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Meaning of haunt in English

Examples of haunt

The thoughts of his last moments have haunted her.
But it's a great story -- captivating and urgent, surprising and funny and haunting.
From NPR
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A scene that will haunt all who experience it.
Did the images from that video kind of haunt you ever since?
From NPR  
And we go into the past, and the ghost of this incredibly beautiful woman is haunting the score.
From NPR  
I think it still haunts the city in some way.
From NPR  
Here are our ratings for the creepiest haunts.
And now, our sins are coming to haunt us.
Instead, he haunts everyone and everything he touches.
The questions haunting these characters linger long after the first season's 12th and final episode.
Fear of falling also haunts many older people, particularly those who have fallen already.
So that's going to be around to haunt you for a very long time.
From NPR  
The inn also became the regular haunt of the new university's students.
Instead, it set a pattern of switching in motion for me that came to haunt me.
He's still in love with one of his ex-wives, and he's haunted by memories.

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反覆煩擾, 使經常苦惱,不斷困擾, 幽靈…
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(幽霊が)~に出る, (考え・思いが)~につきまとう, しょっちゅう頭に浮かぶ…
See more
görünmek, ortaya çıkmak, ziyaret etmek…
See more
hanter, obséder, fréquenter…
See more
presentar-se a, rondar per, obsessionar…
See more
See more
strašit, stále se vracet, často navštěvovat…
See more
hjemsøge, forfølge, hjemsted…
See more
menghuni, menghantui, sering mendatangi…
See more
สิงสู่, ทำให้กังวล, ที่ที่ไปบ่อย…
See more
(về ma) thường đến thăm một nơi, ám ảnh, rất hay có mặt ở một nơi…
See more
nawiedzać, prześladować…
See more
menunggu, menghantui, mengunjungi…
See more
umgehen, heimsuchen, häufig besuchen…
See more
hjemsøke, plage, spøke…
See more
귀신이 나타나다, 불쾌한 기억이 계속 떠오르다…
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assombrar, atormentar…
See more
反复烦扰, 使经常苦恼,不断困扰, 幽灵…
See more
frequentare (spettro, fantasma, ecc.)…
See more
являться, обитать (о привидении), преследовать…
See more
aparecerse en, rondar, obsesionar…
See more
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