stans
> thinks her music sucks and that she’s batshit
Literally what

No. 1197515

No. 1197528

She will forever be known for being a grandmother in 90210 for me. She was hilarious in it

No. 1197554

No need to be so hard on yourself anon, you’ll learn how to sage someday.

Damn, when someone posted this account earlier in the thread I didn’t realize it was actually him. I’ll never understand why people feel the need to share shit like “I wanna fuck my nephew”, jesus

No. 1197558

File: 1617117107075.jpg (73.72 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

most azelia stans don't even care about her music, they just want to see her make a fool out of herself on social media.
Her music career been dead a long time ago

No. 1197560


No. 1197561

Her music is good though. Her takes on some celebs are right many times but shes still mentally ill. What makes me kek is how her fans are gay men and she calls them faggots and they love it

No. 1197565

this was posted before 10 days ago

No. 1197567

Sad, I don’t even blame her mental illness for this behavior but the fact that we’re worshipping bad rappers but not this one.

No. 1197574

File: 1617118667994.jpg (95.67 KB, 742x900, ExiVkbDWUAAcfxO.jpg)

I agree with you. I've seen celebrities have to grovel for forgiveness over lesser offenses so I don't know why he is getting the "he was just a teenager cancel culture so evil!!!" defense when he isn't even getting canceled. The people against him are in the minority and are being drowned out by the people mad at him for twerking on satan lmao. That said there's no way to confirm if he really did co-own the account so it's all rumors for now.

No. 1197598

Wow fucking disgusting. Makes some of those tinfoils about Hollywood/mainstream media being filled with pedos seem more plausible. Billy Ray Cyrus was in his breakout hit and it never made sense to me. Jeffrey Epstein held Miley Cyrus' sweet 16 birthday bash at Disney Land in 2008. All these connections make me feel like the biggest most successful celebrities are involved in pedarasty since they all seem to run in the same circles.

I always wondered how Lil Nas X became so popular. Its like you have to be a sick bastard to rise to the top.

No. 1197602

File: 1617121300881.jpeg (83.19 KB, 812x866, BEFF3BE0-74F7-4F80-B56D-662353…)

Anon sweetie you’re lost go back >>>/ot/636795
It’s gross but reading this much into it is boomer tier retardation

No. 1197612

Pedophiles like Epstein and Weinstein molesting child-stars in Hollywood is not a tinfoil, you retard.

No. 1197615

I didn’t say it was, improve your reading comprehension queen

No. 1197619

I agree with you. Fuck him, I'm tired of women being humilliated all the time. The least he could is step back from being a butthurt on twitter defending himself over his mv, post a serious reflection on stan culture (which is getting worse everyday) and try to influence his fans, who are doing the same he did as a teen
I also used to be part of pop music stan culture during that time and now looking back at it, it was always the gay men being the meanest, most disgusting and misogynistic to the female singers, only

No. 1197620

nta but trying to link Lil Nas X's rise to fame with his pedo tweet is definitely a tinfoil.

>Billy Ray Cyrus was in his breakout hit and it never made sense to me.
What part doesn't make sense? Billy Ray, being a desperate old man who saw an opportunity to clout chase, jumped on the chance months after the song blew up, esp since Lil Nas X had specifically said he wanted him on the song.

No. 1197622

>nta but trying to link Lil Nas X's rise to fame with his pedo tweet is definitely a tinfoil
he's gay so he's probably been molested himself and has weird boundaries about it

No. 1197639

I actually don’t care much what popstars did as teens. Everyone does dumb, edgy shit at that age. What I do care about is that no one talks about Lil Nas’s tweets yet we never heard the end of Camilla Cabello’s racist posts. Or whatever was going on with Doja Cat. I’m so sick of this double standard.

No. 1197654

Doja Cat did that retarded shit as an adult, and camilla’s actions included bullying her fellow group member and enticing further harassment from fans. Women are held to unfair standards but you’re comparing fucking apples and oranges. And sage your bullshit next time.

No. 1197660

File: 1617126639858.gif (1.89 MB, 500x250, 7131827A-9E83-4D62-B506-460A0C…)

Nta but Doja shouldn’t have been “cancelled” for that in the first place like lil nas probably shouldn’t be “cancelled” for this retarded tweet that he may have not even sent. Idk anything about Camila but she annoys me so I’ll refrain kek

No. 1197664

Satanic edgelord mixed with pedophilia is giving me big Marilyn Manson vibes. I used to be a huge Manson fan until I realized how shitty of a person he actually is (ie. Evan rachel wood). It makes me wonder if this Nas X idiot is actually up to some creepy shit too.

No. 1197723

File: 1617131716005.jpg (111.46 KB, 1600x900, wi1pbs0rozctoh6x9k8j.jpg)

Are there any other tweets like this on that account? If it's a one-off tweet, then I'm not sure it's enough to accuse him of being a pedo. Not saying it's acceptable or that it's normal, but people on twitter really do tweet crazy shit like this just for likes.
(pic related)

No. 1197771

the problem is is that twitter has gone through a bit of a culture shift over the years. it used to be a more lawless place where these types of tweets where maybe a little more accepted. maybe not this exact type of pedo tweet but being edgy for likes was definitely allowed. but now twitter has become like tumblr 2.0 where everyone is obsessed with cancelling and being woke.

No. 1197774

I would've been tempted to agree if he'd posted that in like 2009 or 2011.
2015 Twitter was very toned down, full of SJWs and the beginnings of cancel culture shit. It was very much Tumblr 2.0 by then.
About the only community still acting like deranged scrotes (and still are), are…communities full of deranged scrotes. And he's one. Go figure.

No. 1197779

No. 1197808

I agree with this. Stan twitter accounts love tweeting edgy shit, and Nicki's fanbase is known for being crazy and having slapfights with everyone, so they don't care about being "cancelled".

No. 1197846

tbf his behaviour on that stan account of his being excused in generally off-putting to me. I'm sure we've all said embarrassing shit on our socials but damn, if you get famous at least have the guts to apologise for the insensitive shit you have said

No. 1198055

If he was being controversial for clout why does he only have 4 likes since 2015, clearly the repressed musings of a mentalist. And I was coming around to his song. He makes me feel homophobic he's just so off-putting.

