When trying to launch a downloaded Torrent I get the message that I cannot open it as an archive. I have downloaded 7-zip and get the same message when I try to unzip to use it. What can I do?

Rowdy Dowdy
2011-03-07 07:12:00
ok well for the sake of the argument lets just say i have freshly downloaded a torrent from utorrent. what should i do step by step?

2011-03-07 18:54:00

did you read any of the above at all?

For example Bruce and Robin asked what file type you downloaded. What is the file extension? Is it a .torrent or a .zip or .rar file or something else?

If it's an archive file, e.g. .zip or .rar, you need a program to unzip it. I recommend 7Zip.

If you downloaded a .torrent file then you haven't actually downloaded anything, yet. A .torrent file is just a pointer to the actual file, you cannot unzip it! You need a Torrent Client, which will open the .torrent file and start downloaded the actual file from its location/s. Please read this article on HowStuffWorks for more details: How BitTorrent Works

Good luck!

Robin Dunn
2011-03-04 12:05:00
Going by the file size can steer u wrong from time to time cause mp3 CAN and sometimes are much bigger than 3mb and movies now a days (last couple years have been around 700mb) but are lately around 700-950mb and blu rays can be from 1.5gb to 8gb most common is around 4gb... so as u can see that is much harder to determine unless u see several of the files you were trying to download and seen they are all around the same size....

most of the times when its a torrent that was downloaded and someone is trying to open it they usually just forgot to close the torrent application (the program u used to download it with) as I said above just make sure thats closed and then try and open if still doesnt open and it is a .zip then I would say it is defiantly corrupted and you need to either redownload it or find another file... (unfortunately it could of been corrupted before u downloaded or while being downloaded)... but if it is a .rar u need winrar to open that type of file...

James Bruce
2011-03-04 10:57:00
Hmm, I don't want to sound patronizing, but is the file a .torrent by any chance? Or is it actually an archive that was download by via a torrent protocol?

Ok, assuming we have that out of the way, it could be that the file is a fake, or passworded.

Check the size - an mp3 would be about 3mb, a DVD movie ~ 700mb, and a blu-ray rip about 8gb. If the file is too small to be any of those, you downloaded a fake possibly.

Next, check the site and page you downloaded it from - usually if something isn't working there will be a stream of comments, many sites allow users to mark a torrent as fake. If other people are getting errors or saying FAKE! you can be fairly certain you should give up on that one.

Not fake, and about the right size? I don't use 7zip myself, but if it can indeed open various formats then more than likely the file is corrupt. What OS are you using? Older OSes and hard drive formats don't play nicely with >4gb files, so your problem might be coming from that.

More information, please!

2011-03-02 22:30:00
Hello, at the risk of sounding confused....if 7-zip or zip utility is telling you that it can not open the file as an archive....it could be because the file is not an archive.....or it is an archive that 7-zip/zip can not handle. 7-zip pretty much opens 99 percent of files...but if the file was compressed with a compressor like Winzip, 7-zip will not be able to open it.
Robin Dunn
2011-03-02 16:46:00
what type of file is it? .rar .zip if .rar you need to down load winrar you can download a trial copy at there website http://www.win-rar.com/ if it is a .zip then the file is corrupted and you need to repair or redownload...

also if you have you torrent downloading software running and the file is still listed then you will not be able to open it either. So make sure your downloader is closed or remove the file from the list (doesnt matter which or both if you do) and try to open if wont open while there check what type of file. If different from the two listed above then please post here for more help...

2011-03-02 10:22:00
Hello, can you clarify what the extension of the downloaded file is?
2011-03-02 08:54:00
Well one possibility is a corrupted file, so can be extracted, either to use a shareware to repair the zip file or to redownload agin.

Try to open another zip file downloaded from internet and see if your message is a general one related to archive zip.

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