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Meaning of haunt in English

Examples of haunt

Duncan writes near the end of her essay that voice ' seeps through porous bodies, remaining as haunting memories, haunting melodies'.
Vocal resonance seeps through porous bodies, remaining as haunting memories, haunting melodies.
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The books are animated by haunting images and uncanny textual conjunctions, as if established scholarly styles are finally inadequate to the fullness of their purposes.
The blend of hazy street ambience and a distant boyband is, if not exactly haunting, somewhat arresting and a little weird.
Then the press was suddenly awash with stories about the dramatic sudden decline in sparrow numbers, from traditional urban haunts to suburbia and the countryside.
Simultaneously voicing and devoicing a or using a "haunted" voice while interacting with the infant b!
Eileen is still haunted by the fear that her father will be the next to disappear.
Such memories haunted most of the members of the first two categories.
The notion that his recitatives were flawed or lacking in substance haunted his reputation even in death.
When one comes to the grammar, one must remember that the present is haunted by the ghost of forty years of educational collapse.
We are haunted by a conscience of this right to grandeur of character, and are false to it.
Mystic poetry offered a substitute, escape from consciousness of the unpleasant realities, social as well as personal, that must have haunted them.
I sense that another and as yet not fully written essay haunts this volume.
Amidst a history of gunsmoke and colonial mirrors, the dominated landscape emerged haunted, bearing a watershed that would run with blood.
The treatment is called ijege (litt.: the pit), and is intended to wash away sorcerous influences or haunting ghosts from the body of the victim.

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反覆煩擾, 使經常苦惱,不斷困擾, 幽靈…
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(幽霊が)~に出る, (考え・思いが)~につきまとう, しょっちゅう頭に浮かぶ…
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görünmek, ortaya çıkmak, ziyaret etmek…
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hanter, obséder, fréquenter…
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presentar-se a, rondar per, obsessionar…
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strašit, stále se vracet, často navštěvovat…
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hjemsøge, forfølge, hjemsted…
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menghuni, menghantui, sering mendatangi…
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สิงสู่, ทำให้กังวล, ที่ที่ไปบ่อย…
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(về ma) thường đến thăm một nơi, ám ảnh, rất hay có mặt ở một nơi…
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nawiedzać, prześladować…
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menunggu, menghantui, mengunjungi…
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umgehen, heimsuchen, häufig besuchen…
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hjemsøke, plage, spøke…
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귀신이 나타나다, 불쾌한 기억이 계속 떠오르다…
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assombrar, atormentar…
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反复烦扰, 使经常苦恼,不断困扰, 幽灵…
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frequentare (spettro, fantasma, ecc.)…
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являться, обитать (о привидении), преследовать…
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aparecerse en, rondar, obsesionar…
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