No. 1198105

So Quavo a rapper got caught severely beating up his girlfriend in a elevator, people are defending him and actually trying to put the blame on his girlfriend for allegedly "swinging first"

No. 1198124

>his girlfriend
Saweetie is famous too, you can use her name.

But yeah, tale as old as time. Woman gets abused and gets all the blame too, people will do anything to sweep male violence under the rug.

No. 1198132

File: 1617166651694.png (192.95 KB, 720x1156, Screenshot_20210331-095625.png)

Rap fans are probably the worst example of this, regarding defending all the horrible shit, misogyny, colorism and abuse their idols do

No. 1198135

I hate that people were saying she hit him first because it's clear they were already having a altercation, and we don't know if he touched her before this. We're only seeing what was caught by the security camera. Even if she did hit him first (which would be very wrong), he's still a man and shouldn't have forced her into the elevator.

No. 1198143

Most rap is glorifying misogyny and other sick shit, so no wonder that people that gravitate towards this type of music have no problem with it

No. 1198146

Yeah that's why I just listen to girl rappers.

No. 1198154

The Lil Nas X Twitter thing also highlights how catty gay men are given a misogyny allowance. If, let's say, Cardi B was found to have ran a troll account where she said hateful shit about Lil Kim and other female artists (did he exclusively shit on women?) I think people would be a lot more pissed. It's considered cute and "queeny" when a gay guy does it by the sort of libfems who drink up Drag Race like it's white wine. I think it's shitty behavior regardless, but that alone wouldn't be "cancel" worthy. Just an interesting juxtaposition.

No. 1198160

Well I mean girl rappers have a different problem of self objectification and self fetishization, its all about how their butts or pussies, how many men wanna fuck them and lastly material wealth

Honestly rap as a whole is the most materialistic corporate approved genre of music to ever exist

No. 1198164

Doesn't seem like he "beat" her unless I missed it. All I saw was tussling and her being on the floor?

No. 1198167

it’s ray rice all over again. bet it ends the same way with saweetie having no choice but to pretend nothing ever happened or that she deserved it.

No. 1198171

Ok poorfag

No. 1198176

>rap as a whole
lol you should have kept this retardation to your initial generalization

Pop music used to be in this exact same position (still pretty much is) and arguably, these rappers fall into the corporate pop category that still hasn’t changed from the materialism and overt sexualization of commodifying people as products. By the time a celebrity steps out of the topics you mentioned their artistry becomes something “different” or worse, a female rapper talks about normal subjects from the get go and gets blue balled or blacklisted. In the end sex sells and they’re all doing it regardless of genre whether they genuinely want to or not.

That’s what I saw too. What is with the orange bag? Is it hers? She didn’t want to get on the elevator by the time they were on it/the video started. He forced her to stay on it, but it didn’t look anything like she was “severely beat” wtf. I did think she was limping when she got up, so maybe he pushed her down harder than we can tell.

No. 1198177

I'm beginning to hate gay men more and more everyday. I use to not have a problem with them at all and would blindly defend them cos GAY and OPPRESSED but they are actually really powerful (at least in the west). They call us the most vile misogynist slurs like literal fish (bottom of the fucking barrel misogyny) but you come back and call them a faggot and suddenly it's a "hate crime" and the whole world stops. They really need to quit. I'm beginning to believe homosexuality really is connected to degeneracy, as well. The way they act is not right and you see so many of them really are pedophiles. They are annoying. They are extremely hateful and jealous. They do nothing for women. I wish only straight men existed.(no1curr)

No. 1198182

>The way they act is not right and you see so many of them really are pedophiles. They are annoying. They are extremely hateful and jealous. They do nothing for women. I wish only straight men existed.

Anon I understand and agree but this is genuinely all men. Every single man mentioned itt and it’s predecessors fits into at least two of those things you mentioned.

No. 1198196

We discussed this on /ot/ a couple days back, there is nothing wrong with male homosexuality its self but western gay male culture is one that almost celebrates its predatory degeneracy and misogyny and even the mere suggestion of talks to remove aspects of this toxic culture get countered with accusations of homophobia or wanting to be like the boring cis straights

Second wave feminists and some good gay men have been trying since the 60s and well no one listens to them

No. 1198207

Again, straight men are just as bad if not worse. This is not a gay thing, it’s a male thing.

No. 1198209

Atleast gay men wont rape you anon so maybe reconsider kek

No. 1198211

I personally think that bisexual men who are trying to pander as a walking gay man stereotype are the worst, because they use it as a predatory way to get close to women.

No. 1198340

Well the early radfems and lesbian liberation activist's(always important to note that while there was frequent overlap not all lesbian activists were not all radfems) were mostly disgusted by the openly open pedophilic nature and acceptancen of pedophilia of the gay male liberation movement, many lesbians who were just coming out had children(you know sons) and they didnt wanna work with predators

This was the first real rift between lesbians and gay men

No. 1198355

I mean the only good migo is Takeoff. Dumbass name but he stays low key and not misogynistic

No. 1198357

File: 1617195649587.jpeg (178.76 KB, 750x372, 12BDE107-D1B0-44B3-9C2F-F082DE…)


No. 1198374

I honestly feel like every single man who works in the entertainment industry has raped someone at one point

No. 1198381

Men in power always take advantage of women. They feel entitled to it. It’s gross

No. 1198718

File: 1617223293245.png (2.47 MB, 1242x2208, CC487280-6ADE-4FCE-B4C3-67642F…)

So Skai Jackson is sperging because her ex (Beyoncé’s nephew) has a new gf.
Skai is almost 19
Beyoncé’s nephew is 16
His new gf is 14

I always thought something was off about this girl ever since it was revealed that she gets into fights with a lot of her costars and doxxes 13 year olds for saying “ nigga” on social media.

No. 1198802

Hey Minnie Mouse, your icon is showing

No. 1198838

this is the same girl who feuded with Azealia Banks on Twitter a few years ago when she was like 13, she called Azealia out for bullying other people online, and people were like YASSS QUEEN. And now she's becoming messy too. Lol.

No. 1198841

File: 1617230611035.png (264.51 KB, 380x1342, sarah paulson.png)

This maybe the wrong thread but sarah paulson was trending and people are mad at her and trying to cnacel her for…not putting her pronouns in her bio. Some say its karma for apparently saying shit about jk rowling last year but i still think this is OTT, I'm not sure why people are so mad at her in particular over other celebs for not doing this (I heard some say its because shes lesbian so should be standing up and protecting transppl but idk much about that) but its wierd and i'm saging this. Theres a lot of tweets like this and these caps belong to another so credit to them.

