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old haunts

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A big, very old, haunted... big old house.
While revisiting his old haunts, he runs into his old friend Jerry Connolly, played by O'Brien, who is now a priest concerned about the Dead End Kids' futures, particularly as they idolize Rocky.
The film has Young visiting his childhood home of Omemee, Ontario, with his brother where he arrives at his old haunts and tells stories of the people from his past.
And tonight at the old haunt, drinks are on the house!
The movie ends with Paige finding Leo at their regular Café Mnemonic and going with him to try a new place instead of their old haunts.
Oh, it's an old haunt of mine...
She's at the old haunted house.
Get him to meet you at one of his old haunts...
An old haunted house now.
I got homesick all at once and I wanted to show Katherine all my old haunts.
Mitch, let' s go down to the river, to our old haunt
She was checking out old haunts, Talking to his friends.
An old haunted house now
Old haunt.
She' s at the old haunted house
( 3x08 Sound bodies ¿¡ ÇÇ 1⁄4 Òμå ÂüÁ ¶ ) You'd get a view of your old haunts on Channel Island.
What brought on this desire to revisit all your old haunts, Doctor?
Stay out of trouble and avoid your old haunts.
Have a little dinner, Then I could show you all our old haunts, eh?
Checked out all his old haunts.
" You know that gigantic old haunted house on the moors?
"A return to old haunts when the other side is on to you can be fraught with danger," Glover said pedantically.
Shortly, the veteran former instructor at the Canadian Forces School of Meteorology was back at her old haunts, performing a number of jobs.
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