No. 1198844

so trannies and SJW cunts are now spewing misogynistic crap against a woman for not conforming to SJW bullshit? Nice! Women-hating troons are having an orgasm over this.

No. 1198845

how many gay men are expected to do that shit though? It's retarded.

No. 1198864

They're all replying the same way, crying "on trans day of visibility?" Of course someone is going to be transphobic on a trans holiday, if you make every day a trans holiday. They need to stop crying about how a single woman showed her autonomy, she wasn't even transphobic.

No. 1198869

The second they get any push back they act completely terrified as if the worlds worse crime has been comitted. and her response wasn't even harsh? You'd think she told the person to fuck off or something.

No. 1198890

Why would someone who still identifies as their birth gender need to put pronouns in their bio?
I cannot wait for the day the trans community realizes the world is never going to revolve around them. They always act like they're entitled to everything just for existing, and anyone who says no to them is transphobic. It's hard to take them seriously when actual bad things happen to them because they bitch about everything.

No. 1198901

The reasoning they give is that if everyone has pronouns in their bio, it helps trans people pass better, because then it's not a tranny exclusive behavior. This, of course, fails to take into account that the whole reason trannies put their pronouns in their bios is that they fail to pass in literally every other way.

No. 1198905

Christ that’s embarrassing. Thanks for pointing that out lol. Changed it instantly. Sage for going off topic.

No. 1198971

Don't you just love how they jump straight to gendered insults like bitch and whore? Seems like those pronouns aren't really necessary, they can tell she's a woman without them.
This shit annoys me so much. Some of them will ree if you ask for pronouns ("you can't TELL!?! or are you forcing me to out/misgender myself!?"), some of them will ree if you don't, and all of them will ree if a woman says no. Pathetic.

No. 1199043

100% she’ll come groveling back with an apology and putting her pronouns in bio. She sold her soul to troon rights ages ago

No. 1199086

>severely beating up his girlfriend
It seems like he pushed her into the elevator so they could hide and other people wouldn't see her hitting him.

No. 1199142

File: 1617256118149.jpeg (158.58 KB, 828x447, 43EEB93A-D7C5-4A89-957E-2E854F…)

There's some trans people actually coming out and saying she's not in the wrong if you actually search outside her hugbox of replies to the original tweet. she's considered to be a lesbian figurehead, so actually not sure how much it'll effect her. Cancel culture will probably move onto the next thing…

One of the replies made an excellent point that this level of harassment never seemed to happen to men, and that nobody is demanding male actors put pronouns in bio… I wonder why?

Actually they won't go after most a-listers, they always go after the smaller fish, usually television actors or people they think they can bully, but almost all women

No. 1199160

>She sold her soul to troon rights ages ago

Yup, she dug her own grave when she sperged on Twitter about JK Rowling and terfs. I don't feel sorry for her at all.

No. 1199164

twitter has been such a disaster for the world

No. 1199197


No. 1199221

File: 1617267281520.jpg (53.89 KB, 480x491, Tumblr_l_102504658915531.jpg)

Yeah, I'm not sure what peaked her but this is a very different tune to what she was saying last year

No. 1199223

Regarding your post, Twitter cancel culture has a lot to do with leftist expectations. The higher the expectations of you, the easier it is to get cancelled. For example, if you paint yourself out to be "liberal" and or a "progressive" people are far more inclined to freak the fuck out at you over something trivial and stupid. Then on the flipside excessively saying "nigger" is literally part of Tarantino brand. It's all about how you present yourself and what expectations you set people up with from the get go

Paulson threw JKR under the bus, she was a vocal supporter of Troons, she signed GLAAD letter saying "trans women are women, trans girls are girls" and calling for an end to all female-only sports, spaces, programs and services and that's why she's getting canceled over something as trivial as pronouns in a twitter bio

No. 1199228

Why does any celebrity have a Twitter account at this point? And if they do why do they post anything other than GIFs of themselves looking happy and dates and times where their new shit premieres? Seriously what is in it for them except for the occasional "LIL NAS X CLAPS BACK!" headline?

No. 1199361

File: 1617283358359.jpg (519.26 KB, 1200x1600, chrissy-teigen-people.jpg)

Chrissy Teigen is People Magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful Person’ for 2021

No. 1199381

If anyone needed any more proof that being voted "most beautiful" anything by these publications means nothing, this is it (as if all the hideous men who get pushed as "most handsome" didn't open anyone's eyes).

No. 1199388

File: 1617285353817.jpeg (247.29 KB, 900x1200, 0D3E171E-BDCC-4E98-BD80-BDC2EE…)

About as accurate as her husband being the “sexiest man alive”

No. 1199392

File: 1617285560971.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1902, 9A693B39-2D26-43B7-90AC-EA4CF0…)

The irony of somebody who has targeted and bullied literal children to talk about raising her kids to be kind kek

No. 1199396

Goo goo gaga looking ass bitch.

No. 1199404


No. 1199407

God his forearms are so disproportionate

No. 1199409

File: 1617287013782.jpg (82.92 KB, 399x465, jocelynwildenstein-cat-face.jp…)


she's had so much work done she's starting to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein

I know those titles are completely meaningless but I feel like you shouldn't qualify if you've had extensive cosmetic surgery like I get having a nosejob or lip fillers but not getting almost a whole new face

No. 1199433

File: 1617289260800.gif (795.37 KB, 360x192, BB11807C-4422-410D-9CFD-E296DC…)

Jfc those arms and hands. All I see is picrel

Christ what did she do to her face? I mean she was never pretty imo but 2019 Chrissy makes 2021 Chrissy look like a knock-out

No. 1199442

File: 1617290123597.jpg (76.91 KB, 663x672, thefuck.JPG)

Just in case anybody wonder WHY cis people are expected to have their pronouns in their bio. Not that it makes any sense but this how they think about it.

No. 1199447

>everyone should put pronouns in their bio so people who do it don't automatically stand out as trans
>s/h and h/h can only be used by trans people

No. 1199500

"most beautiful" but you poke one of her cheeks and filler pours out

No. 1199536

File: 1617297806189.png (961.71 KB, 678x850, Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 6.20…)


She looks so… plastic. Like I knew she bought herself a new face, but like… fuck.

There's a 12 year difference between these pictures but I wish she just let herself age gracefully. Seems like the typical popular rich fake bitch who tries to play herself off as a real, genuine, down-to-earth celebrity. This is proof these People magazine awards mean nothing, kek.

No. 1199539

File: 1617298047362.png (1.25 MB, 828x1792, 68DB686C-B0B4-452E-BC6B-3794DA…)

I was wondering why we don’t have a Britney Spears thread here. There is lots of conspiracy behind her.

Picrel, came across this today and found it really interesting

No. 1199597

jesus christ she looks so different. Was it the eyelid surgery that made her look completely different (and some fillers)? or was it like a facelift? This looks more like a cousin of hers than herself younger wow

No. 1199637

even with extensive surgery she's still unattractive

No. 1199694

a Britney thread would be good but I think most posters on here are Gen Z and have no interest in her? I do feel very sorry for her and I made fun of her a lot back in the 00s before we all found out how mentally unwell she was.

looks like Chrissy got botox in her eyebrows to raise her drooping eyelids, I think that's why she looks different. her Thai mom is really beautiful though.

No. 1199698

Twitter is pure cancer. I'm a nobody and I felt like shit logging onto Twitter and seeing so much dumb shit on there, I felt soooooo much better once I deleted twitter and now I'm off IG, too and I feel amazing as fuck. Celebrities need to stop using Twitter and just let their publicist/management team handle it. I have no sympathy for celebrities who cry about being bullied online, when THEY HAVE THE CHOICE TO DELETE THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Today, very few actual A-listers are offline, like Angelina Jolie who doesn't have any social media and that makes her seem more mysterious and alluring.

No. 1199716

Hahahahahaha omg. Underrated comment.

No. 1199731

>the lazy eye
>the over-filled cheeks causing nose-spread
>something going on with her brow- maybe Botox
>possible chin filler?

She looks like a 55 year old who went ham on the plastic surgery.

No. 1199767

File: 1617315705964.jpg (175.79 KB, 750x421, chrissy-teigen-parents.jpg)

> her Thai mom is really beautiful
ma'am this is an imageboard

No. 1199791

I honestly always assumed that Chrissy is Filipino.

No. 1199795

the britney stuff is kinda just not funny, too. it's like court tv basically

No. 1199856

File: 1617324212476.jpeg (355.72 KB, 828x1030, 2B3FD51C-E9F0-4454-94AD-E3B501…)

bhad bhabie starting an onlyfans. i hate this fucking world

No. 1199870

Just got whiplash from finding out about her selling NFTs and now this.

No. 1199924

at this point i blame her mother

No. 1199935

she will become an irrelevant washed up whore with an used pussy in the future, just like all the former porn stars from the 00s and 10s. OnlyFans is popular right now but I guarantee you that OF will crash and burn in a few years when there's too many whores on it. If there's too much supply, demand will decrease.

yep, I stand by my comment, her mom is really pretty. shame that Chrissy has diarrhea coming otu of her mouth, which makes her look so ugly and unattractive. not to mention that she's a huge fucking hypocrite who bullied other girls online before she became famous. she's ugly inside and it's starting to show on her face.

No. 1199960

>washed up whore with an used pussy
begone scrote

No. 1199964

File: 1617333984200.jpg (384.37 KB, 946x1850, 20210402_002050.jpg)

(Took this screenshot from twitter)
The first sentence already tells you everything … she's barely 18 or about to turn 18 and all the replies are full of scrotes saying "they waited 5 years for this". It's so dehumanizing

No. 1199982

I looked it up and she turned 18 like five days ago, what the fuck is wrong with people man…
Maybe she's gonna pull a Bella Thorn or smth

No. 1199983

cool. Gen z is deGENERATION.

No. 1200001

People on Reddit and forums used to have countdowns when female celebrities turned 18. Emma Watson and Chloe Moretz being two of many.
Men are disgusting.

Hopefully Bhad Bhabie cashes that and never returns. But it's probably likely she'll pull a Belle Delphine (censor everything till people lose interest) if her music flops.

No. 1200002

Really hope this is some kind of April Fools’ joke… She just turned 18 a week ago and you can tell that her decision was mostly influenced by being harassed and sexualized at a young age. She needs therapy, especially considering what we now know about that Dr. Phil camp catastrophe.

No. 1200004

I hope it's a joke and she takes their money

No. 1200017

I'm old enough to remember some website that had a countdown to the Olsen Twins turning legal.

No. 1200025

On some aspect I respect Belle Daphne more then 99% of Only Fans creators, she's managed to retain some dignity unless from what I can tell her videos are just her having vannila sex with her boyfriend

No. 1200037

File: 1617340427355.jpg (26.51 KB, 625x626, 936.jpg)

No. 1200041

belle delphine is a gross pedobaiter, no

No. 1200241

File: 1617368824737.png (140.61 KB, 530x241, wq.PNG)

I don't feel bad for him.

No. 1200268

>they have so much power they can get shoes cancelled

does their power know no limits???

No. 1200278

I couldn't care less about christianity but if he had done all these shenanigans but mocking islam or judaism instead, the same people defending him now would be cancelling him and I'm still bitter this was most important than him being a disgusting fuck on twitter a few years ago

No. 1200292

freedom of expression does not include the freedom to infringe upon trademarks

No. 1200304

i'm not a scrote, dumb cunt, quit being mad that some people don't like OF whores.

if she announces it's an April Fool's joke, won't OF suspend and ban her and return all that money back to disgusting paedophiles?

there was a countdown for Lindsay Lohan too and I remember she was bragging about it on Letterman's show. No wonder she's now a fucked up druggie who is rumored to work as a hooker for rich Arab sheiks.

I'm agnostic and I agree with you, it's really easy to mock Christianity but they won't mock other religions.

yep and Nike is demanding 100% of the profits on the Satan shoes, too.

No. 1200409

> sage for tinfoil
these barely legal celeb teens joining onlyfans and making millions in a few hours doesn't seem organic, I feel like it's basically grooming young teens girls to join OF under the guise of making millions, Bhad bhabies fans are mostly teen girls (obviously the gross pedos too). Mark my words we're going to start seeing ALOT more of this in the near future, this shit actually makes me fucking depressed we're going full throttle into Weimar 2.0

No. 1200455

"Sex work is empowerment" is meant to groom young girls into joining onlyfans and shit like that, thinking selling nudes for $5 means something.
IDC these celebrities aren't making that much, I think Onlyfans may give these people a pay-out or something when they first join, so they can show it off and make it look like they are making ALL this money. I've seen people who are supposedly making millions moving like broke people and taking whatever work they can.
I think it's all hand and hand, sex work being pushed, onlyfans being pushed, famous "influencers" joining the platform and claiming they are making HUGE amounts of money, which makes more young girls want to chase that instagram/youtube fame which brings in more money for everyone but the women doing it.

No. 1200511

Seriously can't stand idiots preaching that phrase. It's only empowerment for those who can afford it (whose livelihood isn't dependent on it because they could just work a regular job instead), while in many parts of the world it is still used as a means of transaction /used against people and sadly children who don't have any other alternative to survive.

No. 1200521

File: 1617392903971.png (1.78 MB, 1496x1202, qngdP2o.png)

social media is filled with age-gap discourse and accusations of grooming when men date barely-legal girls and yet this is celebrated. what the fuck

if you don't want to be mistaken for a scrote don't say "used pussy" you freak, has nothing to do with OF whores

No. 1200550


Getting my best tinfoil hat on, but I honestly think this is all some plan by a rich scrote like Elon to groom teenagers into sex work by making it a "trend" meanwhile five or ten years ago it would be any teen's worst nightmare to be considered or outed as a prostitute. Teen girls are probably the group most susceptible to trends, note it is most effective on middle-class girls with no life experience or work experience so they lack the understanding of what they are really signing up for.

It could even be thousands of fake accounts subbing to these celebrity teen accounts in order to generate those stats, 1 million is nothing to a rich scrote who knows the grooming effect of something like this will go so much further.

No. 1200620

this cover is so fucking shady I can't kek

No. 1200623

File: 1617405092533.jpeg (80.21 KB, 750x734, F003BEA2-33C0-4DA1-A12B-1D990B…)

45 year old dyke mcdonald’s manager vibes

No. 1200625

Who even is this

No. 1200626

billie eilish lmao

No. 1200627

Nta but it's Billiam Eilish

No. 1200634

that ain't billie eilish that's william english

No. 1200635

DAyummmmm ayrt
What in the meitu is this. She looks like angelthigh

No. 1200639

Damn she's fat

No. 1200667

She's starting to look like Moo. Uh-oh.

No. 1200683

Lmfao bad bhabie is rightfully criticized for furthering OF targeting, then immediately after another girl close to her age wearing loose fitting clothing and an edgy/non-feminine haircut is ripped apart on sight. What do you guys actually want

No. 1200693

>non feminine haircut
Anon it's a shoulder length cut with blunt bangs, it's a pretty common hairdo in most countries.
Also that's a normal (but extremely fugly) blouse, it should fit normally unless she bought it in tent size. Nobody's wanting anything but to bitch about celebrities, that's the point of the thread. Gtfo to twitter if you can't understand such a basic concept.

No. 1200694

>edgy/non-feminine haircut
Huh, where?
I just think she's fat, anon, not that deep

No. 1200697

File: 1617410067859.png (628.73 KB, 1284x1228, GoSmoochAloknow.png)


No. 1200700

I haven't seen anyone celebrating this at all honestly. It's all just been people saying it's bad and that the men who subscribe to her are pedos. I even saw one woman point out that some of the content that could be released could have been filmed when Danielle was still 17, which I hope isn't the case.

No. 1200704

who even uses this word? everyone i know calls themselves a lesbian or a bisexual. is pansexual just "i kissed some girls when i was drunk once"?

No. 1200706

shoulda come out as a DEMIsexual, basically the same thing as pan/bi. kek sorry for the bad joke

No. 1200717

all these pansexual celebs but none of them are dating troons, they stick to women or men.

No. 1200719

it's very clear she is doing this to remain relevant/keep her name in headlines

No. 1200721

Anon, that's not what demisexual means. Someone can literally be straight and call themselves demi. But keks for the pun.

because no one actually wants them or their rot pockets, celebs just can't admit it out loud lest they get cancelled.

No. 1200769

Yup… Howard Stern did a whole radio show celebration about it, and had a daily countdown. Now he’s patron saint of edgy libs who uwu rescues dogs and hates orange man.
Fucking gross washed up piece of shit

No. 1200775

That’s because it’s not a real thing

No. 1200791

File: 1617422011877.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.93 KB, 540x540, 4475c7465c2fe348241e996f473d63…)

Lol her head looks so tiny, kinda serving picrel

No. 1200800

File: 1617423668472.jpg (403.68 KB, 1200x1200, 1610224629609.jpg)


At least Gen Z didn't coin adulting. Zoomers aren't perfect, but you millenials aren't any better. Boomers were right about you lot the entire time lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1200806

This will be you too. Stop derailing

No. 1200827

how many years you got left before you join the statistic?
you're supposed to be 18 to post here, you know

No. 1200831

Calm down anon, I'm pretty retarded as well.
t. a zoomer.

No. 1200880

Honestly, I don’t think that’s tin-foiling. Companies pull shady shit all the time and I would not be surprised if this is a way to normalize this sex work garbage. The creator of OF has been operating porn sites for a while and apparently has a lot of charges against him like fraud, and drug dealing.

No. 1200999

yeah. it's crazy how the same woke people who hate corporations and capitalism push sex work/onlyfans and fight for pornhub.

No. 1201033

Internet businesses only translate well of its a product with a physical presence like with infrastructure and locations people can visit. Otherwise they're just open for manipulation and scam. It's overlooked how much money flows around advertisement and marketing companies. It's all bullshit. Like what's the equivalent of Onlyfans offline, whoring yourself out? People have no foresight about these decisions.

No. 1201332

Posting your earnings on SM is such cow behavior. Idk why “celebrities” do it.

No. 1201339

isn't pan just a pretentious way of saying bi? t. bianon

No. 1201340

that’s typically only done by white well off libfems who get into online sexwork by choice, and ignore the fact that the overwhelming majority of women in irl sex work literally have no other choice and the most marginalized ones end up dead or brutally abused. they also neglect to inform the teens they’re trying to groom with their OF referral links that when their shit inevitably leaks it can severely fuck with their futures. most banks straight up do not want to work with them and neither do any online payment services. sage for sperg

No. 1201350

File: 1617497465005.jpg (18.35 KB, 267x400, W4Bi1V8.jpg)

At what point will Demetria finally stop this clownery? What is with the “alt” Disney girls trying so desperately to fit into any group of people that you can taste how starved they are for a personal sense of community? Miley went/is going through the exact same cycle and it’s happened to Bella Thorne too. Demi is arguably the most successful currently active ex-Disney girl (Britney excluded, and selena’s Revelación EP didn’t sell) but she still pulls this shit. I get she has severe chemical imbalances but I’ve never seen such an established adult woman have so much potential and still appear to have a mindset more moldable than wet clay. If troons said the sky wasn’t blue she’d agree it must be red, regardless if it causes her to have another breakdown after she’d get cyberbullied by zoomers on twitter.

No. 1201391

Zendaya is the most prolific one but she doesn't belong to her generation I guess. Miley and Selena are the most successful out of the trio. They have fashion collabs, photoshoots, music features but for Demi I literally don't hear or see anything about her actual profession. I've seen SG stans on twitter and instagram as well and MC has some general public recognition

No. 1201398

lol Demi isn't that successful nor popular. Miley, Selena and Zendaya are probably the most successful ex Disney girls with steady careers, Miley was a mess for a while but she's doing a comeback with a rock n roll makeover inspired by Joan Jett and Debbie Harry (which actually work really well on her, imo) and Zendaya is getting work with A listers and Selena is one of the most widely followed celebrities on IG. Demi is nothing.

No. 1201401


Just when I think Demi is over the perpetual victim narrative, the video for Dancing With The Devil, which is supposed to be a play by play of the actual events, includes her being raped after that heroin/fentanyl overdose. Way to reveal it in a sensitive and non triggering way, Demi! Aiming for a sympathy Grammy?

No. 1201412

ata I should have clarified but I’m talking exclusively about music KEK Demi’s career doesn’t have potential in virtually any other direction even if she was a good child actress. selena, Miley, and Zendaya absolutely trump her in terms of public recognition/general popularity and success outside of music, with Miley coming close for acclaim but none near her level as a vocalist.

Being a victim is practically her brand at this point and it’s fucked to say but that’s how she is. She’s like Chrissy but without the self confidence to back herself up and keeps seeking it from other people.

No. 1201458

…she literally came out as bi a few weeks ago. Is this a joke? Is she going through all the labels?

No. 1201560

has she not been out as bi since forever? i remember seeing people say selena and demi distanced from eachother since demi was creeping on selena a few years back

No. 1201735

She does this shit all the time, it's a neverending cycle at this point.

After every x amount of time, during which she yet again manages to go off the rails with her drug problem into oblivion / irrelevancy, she has to rebrand herself as something new and come out with yet another documentary on how life is hard if you're a kid celeb (you're almost 30 already, but okay), depicting what was the ACTUAL ~never before revealed~ reason of her misery and downfall, and how NOW she's FINALLY had this moment of reflection and enlightenment, and a chance to get to TRULY know herself, become herself, and FINALLY be in charge of her life, and how now she feels wholesome and better than ever. Only for her to change the story a few years later, during the next cycle, with the usual "ackchually, that last time I wasn't being genuine, sowwy, feel for me".

I won't be surprised if the next time round she'll claim she's transgender and that the dysphoria and the pressure from her team to be a girly girl (when she's actually a boy) is the root of all her problems. If she makes it to the next round, that is.

She's a cringy cow, a lost cause, and a wasted potential. She's had (and still does, to an extend) all the opportunities in front of her, a great powerful singing voice, but all she cares about is drugs, getting wasted, and making a pity party scene. The anon in >>1201412 said it perfectly
>Being a victim is practically her brand at this point and it’s fucked to say but that’s how she is.

Bitch nearly died, had ton of people buzzing around her like bees day and night, providing the best of the best special snowflake care to fight for her life and future well-being (something a regular person will never get the chance to access had something gone wrong with them, not even drug-related), she gets out "lucky to be alive" but with permanent damage to certain areas of the brain, and what does she do 2 weeks upon being released? Get heroin again and fuck her drug dealer as a bonus (whom btw, her team swore to get behind bars, but here he is, lol). Because the only thing better than a drug dealer is a drug dealer with benefits.

But remember guise!!1! All of this is due to uwu trauma, not because it's a conscious adult lifestyle choice. Everyone should sympathise! And give me a couple shekels too, since you're already here.
KEK get a grip. If you wanna be a junkie, just be a junkie and own it.

Sorry for the walls of text, but this cow's getting ridiculous.

No. 1201755

so she's just doing what amy winehouse did except she has the body fat percentage to survive every time

No. 1201792

It sounds like her team is just manipulating her to get money and attention from the droves of girls suffering similar things. I highly doubt, given her mental state, she can comprehend her life outside of her closest external support systems, who just have dollarsigns in their eyes. No one is there to get her out of defining herself by trauma because the demand to see how and why these girls were broken is so high, and she probably misunderstands that as actually caring or moving on. I’m glad she spoke up, what sucks is that so many of the worst kinds of people will target you knowing that. I don’t want to hate her because she can’t access reality, and I’m sick of how people found a way to profit off of and exploit women speaking up.

No. 1201940

> Way to reveal it in a sensitive and non triggering way, Demi!

well… trigger warnings exist for a reason and there's one at the start. its also all explained in the documentary + there's plenty of articles reporting it too + her being raped by a nobody from camp rock.

demi is probably one of the biggest celebricows. but she's still a victim. i don't think being a druggie who got raped during an OD cancels out the fact that you were raped. some scrote logic there

the song is also extremely good with very vivid lyrics. it's the best pop ballads ive heard since all too well by taylor swift (disclaimer, i don't listen to a lot of pop in general)

No. 1201949

samefagging but she fired most of her team a few years ago. she explained that her team was controlling everything including checking her bank statements to ensure she wasn't spending money on binge foods. she's being managed by scooter braun now.

if you've watched simply complicated, most of the team in that video she ended up firing. including that sober coach who was shilling his company in the documentary. also that highschool friend was selling stories about demi to the tabloids so she got fired too.

i honestly wonder if she would be "stable" right now if it wasn't for her being exploited by her management teams in the past. her ex wilmer valderrama (fez) was apparently toxic (druggie, cheating, using her for money) according to blind items. but he was put in a great life in her documentary.

wilmer is a "quieter" celebricow. he seems to be well liked (he's friends with the jonas brothers) but he also dated lindsay lohan and ashlee simpson. in his howard stern interview years ago he went into detail about how it was like fucking these women. he said one of those girls screams in bed. also he dated demi when she was freshly 18…

No. 1201992

Isnt scooter the guy taylor swift had drama with within the past couple years? Was he the guy kesha was blaming too? Not sure if im thinking of the right guy.

No. 1201995

I thought that too at first, but Kesha's thing was with Dr. Luke. but yes, I think t-swift had issues with scooter braun

No. 1201997

I've always heard he was really scummy and regularly dated freshly 18 year olds, and heard rumours about under age girls. Never had a good feeling about him. Do we have any articles or anything? I vaguely remember some very very old perez hilton posts (gross I know).

No. 1202014


Talking about the girls starts 6:30. 9:10 he starts giving tips ("roofies" is suggested by Stern) Wilmer jokes about it and says "that's the silent fact" he also says he's bigger than 8 inches. (18:50) jokes he only does virgins (36:50)

I found those mostly from skimming so I don't have all of the highlights.

> Valderrama claimed that he not only had sex with pop singer and actress Mandy Moore but that he actually took her virginity.

(dated when Mandy was 16, 4 year age gap) Mandy claims that he didn't take her virginity: https://jezebel.com/mandy-moore-tells-howard-stern-that-wilmer-valderrama-l-1826667018

Note: she may be saying this because she was underaged when they dated. There are rumors that Demi and Wilmer dated before she turned 18, but covered for it because she was illegal. There are also rumors that they have a sex tape together but it won't be circulated since she was underaged when they made it. Not sure if I buy that but based on his behavior on Howard Stern, I don't think it's too unbelievable.

> Valderrama didn’t claim to have slept with Ashlee Simpson or Lindsay Lohan, but he might as well have. He mentioned that Ashlee Simpson is a “screamer," leaving fans to speculate further.

Valderrama said that he dated Ashley "years ago" on Stern (2006). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4_EVMOX7c0 whatever that means. 4 year age gap. I presume it'd be before Lindsay too.

> He also said that Lindsay Lohan did not have implants but that she was definitely a big fan of waxing.

Lohan was 18 when they publicly dated, 4 year age gap.

No. 1202069

File: 1617609876635.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1242x1201, D23C00C8-7641-4C0D-9574-78C899…)

Emrata continues to fetishise motherhood to the best of her ability

No. 1202070

What's the point of dressing your baby in versace?? He's gonna outgrow it in a minute. I hate celebrities

No. 1202095

>baiting coomers into jerking off to pics of your baby
No words.

No. 1202122

I’m pretty sure it’s advised to avoid hard liquor whilst breast feeding….unless that’s a non-alcoholic martini

No. 1202125

File: 1617621199218.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1242x1672, 2C5E68D8-448E-49E8-9236-F1D802…)

Forgot the best one

No. 1202136

Honestly tho, if this type of climate continues to occur, is it possible that eventually jobs will not care if you have nudes online/of?

No. 1202147

Maybe, big maybe, in a very small group of industries/professions but in decades. We will have older millenials and boomers being our bosses for some more time and they do care

No. 1202148

God this is so tacky. Celeb moms always act like they're the only ones who ever get pregnant/have babies.

No. 1202169

File: 1617632373245.jpg (172.73 KB, 1152x2048, EyD2ARrVgAAMPTq.jpg)

Demi out partying with Nikita Dragun

No. 1202170

File: 1617632427989.jpg (170.78 KB, 1152x2048, EyD2ARtVoAAyXtr.jpg)

No. 1202175

So she just had a overdose recently and goes straight to partying smh and during a pandemic too.
Watch her have another od again.

No. 1202187

Remember the "boob nazi" community? There's an old LC thread about them. Some of them are literally there because of the baby, it's sick.

No. 1202194

Nikita is rotten inside and out. I thought Demi was incredibly annoying but not a bad person– but no decent person could ever hang out with Nikita. rip I guess.

No. 1202204

I feel like she's been doing a lot of pandering to the T part of the LGBTQ+. She must realized being "bisexual" won't bring as much attention as "pansexual" and knows troons love to support people who pander.
Nikita is shitty though and I feel like she hangs around everyone. Sometimes I wonder if he's a drug dealer or something. I know he's probably selling ass to chasers, but it's weird the circles he manages to get into.
Like with Cardi B and them. He's not doing their hair or make up.

No. 1202205

It’s ugly as shit too. Target has cute baby clothes for a couple bucks.

For some of the anons that didn’t see the sexualization before, it should be pretty obvious now.

No. 1202222

Can someone explain to me how is Nikita able to go to parties and hang out with celebrities. Everyone on the internet hates her and she's been labeled as racist. Something doesn't add up

No. 1202241

File: 1617641607322.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1595, 1EE57263-717E-4F0E-A797-1ADBE1…)

Literally wearing her son’s name in her cleavage….god help this child

No. 1202242

genuinely and truly fuck pedowood, man

No. 1202251

she's so skinny here it kinda breaks my heart, she said she's 84 pounds and lost all that weigh due to all this shit going on with the ranch and her mom controlling all of her money.

No. 1202254

Yeah, there is something extremely weird with these pics. The fact that she is cutting off her eyes each time, like anonymizing her into just being suckled breasts. Breastfeeding is great, I've seen plenty of pictures of the act that give no weird vibes at all…but Emrata is not taking any pictures like that. These look like something I'd find on a weird site browsing 4chan as a teenager.

No. 1202259

is there some kind of a personality disorder or psychological term for women who try to fetishize motherhood by using their bodies and involving kids? it's like they are trying to draw in pedophiles or something but not exactly? they are desperate to involve children and still look sexy? idk but it feels so fake and weird.

No. 1202262

Demi was never a good person, I always found her shifty and condescending even during her Disney days. She is a rotten person inside and out. She even talked shit about Selena when Selena wished her good luck on social media.

No. 1202273

I suspect being a sex object is just so integral to her identity and sense of validation that even becoming a mother isn’t enough to stop her from trying to sexualise her body, unfortunately she’s too self interested and narcissistic to realise that this is likely putting her child at risk of paedophiles getting off to this kind of content

No. 1202290

there is no way there is a man who is subbed to her onlyfans who is a normal person.
She has been underage for so long on social media and there have been men since her dr.phil fame when she was 13 who said that they wanted to fuck her, so this is just vomit inducing and same goes for malu who had alot of grown men waiting for her to turn 18.

No. 1202291

selena is like the opposite of a good person.
The only difference with selena is that she has a good pr team who hides the things she does.

No. 1202295

Simple, being trans is a get out of jail free card. Troons get a wrist slap and a "don't do it again" for social faux pas that would get other people permanently cancelled, Dragun included. It's a nice bonus to their Most Oppressed Ever status.

No. 1202311

Lmfao wait you mean to tell me she is wearing a choker of her sons name while having breasts??????? What a sick bitch

No. 1202322

lmao this is a fucking reach if i've ever seen one

No. 1202325

I think it's less about her having the choker and how she literally used it here alongside the 'mama' necklace with a closeup on her cleavage >>1202125 which is rather sexualized

aside, the necklace is fucking tacky

No. 1202335

No. 1202336

File: 1617651513386.jpeg (751.54 KB, 750x996, 843C173C-9B32-46B0-B7FD-781FF9…)

Lena Dunham is back and showing off her “fashion line”. Bonus extra-frumpy picture while wearing a wrinkled outfit she designed as the headline photo for the article.


No. 1202338

she wears two push up bras and slutty clothes while constantly bringing attention to the fact shes a ~mother~ (uwu)

No. 1202340

Lord have mercy I thought that was kawaii real JAPANESEZU queen pixyteri.

was she ever really cancelled for diddling her sister or was it when she got butthurt when the black dude didn't talk to her?

No. 1202342

Dying at the fact that she purposely turned the Versace label on her baby’s hat towards the camera. Like, just in case people didn’t recognize the Versace pattern, she wants everyone to KNOW lmao

No. 1202351

File: 1617652955609.png (188.69 KB, 523x331, ddlovvid.png)

Agreed. And she's gradually getting shittier by the day. She's a bitch, a liar, a hypocrite, and tone deaf.

Yes, she's obviously been through shit and has had her share of traumatic experiences (like the rape story, or her family seeing her as a money bag, paedo bf etc). I don't think anyone's ever invalidated that. But at the same time, it doesn't give her a free pass to be a flaming bitch to people who's done you no wrong, throw people under the bus, being disrespectful and condescending to your employees, spin false or overexaggerated narratives in the media for sympathy points, PR, and cheap coin.

There's a fundamental difference between occasionally talking about hardships in a constructive impactful way (because everyone's human, and certain topics must be talked about) and endlessly milking and monetising supposed struggles with health issues, hospital stories (pic related), and drug addiction, when you clearly have no intent of getting better (and it's fine, but just admit it and live your truth).

Milking certain things is just unnecessary and rude, like that classic influencer case of 'I'm in the midst of fugly crying at my nan's hospital bed, swipe up for deets'.
And it's also making a mockery out of other people who struggle with health or whatever else, and people who actually are putting the work in to fight drug addiction and trying to get better.

No. 1202371

Same girl who doxxed people for supposedly being racist without doing her due diligence.

She is developing into a lolcow very nicely. May provide us with milk for years to come.

No. 1202372

Looks like a typical redscare fan who resells stuff on depop and tweets about being a fragile ballerina angel

No. 1202383

File: 1617655371327.png (Spoiler Image, 771.23 KB, 480x599, emrataonmotherhood.png)

Anon, why'd you crop out that top image, it's so good in its full detail, kek

If this image isn't targeted at fetishists, I don't know what is.

ikr? lol

No. 1202389

Demi talked shit about Nicki Minaj and Jeremy Scott when they all attended the Met Gala together as a throuple date and she got mad when they didn't tag her on IG. It was clear as day that they both didn't like her. If you complain about one person, it's fine but if you complain about EVERYONE, you are likely the asshole.

true but at least Selena doesn't go around whining and cry woe is me, me, me like the everlasting victim Demi.

No. 1202407

File: 1617657604957.png (48.69 KB, 463x404, fka.PNG)

There's literally a 30-second portion of Lil Nas X's CMBYN that lines up with FKA Twigs's Cellophane (when they climb up to heaven, meet the angel/winged creature and then slide down the pole into hell). He contacted both the director and the choreographer for Cellophane to help him with this video right after he won best music video for Old Town Road (and FKA Twigs's mv lost)
I get that you like him but let's not pretend that he didn't rip her off

Turns out they discussed the whole thing and they both posted statements on Instagram. They didn't "like" each other's posts so I assume it was more of a formality to put an end to the public's outrage

No. 1202426

To be fair, it’s not so hard for a 13 year old girl to look mature next to Azaelia Banks. But yeah. Skye is a total cow in the making.

No. 1202441


Is she trying to advertise a jewellery line in this photo too? Fuck sake, nothing is sacred anymore. Keep your feeding infant out of it.

No. 1202461

Kid looks like he’s nursing from a mannequin. There’s no emotion behind this photo at all. Just carefully posed and stiff. Hardly cradling her baby.

I laugh thinking about her rinsing poop off that Versace onesie In her sink.

No. 1202473

Wow the difference in vision/quality is palpable. Fka twigs' is art and his looks like a parody compared to hers.
100% agree with you anon. The director even had an instastory mentioning how he DECLINED to work with lilnasx. Imagine seeing a parody of your work after declining to work with said artist.

No. 1202493

Demi Lovato is a fuking asshole. I remember when the Manchester bombing happened and this heifer took to twitter to complain that she wasn't invited to perform at the charity concert ariana grande put on and she "totally would have performed otherwise".
I've never seen someone to consistently need to make everything about herself.

This woman could get the best help on the planet but doesn't want it Instead she wants to say she's "cali sober" which means she's still drinking and smoking weed, and hang out with pedos like Alok and Nikita Dragun. She doesn't even take responsibility for her overdose, her entire album is about the devil tricking her into it blah fucking blah. This bitch gonna OD and it's no one fault but her own, not her teams, not her family, not her loser exes.